• Club-Dreamiverse

    Does anyone want to speak with me at DeviantART on November 7th? I'm up for making new friends online and if you want, you can look at my own account. 

    If you want, you can make a DeviantART account there.

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Who's with me?

    October 22, 2020 by Club-Dreamiverse

    I'm up for making new friends at DeviantART, but I appears I've been suspended from October 7th to November 8th when I was looking for role-playing partners (I never meant the community any harm) and I never intend my favorite RP subject (which I keep in notes or chat for good reason (concern for the public if the RP gets put out in theo pen)) to be bad and irrevelant. So, back at Facebook, I've sent my pals Alexmination98 and KawaiiWonder two petitions to help save DeviantART:

    Fire-Heart is the one person who created …

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  • TCalderon

    Hey. It's been a while, hasn't it?

    No need to beat around the bush here; Weeb Shit vs Anything is on an indefinite hiatus. I've been kinda burnt out on writing rap battles in general for a while now, and with work being absolute hell (especially now that I have to be careful about anything and everything I decide to put my hands on), and just trying to keep a good mental state during the chaos that is the current year, it hasn't gotten easier. The punchlines just don't come to me like they used to, and I lose interest in certain matchups fairly quickly, I can't think of any interesting "twist" to put on the battles, etc. Seeing how other writers and artists in this community have handled their lyrics and songwriting, and then comparing them…

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  • Mortal5075


    its here

    Mr. Cool Dude: I'm just disappointed the winner of the tourney won't be a white man

    Mortal: but he could be british!
    Mr. Cool Dude: True its either going to be me or Rae

    Mortal: or Bran

    Mr. Cool Dude: No he lost

    Mortal: shame

    Mr. Cool Dude: Don't look at me I voted for him

    cherry: play Devil May Cry V

    Mr. Cool D…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    JOSH'S EPIC RAP BATTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    top of the morning lassie my name's jacksepticeye,

    and today i am gonna win this rap battle against some films guy,

    i mean really your rarely known your comedy is lackluster at best,

    when it comes to youtube videos you are a pest,

    the luck of the irish is on my side and i don't even need a pot of gold,

    cause when i make a video i break the mold,

    your videos are failing nothing but videos outdated more then we are number one,

    your popularity is fading you are done,

    jacksfilms here putting this irishman in his shame,

    your just jealous cause i get more fame,

    all you do is gaming videos your as forgotten as tobuscus,

    when it comes to rapping you need a bucket,

    i'm st…

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  • SuperJoey0

    Since the battle between Trump and Biden is coming up, I decided to make my own battle. I made it unbiased, because of what happened in 2016, and, that's about it, let's start the battle!






    Trump: As your president, it is my duty to keep America great

    So, my supporters, let's set this sleepy old child sniffer straight!

    Let's start off by naming all the accomplishments I've made in 4 years

    I've built a beautiful wall and stopped ISIS in my entire career.

    Now, let's see, what have you done, Sleepy Joe?

    Oh, nothing but taking Amtrak and hanging on Epstein's island, so...

    Anyway, do you know why my last name is Trump?

    Well, it's because I'll trump you with my Trump card, you old dump!


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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Using Josh's rap battle for reference, here is a remake of Josh's battle involving two of the most popular drinks: Pepsi and Kool Aid, with their respective mascots, Pepsiman and Kool-Aid Man, facing off to see whose brand of drink is superior. And if you're reading this Josh, there are battles I can remake of, not remake all the time, so stop trying to ask me to recreate plenty of battles for you when there are others I can remake for you. I can't be your go-to poster guy either and let's just say homophobia is too much for me, hence why this remake of your battle has different disses on different actions.


