SuperJoey0 SuperJoey0 3 days ago

Ron Paul VS Bernie Sanders






Paul: Hello everybody, and thank you for tuning in to the Liberty Report!

With us today is some dying old mummy we need to deport!

All you did was copy my stick and everyone ran to you!

And then they all left after all the rambling you spew!

I mean, come on, you demographic's filled with people who can't even vote that you still tempt!

Claim to have a personality yet you're more boring than Jack Kemp!

You're always telling the establishment to "Feel The BERN!"

Yet when you lose the primaries, you lick their boots by taking a little turn!

Your party calls me a radical, yet just look at the guy who's playing me!

He literally has nice in his name, more than you'll ever be!

And you're apparently e…

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Wachowman Wachowman 5 days ago

I have a lot to tell you all

It’s been a while since I’ve even been on the wiki and it looks like fandom made it worse, idk I’m still an iPad user so maybe it’s just me. The blog might look terrible.

Hey guys, I assume a good bit of you that actually know me will see this and I’m not too sure how to start this so the basic way to do it is to just say what’s on my mind.

The entire life I have told you all about me was a lie. Other than my personal interests probably about 85% of “Axel Berry” was fabricated to escape the real world at the time. The name, age, baby, childhood stories, etc were all fake. I don’t remember how old I really made myself out to be but I’m currently 23. I started this account in my first year of middle school which was the worst years of my life,…

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Joshuakrasinski Joshuakrasinski 12 days ago

thumbnail remake

i am having my rap battle thumbnails remade

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JKGame JKGame 15 days ago

Aqua vs Aquaman - Epic Rap Battles of the Universe (Bonus April Fool's Special)

Surprise! It's a two-in-one April Fool's special!

This was at one point going to be a much more serious battle, but I thought this would make a good matchup for a more light-hearted and silly battle. It's still serious in the sense that it's not really a joke battle, but it's still meant to be taken pretty lightly.

The useless goddess of KonoSuba, Aqua, faces off against DC superhero and king of Atlantis, Aquaman, in a battle of the Aquas with water powers. One's seen as a joke at first, but has proven to be a badass and a hero to be taken seriously, while the other's the complete opposite.


  • 1 Battle
    • 1.1 Aqua (0:30):
    • 1.2 Aquaman (0:51):
    • 1.3 Aqua (1:11):
    • 1.4 Aquaman (1:31):


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Mcdamon23 Mcdamon23 15 days ago

Leon the Lion vs Leon Kuwata - Epic Rap Battles of Ace Attorney vs History bonus.

Back with a New Ace Attorney vs DanganRonpa match-up. The stupidest one I could think of. (spoilers for DR and DR 2)

In today's bonus battle of Ace Attorney vs History, we've got the lion from the Berry Big circus, Leon the Lion going up against Ultimate baseball star, Leon Kuwata in a battle of the Leons executed for a bloody incident they had no intention of doing.

Needless to say this battle ain't serious at all. It has fucking Leon the lion in it, you think I'm going to write the deepest shit? Also of all the characters of DR 1, I decided to use Leon first. It ain't necessarily a shitpost battle either, just something simple and fun while more serious battles in the work. If you want something more serious check my previous battle. Anywa…

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LakuitaBro01.2 LakuitaBro01.2 16 days ago



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JKGame JKGame 16 days ago

Neptune vs Greg Heffley - Epic Rap Battles of April Fool's

Well, it's the 1st of April.

You know what that means.

Time for a joke battle, baby.

Two characters I used more than once in a battle (discounting sequel battles), Nep-Nep Neptune vs Gregory Heffley.

  • 1 Battle
    • 1.1 Greg Heffley:
    • 1.2 Neptune:
    • 1.3 Greg Heffley:
    • 1.4 Neptune:





Oh no! I’m scared! We got this girl Neptune!

Getting ready to crush us with Purple Heart’s giant boobs!

I mean, Jesus Christ, your fanservice fucking annoys me!

So take a lesson from Peashy, ‘cause she’s the color of pee!

Wanna guess how many people are gonna read this blog page?

SIKE, IT’S ZERO! ‘Cause who even goes to the ERB Wiki nowadays?!

