R the Writer R the Writer 3 hours ago

My New-ish Series

I've not used this account for ages but I remembered I used to write stuff here, though out of embarrassment for my older works, I requested to have most of the battles I wrote deleted. They never got a ton of traffic anyways so there wasn't much harm in bringing down the walls of text. But I still do write for stuff occasionally even though I've got a bit less time on my hands than I did back in the day. I thought I'd share my battles here so people could see them. There may be more coming out in the future, and I've been trying my best to put stuff together but for the time being here's a number of battles I've worked on/released within the 2017-2021 timeframe. I can't promise more on the way due to all the moving parts not directly in m…

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Nicholas-fairall19 Nicholas-fairall19 7 days ago

i'm leaving ERB wiki for a while:

Hey everyone, Nick here, and yeah...like the title suggested...i'm leaving ERB wiki for a while, my reasons for leaving:

1: NeoFuckwit711 and Larkky harassing me over an opinion that I have over what battles that I like to see and want to see, like just because i don't post a reason why like to see it, doesn't give you a free pass to bully me for absolutely stupid reasons, and then we have hypocritical toxicity from both of them, like whoa didn't anybody tell you, i have the freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom of religion, freedom to have my own personal opinions, aka 1st amendment, like if you're a hypocrite, get the door and if you're toxic, get the door and leave, nobody wants to hear you bash other's opinions for your own p…

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Nicholas-fairall19 Nicholas-fairall19 8 days ago

Larkky should leave me alone:

Hey everyone, quick question: how is everyone right now?, if ya'll are good, that's good (of course i'm doing good, but sometimes i have some things annoying the hell out of me), all stuff aside, there has been problems on the erb fandom i like to address that nobody has or even addressed before. lets go:

1: users often getting banned for being a troll: Listen i ain't an admin of a fandom before, but i think it's fine to be a troll, if nobody vandalizes anybody's pages, all right, no disrespect to Bantha, but if it's immature humor...then i call it....HUMOR!

2: Users not locking their own pages: there has been instances where users don't have their pages locked, to protect themselves from being vandalized, so i call it stupid that they don'…

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Lord Valremathras Lord Valremathras 18 days ago

My apology

I'm sorry for everything I did last year. It was unforgivable and I was so enraged because of all the bad stuff going on that I went on a downward spiral. I regret hurting my closest friends (if I had any) on this wiki and I am truly sorry for what I did. I felt cast out and alone because of what I did and I know now I will always be a loner on this wiki. Maybe I'm not meant for friends on this wiki. I'm better off alone.

I dont ask for forgiveness or anything. I'm just willing to put it in the past. I dont aspire to do anything here. Might just disappear after this post. Who knows, hm?

Who knows...

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Mortal5075 Mortal5075 19 days ago

ABunchofNumbers vs Mortal5075 - Rap Battle

Woooow isnt this a surprise. I mean remember the 10th tourney? Probably wouldn't happen. Probably shouldn't happen either, it would be kind of sad. Like 8 people participating and most of them would be new ass wiki people no one knows. Plus fandom updated its look again and it sucks even more so yeah should probably stop. It feels nice that mine was the final one anyway. However, if you do feel an urge to write battles and explore your creative passion in this area, just do stuff like this. You don't need a tourney really to do this do you. People still vote and it will be still fun, I might challenge other people, even though its not in my plans right now. Might just write Pads vs Rae, why not. This is not really a return for either of us…

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Lord Valremathras Lord Valremathras 23 days ago

I'm baaaaaack

What a surprise.


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CaptainSham13 CaptainSham13 29 days ago

William Afton vs Jack Torrance - Ass Scuffle Series

Jackton. Purple Guy vs Not Forrest Gump. Operation: Black Eye (bc purple and shiner). This is the match I've been working on.

I was GOING to post this battle on Sunday when it was finished, but out of all the battles Freshy could be working on (I watch his Twitch so I know he had quite a few) he decided to drop a fucking banger with Jack Torrance in it.

Now that it's been a couple of day, I'd like to post my own (hopefully) banger with Jack Torrance in it.