    Schwaa! Time to break the silence, 'cause this silver dude's 'bout to be re-thinkin'

    'Bout the artificial ingredients and diabet…

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    i'm not known for talking but it's time break my silence,

    your a beloved drink mascot but tonight i am being defiant,

    when some kid calls your name you come through saying oh yeah like your some savage,

    but even flor from progressive knows your causing property damage,

    your tears brought the baby nut but i can break you just by dropping you on the floor from a high height,

    better get your friend mr.clean yo clean up your tears gonna enjoy that sight,

    now i'm gonna let your do your first verse.

    better let me know  when your finished whose the champion of quenching thirst,

    Oh yeah! the kool aid man's bursting in harder then when a wall hits your face,

    let's face your pepsi japan's biggest m…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Hey guys. You may know me from Discord (which I used to have a account here), DeviantART (which I have my own account here, which I can't into now; someone thought I was in the wrong twice when I was on a RP partner search to role-play my favorite RP subject (which I keep in notes or chat for good reason) with), Facebook and this Wiki, but I've something to address: anti-cyber-bullying.

    You see, STOPCYBERBULLYING's petition invovles a certain someone who has been defending art thieves (despite being not interested in the latter) and bullying and bans whoever stands up to cyber-bullies online.…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    I'll be reuniting with the people I've made friends with from Discord eventually, since Discord is about to replace the chat soon. So, does anyone from Discord want to chat with me?

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Hello there, everyone. I am Nickolas/Club-Dreamiverse and I'm doing good, yourselves? Also, it seems my birthday is coming up soon. Here is my birthday list so far?

    Super Bomberman R

    BurgerTime Party

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Kollection

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  • ZIAO1990

    Twilight Sparkle

    October 4, 2020 by ZIAO1990

    Twilght Sparkle is confirmed to battle Harry Potter in M&T Rap Battles 40. It is speculated she will be voiced by Tara Strong.

    Twilight Sparkle is the main protagonist in Equestria Girls. In the film, Twilight and Spike teleport to a human world to retrieve the stolen element of magic crown from Sunset Shimmer. Twilight and Spike enter Canterlot High and meet the human counterparts of their Ponyville friends. When Twilight discovers that Principal Celestia will award the crown to the Princess of the Fall Formal dance, she decides to run for Princess. She wins, despite a smear campaign orchestrated by Sunset Shimmer, and receives the crown at the dance.

    However, Sunset Shimmer takes the crown by force and transforms into a rage-filled demon. S…

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  • Mortal5075


    Remember when a released a battle every month

    Good times, good times

    But really, as the interest in wiki battles (and tourney battles) dropped, so have mine. Delving a lot of my time on actual video battles with Freshy and writing for him made me realise how lame written battles are in comparison. However, I'll still do them just as demos for if I'll ever do a video version or just if I feel like it. So once every red moon. I'm sure that no one is upset so I won't miss doing this really.

    However a star has been struck today so I have actually got in the mood and written this battle in a couple days. I really liked this suggestion since ERB brought it up so here's my own little spin on it. If ERB will do it, will be fun to compare.


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  • JCarbery

    poster made by Christopher Carbery
    written and produced by Christopher Carbery
    beat produced by MrNiKVuk

    Christopher Carbery as Phineas Flynn & Harold Hutchins
    Derpiest Game-Blast as Ferb Fletcher
    TimeLord 103 as George Beard

    Phineas & Ferb:
    I don’t need to build something to teach those kids their place
    Doesn’t matter what we’ll do today, we get it done anyways
    We’re good at building stuff as well as we can rap, dude
    Compared to your toilet humor, we’ll flush down you two
    You get in trouble with your principal, but hey, at least we don’t
    Those pranks of yours can’t get the best of us. In fact, they won’t
    Go back to your treehouse before you get mad like a Dog, Man
    You’re hardly worthy of your post, so you’ll run away while you can

    George Be…

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  • TheAtlanticTempest

    Tree Gelbman vs Cole Johnson is the seventh battle of Tempest Rap Battles. It features Happy Death Day protagonist Tree Gelbman against The Babysitter protagonist Cole Johnson. It was released on October 1st 2020.

