• Beerman8299

    While I only received one vote for this battle, I also only received one vote for a different battle, but this one was voted on first.  So, here is Andrew Carnegie vs. John D. Rockefeller.  This is also one of my earliest written battles, so it's not top notch and I wasn't as good at making the jokes and insults.  CRINGE WARNING!


    Andrew Carnegie - 

    Stepping up to Carnegie will get you shot.
    I’m gonna rock this feller right off the top spot.
    If you decide to dig here, you’re bound to hit oil.
    When my black gold raps come out of the ground and your plans get foiled.
    I first worked for a railroad, you were only a bookkeeper.
    Hell, you were even an occasional janitor.
    You said the growth of business is the surviv…

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    it's the chef with top talent going against this afro'd fat fuck,

    your so invensted in art you don't know that you suck,

    how can you be so calm your like some robot with only one emotion,

    you can't even comprhend it when i cause a commotion,

    i'll chop off your head then serve on a platter,

    i'm gonna chop your afro off then criticize your art splatters,

    i've already won this rap battle don't bother making a single verse,

    caue when i cook in hell's kitchen i put the compeiiton in a hearse,

    my you seem tense try to take a little time off,

    or you'll be so angry you'll get a terrible cough,

    your a little accident but your life ain't happy,

    i am known for my heart but your annoying like s…

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  • NovaBomb123

    In anticipation for my Birthday (Yesterday, March 18th), I wrote a Name Battle James from TheOdd1sOut versus James from Dead Meat (Because my name is James)

    The Odd1sOut - Verse 1

    hey, it's James from The Odd 1s Out

    here for the name game title bout

    i've amassed a bigger crowd

    without the proud shit you spout

    you're about to be Dead Meat, James

    always have puns for usernames

    it's a shame that that's your nickname

    Running in the Woods wouldn't get fame

    James, you should run

    against me, life ain't fun

    especially when i'm in your vision

    so listen, make a good decision

    we both know how this should have ended

    it's been accepted where this is headed

    my channel should be respected

    i've won but that should be expected

    Dead Meat - Verse 1

    hello and welcome to the Kil…

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  • Beerman8299

    At the request of one voter, here is a rap battle between Freddy Krueger vs. Leatherface.  Polls for who you think won and who you want to see battle next at the end.


    Leatherface - 

    Come out of your slumber and fight, do you think you're ready?
    This is Child's Play, I'm about to beat Five Nights at Freddy's.
    Try to run and hide, but know that I'll find you.
    I'll mysteriously catch up and then verbally blind you.
    You couldn't beat me, you're as weak as a Cheerio
    I'll cut you up, sew your face, and eat you like serial.
    I can find people even if they've ducked in a car.
    I'll be looking for them harder than the way you drop bars.
    You got that right hand claw, I got myself a chainsaw.
    There is no turning back when you hear The …

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    ariel vs gooby

    March 16, 2019 by Joshuakrasinski


    ARIEL  VS....... GOOBY!!!!!!!!!!! BEGIN!

    Disney's aquatic princess is making a big splash,

    like a ship your gonna crash,

    your married to a bald moron white thing don't know what you see in him.

    sailing into you like moana your fate is grim,

    you were a good channel  but shima went and vanished,

    then doopie left you should be banished,

    your hubbie should make like sebastion and kiss the girl,

    you can't even talk so try and rap come on give it a whirl,

    this goofy mermaid hybird swimming into the sea,

    you can't compare to golden gooby,

    i got a sister who loves me your sister don't,

    don't try to win this battle you just won't,

    i'll be doing the dance like when i met dolan when i win this battle,

    it's time for me to ride you with a…

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  • Mcdamon23

    Hello again, finally back with a new installment of Epic Rap Battles for Your Amusement.

    One that was planned for Halloween, but didn't due to Castlevania season 2 being released a few days before and wanting to use that for research for Trevor(turns out there wasn't a lot of focus on him). Then got delayed due to lack of motivation of writing for this all the way to march. 

    This battle brings the Belmonts, Simon, Richter & Trevor against the hyrulian heroes, BotW link , Young link & Toon link  in a battle of the legendary heroes destined to take down rulers of darkness with holy weapons and their descendants who also do that.