So, why this matchup specifically? Well, for starters, the Shining is my favorite movie of all time, hands down, and the book is fantastic as well, so back in 2018 when I was writing rap battles on the back of scrap paper in math class, I did a very crude draft of this battle (the second on…

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Kent1020 Kent1020 25 May

Pewdiepie vs Coco

Go! Hi, My name is a coco! pewdiepie: what? no ho. whay?

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Rap Battle Hints (2021 Edition):

Hi everyone, Nick here, and welcome to my suggestions for which battles I think we are getting for Season 7, so here we go:

Epic Rap Battles of History 84: Little Caesar (Zach Sherwin) vs The Noid (Nice Peter) w/ Chuck E Cheese (Logan Paul) and Billy Bob (EpicLloyd)

Epic Rap Battles of History 85: Indiana Jones (EpicLLOYD) vs Lara Croft (MC Goldiloxx, Cara Francis or Jackie Tohn)

Epic Rap Battles of History 86: Michael Afton/Ennard (Chris Gorbos/EpicLloyd) vs James Marcus/Queen Leech (Nice Peter/Mark Douglas)

Epic Rap Battles of History 87: King Tut (Zeale) vs Yugi Moto (TBA)

Epic Rap Battles of History 88: Otto Von Bismarck (Dan Bull) vs Queen Elizabeth 1 (Susan Deming)

Epic Rap Battles of History 89: Chuck E Cheese (Nice Peter) vs Freddy Fazbe…

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Yeezo Yeezo 19 May

Eyeless jack vs laughing jack, clowned and confused

Ah, yes. looks like it be that time again. The dawn of the macabre despite it not being October!

"Nyeeeeeh! but your copying JCalderon!"

I understand why you think that i might be, but i assure you, I'm just offering my silly unpopular commentary. No copying here, i assure you.


(art by my brother)

Ahem, now that that's that, lets see what where dealing with here. Charles! what battle is first for the axe today?

Oh god....

OH GOD......


"you promised you would, sir"

you have officially screwed me, Charles.

Well, not like i have anything better to do. Time to torture myself.

(The battle stars with some kind of …

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Left 4 speed Left 4 speed 17 May

hey guys

Been a while since I've been here. First of all I'd like to apologize for all the trolling I've done in the past. All that nonsense was so immature. Hope all is forgiven.

And if it ain't too much to ask, I'd like to join your discord server or wherever you guys are holed up now. A lot has happened since, just thought it would be cool to catch up with some old friends. Thanks.

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CaptainSham13 CaptainSham13 14 May

Kim Kardashian vs Wario - All New Upgraded Scuffles

Since May 2020 was the month I posted my first battle on here, I figured I might as well take this battle and in true Kardashian fashion get a touch up.

So here we are. New beat, new disses, same great taste.

Beat: [1]







Snap back to reality, this star’s an idol to millions

So why is this A-lister against a C-list villain

Battling an obese midget’s a waste of my time

Because my fanbase and clout are as big as your waistline

You can't keep up with me with those short little legs

It'd be fairer to battle Waluigi instead

Overalls? Elf shoes? What poor fashion taste

While I'm making billions you're stuck in last place


Well, a blue shell will leave a Kardashian kart smashed

But it seems it wou…

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Mortal5075 Mortal5075 13 May

The Wiki Cypher ft Loygansono55, Amy and Smoshery

Hiiiiiiiiii how are you, how's your wife, how's quarantine been treating you, hoping everything's been okay. Here is a cypher. I always procrastinating this and putting this off for a long time but better late then never I suppose. We put together this cypher just to spit some bars for the last time since everyone is leaving off wiki now so this was like a final meet-up to celebrate the time and stuff.

It must be very exciting to have Loyg spit a verse after such a long time for all of yall and he delivers lmao. All of us are rapping not bout j ust us but about the wiki in general which was nice to reminisce about. I think that we can all say that our time in the wiki was special and has shaped a part of our life and introduced people that …

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JKGame JKGame 12 May

Time for some rebranding...

Well, hello there, those who are still on this dead wiki. How are you doing?

As you may know, I own a rap battle series known as Epic Rap Battles of the Universe alongside other series. Well, it's about to go through some huge, potentially exciting changes.

You see the current logo?

Thanks once again to Captain Warrior for this logo. It did its job well. Unfortunately, I am going to retire this logo now. Instead I made a brand new logo for the series...here it is! Looks kind of nice, huh?

