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|image2 = [[File:Nye Lab Base.png|250px]]|numberoftimesappeared = 1}}
|image2 = [[File:Nye Lab Base.png|250px]]|numberoftimesappeared = 1}}
'''Nye Laboratories''' is the location where [[Bill Nye]] rapped during [[Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye]].
'''Nye Laboratories''' is the location where [[Bill Nye]] rapped in [[Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye]].
==Information on the Location==
==Information on the Location==

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Bill Nye the Science Guy
Nye Laboratories
Bill Nye's laboratory
Rap battle information
Appeared in Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye
Character(s) Bill Nye
Isaac Newton
Carl Sagan
Release date June 16, 2013
Times appeared 1
Based on
Nye Lab Base

Nye Laboratories is the location where Bill Nye rapped in Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye.

Information on the Location

It is the laboratory where Bill Nye discusses science lessons and performs scientific experiments on his show Bill Nye The Science Guy, also known as Nye Laboratories and sometime The Nye Lab.

Appearance in the Rap Battle

It is the location that Bill Nye raps in against Sir Isaac Newton. It is only seen in Nye's first verse. Carl Sagan also makes a cameo in this location.


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