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Awesome Betterhero Awesome Betterhero 14 hours ago

Neil Armstrong vs Amelia Earhart (Awesome Rap Battles)

Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon goes against skilled pilot Amelia Earhart, to see who's the better flyer.

Who won? You decide!

Awesome Rap Battles!

The logo takes off like a rocket and flies around.

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 3 days ago

MetalFire vs Obamabot. Tenth Official Wiki Rap Tournament


So yeah this was fun to write. I really liked writing against Vi since she’s someone who like, actually accomplished stuff and has a very diverse portfolio of work compared to me. And I am really proud of her for writing some dope ass bars even though my material is basically some old blog posts and a paperclip.

Oh yeah and the beat if you didn't see it already


  • 1 Obamabot 3000:
  • 2 MetalFire:
  • 3 Obamabot 3000:
  • 4 MetalFire:

Sorry Pads, but I wanna face Lemon so I'll eat up this Lunch gruel

Put the Fire out on this match; make it darker than the Night on a high school

You win hurt and heals, I wi…

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 5 days ago

Tetsuo vs Tetsuo - Untitled Rap Battles

ayoooo what's up my peo-

Fandom: You have followed a link to a page that does not exist yet. To create the page, start typing in the box below (see the help page for more info). If you are here by mistake, click your browser's backbutton.

Huge thanks to Pads for providing me with an image for Tetsuo I didn't use sorry g.

So I was going through my old docs and found out I was going to make Tetsuo vs Iron Man but I already used Tony Stark and since I'm not the Infinite Source, I don't reuse characters (unless they're Mussolini) So I used the next best thing. Enjoy the only other remaining semi-consistient rap series on this website beside the Tenth Tourney.

Tetsuo (Akira) is this color Tetsuo (The Iron Man) is this color

This is the beat if you didn…

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Devilishmind of Horror Devilishmind of Horror 5 days ago

We quit

We've had enough. We're leaving and dropping this stupid Devil charade. We weren't really Devil anyway. We're fakes anyway taking the piss.

Go fuck yourselves.

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Shadow-Leeroyinator Shadow-Leeroyinator 9 days ago

Join the Ministry.

We're back, fuckers!

Join the Ministry today! Our goal is to help users and to stop Trolls. It is way better than the one Val did. We have few members and we are open for sign ups if you wish to join us. We want to help, we are not here to terrorize this wiki but to help save it from the trolls. Thank you for this chance we will not let you down.

Might make a wiki for it. We'll see. Dunno this time round.

Shadow-Leeroyinator - Lord of The Ministry

Rest of the roster to come soon

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Devilishmind of Horror Devilishmind of Horror 9 days ago

This is getting really frustrating

Guys seriously, you are starting to piss me off now. Its fucking annoying as hell. I've had a hard time and I think its time to say goodbye to the wiki. Me and my fellow Devils keep making blogs and no one notices! No comments, no replies! NOTHING! We have been trying so hard to get involved in the community here but for some reason, you all just keep ignoring us. Why? We've apologised for our past! We've apologised for everything we've done. What more do you want?! Acknowledge us please. We've done everything we can to make amends and you all keep ignoring us like we don't exist!

Please, for the love of god talk to us. Thats all we want. We just wanna be like you lot. We want to fit in. Please give us that chance because otherwise, all th…

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Devilishmind of Horror Devilishmind of Horror 12 days ago

Coming Soon!

Devil 1 here. Excited to reveal a new project me and the other Devils are working on. Ready for this?







Thats right. The battle of the three Devils! Coming soon to the wiki! I know you're looking forward to this.

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 13 days ago

Axis Powers vs Austin Powers. Untitled Rap Battles


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Awesome Betterhero Awesome Betterhero 14 days ago

Michael Schur vs Dan Schneider (Awesome Rap Battles)

Michael Schur, creator of NBC shows, raps against Dan Schneider, creator of Nick shows, to see who has the better sitcoms.

Who won? You decide!