Well, that's not all, because there's a big reason as to why I redesigned my logo. With this wiki slowly decaying from a lack of activity and my continuing desire to make battles, I wanted to have my newer battles reach out to a wider audience. Since I becam…

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CaptainSham13 CaptainSham13 6 May

Katniss Everdeen vs Annabeth Chase - Ass Scuffle Series

So I want to relay how this battle came to fruition.

Percy Jackson, as you may know, is getting a Disney Plus show (I was going to send in an audition before realizing I cannot read without my glasses so F) but it reignited my love for PJO. So I definitely wanted to do a Percy Jackson battle.

Percy and Annabeth are my two favorite characters, and since I'm doing Codename: Waterboys this season (no, not an Adam Sandler battle) I didn't want to use Percy. Will I ever? Maybe, against Kratos or Wonder Woman sometime down the line (leave suggestions for other opponents) so I went with Annabeth.

Annabeth only had two options from the start, Katniss and Hermione (while writing this I realized Mikasa Ackerman would have worked but I don't watch AOT a…

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Mortal5075 Mortal5075 3 May

Korekiyo Shinguji vs William Afton - Epic Rap Battles of Mortality

Yooo poggers FNaF and Danganronpa battle. The matchup is incredibly based which makes sense because its from Rae who is also incredibly based. The connection is that they kill for their deceased relatives and have an alternative identity in which they kill, they are overall both very similar and very different which is how you know its a v good matchup I think. FNaF is also a very good and overhated series and Afton is a very good character with good material. Korekiyo is also one of my favourite Danganronpa characters. Incredibly interesting as a person with lots of things about him and a great personality. Plus he's hot.

So yeah everything is here to make a great battle so like I'm hoping I deliver. I just publish battles whenever I want …

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Joshuakrasinski Joshuakrasinski 30 April

kit mambo vs simba

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 KM
  • 3 simba
  • 4 KM
  • 5 simba
  • 6 KM
  • 7 OUTRO






now let's get this battle started it looks like i'm fighting simba,

this won't be a victory for you or your company unlike your legal battle with kimba,

your company owns pretty much everything your full of greed,

with many fans looking on i think they would agree,

you hated the jews segregation is something you support,

i got the booty and looks to match i proved love can come anywhere just look at me and dupree your coming up short,

i'm the true ruler of pride rock nala can suck it,

your live action remake makes people puke buckets,

you best be afraid when this athlete is on the mic,

i hold the key to my victory i'm gonna win this fight,

your movie is forgotten and it's…

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TCalderon TCalderon 25 April

Parappa the Rapper vs The Boyfriend

Yeah, I'm aware that it's way past January. I'm aware that it's late April. I'm aware that neither of these are anime characters. I haven't given up on that Weeb Shit vs Anything revival or anything, but it has been hard to write. Mostly due to busy work schedules and general lazyness, and also because when you write for characters that have so much history and lore to go through for material, it can be a little overwhelming to consider what's worth putting in a rap battle. So, why not something a bit more simple to get back into the swing of things, yeah?

I would have liked to have done this when all the Weeks of Friday Night Funkin' are complete, but since they're gonna be adding twenty weeks to that shit, I reckon this would've taken way…

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CaptainSham13 CaptainSham13 23 April

Geese Howard vs Howard the Duck - Ass Scuffle Series

Fuck yeah, Spring Break productivity.

This battle started as a joke thumbnail for the Death Battle Wiki but quickly grew in interest for me, so here we are.

The chad, the prick, the legend, Geese Howard, rap battling the duck from that one movie in the 70's and two cameos since, Howard the Duck.

This one was fun and aggravating to write at the same time.








Geese Howard:

-Watch the sliding doors open and see a greater MC standing

-Ready to toss this comic garbage away like I was your planet

-I’m the King of Fighters, truly. Your Quack-Fu can’t outdo me

-And even in the afterlife I’m less nightmarish than your movie

-I build ki, REPPUKEN leaves you hurting more than rent checks

-I’ll tu…

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JCarbery JCarbery 20 April

Alexander Hamilton vs Super Mario

poster and thumbnail made by Christopher Carbery

title cards made by TimeLord 103

written, edited and produced by Christopher Carbery

beat produced by Soulker

Derpiest Game Blast as Super Mario

Christopher Carbery as Alexander Hamilton

Super Mario:

How does a failure, orphan and an Scotsman grew up

to let some memory of his past make him throw away his shot?

