• TCalderon


    I meant for this to be a bonus battle. A little palette-cleanser after my... previous post. But both of these characters and their respective franchises are iconic as hell, and this particular rivalry is far too infamous for me to just leave it on the sidelines. It's like this whole series' premise was made for this matchup. So, part of season one it is now!

    I thought that after making that last Weeb Shit update, I wouldn't do anymore last minute changes of plans, but... well, y'know. Sorry Charlie Brown, you'll have to wait for season 2.

    Kimba, The White Lion, vs Simba, The Lion King! These two battle it out to see which ruler of the jungle is truly superior in this showdown between the original and the rip-off! Sort of! Maybe. No…

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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    i was retired. but no longer.

    i have been LIED ABOUT, SHITTALKED, and INSULTED behind my back. This is a major ef5 bruh moment. Only a diss track is the proper response to this insult. There is no other way to resolve conflict,


    "I'm Not Racist" by Assy ft. Neetbux Nail DROPPING SOON!!!

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  • Agentluke0322

    Welcome to 10th episode AND first "royale" battle of Rap Battles of All Time.

    I was originally going to include TryHardNinja, but I ended up going for another video game-song YouTuber instead.

    Let's get right in this battle!

    "In a battle of video-game song YouTubers, the Youtuber who's also known as NateWantsToBattle, Nathan Sharp, the main member of his eponymous group, DAGAmes, the YouTuber formerly known as JT Machinima, JT Music, the lesser-known of the rappers, The Stupendium, and the musical robot, Fandroid, battle it out to see who has better music mastery.






    I always want to battle, so you can bet I came prepared.

    I'll chase you To the Ends of the Earth: you'd best be scared.

    I'm the Her…

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  • Amontgomery1432

    Yo yo, it's ya boi from Peoria, Illinois, back at it with another rap battle review. Welcome back to Amont's Amateurish Analytics, we're going back to SuperThingsOnCups again cause VIEWS!!! Also cause I felt bad for shitting on Matthew as much as I did in the last one, so I decided to look at a battle from him that I remember as being actually good. i get that that kinda goes against the name of the show, but fuck it lol. There's a compliment tourney starting up, and I'm in the mood to be nice, so I'm gonna take a look at Bugs Bunny vs Mickey Mouse by Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons.

    ERBoC is, without a doubt, Matthew's best series, and I think all of us can agree on that. Sure, it had a rough start, but there's no denying that the battles have…

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  • SoothSaiyaman!


    i managed to get matched up to someone i know nothing about with very few edits

    hopefully this goes better than last time

    i can say from recent experience that my opponent User:ABunchofNumbers is a pretty cool guy so there's definitely no downside to either of us winning :]

    credit to mr ty the iren moana for doing the thumb



    Coming straight from a finalist to this annoying weeb? I'd say I'm on a roll

    It's South vs North up in here, but your frigid ass is going down the Poles!

    Trying to hype yourself so much, you put an exclamation after your new name.

    But the only mark you could ever leave on the wiki was on a deadbeat Hurt/Heal game.

    Now, Saiy-a-man from Australia's overall talent is even smaller than a wallaby.

    Naturally, he…

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  • Mortal5075







    Yeah this shit is legit. Me and Cyan the two speedy boiz gotta go fasted through this battle epic style late libtards owned. So in this battle, we see the person who last round proved himself to be quite capable of spitting some bars, Mortal5075, aka me to prove that he can spit them even better here and our Scottish literature ponyfucker, Dark Cyan. Who has the illest billest shillest killest millest tillest willest most profoundly grillest bars? Read the battle before you and judge for yours…

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  • DannyPlaysGames


    July 22, 2019 by DannyPlaysGames

    Hi so I'm just gonna say that Nintendo Rap Battles will be scrapped due to me having better interests and not having much fun with the series. Sorry y'all

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  • Darkchocolate108

    Hello guys. It's been 4 years since I first created my account(though I was an "awc" a year or so before). I'm not good with words, but I just wanted to thank you for being nice to me and putting up with some of my bullshit. I know I'll probably never meet you guys in real life, but I'll always have fond memories of the time I've spent here.