Awesome (laughtrack) Rap Battles!

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LemonCore LemonCore 15 days ago

ABunchofNumbers vs LemonCore - Tenth Official Wiki Rap Tournament

I am ear to ear and over the moon. On this fine night, I am honored to present the mutual magnum opus of two of the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki’s most poon-crushing writers. Which one will be defeated and happily exit the championship, finally free, and which one will begrudgingly accept a win and continue forward? It’s anyone’s guess, or should I say, anyone’s vote? Hehe ;3

I was very excited about this one. Abon and I had loads of fun writing. If you do not like it I will literally start crying. Keep that in mind.

Let’s tango.

Lemon: (0:05)

He’s slayed Saiyaman and Cyan, but this Saiyan’s blazin’!

View the votes, see Números face some ratio discrimination!

My man has no leg to stand on when even on the map, he’s beneath me

he ain’t Green, but L…

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Lord Valremathras Lord Valremathras 16 days ago

So are we cool about this?

Are you guys alright with us three Devils being here? We're not here to cause any trouble and we just wanna fit in. And please stop ignoring us. We just wanna be social with you guys here on the wiki. This isn't gonna work unless you guys talk to us and get to know us.

We've done our part and we've all apologised for our past actions. Let's please start fresh from this point on. Thats all we want.


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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 19 days ago

Amy Clover vs PaddyAnarchy - Tenth Official Wiki Rap Tournament

Holy fuck a blog on Paddy's page that isn't horrifically formatted and is not intentionally fucking awful?? This is crazy, welcome to round 2 with Paddy (thats me) vs Amy (not me) the battle of people who are Gay and Fucked Up

Here is the beat, Amy comes in at 00:28, have a good one friends!

  • 1 Amy Clover:
  • 2 PaddyAnarchy:
  • 3 Amy Clover:
  • 4 PaddyAnarchy:
  • 5 Amy Clover:
  • 6 PaddyAnarchy:

Alright, first of all, where’d all the Anarchy go?

Ready to bum a fag if he wants some of the smoke

I get on the beat, fall out of your seat, go back to the rope

And go tell your sleep cycle to get :paddywoke:

Begging me to be in Danganwiki 2? Ha- NO.

Your liver's got a better chance at surviving, bro!

‘Cause I could fill a pool with your weekly intake,

How much of the bullying can th…

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Shadow-Leeroyinator Shadow-Leeroyinator 20 days ago


Second Devil here. Finally got bothered to make an account and join my fellow Devils back on this wiki.

I dont do much anymore but I thought I'd come here when the secret was revealed for a laugh. This is gonna be fun.


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J1coupe J1coupe 21 days ago


its STILL very dead as fuck huh

cool see you in another 2 years

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Awesome Betterhero Awesome Betterhero 21 days ago

Philosoraptor vs Aristotle (Awesome Rap Battles)

Philosoraptor, the memetic velociraptor, faces Aristotle, the Greek polymath, to see who's the better philosopher.

Who won? You decide!

Awesome Rap...hmmm.....Battles!

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Joeaikman Joeaikman 23 days ago

Joeaikman vs Obamabot 3000. 10th Annual Wiki Tourney or Something Like That

What the fuck is going on? I'm making a blog on this dead website? Still? After all these years? Lord, give me strength. Anyways, I won't have talked to many people reading this in a while, so hi. Hope you're all holding up well. How am I doing I hear you ask? Pretty good, pretty good. I was pretty reticent about doing this when Mortal came pleading, but I came back for him and Pads, and put at least a bit of effort into this.