He’s never gonna be president and I don’t think he ever will be

I’m how Sonic got his fame! I don’t care if he can top me

Just because you cheat your wife, Aaron Burr had to destroy your rep

That meant you lost everything and your son have to die, yes

You lost to Jefferson like you’ll lose to this superstar, you see

I’m the George Washington of games, you more like Charles Lee

Alexander Hamilton:

If y…

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 20 April


Hey there. How was their own Spring Break. How'd today go for you guys? You looking forward to summer?

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SuperJoey0 SuperJoey0 13 April

Ron Paul VS Bernie Sanders






Paul: Hello everybody, and thank you for tuning in to the Liberty Report!

With us today is some dying old mummy we need to deport!

All you did was copy my stick and everyone ran to you!

And then they all left after all the rambling you spew!

I mean, come on, you demographic's filled with people who can't even vote that you still tempt!

Claim to have a personality yet you're more boring than Jack Kemp!

You're always telling the establishment to "Feel The BERN!"

Yet when you lose the primaries, you lick their boots by taking a little turn!

Your party calls me a radical, yet just look at the guy who's playing me!

He literally has nice in his name, more than you'll ever be!

And you're apparently e…

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Wachowman Wachowman 11 April

I have a lot to tell you all

It’s been a while since I’ve even been on the wiki and it looks like fandom made it worse, idk I’m still an iPad user so maybe it’s just me. The blog might look terrible.

Hey guys, I assume a good bit of you that actually know me will see this and I’m not too sure how to start this so the basic way to do it is to just say what’s on my mind.

The entire life I have told you all about me was a lie. Other than my personal interests probably about 85% of “Axel Berry” was fabricated to escape the real world at the time. The name, age, baby, childhood stories, etc were all fake. I don’t remember how old I really made myself out to be but I’m currently 23. I started this account in my first year of middle school which was the worst years of my life,…

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Joshuakrasinski Joshuakrasinski 4 April

thumbnail remake

i am having my rap battle thumbnails remade

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JKGame JKGame 1 April

Aqua vs Aquaman - Epic Rap Battles of the Universe (Bonus April Fool's Special)

Surprise! It's a two-in-one April Fool's special!

This was at one point going to be a much more serious battle, but I thought this would make a good matchup for a more light-hearted and silly battle. It's still serious in the sense that it's not really a joke battle, but it's still meant to be taken pretty lightly.

The useless goddess of KonoSuba, Aqua, faces off against DC superhero and king of Atlantis, Aquaman, in a battle of the Aquas with water powers. One's seen as a joke at first, but has proven to be a badass and a hero to be taken seriously, while the other's the complete opposite.

Beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1JAV_qQLzY

  • 1 Battle
    • 1.1 Aqua (0:30):
    • 1.2 Aquaman (0:51):
    • 1.3 Aqua (1:11):
    • 1.4 Aquaman (1:31):


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Mcdamon23 Mcdamon23 1 April

Leon the Lion vs Leon Kuwata - Epic Rap Battles of Ace Attorney vs History bonus.

Back with a New Ace Attorney vs DanganRonpa match-up. The stupidest one I could think of. (spoilers for DR and DR 2)

In today's bonus battle of Ace Attorney vs History, we've got the lion from the Berry Big circus, Leon the Lion going up against Ultimate baseball star, Leon Kuwata in a battle of the Leons executed for a bloody incident they had no intention of doing.

Needless to say this battle ain't serious at all. It has fucking Leon the lion in it, you think I'm going to write the deepest shit? Also of all the characters of DR 1, I decided to use Leon first. It ain't necessarily a shitpost battle either, just something simple and fun while more serious battles in the work. If you want something more serious check my previous battle. Anywa…

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LakuitaBro01.2 LakuitaBro01.2 1 April



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JKGame JKGame 1 April

Neptune vs Greg Heffley - Epic Rap Battles of April Fool's

Well, it's the 1st of April.