    To celebrate the anniversary, I decided to make another one of those "wheel games" that I do sometimes.

    Heres the scenario:You are in a zombie apocalypse(some walking dead type shit). Use the three wheels to get six characters(get 2 from each wheel). Those characters that you get will help you in the apocalypse. Tell me what characters you got, and what your chances of survival are.

    Wheel 1(Historical Fig…

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  • TrixticalMyster

    Before you ask yes this is something im being serious about.

    I never was good at coding so i dont have the fancy things the other toruneys have

    A handful of years ago nail made User blog:Epicnail/The Compliment Tourney MATCHUPS and it was a fun little experiment, and it was interesting to see how it all played out. sadly if was never finished and i think it doesnt deserve that because of all the fun and potential it has.

    so im bringing it back haha!

    so if ur new to the concept its easy to explain, basically you rap "battle" another user here but instead of dissing and insulting them, you compliment them and tell them how cool they and we vote on who the nicest rapper was.

    we could always use more positivity in these cursed lands

    so yeah if youre…

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  • Mr. Swell Guy

    Wao I'm doing another one of these horrific montrosities

    TODAYS MATCH IS two of the smartest people on the face of the Earth, gigabrain rappers Mat4yo and Segamad66, in the epicest of rap battles

    so uh


    I'd say enjoy, but I know you won't

    COOL DUDE RAP BATTLES jesus christ what a clever title that is




    What's up guys this is Mat4yo and this is Chisel This!
    I'm so epic and lit even ERB asks me for my lyrics
    You're a dumb dumb dummy while I'm a gigabrain,
    and now you'll feel my lyrical pain!
    Segamad? more like Sega's not rad you won't have sexty sex
    Now give me a sec to explain that line, it's real complex
    See, rad rhymes with mad, and while your name is one of them, I'm using wordplay to change the meaning, saying you'r…

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  • UnstableIsotope42

    I have woken from my three week and whatever-day slumber! I'm back with the third installment of Scientific Rap Battles! This battle pits the astronomer known for his work on the heliocentric model of the solar system, Nicolaus Copernicus, versus the astronomer known for his laws of planetary motion, Johannes Kepler.

    For this battle, I tried to do a bit more in depth with each other's backgrounds with a bit of astronomy puns mixed in. But, this being a shorter battle, I wasted most of my notes. Oh well. Overall, though I enjoyed looking through the stories behind the two, and, as always, it was a great learning experience.

    Fun Fact: I had the idea to have Aristarchus of Samos be a third party, but 1) it wasn't that interesting and 2) no one …

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  • DannyPlaysGames

    Originally gonna be a normal rap battle but I'm glad it could turn into a semi-real thing.


    Beats Produced by: hala-X and Dansonn

    Written by: Dani Frias, Deja Vu Flame, AaronGPeters

    Thumbnail by: SonicSmash



    Panty and Stocking:

    (P) Alright, bitch, let’s get rollin’! Excrete th…

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  • TCalderon

    Just a Small Update

    July 18, 2019 by TCalderon

    Originally, I was going to take the time I had off this week to write my next battle, Tohru vs Senko-San, but then today, I heard the tragic news about Kyoto Animation, was burned down in a terrible arson. Among the 33 employees of the studio that were confirmed deceased was Yasuhiro Takemoto, the director of Dragon Maid, as well as many other respected anime such as Lucky Star, Nichijou, and Haruhi Suzimiya.

    Me being a big fan of Dragon Maid, this news... struck me. And I send my deepest respects to everyone working there who has passed on, and all of their loved ones. May they all rest in peace.