    When I first thought of this idea I was planning to just do Simon vs Link, but rather quickly I changed that to a 3 v…

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    what's up everone it's pewdipie, 

    gonna make sure this dick goes bye bye,

    you were destined for failure your ego is as big as your nose,

    you claimed your the first when everybody knows,

    you made it up your father would be ashamed,

    you messed up big and had yourself get blamed,

    run your over like happy wheels and tear you a new one,

    gonna end my verse now this is real fun,

    so they pit up against this youtube geek,

    i am gonna have your head freak,

    gotten into trouble your losing all your fame,

    your the only youtuber who hasn't won a dame,

    your friends with tobuscus yeah he molested some kids,

    you were so depressed your ran and hid,

    this is on brawling king whose gonna ick your behind,

    i'll hit…

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  • Beerman8299

    Hey everyone!

    This is my first time using this site.  But I know we are all here because we love Epic Rap Battles of History.  So, in light of that, I have been such a dedicated fan of their show that I have almost 3 complete seasons of my very own rap battle lyrics.  I have already posted 2 of them from season one.  Some of my very early ones are really crappy though, so I will let you know before the lyrics start, but don't fret, they get much better.  Attached will be a poll of all of the rap battles for my season 1 matchups.  Vote for which one you want to see me post lyrics for next.  I'll have to see how many people vote to get a sense of how often I will post.  At the end of each battle will be two polls.  The first will ask who you …

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  • Beerman8299

    Epic Rap Battle



    Paul Revere - 

    The British are coming, the British are coming!
    You probably can't see in a battle a drummer boy drumming!
    I thought you only came out on the night of Hallows Eve
    To search for your head, but what does it matter, that story's all make believe.
    I'd Tea Act your face, but you have a headless condition.
    I'm not going to let you beat me like I lost in the Penobscot Expedition.
    Once you're done battling me you won't want to be a bruiser.
    I'll carve off that Pumpkin Head face and turn it into a Jack-O-Loser.

    The Headless Horseman -

    I am a folklore legend, I am a master of fright.
    I'll be the one who is attacking tonight.
    So go up to the Church tower and shine your light bright.
    Grab your…

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  • Beerman8299

    Epic Rap Battle



    Dave Thomas - 

    I started off working with you, but your business was kinda sucky.
    So I started my own, it's called Wendy's and it will freeze yours like a frosty.
    Owning a restaurant is very hard and you should probably know.
    But it looks like I'm the one who's prices are always low.
    Why not join in the U.S. Army when you are actually needed?
    They call you Colonel, but yet you never succeeded.
    I'm cooking up rhymes like burgers, so be careful contents may be hot.
    And folks enjoy your chicken wings and say there're pretty good, NOT!

    Colonel Sanders - 

    I am all about chicken, cause that is my thing.
    You just got puny little nuggets, while I've got wings.
    You named your restaurant after your daughter, and…

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  • Shaggiphoria

    ERB Covers

    March 13, 2019 by Shaggiphoria

    Here to make some ERB covers for you guys. Request some down below.

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    look here another opponent for me to beat,

    you can't beat me on the mic prepare for your defeat,

    nobody knows about you i am known worldwide,

    so why don't you just bend over and kiss my backside,

    everything you do i did it first,

    i will put you in the grinder turn you to liverwurst,

    i got an army that supports me best public speaker ever,

    you can't best adolf hitler will you beat me  never,

    your a menace to society i don't care your invented the volkswagon,

    you failed art class world domination glad that didn't happen,

    you got tricked by eva longoria to commit suicide,

    it's a fitting end you deserved to die,

    i based my views on you but i made it better,

    when they compare you to me they say i…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    season 2 trailer

    March 13, 2019 by Joshuakrasinski






    • adolf hitler and david duke walk up then stare at each other*
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  • Caveman ah ah ah
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  • JKGame

    Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another brand-new installment of Epic Rap Battles of the Universe!

    I very recently finished Fire Emblem Awakening, so it was pretty inevitable that I would use a character from that game. It's an amazing game by the way. I wasn't very into Fire Emblem before this, but I'm pretty glad that I tried this one out. 

