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Mortal5075 Mortal5075 5 days ago

The Masked Rapper Season 2

Haiiiiiiiiiii hello how are you doing

Welcome back to Masked Rapper Season 2!!!!!!! Yay!!!! I think this is a really neat and fun community thing and it would be good to have fun community things now. Plus with all of our community things being either battles or shitposts how about we have a break and see how we fare at just bars. Some straight up forward bars. The first time this was hosted by Segamad and I was one of the particpants. with Joeaikman winning. Woo! Some years have passed this then but also maybe that's good, it makes it more exciting.

Big shout out to the homie Amy Clover for making this logo too I love purple so much its eeee

If you were not here last time or don't know what the Masked Singer is, the rules are pretty simple. …

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Segamad66 Segamad66 7 days ago

EPIC RAP BATTLES No.161: Antonie van Leeuwenhoek vs Antman

Battle time!

Here we go!






Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

The name is Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, known as the father of microbiology.

The entire world knows me from the golden age of science and technology.

I’m the self taught dutch scientist, who did everything to the highest caliber.

I’ll be like Thanos when snapped his fingers, and create another massacre.

I documented many microscopic observations, from muscle fiber to bacteria.

I’m the 4th greatest dutchman of all time, Hank you don’t even meet the criteria.

Let’s take a look under my microscope, you’re nothing but a pocket sized half pint.

Because Stan Lee doesn’t even love you, when you get into another domestic fight.


Hank Pym on the …

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Mortal5075 Mortal5075 11 days ago

Pearl vs Harley Quinn - Epic Rap Battles of Mortality











The Beat

It's time to rock the world! Can end this little conflict by noon

I'll tame this wild mare in a flash and then become the most sublime star!

So scram and hide in shame, think you deserve your fame? You're dumb and lame

So how bout you hop back to your streets where you're despised and no one visits you

Harley Quinn:

But the only weapon that ya can swing with is yo mood

It’s crazy, change the whole set, I’ll still have a slot in Gunns chamber (Bam!)

Please throw this floozy away from the stables and get her locked safely at home! (Ew!)


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Segamad66 Segamad66 14 days ago

EPIC RAP BATTLES No.160: George Orwell vs H.G. Wells

We are back from my break.

Here we go!






H.G. Wells

Welcome to my red room George and welcome to the war of our words.

This won’t be a little war as I have alot to say, while your novels are for the birds.

It's a simple story of the soul who became known as the father of science fiction.

You’re no match to me George, you couldn’t break me like your tobacco addiction.

Let me outline my history, as I have over 50 novels for readers to enjoy.

I taught A.A. Milne everything he knows, while you write essays about the lack of joy.

I foresaw the invention of the world wide web way before Tim Berners-Lee.

I’m the president of the PEN, but you’re the only invisible man that I see.

George Orwell

While we a…

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NoEntertainment16 NoEntertainment16 15 days ago

Fizzarolli Vs. Mr. Frog

Totally Accurate Rap Battle Simulator!

Mr. Frog



  • 1 Fizzarolli 1
  • 2 Mr. Frog 1
  • 3 Fizzarolli 2
  • 4 Mr. Frog 2
  • 5 Who Won? Who’s Next?

Hey there implings! Welcome to the battle! Hello,

It's me against the guy who’s known for reaching new lows.

I can keep going strong, even though trials and pain,

Yet, the only time that you’re calm is when you’re cracked out on cocaine!

I don’t know what to expect,

From this Sesame Street reject,

Who's so unoriginal, he says the same line for one sec.

After I wreck Mr. Frog and leave his ego with bandages,

You’ll be seen as a lost cause by even the Smiling Friends, yeah.


Welcome to my show.

I'm here to wreck the guy that got replaced by Robo.

You're not even the most recognizable of your show.

Watch me spit fire, and you ca…

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Top2456 Top2456 21 days ago


  • The O'Reilly Factor
  • Hannibal, Missouri
  • Wrestling Ring
  • Eungbongsan
  • Kim Il-sung Square
  • Barn
  • Concert Stage
  • OxiClean Commercial
  • Cemetery
  • Heaven
  • Dr. Seuss' Storybook
  • Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
  • Boxing Ring
  • The A-Team Title Sequence
  • Santa María
  • Vulcan's Forge
  • Shore
  • USS Enterprise
  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • Convenant Ship
  • Jabba's Palace
  • Thermopylae Pass
  • Pit of Death
  • Installation 04 Halo Map
  • Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
  • Get a Mac Commercial
  • Macworld Expo
  • Bill Gates' Mansion
  • Light Stage
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Misty Forest
  • Hill Valley
  • The Pagoda
  • The Wild West
  • Gotham City
  • Baker Street
  • The Red Sea
  • The North Pole
  • Garden of Eden
  • Gandhi's Home
  • MLK's Dream Speech
  • Main Street
  • Menlo Park
  • Wardenclyffe Tower
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Tour de France
  • Techno Stage
  • Moscow State University
  • Rancor Pit
  • Tatooine
  • Flashing Light Stage
  • Queen…
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Top2456 Top2456 25 days ago