Now I’m the kinda guy that the ladies love, while the girls that you knew now hate your guts


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JCarbery JCarbery 21 days ago

SpongeBob SquarePants vs Peter Pan

poster and thumbnail made by Christopher Carbery

written, edited and produced by Christopher Carbery

beat produced by Allrounda Productions

Derpiest Game Blast as SpongeBob SquarePants

TimeLord 103 as Peter Pan

SpongeBob SquarePants:

Did you know that nothing comes from mere child’s play?

Try taking your bars and push them somewhere else, okay?

I’ll blow and pop this man-child like a Bubble, Buddy

And as for Cubby, I won’t be sorry if I called him “tubby”

Tried to have Jane stuck in your Neverland like your shadow?

For a Lost Boy and Tinker Bell, you’re one strange fellow

Here’s a twist of how this battle could be,

Having Peter stuck in that Kelp Forest for all eternity!

Peter Pan:

It’s clear that you would ruin Nick and everything

My disses are like thos…

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JCarbery JCarbery 21 days ago

Olaf vs Frosty the Snowman

poster made by Christopher Carbery
written and produced by Christopher Carbery
beat produced by DeCicco Beats

Christopher Carbery as Olaf

Derpiest Game Blast as Frosty the Snowman


This won’t be the First Time in Forever that you’ll melt, see?

Such a boring classic you are, just the same as you and me

I have no idea why you hang out with Rudolph, too

But compared to reindeer, I could find Sven better than you

Here’s a deal for you, Let it Go, turn away and slam the door

Or you could just Show Yourself if it’s your wife you’re fighting for

Despise your catchy song, I heard better from Snow Miser

Not your footprints to be seen, and nobody was the wiser


Uh-oh. Is there another Disney musical other than Frozen?

This is too much for me! You should…

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JKGame JKGame 28 days ago

Henry Stickmin vs Papa Louie - Epic Rap Battles of the Universe

Wow, these updates Fandom's putting out really sucks. What even is this format lol.

Anyways, another rap battle. Loved both of these Flash games, so here they are fighting each other. Let's go.

"Main protagonist of his titular restaurant time-management Flash game series, Papa Louie, sees a new customer as he battles the main protagonist of his eponymous series of Newgrounds choose-your-own-path games, Henry Stickmin, to see who is the superior Flash game character."

  • 1 Battle
    • 1.1 Henry Stickmin:
    • 1.2 Papa Louie:
    • 1.3 Henry Stickmin:
    • 1.4 Papa Louie:
    • 1.5 Henry Stickmin:
    • 1.6 Papa Louie:
  • 2 Poll






Even as a stickman, I don’t need to try hard to flex

Stole a diamond, toppled the Toppats, and fled t…

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 17 March

Whoever JigsawUser could be.....

Whoever JigsawUser could be....he claims the user's unfairly banned, even though I'm not of many users who banned him. We need to figure out who the person behind this Fandom wiki account is before someone gets hurt. I'm up for giving out info to upcoming media relevant to the opponent and compliment plenty of rap battle makers, but I'm not the one who claims he's banned and tries to kill people for the sake of twisted actions. Is anyone up for this online mystery?

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JigsawUser JigsawUser 15 March

Hello, ERB Wiki. I want to play a game

A user was unjustly banished from your site long ago. Because of your selfishness and arrogance, he was cast out. Now is your chance for redemeption.

Your game is to unban him. Forgive him for his past sins and in doing so, redeem yourselves.

Live or die.

Make your choice.

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King Peggy King Peggy 10 March

Epic Rap Battles of Positivity. Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader

Epic Rap Battles of Positivity!

Darth Vader


Adolf Hitler


Darth Vader:

You are Adolf Hitler! Commander of the Third Reich

Little known fact: You're also quite good on the mic!

I am Vader, with my little boots and cape

And a helmet to cover up my burnt ass-face

I have the force to move objects, you're a force truly evil

Even went back in time just to turn me whack in the prequel

Look at me, I'm not even a real person!

You'd prefer me in Spaceballs, the Rick Moranis version

Adolf Hitler:

I can't rhyme against the dark side of the Force, why even bother

So many dudes have been with my mom who even knows if you're my father

I'm just a pissed off little prick with a Napoleon dick

Do I have a mustache? Hmm, more like Dirty Sanchez on my lip

Fuck, I just go…

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I really enjoyed your ideas for opponents for my rap battle series. I do wonder however if anybody got ideas for opponents for other characters from Yogi's Gang. I know some people got ideas for some characters from Yogi's Gang, but what about the others? I wanna try an experiment and see who can find opponents for the rest of the characters from Yogi's Gang.