You know what that means.

Time for a joke battle, baby.

Two characters I used more than once in a battle (discounting sequel battles), Nep-Nep Neptune vs Gregory Heffley.

  • 1 Battle
    • 1.1 Greg Heffley:
    • 1.2 Neptune:
    • 1.3 Greg Heffley:
    • 1.4 Neptune:





Oh no! I’m scared! We got this girl Neptune!

Getting ready to crush us with Purple Heart’s giant boobs!

I mean, Jesus Christ, your fanservice fucking annoys me!

So take a lesson from Peashy, ‘cause she’s the color of pee!

Wanna guess how many people are gonna read this blog page?

SIKE, IT’S ZERO! ‘Cause who even goes to the ERB Wiki nowadays?!

Now I’m the kinda guy that the ladies love, while the girls that you knew now hate your guts


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JCarbery JCarbery 27 March

SpongeBob SquarePants vs Peter Pan

poster and thumbnail made by Christopher Carbery

written, edited and produced by Christopher Carbery

beat produced by Allrounda Productions

Derpiest Game Blast as SpongeBob SquarePants

TimeLord 103 as Peter Pan

SpongeBob SquarePants:

Did you know that nothing comes from mere child’s play?

Try taking your bars and push them somewhere else, okay?

I’ll blow and pop this man-child like a Bubble, Buddy

And as for Cubby, I won’t be sorry if I called him “tubby”

Tried to have Jane stuck in your Neverland like your shadow?

For a Lost Boy and Tinker Bell, you’re one strange fellow

Here’s a twist of how this battle could be,

Having Peter stuck in that Kelp Forest for all eternity!

Peter Pan:

It’s clear that you would ruin Nick and everything

My disses are like thos…

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JCarbery JCarbery 26 March

Olaf vs Frosty the Snowman

poster made by Christopher Carbery
written and produced by Christopher Carbery
beat produced by DeCicco Beats

Christopher Carbery as Olaf

Derpiest Game Blast as Frosty the Snowman


This won’t be the First Time in Forever that you’ll melt, see?

Such a boring classic you are, just the same as you and me

I have no idea why you hang out with Rudolph, too

But compared to reindeer, I could find Sven better than you

Here’s a deal for you, Let it Go, turn away and slam the door

Or you could just Show Yourself if it’s your wife you’re fighting for

Despise your catchy song, I heard better from Snow Miser

Not your footprints to be seen, and nobody was the wiser


Uh-oh. Is there another Disney musical other than Frozen?

This is too much for me! You should…

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JKGame JKGame 19 March

Henry Stickmin vs Papa Louie - Epic Rap Battles of the Universe

Wow, these updates Fandom's putting out really sucks. What even is this format lol.

Anyways, another rap battle. Loved both of these Flash games, so here they are fighting each other. Let's go.

"Main protagonist of his titular restaurant time-management Flash game series, Papa Louie, sees a new customer as he battles the main protagonist of his eponymous series of Newgrounds choose-your-own-path games, Henry Stickmin, to see who is the superior Flash game character."

  • 1 Battle
    • 1.1 Henry Stickmin:
    • 1.2 Papa Louie:
    • 1.3 Henry Stickmin:
    • 1.4 Papa Louie:
    • 1.5 Henry Stickmin:
    • 1.6 Papa Louie:
  • 2 Poll






Even as a stickman, I don’t need to try hard to flex

Stole a diamond, toppled the Toppats, and fled t…

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 17 March

Whoever JigsawUser could be.....

Whoever JigsawUser could be....he claims the user's unfairly banned, even though I'm not of many users who banned him. We need to figure out who the person behind this Fandom wiki account is before someone gets hurt. I'm up for giving out info to upcoming media relevant to the opponent and compliment plenty of rap battle makers, but I'm not the one who claims he's banned and tries to kill people for the sake of twisted actions. Is anyone up for this online mystery?

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JigsawUser JigsawUser 15 March

Hello, ERB Wiki. I want to play a game

A user was unjustly banished from your site long ago. Because of your selfishness and arrogance, he was cast out. Now is your chance for redemeption.

Your game is to unban him. Forgive him for his past sins and in doing so, redeem yourselves.

Live or die.

Make your choice.