    With this in mind, I feel very uncomfortable with releasing a battle featuring Tohru right now, so that'll have to be delayed for the time being. …

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  • Bantha117


    What's up, kiddos. The game of chicken is over. It's time to upload the second-to-last battle of the tourney, Bantha "Munkee MC" Elevendy-Seven vs ERB "Kid Kodi" ofSmoshery. You know, technically the deadline is long gone in his time zone, so I don't think it's really necessary, but rules are rules. Onward with the primate vs the guy who makes his picture a basketball player. Yeah, I fuckin' see you, Amy.

    Tigger’s note: M8s pls this isn't a MunKitteh battle.

    ...or is it?

    (Personally I'd play it at 1.25x speed but it was Smoshery's pick so idk if that gels with his shit)






    (Begins at 0:14)

    Now in theaters! The first-rate administrato…

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  • TKandMit

    Baby GG couldn't make it, R.I.P.

    So Dragon stepped in! What a G.

    Y'know what it is. The Eighth Official Wiki Rap Tournament; round one. Me, the host, goes against back-up rapper number one, Dragonsblood23, to see who can claim a spot in round two. We only have one verse each lmao, all of which were written in under a day.

    Thanks a bunch for stepping in last second Dragon!


    Your audition sunk to the depths but nonetheless, welcome aboard!

    The dude known for Jori and... getting promoted by Jorn?

    Posted eight Connections and you stopped them when they flopped

    Been in eight Tourneys, I guess this is the only shot you got!

    Your track record’s pathetic, you’ve only beaten Nail and Jake

    I've been there, I've done that! You’re four years too late!


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  • Hairy Woodchuck

    It's the battle between conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh and liberal radio host Thom Hartmann.


    Snerdley, how'd you let this guy slip through the cracks?

    You're supposed block out all these liberal hacks.

    Alright Thom, you want to challenge me?

    The greatest radio host in history?

    I keep millions of hardworking Americans entertained

    Your audience  is maybe 10 bums with half a brain.

    You're just a puppet of the Soros drive-by media

    My brain has more facts than an entire enyclopedia

    Like Trump is the greatest leader in the history of earth

    Meanwhile all the liberals are amongst the worst

    Climate change is a joke, all phony and fake

    It's just another liberal hoax, make no mistake.

    And Hillary and Obama are plotting a Marxist coup

    They have mil…

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  • Alexschmidt711 - Original Battle

    Hey, it’s time for my fifth rap battle review. Today I’ll tackle a series which I think is perfect material for this kind of a review: Animeme Rap Battles. You’ve likely all heard of them, but here’s what I could find out about them. Animeme seems to be a channel which was founded to, well, animate memes. For whatever reason, in 2013 they decided to make rap battles. They were mostly about various memes, and had very high production value, with fully-animated videos and some well-known names on YouTube providing the voices. I can’t quite tell how they got that much money, but the creators of Animeme (Zack and Alex) used to run successful YouTube channels, so that’s probably how, …

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  • JakeTheManiac

    It wouldn’t be a true ERB Wiki Rap Tournament if at least four of the battles weren't released on the day of the deadline.

    Hello, everyone and welcome to the 6th battle of the 8th Official Wiki Rap Tournament. This battle features yours truly and a fella who has impressed me greatly by his writing abilities over the past month, ABunchofNumbers.

    He did a great job but I'll let you suckers decide for yourselves, so in the words of our great tourney host, TKandMit: “It’s here, so stop asking.”

    Also don’t mind the announcer part, that’s only there so the infobox doesn't make it hard to read the battle.

    Enjoy. :)

    Gimme the beat, boys and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock n roll and drift away



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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    How's it going bros! It's IwanttoPewDieDie Productions here, back with another epic rap battles of history fanmade thing because people definitely aren't tired of these! And what's this?? It's a TOURNAMENT AAARRRRCCCC! Today we have the main mad lad of Potassium, User:Element K up against the actual living legend if the legend was the most annoying man alive, User:SoothSaiyaman!! That's right bois, we out here making a tournament thing! Yeah! That's always worked out well for me before!