Atom Ant

Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy

The Hillbilly Bears

Hokey Wolf and Ding-A-Ling Wolf

Huckleberry Hound

Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har

Magilla Gorilla

Peter Potamus and So-So

Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks

Punkin' Puss & Mushmouse

Quick Draw McGraw & Baba Looey

Ricochet Rabbit & Droop-a-Long

Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole


Snooper and Blabber

Squiddly Diddly

Touché Turtle…

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Nicholas-fairall19 Nicholas-fairall19 10 March

Count Olaf vs Lord Voldemort (XNJFX Rap Battles of History. Season 1):






Count Olaf verse 1: "Hello there, my name is count olaf!, no need to hear any claps or any applauds, i'm here to try to diss this man named tom riddle, he's in a treat, or should i say a pickle....*transition to next background* so, speaking of the most unfortunate fires, why did you not kill the most precious boy for hire?, it's quite simple, really, you're a big joke, while you failed to kill Harry, you got turn to ash, like the biggest weed to get smoked, enough talk, where you think you are a giant powerful bruiser, but tbh you're a big huge loser, i'm a better prodigy, think of fighting me?, ha you must be fucking crazy"

Lord Voldemort verse 1: "You must be the b…

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King Peggy King Peggy 8 March

Epic Rap Battles of Positivity. John Lennon vs Bill O' Reilly

Epic Rap Battles of Positivity!

John Lennon!


Bill O' Reilly!


Bill O' Reilly:

Oh no, I'm making your ears bleed, I need a muzzle!

Why am I pissed off all the time, didn't my mom give me a cuddle?

I'm the type of guy who could die of a heart attack just in the shower

I need to chill out for a minute, and smoke weed for an hour

Every time you watch my show all I do is scream at you

And my face looks like a shit you took, high on LSDu

You're John Lennon, you're a legend, you can see through all my tricks

You may wonder how much George Bush paid me to suck his dick

John Lennon:

I'm a fucking long hair, living in my yellow submarine

Well I'm about to get sunk by the right-wing political machine

I'll stop my presses, Reilly, shit I should've called you…

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Nicholas-fairall19 Nicholas-fairall19 7 March

Your Turn to Die vs Danganronpa:

XNJFX Rap Battles of History!!!!!!!

Your Turn to Die




Sara: "Let me handle this from the start, Junko's all talk, and no tree left to bark" *Joe interrupts her*

Joe: "listen up you assholes right in the f-ing building, we're gonna have fun with a lot despair searching, and i would kill you, but you're all too basic, name's joe, nice to meet ya, unlike Sara, i know how to handle this, but honestly yall useless without me, it's like the entire story of V3"

Alice: "I don't wanna hear your own fucking mouths, i got one lesson that will shut you all down" *Reko interrupts him*

Reko: "Aw shit here we go again, playing innocence, while you murder one of your friends, it's pathetic people still care of hope or despair, or that st…

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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 6 March

Big Chungus vs Keanu Reeves

Big Chungus vs Keanu Reeves rap battle by me! paddy! wahoo!


Big Chungus:

Its the biggest big chungus, big big chungus

keanu is cringe and he's bad at among us

when the keanu is sus? hes getting ejected

when keanu is the imposter, he cant get erected

im so big because i eat mad pussy

keanu reeves is a virgin and a wussy

im gonna fuck you up like i fucked up your wife

keanu reeves..... get a life

keanu reeves:

youre disses suck, theyre not very breathtaking

when your girl has an orgasm shes probably faking

i get all the girls, im wholesome 100

100 is just your BMI level, if you wondered

big big chungus has a small small dick

when you played football in college, you'd never get picked

so fuck you bitch you're literally gay

i cant even hear you rap anyway


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SCP-682 vs. Godzilla

this place was already on life support but fandom’s just kinda putting the pillow over yalls mouths with these constant shitty, shitty updates. anyway. godzilla vs kong. big lizards are cool. i got into scp stuff finally. here’s this epic rap battle of horror successor.

Item #: SCP-682 vs. Godzilla

Object Class: Thaumiel

Description: Bane of the SCP Foundation with a hatred for all living things, SCP-682 AKA the 'Hard-to-Destroy Reptile' has breached containment and encountered the king of the monsters, SCP-[REDACTED] AKA ']

Little screen time as you get... your object class is ‘elusive.’

