Rap battle information
Appeared in Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin
Character(s) Steve Irwin
Release date August 18, 2019
Times appeared 1
Based on
Billabong Based On

A billabong is where Steve Irwin rapped in Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin.

Information on the location

A billabong is an isolated pond left behind after a river changes course. Billabongs are usually formed when the path of a creek or river changes, leaving the former branch with a dead end. As a result of the arid Australian climate in which these "dead rivers" are found, billabongs fill with water seasonally; they are dry for a greater part of the year.

Appearance in the rap battle

This is the location where Steve Irwin rapped for a majority of the battle. Various animals such as a snake, a wallaby, and a crocodile also appeared here.


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