    Originally, I was seriously considering Robin vs Robin from DC Comics, with either Chrom and Batman backing their respective partner or Corrin and Nightwing backing each of them up (I only really considered putting in Corrin because I wanted to make a Camilla joke. Fire Emblem fans, you know what I mean.) However, a part of me wanted to use a historical character, so after some research, I decided that…

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  • TCalderon

    This is it. The moment when my writing career officially peaks.

    Just so we're clear; meme battles will not be a regular thing for me. This is just a one time thing that I decided to do for funsies, and nothing else. And this won't count as me using the actual Shaggy and Bugs Bunny in a rap battle. Shaggy is planned, and I'm still open for Bugs Bunny.

    With all that said; Big Chungus, the fat rabbit, and Ultra Instinct Shaggy, the slayer of gods. These two battle it out to see which meme is the most powerful!

    Are these meme even alive anymore? Whatevs.








    ZOINKS! This next mystery’s got me disheveled,


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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    I can't believe this battle got made. My and Dark Cyan's first battle together. Me as my OC Sammy-Seven up against Dark Cyan as BBC children's show character Mr. Noseybonk to see who's the superior person in white suit and mask to terrorize people.

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Text moved to another page!!!!!

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    taking a break

    March 8, 2019 by Joshuakrasinski

    i'm taking a break from rap battles on here so yeah that is all

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  • Dark Cyan

    This is a rap battle between Club-Dreamiverse's OC Sammy-Seven, and BBC kid's TV show Jigsaw character Mr. Noseybonk, in a battle of....let me go and check...people in white masks and suits, who scare people.

    Club-Dreamiverse wrote for Sammy-Seven. I wrote for Mr. Noseybonk


    Beat: this one

    Hello. Obscure video character whom I will give an blister,

    Long nose? An bow tie? Looks like Pinocchio has a single visitor.

    What happens if you step to teh metullic being who protects teh world?

    I will abruptly end you like your videocassette and have your costume unfurled!

    I take out evul-doers; you scare your country's people since teh lately seventies.

    Playing golf? Growing vegetables shaped like your nose? Now that is not heavenly!

    Tis battle rap is no…

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  • ABunchofNumbers

    I missed doing these.

    Snow White:

    Out of all matchups, this is the unfairest of them all

    Doesn't take a magic mirror to see that you'll fall

    Wanna make money? My company has the answer

    One animation and we grow bigger than your cancer!

    Say MY name! I'm Snow cause my rhymes are cold

    Shine brighter than any crystal meth you sold

    Ruined your own life, now your assistant's in the spotlight

    Even your lawyer is leaving you to rot, White!

    Put on some pants if you wanna win in your relationship

    Skyler ain't Gus, but she still got you whipped

    You just can't provide for a family like I do

    Go back to high school! I already got an apple for you!

    Walter White:

    I'll be the one who knocks some sense into your head

    You're not a role model, you're a maid who's braindead!


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  • Raster0fMandomness87

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  • Bmarshall189

    Ok, so.

    Its been around 4 years since I did any sculpting, and around 5 since i did any ERB Stuff, and i must say i have missed it.

    So, these are some new and imporved sculpts. Working at a size much larger than the origional models (Around 17cm) and with face sculpts that dont look like a melted Squidwards (The flesh colour is also much more accurate).

    However i am aware that Washington and Jefferson could do with some better facial work.

    Now, I need some help, it takes me far too long to decide who to make so, "You decide" Let me know who should be next. (Bearing i mind they take a while to make so you might want to list a few)

    As always thanks, and you are all Fucking awesome!

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  • Gliscor Fan

    It's been nearly 3 years since I wrote rap battles for literally anything so forgive me because I'm rusty as all fuck. Anyway, woah, what the hell, who is this guy? Oh, hi, it's me, Gliscor, back from the dead without a clue why I left in the first place. That's a lie, I remember. I left for the death battle fanon wiki (which banned me from the chat) and the screwattack forums (which got shut down because someone was selling death battles early illegally), so here I am. back. I don't have the stuff I used to have so the title cards are basically gone at this point. Anyway...

    This is a battle I've been pondering over for the past month or so. The idea was fairly interesting and I had just started watching scrubs AND Stan Against Evil so I th…

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  • Wimpykidfan37

    A Mole Among Us

    March 6, 2019 by Wimpykidfan37

    People, people! SuperCazio has noticed something. 