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King Peggy King Peggy 10 March

Epic Rap Battles of Positivity. Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader

Epic Rap Battles of Positivity!

Darth Vader


Adolf Hitler


Darth Vader:

You are Adolf Hitler! Commander of the Third Reich

Little known fact: You're also quite good on the mic!

I am Vader, with my little boots and cape

And a helmet to cover up my burnt ass-face

I have the force to move objects, you're a force truly evil

Even went back in time just to turn me whack in the prequel

Look at me, I'm not even a real person!

You'd prefer me in Spaceballs, the Rick Moranis version

Adolf Hitler:

I can't rhyme against the dark side of the Force, why even bother

So many dudes have been with my mom who even knows if you're my father

I'm just a pissed off little prick with a Napoleon dick

Do I have a mustache? Hmm, more like Dirty Sanchez on my lip

Fuck, I just go…

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I really enjoyed your ideas for opponents for my rap battle series. I do wonder however if anybody got ideas for opponents for other characters from Yogi's Gang. I know some people got ideas for some characters from Yogi's Gang, but what about the others? I wanna try an experiment and see who can find opponents for the rest of the characters from Yogi's Gang.


Atom Ant

Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy

The Hillbilly Bears

Hokey Wolf and Ding-A-Ling Wolf

Huckleberry Hound

Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har

Magilla Gorilla

Peter Potamus and So-So

Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks

Punkin' Puss & Mushmouse

Quick Draw McGraw & Baba Looey

Ricochet Rabbit & Droop-a-Long

Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole


Snooper and Blabber

Squiddly Diddly

Touché Turtle…

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Nicholas-fairall19 Nicholas-fairall19 10 March

Count Olaf vs Lord Voldemort (XNJFX Rap Battles of History. Season 1):






Count Olaf verse 1: "Hello there, my name is count olaf!, no need to hear any claps or any applauds, i'm here to try to diss this man named tom riddle, he's in a treat, or should i say a pickle....*transition to next background* so, speaking of the most unfortunate fires, why did you not kill the most precious boy for hire?, it's quite simple, really, you're a big joke, while you failed to kill Harry, you got turn to ash, like the biggest weed to get smoked, enough talk, where you think you are a giant powerful bruiser, but tbh you're a big huge loser, i'm a better prodigy, think of fighting me?, ha you must be fucking crazy"

Lord Voldemort verse 1: "You must be the …

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King Peggy King Peggy 8 March

Epic Rap Battles of Positivity. John Lennon vs Bill O' Reilly

Epic Rap Battles of Positivity!

John Lennon!


Bill O' Reilly!


Bill O' Reilly:

Oh no, I'm making your ears bleed, I need a muzzle!

Why am I pissed off all the time, didn't my mom give me a cuddle?

I'm the type of guy who could die of a heart attack just in the shower

I need to chill out for a minute, and smoke weed for an hour

Every time you watch my show all I do is scream at you

And my face looks like a shit you took, high on LSDu

You're John Lennon, you're a legend, you can see through all my tricks

You may wonder how much George Bush paid me to suck his dick

John Lennon:

I'm a fucking long hair, living in my yellow submarine

Well I'm about to get sunk by the right-wing political machine

I'll stop my presses, Reilly, shit I should've called you…

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Nicholas-fairall19 Nicholas-fairall19 7 March

Your Turn to Die vs Danganronpa:

XNJFX Rap Battles of History!!!!!!!

Your Turn to Die




Sara: "Let me handle this from the start, Junko's all talk, and no tree left to bark" *Joe interrupts her*

Joe: "listen up you assholes right in the f-ing building, we're gonna have fun with a lot despair searching, and i would kill you, but you're all too basic, name's joe, nice to meet ya, unlike Sara, i know how to handle this, but honestly yall useless without me, it's like the entire story of V3"

Alice: "I don't wanna hear your own fucking mouths, i got one lesson that will shut you all down" *Reko interrupts him*

Reko: "Aw shit here we go again, playing innocence, while you murder one of your friends, it's pathetic people still care of hope or despair, or that st…

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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 6 March

Big Chungus vs Keanu Reeves

Big Chungus vs Keanu Reeves rap battle by me! paddy! wahoo!