    They're putting me up against this kid? That's a weird thing to do.

    Since you beating me is as unbelievable as anyone believing you.

    At least it should be familiar, as I'm used to coming back from the dead.

    I'll take this babysitter job and send this little boy to an early bed!

    Your blonde enemies added up to Tree! If there's a way to leave this battle, jump on it!

    Unlike the disasters you call movies, it will actually turn a profit!

    Leave the axe acts to Max, you'll need more than that to cut down this Tree!

    Once I've taken safety off, I sho…

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  • Segamad66

    It's the finale everyone has been waiting for!

    Here we go!






    Ada Lovelace

    The name’s Ada Lovelace, a giant in the mathematics world.

    Don’t get Crosse with my views just because I am a London girl.

    I’m the mother of computer programming, taught the globe about algorithms.

    I’m flying high above the rest ‘cause this lady fairy has alot of rhythm.

    I struggled with illness as a child, but that didn’t stop my education.

    I was the first to recognise that machines had more than pure calculation.

    You started your own cult that led people worshipping digits.

    I feel sorry for your wife, Theano ‘cause even I have my limits.


    I’m the greek philosopher Pythagoras, who’s diet contains cabbage.

    I would b…

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  • Lucide Star

    Hello one and all! If you missed the news blog, welcome to the last season of DC Raps. I promised that this battle would be out in September, and I just managed it in the nick of time. It's been a crazy busy month, but I'll save you all the boring details lol. This serves as a spiritual sequel to the Flash vs Sonic trilogy, and I've been wanting to do it since 2018, but I could never find the right avenue to do it, until now :O

    So naming this battle was a nightmare cause the Reverse Flash exists in so many capacities. To avoid any confusion, the Reverse Flash in this battle is Professor Zoom, or Eobard Thawne. I didn't want to name the battle with Professor Zoom cause that name is hella stupid, but he is the version of Reverse Flash that ap…

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  • ZIAO1990

    Issei Hyoudou

    September 26, 2020 by ZIAO1990

    Issei Hyoudou is a speculated to battle Tetsuo Shinozuka in a upcoming episode of Season Two. 

    Issei Hyoudou is the main protagonist of the High School DxD series. He is a second-year student at Kuoh Academy, where he is known as an extremely perverted individual with a bad habit of fantasizing about his female peers. Issei is also surprisingly hot-blooded and hard-working. His first girlfriend suddenly kills him, but Rias saves him and brings him back to life as a Devil of her own clan, thus making him a member of the Occult Research Club. His rank is "Pawn",(he later became "King") and while his powers as a Devil are low-ranking, he wields a Sacred Gear on his left arm called "Boosted Gear". He "works" hard day and night for the sake of hi…

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  • Clicky432

    Garfield VS Jeffy

    September 26, 2020 by Clicky432

    Garfield VS Jeffy is the 1st installment in Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons VS Anything. This battle features a fat lazy orange cat who loves lasagna, Garfield against a dumb puppet who has a pencil in his nose, Jeffy!

    That music part from Winnie the Pooh VS Freddy Fazbear from Epic Rap Battles of ??? where Winnie and Freddy battles






    I’m here to win against this unbearable Caillou wannabee

    Kick you with rhyme, break you with flow dumber than Odie

    Got a puppet story and I’m beloved by all children 

    Everyone know you don’t like green beans

    You’ve got no power left, all you are is a mere kitty to me

    Y’know I’m really cat stumped on how people find you stupid

    I'm gonna eat lasagna and you li…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Sorry for this journal, but I never intend to harm my friends.

    I may only have two battles, but this doesn't I get to deserve to get bugged just to make MORE battles. I've a life and individual thoughts too. I like listening and looking at rap battles and even had the Phantom of the Opera square off at "Ted Dreamcrusher" in a rap battle, but I don't feel like copying them and having to reuse the same characters for the exact battles and matchups. Second, I'm human, not machinery.