I don't really know what to say about my opponent. Lopez, or, as he likes to be called, Lopez, is one guy that I had certainly, absolutely, 100 percent heard of a few months ago. He wasn't a stranger to me, at all. Well we've gotten to know each other pretty well over this month, and I still couldn't really tell you a…

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Amontgomery1432 Amontgomery1432 23 days ago

Gliscor Fan vs Amontgomery1432 - The Tenth Tourney Bonus Battle

Hi I fucking hate that creating a new blog immediately opens me up to the "this blog does not exist" screen, that is fucking stupid I think

anyway HIIIIIIIIIIII did you think I was gone??? No, I couldn't leave the tourney without taking someone down with me lmao. It's bonus battle time, baybeeeeeeee the compiment tourney match that didn't happen because that shit fucking perished, Glisc vs Amont! The battle of people with dead soundcloud pages, fuck you

Go stream my new remix album and also my new single thanks, I'm tryna win a grammy this year if possible. I def think it's doable. That was the obligatory "amont self-promo" section to fill space

fuck fandom and also fuck weskeem

I don't care about this intro anymore, fuck you. No beat this tim…

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Wachowman Wachowman 23 days ago

Parody 112. Cyan vs Gravity vs Cherrae (John vs John vs John)








  • 1 Trixter
  • 2 Gravity
  • 3 Cyan
  • 4 Gravity
  • 5 Trixter
    • 5.1 Paddy
    • 5.2 Trixter
  • 6 Cyan
  • 7 Trixter
  • 8 Cyan
  • 9 Gravity
  • 10 Cyan
  • 11 Trixter
  • 12 Gravity
  • 13 Cyan

Well well, looks like Wach took back killing us off,

Well let’s be honest Rae, you’ll take care of that yourself eventually right?

Just kiss my ass Grav! Shut the fuck up Trix! No cap.

I said I’d help out but looks like that was a trap.

Won’t be the first time these two snap! Wachow, start the rap.

I'll kick it off because not even Wach can slow me!

No wonder I’m rapping first, you both write so slowly!

I haven't stopped outspeeding you since Sega vs CE,

And I still outshine in quality as well, EZ! (pffft)

How pleased can you be, Gravy?

No one’s gunna trust you here whe…

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Devilishmind of Horror Devilishmind of Horror 23 days ago


So there seems to be a misunderstanding about us three Devils. I will try to explain it a bit easier.

1) Me - I'm the first Devil from 2013. I was the one who did the sockpuppeting and was the one banished to Rap Battle Nation Wiki (That place is still going on btw!)

After I was blocked, I asked a friend of mine to take on the Devil mantle to try and redeem the Devil persona. Instead he became:

2) Shadow-Lerooyinator - He made the Ministry, had a bad attitude and acted very retarded. Fun fact, he made CaptainCoolface. (Our first sockpuppet lol). After he got banned, we brought in our other friend which was:

3) Valremathras - He was the guy behind Tovorok. He took a more subtle approach by being a new guy altogether. However, he intentionally …

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 23 days ago

Joe vs Obamabot. Tenth Wiki Rap Tournament

Hey, after a couple (okay many) of back and forths, I decided to upload this myself. Unironically thanks Joe for taking this seriously enough to edit it for a month straight. What a way to end the first round. Damn.


Let's do this

  • 1 Battle:
    • 1.1 Joeaikman
    • 1.2 Obamabot 3000:
  • 2 Part Two
  • 3 Begin

Okay who the fuck is Obamabot?? Pad you gave me a Lemon without the acid

This basketcase's raps is as put together as his parents' marriage

cos If you wanna do shitposts right then read my Earthworm Jim song,

Otherwise you can leave right now; keep your father's name going strong

You're a misogynistic misfit who habitually puts women to roast,

So tell me Sef, how the fuck did you end up the one who's bitching the most??

The tale of Joe is coming to a close, the only s…

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Need some opponents


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Need more opponents

I'm making more rap battles but I need help with opponents.

Here's the rap battles I got so far:

Scooby Doo vs. Steven Universe

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Bobdave Bobdave 25 days ago

Kungfuguy27 vs Bobdave. 10th Official Wiki Rap Tournament

Hello howdy hey everyone. Hope you're all having a good new year and that. Welcome to a battle! I'm excited to drop this because both Kung and I are pretty proud of what we've written, so you better enjoy it.