    He noticed that the Wikipedia page for Epic Rap Battles of History says that Zach Sherwin is confirmed to play George Carlin. But this isn't a confirmation; it's rather a rumour that I started, which quickly became memetic. 

    However, somebody among us took the rumour too far and put it on Wikipedia. I would like to thank SuperCazio for noticing. But I can tell you, it wasn't me! I would never present rumour as fact and I don't even have a Wikipedia account.

    If you know ANYONE on this wiki who would do such a thing, please notify me on this blog.

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Josh's Rap Battles Remake: The Shredder vs. Night Ninja

    This is another remake of one of Josh's Rap Battles. Time to unleash my inner TKandMit and SethIsMe again. Anyway, on with the battle.....

    "The Shredder, arch-nemesis of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles goes head-to-head with Night Ninja, a villain from the PJ Masks' rogues gallery, to see which villainous ninja will come out on top."

    The Shredder:

    Out of all the adversaries I faced, this child is way too past his bedtime

    Beating you like as simple as one, two, three, this so-called villain will not even bother to rhyme

    You are from a harmless preschool show; I lead a powerful ninja clan

    Bon voyage, little child, the power is not one to withstand

    I could beat you easily with these claws, but that…

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    this sassy redhead is coming into battle,

    aboutto diss this furry hot mess who is nothing but a  train wreck,

    your only known for your ass and being second rate,

    hook line and sinker you fell for the bait,

    don't need any gadgets to see your fall flat,

    cause i win all battles when i step up to bat,

    the name's monkeypenny better learn to respect your elders,

    cause your skin tight black suit better run for shelter,

    your dyed your hair blonde and that was never explained why,

    your just a whore and i'm gonna make your cry,

    your made a lot of money but you lost to thanos,

    i'm the first spy before your movie i will snipe your call me glados,

    you end your first verse by talking about a out of genr…

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  • PixelNova

    Okay so uh, hi, I'm alive, isn't that epic? Listen, I know it's been like 5 months since my last battle, but there's been a lot of personal stuff going on in my life, and I haven't finished any battles, so, in honor of my birthday, here's this. Thumbnail by Aaron Peters. Written by Silent, Trakked, AaronGPeters, and YT Rap Battles



    First, I’d like to thank the American people, for helping with this Crisis

    But now I have to waste my time battling the founder of ISIS

    I've entered this debate and didn't know what the hell I was thinking

    This World Wrestling Entertainer will get this through your head like Lincoln

    Your raps ain't worth a small loan, I'll criminalize this alcoholic

    His chance at pushing Daisies would have to take up half …

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    JOSH'S EPIC RAP BATTTLES GOKU VS....... YUGI MOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEGIN!

    it's the savior of earth ready to strike,

    and it's time to pump out rhymes on the mic,

    your anime has gotten lame your praticially out of ideas,

    your pharoah is so old he belongs in a museum,

    your a children's card game with a clusterfuck of a plot,

    i mean really is races in te future all you got?,

    i would go super sayian but your hardly worth it,

    teamfourstar said you couldn't beat cell so you might as well forfeit,

    it's time to duel you whiny bitch,

    beating you in this battle will be a sinch,

    your super out of luck when your most powerful foe only came for pudding,

    i care for my friends your father techniques aren't too good doing,

    your wife is more of a bitch then…

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  • TKandMit

    I let my head hang in defeat, feeling sicker than ever now. HAL directed us to make our way to expo hall in order to begin the trial; to label one of us as a murderer and have them executed before us. What happened to us working together to figure out a way that no one had to die? Now we have to find who the killer is and have them killed as well. How did this get so fucked up?

    “What are we doing with the body?” Axel asked the doctor. We didn’t have any means of preservation, and I suppose HAL deemed we had everything we needed to draw our conclusions already so we wouldn’t need the body anymore.

    “I’ve got no idea,” Jason groaned as he cleaned his glasses. I could see that he meant to keep calm and collected but that he was restraining to sho…

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  • Trakked

    Alright, so all i'd really need is a logo (if you have one), as well as the characters you want to be in the battle itself. Here are a few examples of coverarts i've made:

    Anyways, if you want a coverart or anything of the sort, ask me if you'd like.