    We also have a beat. S/O to the man Origami!

    Battle time yay!

    Element K:

    We support each other but in a battle, I'm afraid no.

    I'll shoot you up, get the votes: Call me your friend, Pedro.

    But even then, McDamon can give you one outta pity

    You're Avvy but in the l…

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  • JKGame

    Welcome to a new installment of Epic Rap Battles of the Universe, and finally! An ERBoTU that doesn't involve video games!

    This will be probably be one of the last few battles I'll post for now. Don't worry, I will be back! It's just that I'll be gone next week since I'm going camping.

    Other than that, I honestly can't think of anything else to say, so let's jump into this battle!

    "Arch Wizard of the Crimson Demon Clan and one of the main characters of KonoSuba, Megumin, and a student of U.A. High School and a rival of Deku from My Hero Acadamia, Katsuki Bakugo, battle each other to see who can spit the more EXPLOSIVE disses."






    Whose idea was it to put me against this crazy-heade…

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  • Hairy Woodchuck

    It's the battle between conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh and liberal radio host Thom Hartmann.


    Snerdley, how'd you let this guy slip through the cracks?

    You're supposed block out all these liberal hacks.

    Alright Thom, you want to challenge me?

    The greatest radio host in history?

    I keep millions of hardworking Americans entertained

    Your audience  is maybe 10 bums with half a brain.

    You're just a puppet of the Soros drive-by media

    My brain has more facts than an entire enyclopedia

    Like Trump is the greatest leader in the history of earth

    Meanwhile all the liberals are amongst the worst

    Climate change is a joke, all phony and fake

    It's just another liberal hoax, make no mistake.

    And Hillary and Obama are plotting a Marxist coup

    They have mil…

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  • MoistMacaroni

    Welcome to the first episode of Villainous Rap Battles of Fiction. Today's battle is against two of the most famous murderous clowns in pop culture history, The Joker, one of the most popular Villains in all of fiction who has been terrorizing the streets of Gotham for years! We also have Pennywise, from the mind of Stephen King, he terrorizes the kids of Derry and bring kids right into to the sewers. His movies had been watched by millions with a best selling book! 

    In this battle you will notice that I gave joker more lines, but personally I think I gave Pennywise the harder hits since there was more against Joker, in this battle Joker is more just bragging how he's better with a few good disses

    But anyways I hope you enjoy this battle, I …

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  • MoistMacaroni


    July 16, 2019 by MoistMacaroni

    Villainous Rap Battles of Fiction
    The Joker vs Pennywise •
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  • Agentluke0322

    Welcome to the Season 1.5 premiere of Rap Battles of All Time!

    I originally had these characters in separate battles, but I later realized they shared many similarities, so I decided to have them against each other.

    Let's flow right into this battle!

    "The demonic Mickey haunting Mowgli's Palace, Photo-Negative Mickey, and the Dancing Demon himself, Bendy, battle it out to see which creepy cartoon wears the crown."






    A Few Suggestions: Don't mess with the demon of ink.

    Cause it won't be going as well as you think.

    I was more scared of a mouse when I saw Pikachu.

    Even gosh darn PUSH is more frightening than you.

    Dreams Come to Life, but yours will die soon.

    This little devil darlin' will be sp…

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  • Segamad66

    Welcome back to The Masked Rapper. The first results are in, lets take a look:

    Penguin: 4

    Mantis: 2

    Owl: 1

    Sloth: 0

    Raccoon: 0

    Hyena: 0

    That means the Penguin loses and that means unmasking time!

    Ifuh step in last minute when one of the other rappers pulled out, he only had 24 hours to produce a verse and I thought it was very good. Thats all for this week!

    Stay tuned for the next round coming on the 24th july.

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  • Hairy Woodchuck

    It's the clash of Reed vs Reid. Dr. Spencer Reid from the TV show Criminal Minds raps against Arthur Reed, the aardvark who stars in the PBS cartoon Arthur. 