Since I have only really announced this on Discord, I should also use this space to tell anyone that doesn't already know that I'm one of those trans people you have heard so much about and that my name is Leah (pronounced Lee-uh, not Lay-uh), and I like shes and hers ^^

If ya really wanna call me Bob or whatever you can still can I guess, as long as it's not the funny Beatles name.

Also Kung and I would like to insist that you just read through the battle without links the first time through. You don't gotta click them! It's okay! Just …

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Devilishmind of Horror Devilishmind of Horror 26 days ago

Happy New Year

Hey everyone. Devil 1 here. Just wanna wish you all a happy 2022. I hope you all have a good year.

And good luck to everyone in the tourney. is it gonna be the last one cause thats what I heard? If so, good run all.

Happy New Year!

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LemonCore LemonCore 26 days ago

LemonCore vs Dragonsblood23 - The Tenth Wiki Rap Tournament

2022? Yes, please! Come one, come all, to Cousin Bailey’s big yellow house at the end of the cul-de-sac. Pop a squat down by the fireplace. Bring a bucket because we are spittin’ good tonight, boys and girls as well as my nb friend Goode. Yes siree, it is time for the most anticipated rap battle of the quarter. The fantastically bombastic gymnastically elastic bada bing bang boom to the moon Monday to Friday LemonCore, meets his match against the sash wringing, the trash slinging, mash flinging, the flash springing, ringing, the crash dinging Dragonsblood23. On the off chance that Dragon doesn’t win then that means it’s a Tourney oldtimer’s last hoorah, so be sure to send him some love pls :) Dragon and I both cried and bled for this one …

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Awesome Betterhero Awesome Betterhero 30 December 2021

Boa Hancock vs Esdeath (Awesome Rap Battles)

Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress from One Piece battles Esdeath, the Empire's general from Akame ga Kill to see who is the more beautiful lovestruck leader.

Who won? You decide!


The logo is frozen.


The logo is petrified. It then breaks out of the ice and stone.


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Mcdamon23 Mcdamon23 26 December 2021

McDamon23 vs Brandon Service DF - 10th official wiki rap tournament

Merry fucking christmas, Damon here with the hypest thing since Segamad's Phoenix Wright vs Judge Judy.

In this tourney battle we've got Bran the Tanuck man from Yiik vs Damon AKA Gaymon except I'm bisexual in a battle more fun than a Dreamiverse fact.

featuring this beat with the bestest of thumbnails.

Shoutouts go to Pads for this tourney and cover, Rae for the Tanuck version of the same cover I used instead and Mortal for losing in the first round again. Comedy gold.

Not much more to say, but hope you'll enjoy this.


Ain’t no AA’s from Damon. Bout to bring my triple A game on.

Red hex tames this bully. lock the beast down at the zoo he came from

Branding out and standing out. Planned things out how to knock Brandon out.

climb on top the so…

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Dark Cyan Dark Cyan 26 December 2021

Dark Cyan vs MetalFire - Tenth Official Wiki Rap Tournament

Jesus, it's been two weeks to the day since the last Tourney battle! Pick it up, people, fuck!

A big thanks to our hosts for putting together one last Tournament, getting it to reach a nice round ten, and putting rest to this long-running Wiki tradition with a bang!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and enjoy!

This battle is Cyan vs Violet. We're both colors, and we're both massive weebs. Let's go!

Here's the Beat

  • 1 The Battle
    • 1.1 Dark Cyan
    • 1.2 MetalFire
    • 1.3 Dark Cyan
    • 1.4 MetalFire

I’m back! This is wild! One last Tourney and the wiki exploded,

Back to how it was the last time you ever posted, pre-COVID!

Now our home got fucked coding! We left to Freedom while the wiki corroded

At least I formally retired full stop, but you simply weren’t as devoted!

Now i…

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Awesome Betterhero Awesome Betterhero 24 December 2021

Mel Blanc vs Tara Strong (Awesome Rap Battles)

Looney Tunes voice actor Mel Blanc faces Nick and Cartoon Network voice actress Tara Strong to see who voice acts better.