    For now on, I can help out with battles with information around entertainment, be it books or video games or anime/manga or movies or TV shows or toys or board games, so does anyone want to hear info about upcoming media to help with their battles?

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  • Mcdamon23

    A change of plans.

    September 22, 2020 by Mcdamon23

    Hey everyone, been a while since I've posted a battle. Been focusing more on my personal life and stuff which hasn't really gotten me around to writing, but it isn't really the only reason battles haven't come around to it. Truth is when it comes to both series I just kinda lack the motivation and focus to work on each battle one by one. Particalurly with Ace Attorney vs History being on a seasonal schedule and order. I just want to write something else for a bit, but just can't really find a spot for it in the season.

    Which is why I decided to just scrap the seasonal thing all together and just work on multiple battles instead and release it when it's finished. Kinda how Epic rap battles for your Amusement is. Without schedule without orde…

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  • JCarbery

    Barney vs Reptar

    September 21, 2020 by JCarbery

    poster made by Christopher Carbery
    written and produced by Christopher Carbery
    beat produced by Kustom

    Christopher Carbery as Barney & Reptar

    Not surprising how some Rugrats are second to SpongeBob
    Guess that’s why the Fairly OddParents are what Dora can’t explora
    And she might love me, though I don’t like this Runaway Reptar On Ice
    He thinks he loves to stomp and roar? That’s not very nice
    Don’t know what PJ has to say about your 2010 hysteria
    Especially how Chuckie tries to impress you from Angelica
    I entertain children much more than your ‘‘Pokyo’’ town
    “Did you see a Reptar?” Hey, look, guys! He’s already down!

    Reptar: HALT!
    I… am… quite uncertain how you came to life from a toy
    I’ll Bop this Baby down and leave his rhymes destroyed!
    You and I…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Hey. How was summer?

    September 21, 2020 by Club-Dreamiverse

    Hey. How was summer for you guys?

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Here we go, with another rap battle. Sorry if it took so long. Today will have a match-up of two normal people with unusual sightings going on when it comes to television. One, a working everyman in a world made of paper and entirely flat, the other, a armored jock with a thing for weaponry and a habit of constantly attacking on sight. These men are Matt Phlatt of Flatworld and Sammy-Seven, the Deluded Jock and one of my OCs.

    Matt Phlatt's location: Matt's apartment.

    Sammy-Seven's location: The front of his mansion.

    Matt Phlatt

    Welcome to Flatworld! Whoever you're supposed to be.

    Oh, just some braindead armored jock who causes others to flee.

    I've experienc…

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  • TheBoyWithSunglasses

    NOTE: This rap battle may contain some strong language. Read at your own risk!

    Hey guys! TheBoyWithSunglasses here! Today i'm back with the second episode of Greenboy's Epic Crossover Rap Battles.  This time, it's about a guy with a teddy bear rapping against a host from You've Been Framed! Enjoy!

    Mr Bean

    Harry Hill

    Irma Gobb (cameo)

    Name is Harry Hill, for short call me HH

    My own sitcom has been famous since 1998

    Lights, camera, action! You need some satisfaction

    You try to watch Wipeout, but my show is your distraction

    Why have bean in your name? It makes me so hungry

    I never not around the world to make you very angry

    If you take a step to a fair game, or your highway to your last name

    Then your ass will be numerically framed

    Framed, huh? Well, this…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Sorry if I stopped using Discord, but is anyone from Discord wanting to talk to me?

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  • TheBoyWithSunglasses

    NOTE: This rap battle may contain some strong language. Read at your own risk! Hey guys! TheBoyWithSunglasses here! Today i'm here to bring you the first episode of Greenboy's Epic Crossover Rap Battles. And it's about a boy from Springfield rapping against another boy from the UK! Enjoy!