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  • GabrielolXP

    Infobox Fun

    March 3, 2019 by GabrielolXP

    I'm bored so I wanna make some infoboxes for future rappers that is yet to be confirmed, as well as some characters that will 99% never be in ERB.

    In case you don't know already: THESE ARE NOT CANON.


    }} )
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania |hair = Gray (formerly black) |eyes = Dark brown |image2 = |ERBnumber = George Carlin vs Bill Cosby |vs = George Carlin |votecount = TBA |location = The Huxtable House }} }}




    }} )
    Tokyo, Japan |hair = White |eyes = Brown |image2 = |ERBnumber = Shigeru Miyamoto vs Hayao Miyazaki |vs = Shigeru Miyamoto |votecount = TBA |location = Castle in the Sky
    A bus stop from My Neighbour Totoro }} }} )
    Kyoto, Japan |hair = Grey |eyes = Brown |image2 = |ERBnumber = Shigeru Miyamoto vs Hayao Miyazaki |vs = Hayao Miyazaki |v…

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    i am hungry for a battle but your not much of a meal,

    but i'll eat you like a pig and make you squeal,

    my show's been on for decades your a dead meme,

    you look like you were drawn by a child for me thats saying something,

    you may not know much about me but i'll tell you this your nothing,

    you do not know da wae your not worthy of being our queen,

    atleast we got fame you don't have anything.

    i'll beat you up bash your head on the ground then spit on your corpse,

    by the way your show is like beating a dead horse,

    now get out of uganda you come from an unholy source,

    your pissing me of nigga there's gonna be trouble in paradise,

    i'm ready to teat you a new one and i won't think twi…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    The Beagle Boys vs. Team Rocket

    This is a remake of a battle my friend Josh (aka flyscratch) did. About to unleash my inner Flatwoods Monster, MultiSuperVids, Dark Cyan and WonderPikachu and most of my favorite rappers with references to MultiSuperVids, Chris Cabery and Eddie's battles, the latter involving Pikachu, the yellow mouse Pokemon.

    "In this remake of Josh's battle, DuckTales antagonists The Beagle Boys go up against Pokemon's Team Rocket (Jessie, James and Meowth) to see who is the superior villainous yet hilarious trio."


    Big Time Beagle

    Burger Beagle

    Bouncer Beagle

    Ma Beagle






    Duckberg Streets

    Team Rocket HQ






    The Beagle …

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  • JKGame

    Wait, JK's using Greg again for Epic Rap Battles of the Universe?!! Is he gonna go down the Infinite Source route where he's just gonna keep using the same characters over and over again? ABANDON SHIP!!!

    Yes, I am using Greg again, but I won't be using the same characters over and over again, ok?

    Let's just get to it.

    "Main protagonist of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Greg Heffley, and one of the main characters of the anime Lucky Star, Konata Izumi, duke it out in a battle of lazy students who would rather play video games rather than do their work."




    Don't have much to do today, so I'll use this time to spit a diss

    Against this Wimpy Kid who somehow thinks he can make it big!

    I can be as lazy as you, s…

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  • Dragonsblood23

    I figured it'll be easier to make a new blog rather than keep updating the old one since this is gonna be huge anyways let's first go through this

    Flash in the Pan Results

    Homer Simpson VS Peter Griffin

    Godzilla VS King Kong

    Al Gore VS Captain Planet

    Jimmy Fallon VS Jimmy Kimmel

    Captain Falcon VS Saitama

    Bigfoot VS Waldo

    Buzz Aldrin VS Buzz Lightyear

    Sub-Zero and Scorpion VS Ryu and Ken

    Mother Russia VS Uncle Sam

    Mel Brooks VS Weird Al Yankovic

    Waldo VS Carmen Sandiego

    The Flash VS Sonic The Hedgehog

    Elsa VS Sub-Zero

    Barbie VS He-Man

    Matt Groening VS Seth MacFarlane

    Aquaman VS Ariel

    Ferris Bueller VS Tom Sawyer

    Arnold Schwarzenegger VS Sylvester Stallone

    Barbie VS Chucky

    Frodo Baggins VS Tom Brady

    ERB Results with Redo Votes In (I was gonna do a table but codin…

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  • NovaBomb123

    Today's episode of Epic Rap Battles of Everything is going to be Guy Fieri, host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives versus Alton Brown, host of Good Eats

    // Alton Brown - Verse 1//

    welcome to this Cutthroat Kitchen

    where I deliver raps with precision

    and i'm up against a giant living chicken

    and hell that wasn't my decision.

    burn your top, call it a creme brulee

    beat this fat kid with extreme cruelty.

    and i guess that's today's duty.

    beat the exact definition of fruity.

    i deliver science in good eats

    you deliver food porn for creeps.