Tara grabs a microphone and gets ready to rap, but Grey DeLisle-Griffin comes in and takes it.

Who won? You decide!

Awesome (low pitched voice) Rap (high pitched voice) Battles.

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Cookieboy 2005 Cookieboy 2005 18 December 2021

hello everyone

hello it is me, i am real

so cool

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Awesome Betterhero Awesome Betterhero 15 December 2021

Jim Jones vs Kool-Aid Man (Awesome Rap Battles)

I haven't published anything here in forever, but that will now change. New era means a new season.

Murderous preacher Jim Jones raps against the drink mascot Kool-Aid Man to see who has the better Kool-Aid.

A little boy walks in.

Who won? You decide!

AWESOME (slurp) RAP (slurp) BATTLES!

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Devilishmind of Horror Devilishmind of Horror 14 December 2021


Hey there. I'm Devil. The original you might say. I just made this blog to say hello after so many years.

I'm sure you're all wondering what the hell is going on with the reveal that there are three Devils and I am hoping to explain it to you all clearly.

I'm the first Devil from 2013. I did the sockpuppets and all that. The second was the one behind Lerooyinator and the Ministry and the third one was Valremathras who was Tovorok.

We did this as a bit of fun after the first Devil account was blocked. Two of my friends agreed to take on the role and have some fun on the wiki. I apologise if we offended anyone during our run. But we were very bitter at times when being here. Especially the second Devil Shadow-Lerooy. He's the most explosive out…

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Lord Valremathras Lord Valremathras 13 December 2021

The Truth about Devil

Here's the truth about me.

I have never been just one person. There's always been three of us. Thats why we always come back. I'm the third.

Now you know.

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Otherside86 Otherside86 12 December 2021

Rap Battle - Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees

Note: This Rap Battle is a work-in-progress. So there may be some incomlete lines and verses that need rearranging.

Nice Peter as Michael Myers (non-speaking role)

DeStorm Power as Jason Voorhees (non-speaking role)

EpicLloyd as Dr. Samuel Loomis

Kimmy Gatewood as Pamela Voorhees

EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! Michael Myers VS Jason Voorhees! BEGIN!

Michael Myers:

(no lines)

Jason Voorhees:

(no lines)

Dr. Samuel Loomis:

Pamela Voorhees:


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Wachowman Wachowman 12 December 2021

Parody 111. Wiki Chatroom vs Wiki Discord (Mansa vs Bezos)

Wachow: woah! What is this place?!…Oh shit it’s a Fandom Blog! I guess I’m releasing another parody and wiping the dust off the ol’ notes app, ain’t that right Cyan?

‘’(Cyans skeletal remains are seen)’’

Wachow:…ah shit how long have I been gone?…2 Years?! Well I’m gunna need some type of help. Heyo Grav!

‘’(Gravity’s skeletal remains are seen)’’

Wachow:…ok y’know what, I’ll go back to the original. Hey Trixter I’m getting the band back-

‘’(Trixter’s skeletal remains are-)’’

Wachow: Ok! Ok! I get it! I forgot to feed them all! Well shit I guess I gotta do this battle by myself.

‘’(Gabe walks in with some mail)’’

Gabe: hey Wach, I got your cover for you

Wachow: glad to see your alive Gabe, thank you. Enjoy the battle y’all, keep in mind the original…

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Mortal5075 Mortal5075 12 December 2021

PaddyAnarchy vs Mortal5075 - The Tenth Official Wiki Rap Tournament

Paddy: GUYS can we create funny and hilarious banter for the tenth official erb wiki rap tournament

Rae: probably not

Paddy: FUCK

Mortal: Fnaf jumpscare

Paddy: in my opinion, fnaf 2 jumpscare

Mortal: Thinking about FNAF 4 animatronic designs

Paddy: godly designs (better than fnaf 3 easily lol)