    Bart Simpson

    Horrid Henry

    Homer Simpson (cameo)

    Horrid Henry's Mom (cameo)

    Horrid Henry's Dad (cameo)

    Hey dude, it's El Barto here with my own skateboard

    What's the matter, little boy? Don't you like The Simpsons porn?

    You might be bad, but a cool kid wears a snapback

    Even if you're clack clack, I'll still hurt your back

    Before you were created, your sister has been maimed

    Your family gets you framed, and mine makes me ashamed

    Because of this, Homer will make me real…

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  • Segamad66

    New battle!

    Here we go!






    Bass Reeves

    The first black deputy marshal to ever serve for the United States.

    I went from slave to top cop, so I’m not here to alienate.

    Over my 32 long years in my career, I arrested over 3000 felons.

    But it would be indisputably racist to say I eat chicken and watermelons.

    I was born into slaverly, you married the markman you shot as a teen.

    I’ve got my own statue in Arkansas, I’ve even got a song written by beans.

    I taught myself to read and write, but even I couldn’t spell your surname.

    Being the only female in western Ohio, that’s your only claim to fame.

    Annie Oakley

    It’s the sharpest shooter in the wild west, just call me Annie Oakley.

    Part of the best western sh…

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  • GalactaK






    Beat: Antichrist Superstar- Hollywood Legend Productions

    [Daredevil is in normal text, whilst Evel Knievel is in bold.]

    You're here to fight me in Hell's Kitchen when you're on the rocks?

    This is my first case against you. Sit in the Mur-dock.

    The man without fear's here to finish the last Gladiator!

    Why're you trying to diss me without your respirator?

    I was busy fighting crime, stopping Kingpin in his tracks.

    You broke your arms over sharks, started clinging onto that!

    Too obsessed with looking great, you hid the vid,

    Man, I'm blind and I have better control than you did!

    Hitting my target like Bullseye, destroying your upheaval!

    Break you like Carson City, my flow is evil, Knievel!

    Never jum…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    I may talk about a possible upgrade idea for DeviantART itself if you want. It involves a streaming service, plus a NewGrounds/DeviantART/SoundCloud/ merger. I mean, performing, culinary, visual arts and literature can be art. And if that happens, it would seem anyone would be interested to join it.

    You like it? 

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  • Segamad66

    New Battle!

    Here we go!






    Vince McMahon

    It’s Vince McMahon on the mic, the CEO of wrestling being outstanding in the ring.

    No wonder your freak show was a flop, noone wanted to hear a bearded lady sing.

    I’m the face of an entire network that has been running since the 1980’s.

    You’re just a wannabe entertainer with a bizarre cast, full of rabies.

    If you wanna talk about Fiji, I’ve got Superfly Snuka on the line.

    From the top ropes of the ring, I’ll do a leg drop and snap your spine.

    I would put you in a headlock, but you wouldn’t be able to tapout.

    But you have messed with the main man of the McMahon clan, no doubt!

    P.T. Barnum

    There’s a sucker born every minute and I’m looking one straight in th…

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  • TheAtlanticTempest

    Joe Biden vs Donald Trump is the sixth installment of Tempest Rap Battles. It features former US vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden rappping against incumbent President Donald Trump, along with a surprise entry from the 16th President of the United States and previous ERB participant, Abe Lincoln. It was released on 7th September 2020.

    Call me Diamond Joe Biden! I'm bringing your reign to an end!

    When I murder these disses like you did to all your fans!

    When they let this political virus politicise, ironic that Cain's the one that dies!

    We're sick of your lies, your Russian ties, right now your loss would suffice!

    But then I'll trial and send you to prison like they did to your attorney!

    You're a porn parody of a pr…

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  • TheAtlanticTempest

    Alex Rider vs Luz Noceda is the fifth instalment of Tempest Rap Battles. It pits the teenage MI6 spy Alex Rider, the eponymous protagonist of the Alex Rider series, against The Owl House protagonist, Dominican-American witch apprentice Luz Noceda. It was released on 6th September 2020.