    I have the mind of a criminal

    So my damage will be critical

    Whatever you do to me 

    Will always be minimal

    You can't rap against me, the smartest man on earth

    You haven't aged in 23 years

    I think that's bad for your self worth

    When I'm finished, everyone watching will applaud

    I'll call you Arthur Anderson because you're a total fraud.


    Oh, I'm a fraud? You're a total fake.

    Need I mention all the times you've made criminal mistakes?

    My Burns are so Rad that you'll need your Binky to sleep

    You've never Fran-seen so many roasts that cut so deep

    I teach kids skills and important life lessons


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  • Joeaikman

    What's that? Joe finally finished coding and the lines for this battle of battles can finally be brought together? Great news. Joe is another step closer to another round one exit. In this battle of the titans (?), we see the person in the tournament with the most material come against the person in the tourney with the least material. Thanks for that, TK, it is much appreciated.

    Who will come out on top in this clash? Probably one of us. Vote in the comments or whatever. Remember to not be a dick about it. Or do. Some of you are dicks. Just be yourself. I'm rambling now, so lets get the battle ready and set off on this magical journey that seems to be have been going on for fucking ever and its only round one.

    This university graduate acro…

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  • JKGame

    Hello, hello, everybody! Welcome to another new installment of My Little Rap Battles!!!

    Honestly, I did not have this planned at all for the second half of Season 2. However, someone mentioned about using Kerfuffle in a battle and even wrote for her, too! A fellow wiki user here, Dark Cyan, is our guest writer for today! I thank him a lot for writing Kerfuffle for this battle like I mentioned earlier.

    Now, let’s get started with this battle!

    “A citizen of Hope Hollow and a character from the recent MLP special Rainbow Roadtrip, Kerfuffle, and Canadian athlete who ran a Marathon of Hope, Terry Fox, battle each other to see which stars of hope with a prosthetic leg will come out on top.”




    TERRY FOX!!!!



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  • Dawid slebioda



    Hi, Rickie. It’s me, Jo – the greatest author of all time

    I’m so rich and magic, I could possess the Scottish duck’s first dime.

    I haven’t heard about you ‘till this very battle

    So I’m going to win easily with you, Texas cattle.

    Before rap is going to end, you will scream

    “This was long overdue. Please don’t hurt me”.

    My creations are loved by children all around the globe,

    Your fans hate your movies and Cormoran didn’t need do probe.

    So I’m the best. Learn, man, I’m as Orphean as Pokémon, Abra

    So take the Pipe before I say just one simple spell “Avada Kadabra”.


    You were Ridiculum, when you tried to kill me. Hay!

    I have visited the Tartarus to spend my Bes’ holidays,

    Then I returned in 3 days and now…

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  • MC Fawful

    Hi there!

    July 15, 2019 by MC Fawful

    Sorry I haven't posted in a long time. Vacation and other stuff, ya know? Anyways, I'm putting out a new rap battle soon. The connection? I'll let you figure it out. It's gonna be good!

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  • Well Teknically

    Hello! This is Tkid115 here! Now known webwide as Well Teknically.

    I was going through my Google Docs and came across what was going to be the second installment of my Comics vs History series, following Wolverine vs Freddy.

    It was all written and ready for posting so I decided to let you guys see it! I didn't want those lyrics to go to waste so why not? So I decided to touch up some lyrics, make some updated titlecards, and boom. Here we are.

    I completely forgot how to code so hopefully you all can just see it for what it was going to be.

    Here's the beat that was to be used: Right here




    Now I may look like a skippy, pippy, chippy dancing clown

    But now? I’m gonna make this failed comedian frown!

    Jokey’s clothes are green and purple but…

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    I am going here, George Carlin. I am a mad dog.

    I was born in the Bronx and grew up in Harlem.

    I no longer spit the bar and blame the crowd

    Since Carlton, you are the least threatened black!

    There are now seven words that cannot be said on TV.