I thought World War II reminders... couldn’t get more toothless

Always changing your form… more than Dr. Bright’s amulet.

Hostile to redesigns… CGI is hardly animate


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CaptainSham13 CaptainSham13 3 March

Ghostface vs Jeff the Killer - Ass Scuffle Series









-Hello Jeffrey, hold on. Which version of you am I speaking with,

-The original, the reboot, or one of the alternates plagiarized by emo kids?

-Doesn’t matter which, I’ll be beating him. No smiles in this fight, I’m serious

-On the beat I’m lit, and with the screams you get, I might as well be calling you at 3AM

-You’ve been memed to shit, and your steamy fics are scarier than any legitimate backstory

-You try too hard to be creepy and edgy while I revel in my hack-and-slash glory

-I Eat Pasta for Breakfast, and I bet this sadboy’s Wes Craven mom’s spaghetti, too

-So fucking stupid you killed the only one who was willing to take the fall for you

Jeff the Killer:

-Well at …

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CaptainSham13 CaptainSham13 3 March

Deadshot vs Bullseye - Ass Scuffle Series


I'm not a fan of doing Marvel vs DC battles for the sake of it. I leave those to Seth (I actually DM'ed Seth asking if he wanted this battle as a gift and he never responded so...). However, these two characters are so fucking interesting to me, and I thought that this would be a fine way to start my second season. So without further ado, let's kick things off.








-Steppin’ to Lawton popping off is a mistake and it’ll cost ya

-I’m here to finish what Frank Castle should’ve done in Nicaragua

-This psychopath’s who the NSA trained to be a top assassin?

-Well this asshole’s still not even a real target, he’s just practice

-I joined the Suicide Squad hoping I wouldn…

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Need opponents for ra battles

I am new here and I'm making a rap battle series. But I need opponents for the following characters:

Salad Fingers

Harold, Chester and Bunnicula

Mob from Mob Psycho 100

Tintin (Already got an opponent)

Eric Cartman

Cast of Toy Story (Already got an opponent)

Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Catillac Cats from Heathcliff

Among Us

Any character from Yogi's Gang

Anybody able to help?

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Joshuakrasinski Joshuakrasinski 25 February

Widowmaker vs Claudette Dupri

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 wm
  • 3 CD
  • 4 overwatch announcer
  • 5 CD
  • 6 OW
  • 7 CD
  • 8 outro






bonjour ms.dupri how ya doing there in my hometown,

i will snipe you behead you and hunt you down,

your another hartman hipped bimbo who is there just for eye candy,

your always chased by le pew isn't that handy,

oh wait where have i heard that before oh yes penelope was that first your plotline is just a snore,

facing james bond villain parodies yeah like that hasn't been done to death so many times,

now step back and feel the fury of my rhymes,

listen here frenchie i know you have had a tragic past,

but if you want sympathy you can kiss my furry ass,

you claim to be the ultimate assassin but in death battle black widow had you beat,

so th…

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Amontgomery1432 Amontgomery1432 19 February

Amont Matchup Cover Poster Blog Thingy

Bro what the fuck is up with this update, this is ass. This is fuckin doodoo, bro. It opened this blog up and just posted it immediately before I got the chance to actually type anything??? Fandom, get your shit together, this is vile. This makes me wanna tongue kiss a cactus, I hate it.

ANYWAY hi hello. It's uhhh, it's been a while. I think my last post was in September of 2020? Something like that? Yeah. Not my longest hiatus, but it's definitely up there. That post didn't flop or anything btw, not at all lol. In other news, I have decided to leave my state of cryostasis and return with a fun blog. Remember when I battled Cyan in the tourney and what of the things I dissed him on was ripping off Leandro with the cover strike blogs? Yeah, …

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Beerman8299 Beerman8299 18 February

Ideas Ideas

Greetings heroes! I need your humble opinion and to be able to pick your brain like Ray Liotta by asking you for suggestions for the next rap battle I should write. I felt like the last two I wrote were rushed because I wanted them done by the holiday they are themed around. Since there are no holiday themed battles that I currently have planned, I want to take some time writing my next one. I have a few ideas, but I'm not exactly sure where I should start. If anyone wants to help me write a battle or has any other suggestions for a matchup, I am open to it.