Big Chungus:

Its the biggest big chungus, big big chungus

keanu is cringe and he's bad at among us

when the keanu is sus? hes getting ejected

when keanu is the imposter, he cant get erected

im so big because i eat mad pussy

keanu reeves is a virgin and a wussy

im gonna fuck you up like i fucked up your wife

keanu reeves..... get a life

keanu reeves:

youre disses suck, theyre not very breathtaking

when your girl has an orgasm shes probably faking

i get all the girls, im wholesome 100

100 is just your BMI level, if you wondered

big big chungus has a small small dick

when you played football in college, you'd never get picked

so fuck you bitch you're literally gay

i cant even hear you rap anyway


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SCP-682 vs. Godzilla

this place was already on life support but fandom’s just kinda putting the pillow over yalls mouths with these constant shitty, shitty updates. anyway. godzilla vs kong. big lizards are cool. i got into scp stuff finally. here’s this epic rap battle of horror successor.

Item #: SCP-682 vs. Godzilla

Object Class: Thaumiel

Description: Bane of the SCP Foundation with a hatred for all living things, SCP-682 AKA the 'Hard-to-Destroy Reptile' has breached containment and encountered the king of the monsters, SCP-[REDACTED] AKA ']

Little screen time as you get... your object class is ‘elusive.’

I thought World War II reminders... couldn’t get more toothless

Always changing your form… more than Dr. Bright’s amulet.

Hostile to redesigns… CGI is hardly animate


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CaptainSham13 CaptainSham13 3 March

Ghostface vs Jeff the Killer - Ass Scuffle Series









-Hello Jeffrey, hold on. Which version of you am I speaking with,

-The original, the reboot, or one of the alternates plagiarized by emo kids?

-Doesn’t matter which, I’ll be beating him. No smiles in this fight, I’m serious

-On the beat I’m lit, and with the screams you get, I might as well be calling you at 3AM

-You’ve been memed to shit, and your steamy fics are scarier than any legitimate backstory

-You try too hard to be creepy and edgy while I revel in my hack-and-slash glory

-I Eat Pasta for Breakfast, and I bet this sadboy’s Wes Craven mom’s spaghetti, too

-So fucking stupid you killed the only one who was willing to take the fall for you

Jeff the Killer:

-Well at …

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CaptainSham13 CaptainSham13 3 March

Deadshot vs Bullseye - Ass Scuffle Series


I'm not a fan of doing Marvel vs DC battles for the sake of it. I leave those to Seth (I actually DM'ed Seth asking if he wanted this battle as a gift and he never responded so...). However, these two characters are so fucking interesting to me, and I thought that this would be a fine way to start my second season. So without further ado, let's kick things off.








-Steppin’ to Lawton popping off is a mistake and it’ll cost ya

-I’m here to finish what Frank Castle should’ve done in Nicaragua

-This psychopath’s who the NSA trained to be a top assassin?

-Well this asshole’s still not even a real target, he’s just practice

-I joined the Suicide Squad hoping I wouldn…

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Need opponents for ra battles

I am new here and I'm making a rap battle series. But I need opponents for the following characters:

Salad Fingers

Harold, Chester and Bunnicula

Mob from Mob Psycho 100

Tintin (Already got an opponent)

Eric Cartman

Cast of Toy Story (Already got an opponent)

Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Catillac Cats from Heathcliff

Among Us

Any character from Yogi's Gang

Anybody able to help?

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Joshuakrasinski Joshuakrasinski 25 February

Widowmaker vs Claudette Dupri

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 wm
  • 3 CD
  • 4 overwatch announcer
  • 5 CD
  • 6 OW
  • 7 CD
  • 8 outro






bonjour ms.dupri how ya doing there in my hometown,

i will snipe you behead you and hunt you down,

your another hartman hipped bimbo who is there just for eye candy,

your always chased by le pew isn't that handy,

oh wait where have i heard that before oh yes penelope was that first your plotline is just a snore,

facing james bond villain parodies yeah like that hasn't been done to death so many times,

now step back and feel the fury of my rhymes,

listen here frenchie i know you have had a tragic past,

but if you want sympathy you can kiss my furry ass,

you claim to be the ultimate assassin but in death battle black widow had you beat,

so th…

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Amontgomery1432 Amontgomery1432 19 February

Amont Matchup Cover Poster Blog Thingy

Bro what the fuck is up with this update, this is ass. This is fuckin doodoo, bro. It opened this blog up and just posted it immediately before I got the chance to actually type anything??? Fandom, get your shit together, this is vile. This makes me wanna tongue kiss a cactus, I hate it.