    Guy's Grocery Games, what's behind the scenes

    do you still think you know cuisine

    when i'm done you'll be Feasting on Asphalt.

    and in the end it will be your fault.

    take this assault from a bald lord.

    cuz in the end, you're coming…

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  • Joshuakrasinski


    it's the beagle boys bitch and it's to rhyme,

    you'll be going down hard like my name big time,

    we aren't scared of three hacks catching monsters who are addicted to balls,

    so back down now we ain't fond of you at all,

    my tummy is rumbling turn meowth to chinese,

    cause our reboot is the hottest thing on disney xd,

    just because sun and moon is on the same channel don't think we'll go easy on you,

    cause we're about to fill you with lyrics so brutal you'll be in gloom,

    we are team rocket we fight for what is wrong,

    you know we'll be winning we even had a song,

    meowth that's right your brains are cleary lacking,

    are you even listening not like we're asking,

    we're blasting off at the the speed…

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  • Joeaikman

    Woah, Joe, you fucking ho. Is this a battle for a new series that you've been working on? Why yes, Joe, my lad. It is. This is a new series of battles without any real theme, made up of battles that I'd like to see ERB do. This series includes historical characters, fictional characters and a plethora of others. It also has some super special guests appearing very soon, so watch out for those.

    Anyways, in todays battle we have the first princeps of the Roman Empire, Augustus Caesar, lyrically duelling with the star spangled stud, Steve Rogers, to see who better represents their nation, with the added twist of both being civil war leaders! What a treat! I hope you enjoy. Let it begin!

    Ave, Captain! Let us battle on the better representation o…

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  • RespectThePixel

    Link to template

    Finally got this thing working. Now everyone can rank their battles easily. Just click and drag the images and put them in the tiers. Post yours up in the comments if you like. You can get creative with it too, ranking them by instrumentals or costumes and what not. Go wild

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  • MetalFire

    First off, holy fuck I haven't made a blog in over two years now. It's been a long ass time now. For a time the wiki was dying and I lost loads of motivation. However since the wiki has had sort of a rebirth in activity and I love both of these characters, I decided to do something. Anyways here's Mad Max vs Baby Driver. Will I do more? Maybe. Anyways enjoy

    EpicLloyd: Mad Max

    Watsky: Baby


    Welcome to the Wasteland where the strongest survive

    The most Humongus foes shake when I arrive

    Whether I drive or rap, there's fire on the track

    Cause I'm the fastest motherfucker in the Outback

    Rip the ear bids off and listen to the Road Warrior

    You're a Fearl Kid who works for a sexual predator

    Edgar wasn't think…

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  • TCalderon

    After going through some changes with season one of my main series, Weeb Shit vs Anything (such as adding three extra battles, for a complete set of fifteen as opposed to the twelve I initially planned, as well as scrapping a whole battle because it wasn't really anime related), I decided to take a small break and do some non anime battles for a bit. (Though, I guess you're a memer, you can count Shrek as also being an anime in the same way that Cory in the House is!)

    Shrek, the protagonist of the infamous Dreamworks franchise, and Oscar the Grouch, the grouch of Sesame Street. These two battle it out to see which grumpy green owner of a messy home is superior!

    With thanks to JKGame for the suggestion






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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    My plan.

    February 28, 2019 by Club-Dreamiverse

    If I get Disney to sell Mike Peraza and Tad Stones' abandoned Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon pitch and the Felix the Cat/Fat Albert/George of the Jungle/Underdog/Dick Tracy/Mr. Magoo/Lone Ranger movie rights (since Fox's then-parent company News Corporation bought New World, which made film of Felix the Cat and Fox itself made a Fat Albert film) in exchange for the She-Hulk/Hulk/Namor movie rights and Marvel theme park rights, I guess everyone would be happy.