    Stormbreaking into battle! Let me forgo an alias!

    I'll have you know I see no end to Noceda's list of failures!

    Point Blanc, I'll give this Lying Witch a Warning: escaping now would be rewarding!

    Let your friends skip the mourning! In everybody's side you are a Clawthorne in!  

    I'm England's Skeleton Key, I'll land an Eagle Strike on this problem kid.

    Such a brat even Lilith couldn't drop you harder than your mother did!

    You think you have any chance against me? You mus…

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  • GalactaK

    DISCLAIMER: The following rap battle is a parody of ERB's James Bond vs Austin Powers, and is not to be taken seriously in any way. It is not meant to promote or condone the usage of animals for entertainment, with their personalities and anything stated being based on members of their species from Twycross Zoo in the UK, Oumbi, Batu, and the bonobos in general (if I could find a name, I would).






    Beat: Gorilla- American Dream-, Orangutan- Crack the Battle- Hollywood Legend Productions, Bonobo- Keep it Gangsta- Hollywood Legend Productions

    [The gorilla speaks in silver, the orangutan speaks in orange, and the bonobo speaks in grey.]

    I've beefed with the chief, got my mate, I've went…

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  • GalactaK






    Beat: Holograms- Allrounda Beats

    [Obi-Wan Kenobi will be in normal text, while Master Shifu will be in italics.]

    Hello there, womp rat! I see you've come to fight.

    But why, when it took your master's death to prove that you weren't right!

    When it comes to your kung fu, you're not the greatest around.

    But with our mentalities, friend, I have the moral high ground!

    I fought in the Clone Wars, whilst you hardly fought at all!

    I've been chopping up Maul, while Tai Lung caused your downfall!

    It was only by accident you even entered this course,

    Your inner peace seems decent, but you could just use the force.

    The same panda that you hated now has to teach you to use chi,

    The master teaches the app…

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  • Amontgomery1432

    Before I start this, I just wanna apologize lmao. I think God is angry at me for making this, because my microwave has been hella malfunctioning ever since I started writing this.

    Anyway hi hello how are you? Sure has been a little bit, hasn't it lmao. Yeah, sorry about that, I've been depr-uhh I've been caught up in the various projects I am doing. Yeah, that's the one. But never fear, for I have returned with yet another garbage battle that will probably land me on some sort of blacklist. In today's episode of Epic Rap Battles of Who Gives a Shit, we got a couple controversial figures in the ring: Ben Shapiro, the living meme himself, up against Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald because idk. They were pictured together one time, Shapiro has t…

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  • Beerman8299

    Greetings heroes!  I'm back!  It feels nice to return, and I even took a shorter hiatus than ERB.  Now, originally this wasn't the next battle I wanted to release, but I had lines popping into my head and I wrote them down.  Soon, I found myself writing the whole thing.  Today's battle is between two of the most famous names in comedy.  The Merchant of Venom and Mr. Warmth himself, the insult comedian and actor Don Rickles (1926-2017) who has starred in movies like Kelly's Heroes (1970), Casino (1995), provided the voice of the beloved Mr. Potato Head in the Toy Story series, was a frequent guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, in which he made over 100 appearances, and was a regular roaster on The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    As much as I like to enjoy rap battles that people make, chances are, I don't like to copy other battles that people already made. Because if I do, I'd get accused of plagariasm. Second, if it's something I've no experience in, I really don't want to do a rap battle off it.

    And I may be on a role-playing partner search back at DeviantART, but asking others repeatedly just to write a rap battle or a request made by them? Definitely not my cup of tea. 

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  • GalactaK






    Beat: Nowhere To Run- Hollywood Legend Productions

    [Oliver Cromwell speaks in bold while Stonewall Jackson speaks in normal text]

    Before we begin, man, here's the end state.