Mortal: FNAF 3 designs be like make them dark

Rae: im the least important to this banter so my contribution will just be a link to this https://twitter.com/FNAFMemes_/status/1467987699093102603?t=UfE0EOtr1ZOBUuUO11IjLw&s=19

Paddy: rae is the most important woman in my life

Mortal: Well duh you're gay

Paddy: :mario:

This is it guys

I am incredibly hyped for this this feels like a finale for me we will go diss each other and hurt each others feelings now hope we bo…

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Amontgomery1432 Amontgomery1432 12 December 2021

7 Jerry Seinfelds vs. A Glass of Water - Rap Battle! (Bonus Episode)

heyyyyyyy :))) Y'all should follow me on TWITCH, wouldn't that be fucking epic!! I've been streaming there a lot recently and it's been really fun! Come along and vibe with me while I absolutely not be good at video game!!

Anyway hi hello hi hello hi I am back on my bullshit releasing battles that have odd connections. This one comes to us straight from User:Nikicanae!! It's a poster he made a long time ago that I decided it would be funny to make a battle out of! I really have to piss!!!!!!!

Legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld and six clones of him are going up against a glass of water. Is it half-full or half-empty? No one knows, not even God themself. I made the first half of the beat that you hear, and then I stole the other half from some…

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Miraculous Music Man Miraculous Music Man 5 December 2021

All ERBs by like to dislike ratio

Since the dislike button was recently removed from YouTube, I tried checking the likes and dislikes for each of the ERBs as well as the ratio relative to their views. Luckily, I could get this information on an account that still had it before it became unavailable, and the account coincidentally lost it the day after I checked. I am ordering it from the most popular to least popular videos.

The only flaws for this would be that the views had to be rounded up to the nearest 100,000 views, and the likes/dislikes came directly from how they appeared on the video, and they did not round up or show it to the closest hundreds if they were above 10k.

And on one more note, 4 videos already have over a million likes, so I would not be able to see th…

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Amy Clover Amy Clover 3 December 2021

Amy Clover vs Gliscor Fan. 10th Official Wiki Rap Tournament


It's a battle of two angry trans girls

Glisc and Ames duke it out



Gliscor Fan:

Oh damn glisc is back scratchin’ that tourney itch

But my first opponent turned herself into TKandBitch

You wanna catch up to my skills? Girl, you laggin’

I’ll leave you burnt up harder than that time you fought Dragon

I made the whole-ass WikiMAD cause my choices were so picky

Let you TK a Mockingbird, then leave you Split Up like Danganwiki

Ames, you’re a good rapper, but let me spill the Tea

Your Potter vs Jackson wouldn’t be as good without me

Let me get my license, and run you over with a Range Rover

Guess you aren’t lucky, that’s why you only got Three Le…

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Lord Valremathras Lord Valremathras 3 December 2021

Three Devils

I'm not the only Devil.

There has always been three.

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JCarbery JCarbery 30 November 2021

Charlie Brown vs Timmy Turner

  • 3 CAST
  • 4 LYRICS


poster made by Christopher Carbery

written and produced by Christopher Carbery

beat produced by Reiko

Derpiest Game Blast as Charlie Brown

Christopher Carbery as Timmy Turner (& Linus)

Charlie Brown:

Oh, Linus, must I beat this average kid that no one understands?


Yes, Charlie Brown. Maybe then you could steal magic from his hands

Charlie Brown:

Too bad Butch got fired to let a sponge rip out your Hart, man

Three times Drake Bell plays you and your whole life falls apart, man

You’re always second to your parents and you could barely heel

There’s too much FAIRIES going on, now I know how Crocker feels

You’re just a bad kid while I’m a Good Man with such bliss

I’ll …

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Amontgomery1432 Amontgomery1432 30 November 2021

ABunchofNumbers vs Amontgomery1432 - The Tenth Official Wiki Rap Tournament

Fuck off Windows 10, I don't want you in my house

Bro bro bro , it's fucking tourney time! Wow!! You thought it would not happen, and yet here it is. I have four wiki tabs open right now, and I am not ashamed at all to admit that!