Here are my current ideas:

- Gen. Robert E. Lee vs. The Red Skull

- Cthulu vs. Surtr (the Norse mythology version of Surtr not the one from Marvel comics/movies. Though I would referen…

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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 12 February

Benito Mussolini vs Papa John


I made a battle it is very serious I assure you

Papa John Schnatter, the pizza guy, vs Benito Mussolini, war guy

this battle has everything! a positive message! a relevant topic! even a sponsor! wow!

I had help from Bantha and Rae I think I don't remember it's 6:45am

Papa John:

It's me, Papa John, Imma Pizza Guy

I'm gonna cook you up, like a pizza pie!

I'll drop you harder than I drop hard Rs

And the NFL dropped me like I drop these bars

Beef with me? Please! You're just a Little Caeser!

My cold hard is many degrees beneath a frozen pizza!

I'm sweaty and greasier than my own cheesy pizzas

and you piss me off more than Kaepernick taking a knee does!

Don't fuck with me, Mussolini

Your teenie weenie's disgusting like my wife in a bikini

I'll opress thi…

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Dark Cyan Dark Cyan 11 February

Six Year Anniversary and Goodbye

Yeah. I've decided to make an official leaving blog instead of petering out. There are far too many people to call out and thank for an amazing time here, but I no longer have fun writing battles, or parodies, and it's time to move on to other hobbies, like music and writing.

Instead of standard leaving blog fare like talking about my time here or a list of shoutouts, I'm going to post the WIPS for two battles that never made the light of day.

I'll still be active on Discord. You can find me in the Freedom server, or search for me with Dark Cyan #6543 if you want to chat.

It's been a hell of a six years and I'll never forget them.

Until we meet again!

  • 1 Advice Dog vs Doge 4 (Scrapped):
  • 2 Dante vs Virgil (Scrapped at least twice):
    • 2.1 LAYER 1: LIMBO
    • 2…

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Mortal5075 Mortal5075 7 February

The Ring Royale - Shitpost Manifestation Battles


Hi hello this is a battle. Incels with Working Braincells, what a great name. I am happy this actually got to exist finally this took like a year. Ring Royale vs Trump vs …

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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 2 February

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Epic Rap Battles of History!

Scott Pilgrim


Lionel Richie


Scott Pilgrim:

I won’t go light when I’m born for fights, flow’s tight, you might ball right but can your small mind match me? Not quite.

Apartheid on sight when I’m ripping up a mixed dude with all might, separate the black from white.

My talent's twice of your height so you should ride my nuts on long nights, tall guide in life to get a throne on.

Only time this spiritual lyrical miracle knocks is when preaching Biblical raps like a Mormon.

Lionel Richie:

My name is Lionel Richie and I Can't Slow Down

I am Dancing on the Ceiling because I am Louder Than Words, wow!

I will beat you All Night Long because You Are a bitch!

I bet you're Running With the Night because you like t…

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 1 February

my grand return

Sup my dudebros it's been a long time huh

(the rap battle community is dying.)

I essentially took a break.

(The Fandom update curbstomped my enthusiasm for staying on)

I might post more, much much shorter battles

(Vegito vs Gogeta coming soon)

I wanted to return with Mussolini vs Charlemagne 2,

(or call it a redux if I still refuse to own the original.)


(Mortal hates the LGBT+)

ine forests of whores dripping from their pussay

you call that an orgy, I call that a tuesday

Cum Dumpula, leave my spawn in your asshole

bringing my cum from my seminal vesicles

and forced the earth to suck on my Phallucula

I admire rears you inspire cunt fuck ula

step to the turks and the pornos started dropping

I penetrate you with Olive Garden Garlic Breadsticks

No ones …

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Mister Mickey Mouse Mister Mickey Mouse 26 January

Mickey Mouse vs Mario






Super Mario:

It's-a-me! Mario. I'm a jumpin Kangaroo!

Before you bring the rat, i'll send him right

to the zoo! I'm a jumping, running plumber.

You think you can beat me? but if thats truly

what you want, then that's totally your dreams!

Locked In arcades in Japan! with game consoles

in kid's hands, While you we're making money,

Minnie was in Super Mario Land! I'm jumping

through levels and defeating a ton! I'm already

on top, I'll send you back to stage 1!