    For Disney:

    - Hulk, She-Hulk and Namor into the MCU finally getting movie trilogies and shows of their own.

    - Post-Thanos Big Bads: Red Hulk, The Leader, Absorbing Man, (if Trakked is to be believed), Tyrannus, U-Foes, Deep Six, Fathom Five, Warlord Krang, Orka, Naga, the Red King…

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  • Trakked

    Ok, so this is the finalized new series that i'll be working on here. It is the first avenger, Captain America, against the very first president, George Washington. Enjoy!

    Writer: Trakked



    George Washington:

    I declare this child’s toy uncouth, therefore this comic will be stripped

    I’ll turn this Crossbones into brom bones; you can’t defeat me with your shield tricks!

    Let me break the ice, I can’t tell a lie, you’re an imbecillic creation

    I can’t tell what’s weirder; your plot, or just your amalgamation!

    So, i’ll need you to step down, Soldier, or my rhymes will be colder than the Winter

    I crossed the Delaware on Christmas! I’m sure you haven’t done anything bigge…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Hey there! Name's Nickolas. Is there anything you'd like me to do? I can do anything for you guys if you like.

    Also, is there anything that does not involve extreme sex or drugs that you want me to make?

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  • TrixticalMyster

    only losers stay here for 6 years

    i dont fucking know what to say in these anymore but idk i guess im obligated to make it or something

    do you even care lol

    have uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a gif i guess

    did it work i cant tell because this website is bad

    rap battles

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  • Seraphimon44

    It's the mad angel, the over and underachiever, Seraphimon 44, and here I am with my yearly Seraphimon Talks: Predictions. I know it seems rather early, but for the most part, we have a solid ground of characters to speculate and to be speculated, so  this will be updated with each new bit of information up until the release of the first battle, then after each struggle there will be a review complete with my thoughts and suggestions, kind of like a homegrown chisel this. With all this verbiage out the way lets get started with our first segment which is...

    Confirmed Characters:

    Freddy Krueger: excitement levels 10/10, actor portrayal: 10/10

    Che Guevera: excitment levels 10/10, actor portrayal: ??

    Thanos: excitement levels: 8/19, actor portray…

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  • TKandMit

    Welcome to another installment of the award winning series Danganwiki.


    Only took a fuckin' year and a half to make another HaV battle lmao. I've been pretty obsessed with the Danganronpa series lately so yeah, in addition to the parody series I'm writing, here's another thing featuring one of the main characters from the franchise.

    Monokuma, the despair-inducing headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy that forces students into killing games, goes face to face with The Jigsaw Killer, often spotted as the dastardly puppet that instructs his victims to escape their deadly traps.

    I have previously used Jigsaw in a battle in the original writing of Light Yagami vs Dexter Morgan. I have since removed this battle from the roster of HaV due to recent event…

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    i'm the principal of elmore jr high now i'm gonna fry this skinny french fry up,

    cause when it comes to school workers your the dumbest of the dumb,

    i know your tortured by bart but give the kid some slack,

    he has creativity something you lack,

    you a wuss against your mother i'm surprised you still live with her.

    you never got a family with the late krabappel and you will never eitheir.

    i'm a beast on the mic you better get ready,

    serving you more beatings it will make you wet the beddy,

    better do some good before i smack your toupee off,

    i'm ended my first verse here but i think you've had enough,

    i'm the master of my fate made bart simpson spill his milk,

    when i rap againt my oppone…

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  • NovaBomb123

    Welcome back to ERBoE, sorry I've been gone so long, more are coming soon





    Joey Gazelle:

    'bout to leave a cockroach running scared

    Tony is unprepared, Joey don't care

    it's unfair, that's he everywhere

    I'm rare, so go on say a prayer.

    a silver snub nose to rub foes I suppose

    got killed say it blows, go into the shadows

    shoulda stayed on your toes, 'stead of exposed.

    it's bold, left you a ghost, shoulda overdosed.

    leave a scarred face on this disgrace

    who receives more praise per embrace

    than a real mobster gets in all his days.

    especially nowadays go down in a blaze.

    New Jersey mobster, smarter, sharper

    kill harder as a doctor, real Walker

    known for slaughter, here's my offer

    you vs. my son, I'll win …

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