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American Black Bear
American Black Bear Cameo.png
Mike Betette as an American black bear
Cameo information
Birth name Varies
Physical description
Hair Black fur
Eyes Black
Based on
American Black Bear Based On.png
Appearance information
Appeared in Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted
ERB News
During Lewis & Clark's second verse
Location(s) The Mississippi River

An American black bear made a cameo appearance in Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted. It was portrayed by Mike Betette.

Information on the cameo

The American black bear, or the Ursus americanus, is a species which is native to North America and Canada. They typically live in California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Colorado, and other places with forests, including those on Lewis & Clark's journey. They are omnivores, and eat anything from berries to small mammals.

Appearance in the rap battle

The bear could be seen at the Mississippi River, being tackled and later killed by Sacagawea in the background during Lewis and Clark's second verse.


  • The bear is the first animal cameo to be portrayed by a human actor.
  • It is the sixth cameo to be killed in-battle.
    • It is the second one to die that is not a group cameo, after Dane Cook.
    • It is the third cameo to be killed by another cameo, after Blackbeard's pirates and Dane Cook.
  • The announcer was once shown as an American black bear in an ERB News video.
  • As of May 25th, 2015, the bear has its own YouTube channel, which currently has seven videos.[1]