    But that is fucking urinating hunting internet

    The interesting piece of my pacifier is the tits!

    The brain is nonsense, because my wisdom is terrible!

    So please call Pryor-Rhea.

    The perforation line is not interrupted. There are no commas in the comedy.

    If you have this counterculture counterpart, you count

    You can't fight back by standing hooks to help you, damn it!

    When I make beats, it is more wild than genes!

    They have always occupied the second place, and now it is a glimmer of hope!

    You played a few rounds a…

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  • Agentluke0322

    Welcome to a mini-series I came up with called Translated Rap Battles Of History!

    The concept is ERBOH battles put through Google Translate a bunch of times, then put back into English. If you like it, I'll do more in the future. For our pilot, I chose the (as of now) latest battle: George Carlin vs. Richard Pryor. 

    Let's begin!

    Here, George Carlin. Mad dog trick.

    I was born in the Bronx, I grew up in Harlem.

    I roasts lost in a bar of hardship,

    Perkins is certainly threatening to blacks!

    Here are seven words that do not talk to TV.

    But this way of looking at the Internet, urinary fucking

    Then home country, and was on the chest!

    If you're lucky, your brain does not stop!

    Whence, I ask this Pry or, for Rhea: I will always love you?

    I'll wear a line, or …

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  • Bobdave

    Alright battle three of the tourney! This features known person Meatholl against similarly known person Bobdave. Hopefully this serves as a powerful aphrodisiac. Also CW made the sweet cover :D

    I have to fill this space up with more text because otherwise the battle will be very ugly in formatting so bear with me or just skip ahead to when the lyrics start.

    There's no beat or anything.



    Thank you

    in advance that is, for reading

    the battle

    There you go homies, now vote

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  • Wachowman

    Wachow: woah, why’d this one take so long?

    Cyan: we’re both busy shits.

    Wachow: mmm, I don’t wanna put the blame on us, can we just say the battle had weird flow?

    Cyan: eh, I think we should take the blame.

    Wachow: fuck that.

    Cyan: aight we’ll figure it out later, let’s start the battle.

    Wachow: the weird flow battle.

    Cyan: no asshole, anyways now we have a royale to make.

    Wachow: yeah yeah, we can finally use Bobdave.

    Cyan: indeed...also Gabe came through.

    Wachow: as always,

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  • Daizo55

    Conmen who wield their power in ways that don't entirley differ (conspiracies vs. hoax ghosts), but under it all, there's a clear, slightly misguided, want to change the world.

    Anime Vs. Everything



    Alex Jones:
    Can’t best me in this infowar, it’s clear I can’t be undermined!
    This skinny conman faces the master? Man, you’re destroyed by design!
    Your student may have grown that broccoli, but you’re fluffier than wattle!
    Face it! The only sprits you can handle come straight out the bottle!
    Spend less time at the bar, and go give your boy a push!
    Try to plant yourself in lies, but I already saw through Bush!
    I’ll make unlike pussy mainstream news, and keep this battle simple!
    Cave your fucking face in, leave way worse than Dimples!

    Artaka Reigen:

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  • JKGame

    Oh hey there! Welcome to another new show I am planning on doing occasionally! I have been planning on doing this for about months now, but Amont's reviews (Which are great by the way.) have really started motivating me to finally do it. Originally, I was going to do Cupcakes vs Luna Game by Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta, but I decided to tackle that mess a bit later on. For now, we'll be taking a look at Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson by the one and only Epic Rap Battle Parodies. They honestly need no explanantion. This matchup is a standard, but good matchup. I myself did this matchup before I even joined the wiki. Both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are series that I have been big fans of for a while. In fact, I recently started reread…

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  • Segamad66

    Welcome to week 1 of 5 of the first season of The Masked Rapper. As I said last time, we got 6 of the most talented rappers hiding under their masks to perform freestyle raps about different themes.

    The first theme is very simple: FOOD

    So lets see those performances!