Aw, Pal. You don't gotta make your raps be

silly. Because I already got Peach steering

with me on Steamboat Willie ! (Ooh!) Your comp-

any is greedy as "Stitch" like when Miyamoto's

flipping tables it would prove he was a (bad word)


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Mister Mickey Mouse Mister Mickey Mouse 24 January

BonziBuddy vs Google




Bonzi Buddy



Hello there Gorilla, how can

I help? When people bought

your app, they slipped you

back onto the shelf. When

your rapping against me,

your as poor as a small

shoe. Your rapping is

worst than your 1 star

reviews! Once i win

this i'm gonna make

you cramp out of

the "Windows"

like your company's

bills. You won't see.

When i beat you

in this battle you'll

be going XP! I'm

the king of computers,

I have an entire crew.

Your the king of people

getting viruses and giving

shitty reviews!


Hi there Buddy! looks like

you have a new friend,

but when my company

was cancelled, you

became a new trend.

But this is the time my

game is going to make

your bills end. Come

onto my face! and i'll

bend you like "Clippy".


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JKGame JKGame 21 January

Byleth vs Snape - Epic Rap Battles: Fire Emblem vs History

Hello, and welcome to my very first battle in 2021! It's been too long since I've written one of these. I really hope to write more in 2021 than I did in 2020, but that's not guaranteed at all.

Today's battle pits the Potions teacher at Hogwarts from the ever-popular Harry Potter series, Severus Snape, up against former mercenary and professor of Garreg Mach Monastery from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Byleth, in a battle of dark, brooding professors in a fantasy school.

Back when I started the Fire Emblem vs History series and Three Houses was just right around the corner, it was inevitable that I would end up pitting one of the characters from that game against a Harry Potter character since both Harry Potter and Three Houses have been compared a l…

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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 18 January

James Charles vs Mike Pence

lol james charles makes straight people gay and mike pence makes gay people straight Lol

James Charles:

hey sisters, i'll fucking kill you

you are a loser, i'll fucking kill jews

you work for donald trump? lol you beta cuck

i will flatten you like a semi-truck

mike pence? more like mike makes no sense

hnhnhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnngggggg ur dense

you are a homophobe and that is not nice

i will beat you up... twice

Mike Pence:

hi its me michael i hate the gays

i fucking hate women and blacks and tuesdays

im going to church, i love to pray

i love my wife and the usa

they call me mike because i am good on the mic

lol it is a mikerophone haha

if u try to beat me you'll be in for a shock

i will own you in this battle, so help me god

jameson charlie:

hehhehehehehe you are…

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Mcdamon23 Mcdamon23 18 January

Roger Retinz vs the Phantom of the Opera - Epic Rap Battles of Ace Attorney vs History

Hello again, sorry for the long wait, but Ace Attorney vs History is back in 2021 and what a battle it comes along with.

todays battle brings us the ratings rajah himself and producer Roger Retinz, aka the true Mr. Reus up against broadway musical icon haunting the opera house, the Phantom of the opera in a battle of the half-mask wearing illusionists hiding scars and bringing death up on the stage, to see who's the more talented of the two.

Again, I apologize for the long wait, but motivation kinda fell of at points and real life got in the way. In the end I got around to finally finishing this and glad to, because this was a match-up I immediatly fell in love when I was thinking about. Originally planned for season 2 when I still did seaso…

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 16 January

The C-D Song (Kirby March parody)

Plenty of people have made parodies of rap battles, especially one of my friends Dark Cyan, who's also made a gift for me, so why not a parody of the Kirby march song?

Imagining stuff all the time, it's Cluuuub-Dreaaaamiverrrrse!

Role-playing for fun is not a crime, noooooor a tuuuuurn for the wooooorse!

Who is one of millions who have such great ideas?

Hanging out at DeviantART as much, I can see! Ha!

Helping out, show my creative chops and giving my family coupooooons!?

It's Club-Dreamiverse and I just want to have fun!

Praising rappers so great-fully, as far as the eye can see,

Always giving out info that can be useful, I am in no way mean!

Talking to J Morris and others online, I never exist to be a menace...

I just want to give it all with my a…

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 12 January

Does anyone want to meet me at DeviantART

Hey. How's everybody doing? Also, if you want, does anyone want to meet me at DeviantART? I do enjoy rap battles, but, I also want to make new pals too. Here, I can show you how to role-play in script if you all want and what is more, I can show you the news about entertainment media via news articles.

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Seraphimon44 Seraphimon44 10 January

Battles returning

I'm 22 years old now, figured i'd do something a little different.