    Since your life's so full of sin, we'll take the winner's slate.

    You weren't known by anyone till you were forty years old,

    So buckle up, grandpa, let your children take control! (Oh, wait!)

    Your Parliament got destroyed, so you fought with the King.

    You won the war, and got in charge, then did the same thing.

    Man,  if you care about Christ so much, why'd Christmas get banned?

    Seems to me you're getting levelled, you and your goddamn land! (*CRACK!*)

     Pick your disses wisely, friend, else you'll just invoke my rag…

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  • GalactaK




    ...SIREN HEAD!


    Beat: Insane- Hollywood Legend Productions

    [Cartoon Cat is in italics, Siren Head's Lewis Carrol voice is in normal text and Siren Head's normal voice is in bold]

    When you face a guy like Cartoon Cat, death will come knocking at your door,

    'Cause he ain't like any monster that you've ever seen before!

    This piece of rubber hose is going fatal on a street lamp!

    I'm elongating to your height so I can leave your speech jammed!

    When I kill there's a laugh track, when you kill, that's about it.

    My fact sheet's got shit on, but your reputation's full of shit!

    You're unable to be taken as seriously as you would like.

    Pal, you got gradually worse while you were in the spotlight!

    Nobody knows what I …

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    rap battle ideas

    August 28, 2020 by Joshuakrasinski

    here are some of my new rap battle ideas if anyone is interested

    m bison vs stalin

    patchy the pirate vs captain hook

    sinbad vs jack sparrow

    captain feathersword vs foxy the pirate fox

    patchy the pirate vs irving

    bugs bunny vs spongebob squarepants captain man vs captain hero stitch vs agumon

    freddy krueger vs laughing jack

    sailor moon vs rosalina

    needles kane vs the joker

    chucky vs leprechaun

    spyfox vs gex the gecko

    dr.heinz doofenshmirtz vs dr.horrible

    mr.burns vs scrooge mcduck

    geoffery the giraffe vs chuck e cheese

    charlie magne vs dimencia

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  • Segamad66

    New battle.

    Here we go!






    Herbert West

    It’s the genius behind bringing the deceased back from the dead.

    Crafting up concoctions, while I'm talking to a decapitated head.

    The name is Herbert West, I’m one of Lovecraft’s greatest creations.

    Harold, you're gonna Cthulose this rap battle after my domination.

    I gave life to my roommates’ cat, by injecting my special solution.

    I maybe slightly mad but you’re the one who belongs in a mental institution.

    You’re not very good at hiding Harold, except in pictures by Cold War Steve.

    Just admit to what you have done Harold and let the poor families bereave.

    Harold Shipman

    The doctor will see you now, that doctor being Dr. Death.

    I killed over 200 innocent …

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  • JKGame

    Ahoy, mates! It's time for another installment of Oh My God Why Are There So Many Characters From This Series In Smash vs History!

    Today's battle has the Maid of Orléans, Joan of Arc, going up against the Silver-Haired Maiden, Micaiah, from Radiant Dawn. It's the battle of two women who led an army against a mighty force in an effort to liberate their country. Both also receive visions from a deity and came from humble beginnings before becoming beloved heroines.

    Micaiah was a character that's been on my radar for a very long time, and I had multiple opponents in mind for her before settling on Joan of Arc. Mainly, I was thinking of historical figures that helped free a country from a major power. In the end, I went with Joan of Arc because of a…

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  • CaptainSham13

    Sorry for lateness. Shitty internet is shitty.

    I had a weird dream last week that this was the project Forrest was working on. No, there aren’t any connections. No, I don’t know how they got Legos for these guys. Yes, I had a dream about ERB. Don’t judge me.

    Beat: Use anything.



    'KING K. ROOL': Back by popular demand and here to K. Rool the mic

    I’m up against the most beloved Sonic character. Psych!

