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Ares Cameo.png
A Lego Minifigure as Ares
Cameo information
Birth name Ares
Nickname(s) The God of War
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Black
Based on
Ares Based On.png
Appearance information
Appeared in Zeus vs Thor
During Zeus' second verse
Thor's first verse
Location(s) A Clash of the Titans war
Ancient Greece

Ares made a cameo appearance in Zeus vs Thor. He was portrayed by a Lego Minifigure.

Information on the cameo

Ares (Ancient Greek: Ἄρης) is the Greek god of war. He was the son of Zeus and Hera and was perhaps the most unpopular of all the Olympian gods due to his quick temper, aggressiveness, and unquenchable thirst for conflict. Greek mythology typically displays Ares as a representation of the the more brutal and bloody side of battle, in contrast to Athena's representation of military strategy and tactics. Ares was also noted for his beauty and courage, qualities which no doubt helped him win the affections of the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite.

Appearance in the rap battle

Ares appeared during Thor's first verse when he says "Ruling over the Greeks: a people weak and frightened." He was seen impaling an enemy with his spear. He also appeared during Zeus' second verse in the line, "All the pimps of Mount Olympus and me the king pin!", along with other Greek gods, such as AthenaPoseidonDionysus, Hades, and Aphrodite.