ANYWAY hi hello. It's uhhh, it's been a while. I think my last post was in September of 2020? Something like that? Yeah. Not my longest hiatus, but it's definitely up there. That post didn't flop or anything btw, not at all lol. In other news, I have decided to leave my state of cryostasis and return with a fun blog. Remember when I battled Cyan in the tourney and what of the things I dissed him on was ripping off Leandro with the cover strike blogs? Yeah, …

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Beerman8299 Beerman8299 18 February

Ideas Ideas

Greetings heroes! I need your humble opinion and to be able to pick your brain like Ray Liotta by asking you for suggestions for the next rap battle I should write. I felt like the last two I wrote were rushed because I wanted them done by the holiday they are themed around. Since there are no holiday themed battles that I currently have planned, I want to take some time writing my next one. I have a few ideas, but I'm not exactly sure where I should start. If anyone wants to help me write a battle or has any other suggestions for a matchup, I am open to it.

Here are my current ideas:

- Gen. Robert E. Lee vs. The Red Skull

- Cthulu vs. Surtr (the Norse mythology version of Surtr not the one from Marvel comics/movies. Though I would referen…

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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 12 February

Benito Mussolini vs Papa John


I made a battle it is very serious I assure you

Papa John Schnatter, the pizza guy, vs Benito Mussolini, war guy

this battle has everything! a positive message! a relevant topic! even a sponsor! wow!

I had help from Bantha and Rae I think I don't remember it's 6:45am

Papa John:

It's me, Papa John, Imma Pizza Guy

I'm gonna cook you up, like a pizza pie!

I'll drop you harder than I drop hard Rs

And the NFL dropped me like I drop these bars

Beef with me? Please! You're just a Little Caeser!

My cold hard is many degrees beneath a frozen pizza!

I'm sweaty and greasier than my own cheesy pizzas

and you piss me off more than Kaepernick taking a knee does!

Don't fuck with me, Mussolini

Your teenie weenie's disgusting like my wife in a bikini

I'll opress thi…

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Dark Cyan Dark Cyan 11 February

Six Year Anniversary and Goodbye

Yeah. I've decided to make an official leaving blog instead of petering out. There are far too many people to call out and thank for an amazing time here, but I no longer have fun writing battles, or parodies, and it's time to move on to other hobbies, like music and writing.

Instead of standard leaving blog fare like talking about my time here or a list of shoutouts, I'm going to post the WIPS for two battles that never made the light of day.

I'll still be active on Discord. You can find me in the Freedom server, or search for me with Dark Cyan #6543 if you want to chat.

It's been a hell of a six years and I'll never forget them.

Until we meet again!

  • 1 Advice Dog vs Doge 4 (Scrapped):
  • 2 Dante vs Virgil (Scrapped at least twice):
    • 2.1 LAYER 1: LIMBO
    • 2…

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Mortal5075 Mortal5075 7 February

The Ring Royale - Shitpost Manifestation Battles


Hi hello this is a battle. Incels with Working Braincells, what a great name. I am happy this actually got to exist finally this took like a year. Ring Royale vs Trump vs …

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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 2 February

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Epic Rap Battles of History!

Scott Pilgrim


Lionel Richie


Scott Pilgrim:

I won’t go light when I’m born for fights, flow’s tight, you might ball right but can your small mind match me? Not quite.

Apartheid on sight when I’m ripping up a mixed dude with all might, separate the black from white.

My talent's twice of your height so you should ride my nuts on long nights, tall guide in life to get a throne on.

Only time this spiritual lyrical miracle knocks is when preaching Biblical raps like a Mormon.

Lionel Richie:

My name is Lionel Richie and I Can't Slow Down

I am Dancing on the Ceiling because I am Louder Than Words, wow!

I will beat you All Night Long because You Are a bitch!

I bet you're Running With the Night because you like t…

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