    The Owl:

    Hot dawg! I'll relish this as I prepare to burn the

    Competitions cheesy rhymes and slap them on a burger

    And serve them all cheap to the masses like its fast food

    I taglia-tell you this contest is over; I'm going pasta you

    I'm a cereal killer, with iller flows than after an undercooked steak

    The coolest Kit-Kat in town, forcing you to take a break

    After my victory you'll be saltier than a fish in brine

    You're 8 bars over par, snip you out at the finish line

    The Penguin:

    honestly i’…

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  • Zeph3456

    anyways that's it bye!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Alexschmidt711

    Original video: Welcome to my fourth fanmade rap battle review! As people on the wiki Discord probably know by now, I have a weird “obsession” with EpicRapBattles10. I don’t know what it is about the channel’s early work - the barebones video format, the unusual writing, the Autotune - but it’s all strangely enjoyable. And so I’ve decided to finally review one of their rap battles - Barack Obama vs. Osama bin Laden, their ninth battle.

    Compared to some of ERB10’s other battles, this matchup is fairly sensible. They led opposite sides of the War on Terror, Obama’s last name is similar to bin Laden’s first name, and Obama was the one who announced that the military had finally killed bin Laden. I be…

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  • MikeDragon123


    July 12, 2019 by MikeDragon123

    Hello Everyone my name is Mikedragon123. This is my 1st blog, i make rap battles, but they are not released yet. i create them on google docs. if anyone wanna help just message me on the message wall. If you have requests for a battle (Has to be animated) (it can be fictional or not) message me on the message wall. Have a good day readers!

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  • JKGame

    Hello and welcome back to a brand-new installment of Epic Rap Battles: Fire Emblem vs History!

    Today we're jumping back into the world of Fates with a matchup I've been planning before this series was even conceived. That's why the cover has Epic Rap Battles of the Universe on it instead of the actual title. Credit to Captain Warrior for the amazing cover by the way!

    Let's get into this battle!

    "Eldest daughter of the Nohrian royal family and a major character in Fates, Camilla, and the king of Ireland, England, and Wales himself, King Henry VIII, duke it out in a battle of an infamous womanizer who married multiple beautiful woman of royalty vs a beautiful woman of royalty that would attract womanizers."


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  • TCalderon

    "Wow, T, making ANOTHER update just a week after you posted one of the planned battles you promised in the last update?!"

    Yeah, I know. Egregious. Those battles'll still happen, I've just been kinda busy with work and all. Plus my birthday's coming up in a few days, so yay. But don't worry, I'm not here to mope.

    See, I've been thinking for a while, and a thought came to my head: I love superheroes. Specifically, I effin' love Marvel superheroes. I love DC as well, but with the MCU, me getting more into the characters through the cartoons and video games, and the love of Spider-Man I've always had that's just been booming lately thanks to Spidey PS4 and Spider-Verse... I kinda wanna get it all out of my system. And what better to do it than w…

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  • Amontgomery1432

    First of all, I wanna give a huge shout out to Mortal for supplying me with the official name of this series. It kicks ass, and so do you! Definitely give him and his antics a watch over on his page. Best of luck in the tourney! Also, special thanks to TrixticalMyster for supplying that absolute masterpiece you see for the Cole Phelps headshot over there. I'm not gonna have pleasent dreams tonight, and you all will share my pain. Anyway, welcome to another rap battle review! This time, under the new name: Amont's Amateurish Analytics. That name is gonna be a little weird when I do a battle that I feel is actually good, but fuck it lol. It's too cool of a name to not use. Besides, the battle for today's review is not good. It's Cole Phelps, t…

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  • Agentluke0322

    Welcome to the mid-season finale of Rap Battles of All Time!

    This will be my first rap battle to not involve anyone from or related to video games. I actually made sure of this when deciding what this battle would be.

    Let's get right back into this battle!