    This reptile’s the only fire spitter here, so face it

    (Though it does make sense a literal pothead thinks he could Blaze it)

    So, Cable, have you come back to plagiarize Dragon Ball more?

    Because you’ll strike out in this battle. This Super Slugger knows the score!

    It’s Rare I find someo…

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  • GalactaK






    Beat: Red Moon- Hollywood Legend Productions

    [Queen Elsa is in normal text and Sub-Zero is in italics.]

    Do you really wanna fight me? I'm not exactly Frost.

    Creative beats destructive, and by that logic, you've lost.

    I've been making life while you burnt bridges within your clan,

    You're getting pretty Smoked, so go on and melt, snowman!

    I learned that love will thaw even a winter eternal,

    You couldn't avenge your bro's death to a demon infernal!

    In this rap I'll call you Noob, you're gettin' roasted like a Marshmallow,

    You've just contracted Frozen Fever, explains why you're lookin' sallow.

    Please, call me Grandmaster, and in this move, I'll take the queen,

    For what leader are you really…

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  • GalactaK






    Beat: Theseus & Beowulf's first 2 verses: Illusion- Hollywood Legend Productions

    [Theseus is in normal text, and Beowulf is in bold]

    I've been traversing Greece for almost all of my life,

    Killing bandits and monsters, I'm imbued with strife,

    Now I am King of Athens, and my will remains strong,

    Against this Swedish madman wearing an oversized thong.

    You're no hero, I killed somebody like you at Eleusis.

    You run into battle blindly. I think you'll find me elusive.

    You'll need Wiglaf to help you, my rhymes are hotter than a dragon's.

    You're a forgotten relic. I'm part of the Greek hero's pantheon!

    Decapitated the minotaur, I think you'll find that you're next,

    Because dispatching fools with hubris is…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Alright......normally, I'd write rap battles whenever I want to, but since Josh has been wanting me to re-write his own battles, you know what. Let's do it. For this, I'm going to remake Squidward vs Yosemite Sam, this time, in a different format. And for you're reading this Josh, there are battles I can find a favorite to remake, not just all of them. Here we go.


    A so-called bandit? All I see's some midget in jeans,

    I've talent in clarinets and art, it's in my genes

    You know you're that ridiculous when you're outsmarted by a clever rabbit

    And shooting your own guns out of anger is just a ridiculous habit!

    If you'd think you can beat me, then you're as Looney as your Tunes!

    After this battle, I'll be calling the police on this racist, …

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  • GalactaK






    Beat: Summer G Funk Beat- Ihaksi

    [New format, since it makes it easier for me: Notch is in regular text, Markiplier is in italics, the Villager is in bold and italics and Lordminion777 is in bold]

    I'll just pull the lever to release this track.

    I've had enough of your yelling. Now Notch is back!

    Game got a new update, which you threw away,

    Just so you could make some more crappy Let's Plays! (Hah!)

    Your channel used to be the greatest in Youtube's neighbourhood,

    Now it's just bad jokes in Fall Guys and Darkwood!

    I've just met you in Persson, and now if you could, please leave.

    After all your screams, you need some room to breathe. (Geez!)

    Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier,

    Here to Ludum Dare you to…

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  • Mortal5075

    Holy fuck

    This is happening

    This is legit a thing now

    Jesus christ the last one from Flats was 2016 that's 4 years ago what the hell

    If you didn't know, let me fill you in. First, this was supposed to be Dragon's battle which I helped out on but we had difficulty getting all the verses and Dragon accidentally deleted some so I took the reigns, trimmed down the number of verses and decided to not bother any more people with this shitty ass thing and do the rest of the incomplete verses myself. If you came here to see the varying styles of wiki users mashed together in one cool blog then no yeah sorry you're stuck with me for the majority cause if I still bugged people I would just feel bad and I doubt this would even exist. No video for this on…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    another problem

    August 21, 2020 by Joshuakrasinski

    my messages are not appearing on galatak's message wall what gives?

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