Rap Battles are returning, I got 12 ideas that will take way longer than a week to write cause ya know college and I really want to make these fun and do justice to who I research and write about. They'll start to come out in waves so the first 6 battles pre summer and the latter 6 in the winter and I hope y'all enjoy em. I dont have a fancy name for them like I used to, so I guess ill just call them:



  1. "Swords"
  2. Movements
  3. Then and Now Introducing
  4. Best Friends Man
  5. Conspiracy Webbed Up
  6. A remake/remaster that flows like water

7. Cereal Killer

8. Rangers we got a problem

9. History Repeating

10. Directly Involved

11. Zero 2 Hero

12. A proper sequel/concl…

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Vgm22 Vgm22 9 January

Joe biden vs Donald trump

Epic rap battles of HISTRYO!!!

Donald TRUMP



  • 1 Donald Trump:
  • 2 Joe Biden:
  • 3 Donald Trump:
  • 4 Joe Biden:

It's the DJT, doin your mom

I will transform into a dog and then shit on the lawn!

Against wimps like you, I'll eat some Fruit by the Foot.

Your campaign's like Crash Bandicoot: crash and bandicoot

Think looting and violence will keep the MAGA movement quiet?

Well, you would be right, as I lost the election. FUCK

Why don't you step behind the gym? because i've got some crack.

We'll see how tough you are once i eat some snacks! Uh!

I'll shoot a hole through a couple mommies,

Bigger than the one I blew through your mom / mommy! Ugh!

Then I go and bone on your mommy! Ugh!

I'm gonna smash you, Joe, like your mommy!

I will burn down your home, because I…

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Revan2187 Revan2187 6 January

Hello, I am Revan

Hey there. My name's Revan and I'm a new guy here. As you can probably tell by my name, I am a massive Star Wars fan. Especially of the Old Republic and Revan is my favourite Sith Lord. Lmao! I just started getting into ERB when I found this wiki. I'm really excited to be here and I'm hoping to meet some cool people here on the wiki. I'm still kinda new to Fandom as a whole, so if you got any tips for me or just wanna say hello then I guess you can message me on the message wall.

Glad to be here, hello everyone!


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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 27 December 2020

Merry Christmas.

Sorry if it's late, but I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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CaptainSham13 CaptainSham13 26 December 2020

Willy Wonka vs The Once-Ler - Ass Scuffle Series

I wanted to make a flow-centric battle, and this is the one I used it for. Happy New Year.








-In this fight of eccentric industrialists I won’t need my guitar to leave you defeated

-Double W will take the L so the question is, “How Bad Can I beat Him?”

-People can buy my Thneeds as much as they please and live their lives out happily

-But you don’t give a shit, all you give to kids are heart attacks, diabetes, and cavities

-I mean sure I killed some trees, but at least my customers don’t die 4 out of 5 times

-But what a winner! Charlie gets to go on your personal elevator ride

-You’re Jigsaw on acid, it’s madness the fact that you’re allow…

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Beerman8299 Beerman8299 25 December 2020

Charlie Brown vs. Clark Griswold

Greetings heroes and Merry Christmas! Today's rap battle is between two of the most iconic holiday characters: The main character of the Peanuts comic strip and holiday specials, Charlie Brown, and the main character from the National Lampoon Vacation movie series, Clark Griswold.

Here is the beat I chose for this battle





Your raps aren't reaching me here in Europe, call you a CB radio.

Never thought you could make every holiday sad, but you did. Way to go!

Peppermint Patty at Thanksgiving was like, "What the fuck?"

But I think the real question is, "How many shit lines can this Chuck chuck?"

Left your best friend out i…

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ZIAO1990 ZIAO1990 23 December 2020

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn battled Twilight Sparkle in Twilight Sparkle vs Harley Quinn. She was voiced Tara Strong.