    "The vengeful ghost of former Mystery Skulls member, Lewis, and the owner of the Happy Hotel, Charlie, battle it out to see who is the superior musical supernatural being."






    While I only came back from the dead to seek vengeance,

    I can spare some time to destroy this princess.

    I'll beat this demon harder than she's ever known.

    And send her farther down than the place she calls home.

    Your full-demon form is less scary than Charlie Brown.

    I'll beat you s…

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  • Joshuakrasinski


    It the nick goth lucy loud coming in to reap some souls.

    you can't do anything to me raven my ryhmes are bold.

    i know everything there is about darkness.

    the only thing you know is how to be a bitch

    i've been doing this for a while now of nickelodeon's tip shows.

    my heart is dark and bitter and my flow is  hard cold.

    your only time on tv again is in that total dramarama kiddy show

    everybody knows compare to you i have the better flow.

    i'm a total drama fan favorite been in this for a long time.

    now i've back from my rap battle with daria to spit some more rhymes.

    i can sing dance which means i can rap too.

    which is more then i can say for you.

    your a sterotype of goths your got dethr…

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  • Gliscor Fan

    Hello everyone. Welcome to another episode of Similar Rap Battles of the Same. We're going full meme this time around, because of DEMOCRATS, but that's entirely irrelevent. Today we have Texas Senator Ted Cruz going against infamous Undiscovered Serial Killer, Zodiac. I'm sure that Ted Cruz is just the Zodiac Killer in disguise though, but lets see what they have to say.

    Onward and upward, Nerds!




    Ted Cruz:

    Well hi there, thanks for comin’ down to Texas

    As I prepare to have your mental state broken, as expected

    Now I understand your specialties in murders, like a crow attack

    But all your facts are written down in letters from the Zodiac

    I may be from Canada, but I won’t be sayin’ sorry, yo

    ‘Cause I h…

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  • Daizo55






    Makoto Naegi:
    Watch, man! As I drag this inky freaks every transgression!
    Will I top you in this bullet time battle? Ha, There’s no question!
    I kill with harmony on this track, my games pick up steam!
    A conspiracy theorist, yet you fell to a pyramid scheme?
    There’s no fearful symmetry between us, your cold heart ‘gainst my compassion!
    Worked as a garment worker? I’ll put another loon out of fashion.
    Skills in combat? I don’t buy this, but rapping skills? I’ll deny this.
    Seems Rorshachs testy, my in-flaming lines shredding him like peritonitis!

    Rorschachs journal, Naegis heats nothing to the kerosene I’m packing.
    Can’t step up, evidenced by the trials, your spinal anatomy's paper backing.  
    You’ll find …

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  • JKGame

    Hey there, guys.

    So a few of you might remember when I made a parody of The Infinite Source with Robin vs Corrin.

    Well, with the release date of Fire Emblem: Three Houses inching nearer and nearer, I started thinking about doing a "remastered" and extended version of this as an early celebration of that game.

    So sit back and I hope you enjoy this.

    "It's time for Robin and Corrin to face off once again! This time they have an extra verse to get their blows in! Who is the better Avatar? Who has the better Fire Emblem game? And, most importantly, who's the better rapper?"

    (This special edition won't count towards the rappers battle records, it's for bragging rights, though I don't see why anyone would brag about winning in a Source Rap Battle!)


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  • Amontgomery1432

    Yo yo, here's another show I'm starting that I will probably then never follow up with anything lol. I've decided to break even further into the review bandwagon by talking about a rap battle! I did movies before, I did a meme song before, now I'm gonna be doing something different that people will probably not like. And boy have I picked a doozy to start out with. It's Slender Man vs Jeff the Killer by Epic Rap Battle Parodies. And, yes, I know that B-Lo already reviewed this for his Rap Ranter series, but he no longer does that show. So bite the flap of skin in between my balls and my anus.

    In the fanmade rap battle community, the two big names are Video Game Rap Battles and Epic Rap Battle Parodies, and I'll be focusing on the latter for thi…

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