You thought Pads would post the blogs like Mortal did in the last one, but nah. It's me doing this one, cause why not. I've never been the one to post the tourney blog before, could be a fun experience! This first installment of the tourney is between me and Abon, it was a lot of fun to put together and I'm glad it got to happen. He did great, it was fun to battle him, and now we're just fuckin speedrunning this shit. Also, I made the beat for this battle! Fuck finding an instrumental, I just made it myself lmao. …

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Larkky Larkky 27 November 2021


idk :)

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 22 November 2021

The DeviantART upgrade idea will become a reality......

Hey my friends from the ERB wiki and everyone from across Fandom wiki, how're you all today? Also, for some reason, I had been added as a participant in the ERB wiki's final 10th tourney when my comment didn't rhyme and just came here to compliment on the potential rappers' verbal fights in their rap battles.

And has anyone been to DeviantART before? Because during the Day of the Deviant, ScrubFiend appreciates the DeviantART upgrade idea as "great feedback", asked me to send it to DeviantART via the email of help@deviantart and I have asked people on the YouTube streams of that day that how're their days so far and they seemed to appreciate it that and asked me how good my day was (which I responded back).

Sent the link to the upgrade idea …

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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 20 November 2021

The Final ERB Wiki Tourney

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Amontgomery1432 Amontgomery1432 18 November 2021

Mista GG vs Elvis the Alien - Legendary Hip Hop Altercations Involving Nonsense

This update is anus, but I think I'm figuring it out lol. Anyway hey hi hello howdy, did you miss me????? I've got a couple battles that I've had on the backburner for several months now, decided I wanted to bring one of them back and actually finish writing them. Perhaps there will be more, I do not know! Only time will tell! It's mostly gonna depend on if anyone is still here that will read them!

But ye, hi. This battle is between two YouTubers I enjoy quite a bit, Mista GG and Elvis the Alien. They both started off as commentary-esque creators, but now they do movie reviews. They're really funny, and they recently kinda(?) collabed in a GG video. If you haven't heard of them, I recommend checking them out. You might enjoy the videos idk!…

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Joshuakrasinski Joshuakrasinski 13 November 2021

rap battles that need new thumbnails

i have some rap battles that need new thumbnails here is a link


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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 31 October 2021

Happy Halloween of 2021!

Happy Halloween everyone! Plus, my birthday's coming in Thursday.

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Mortal5075 Mortal5075 10 October 2021

Malignant vs Beyond Two Souls - Absurd Rap Battles of Horror


Please watch Malignant its a very good movie

Please dont play Beyond Two Souls it is a very bad game and I don't want you to give David Cage any more money than he already has the man is already stroking his huge ass ego because of how celebrated and beloved he is despite him being such a shit fucking writer like holy fuck he never in his life wrote a single good scene, like not a single one, if you want to be emotionally invested then you'll find nothing in his games and if you ever got actually emotionally invested during a David Cage game then you should end your life like what the hell is wrong with you however I forgive you if its Hank and Connor but that's because of the charisma between the two very good actors and not much beca…

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ZIAO1990 ZIAO1990 9 October 2021

Black Widow

Black Widow is speculated to battle Megumi Ishikawa upcoming episode of Fandom Rap Battles. It is unknown who he will be portrayed by.

  • 1 Information on the rapper
  • 2 Lyrics
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 Gallery

Natalia Alianovna Romanova (Russian: Наталья Альяновна "Наташа" Романова; alias: Natasha Romanoff; Russian: Наташа Романоф), colloquial: Black Widow (Russian: Чёрная Вдова; transliterated Chyornaya Vdova) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by editor and plotter Stan Lee, scripter Don Rico, and artist Don Heck, the character debuted in Tales of Suspense #52 (April 1964). The character was introduced as a Russian spy, an antagonist of the superhero Iron Man. She later defected to the United States, becomin…

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