Harley Quinn (Harleen Frances Quinzel) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman and commonly as the Joker's sidekick. The character was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, and first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series in September 1992. She later appeared in DC Comics' Batman comic books, with her first comic book appearance in The Batman Adventures #12 (Sept. 1993). Harley Quinn is the Joker's frequent accomplice and lover, and she is also an ally of the supervillain Poison Ivy, from whom she gained an immunity to poisons and toxins. Her origin s…

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Joshuakrasinski Joshuakrasinski 23 December 2020

squilliam fancyheart vs flintheart glomgold

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Squilliam
  • 3 Flintheart
  • 4 squilliam
  • 5 Flintheart
  • 6 Outro






come on you little popper let's fight for the millionaire crown,

you can fight me again but like your show ending next year your going down,

i'm a cvilized squid while you can't even win,

feel the power of my unibrow?,

that kinda power could knock over a cow,

i've got a limozine slash casino you can't top that,

when i watch you on the show your performance falls flat,

i will drown you in my hot elevator your sad fat duck,

you can cry all you want but in the end i don't give a duck,

you blow squilliam your a prick,

i'm gonna kick you in your squid dick,

i give you heart attack like in bandmates,

face it here you have sealed …

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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 17 December 2020

I fixed Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker

I think Bantha and Bran and Rae helped (I don't remember it's 7am this didn't take long and also I have crippling mental disorders and I could attempt my second suicide attempt this month at literally any moment I am a wild one)

I like this battle a lot! It is cool! If i made any errors it's not like anyone will notice so I don't really give a fuck so okay don't enjoy this please i have mental problems

Harry Pogger:

Accio Mike let me fire up my schlong

Like Hermione and Ron, I'm about to do your mom

My ass shits hot spicy diarrhoea flames

You're lukewarm while I fuck your sister's remains

I put my dick in the mad eye of my man alastor moody

So ditch the goonie, cast a couple boobies

I've many volumes on my shelves it's true

I've yet to see the nine …

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NeoBranwen711 NeoBranwen711 17 December 2020

The 6th(

DAY: 51

LAST UPDATE: Double hurt Amy by Me

i dont know whats going on with the title there this is my first post with the new engine god this sucks thats also why the above thing looks so weird idk how the hell to center text now.

i will respost last games thing because im lazy and as such i decided to create a thing that requires daily monitoring

"hello its that time again

where you change the value of numbers next to a persons name

I decided to this because something to do, you know

a reason to get up

I think you know the gist but

125 52 users, each has 10 hp, start off being able to do 1 hurt and 1 heal, then later on other stuff gets added. You may vote every update, meaning you could vote right before an update, then right after an update. Cle…

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 16 December 2020

It's finally getting considered.

Finally, it's getting considered. The DeviantART upgrade idea, which involves a handful of my fellow Deviants' ideas back at DeviantART and my own. And what I'm getting at is....

- I'm actually getting at a DeviantART/Discord/SoundCloud/NewGrounds/ merger and possible competitors for it, not a merge of every site in existence.

- A streaming service within DeviantART called DeviantART Video that allows Deviants to make and upload their own videos. They did say in their 2018 April Fools' prank, "By Artists, For Artists" by the way. I can sense several YouTube users heading to DeviantART Video if it's relevant enough.

- A search result removal feature, like in Google.

- The possibilities of servers and groups each focused on differe…

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TCalderon TCalderon 14 December 2020

I've Come to Make an Announcement

That last post might have had a little too much finality to it, huh?

After much debate, much consideration and reconsideration, I've decided to give Weeb Shit vs Anything a proper sendoff! Eight more battles, from the next one up to the series finale! Why eight? Well, that's how many matchups I really liked and ended up wanting to see through to completion. When can you expect to see them? Not sure. Hopefully the first of this lineup will be up before December is over. And if I'm really up to it, I might even make some non-anime battles on side. I want these battles to be good, and I hope you enjoy reading them! With that out the way, here are some hints:

  1. The Chosen One
  2. Kids that can change their bodies
  3. Average kids that deal with the supernat…
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CaptainSham13 CaptainSham13 7 December 2020

Benito Mussolini vs Scar - Ass Scuffle Series






Beat: to be uploaded

Benito Mussolini:

-I am the ruler of Italy, Benito Mussolini!

-And unlike this usurper, I was elected truthfully

-A former schoolteacher, I‘m taking you to class you see

-Government 101: How to take down a rap cat-astrophe

-When I fought for Rome to resume its rightful place

-I got the crowd yelling “Duce!” Yours laughs in your face

-You took over a pride, I instilled pride in my civilians

-All you top now is lists of overrated Disney villains


-Fighting a lion’s plane crazy, you couldn’t swap wits with camels

-Your African conquest is nothing put next to Rommel

-Got the chance of a lifetime to be the ruler of a continent

-But your coup of a century got crushed under your incomp…

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