  • John Lennon
  • Bill O'Reilly
  • Darth Vader
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Abe Lincoln
  • Chuck Norris
  • Sarah Palin
  • Lady Gaga
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Macho Man Randy Savage
  • Kim Jong-il
  • Justin Bieber
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Albert Einstein
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Genghis Khan
  • Easter Bunny
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Billy Mays
  • Ben Franklin
  • Vince Offer
  • Gandalf
  • Dumbledore
  • Doctor Seuss
  • William Shakespeare
  • The Cat in the Hat
  • Things 1 & 2
  • Mr. T
  • Mister Rogers
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Captain Kirk
  • Nice Peter
  • EpicLLOYD
  • KassemG
  • Stormtroopers
  • Master Chief
  • Leonidas
  • Spartans
  • Mario Brothers
  • Wright Brothers
  • Michael Jackson
  • Elvis Presley
  • Cleopatra
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gates
  • HAL 9000
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Barack Obama
  • Mitt Romney
  • Bald Eagle
  • Doc Brown
  • Doctor Who
  • Dalek
  • Marty McFly
  • Bruce Lee
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Batman
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Robin
  • Dr. Watson
  • Mos…
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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 16 June


bitch wrote a diss track?? against me?? paddyanarchy?? little old me???? ohohoh, you've done it now. bitch. fuck you. i will unleash the fury of one billion evil spirits to destroy you in this verbal contest. bitch. you suck.

get ready

im about to go

sicko mode

mr bombastic? mr swellpadric.

get ready





=== Cable wrote a diss track, I would rate it a 2

it is simply not worth of my epic disses when my bars'll hit brazy

like I'm a popular guy, and I got a lot of friends

like i could sit here and say you're LAME and STUPID and UGLY

If I'm trying to break your spirit with words it's gonna need a miracle

Stepping up to you is suicidal, but if you wanna feud, I will

I'm saying it in a nice way when I say fuck yo mama

your folks said "two genders!…

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Bobdave Bobdave 15 June

Adam vs Eve but it models a healthy relationship


This battle’s gonna end like every argument does

With a mutual apology and going in for a hug

I made a map motherfucker, it’s for Valentine’s Day

I set up a treasure hunt for a bit of fun, wahey

I know that you like to think you’re so macho

But know you can also be vulnerable and whatnot though

I work, as do you, it gets busy sometimes

But we always make sure we have space to unwind

You’re as sharp as a stick, when I’ve sharpened the tip!

So go ahead, take a shot. I’m sure that you’ll hit

Like your cooking, your housework, my birthday gift

Oh and by the way here’s a big ol’ kiss


My life was fine till you came along; now it’s really great!

Could you please just marry me, I can no longer wait

You cry about some things, but not about others

“I’m hu…

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Amontgomery1432 Amontgomery1432 10 June


for real this time

i stole this beat fuck you

I just had a Pepsi Lime

Your favorite Bloodhound Gang album is probably Hefty Fine

Already did this shit once; thought it was over, guess not

Like your alcohol addiction, I'm taking some more shots

Heard you kin Scott Pilgrim. Well, that makes a lot of sense

Guess I'm Gideon then, when I run these bars straight through your chest

Just ignore the fact that Gideon still loses in the end

I'll be real, I straight-up just didn't think that far ahead

This is off the top, like the way you used to make your battles

Now your shit is no different, it still comes from the same channel


Why'd the chorus start playing, I wasn't finished

Fuck it, I'll just keep on going, I'm not done dissing

When you're drunk on vc, it …

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 10 June




Why are you acting like a baby when I was the one waiting for 9 months?

I'm a guy with 2 words worth of material, yet you struggled to even write one

Alright son, I might've lost to a white spud, though not in your opinion

This time I get to correct that mistake, and roast another potato mf's feelings

I called YOUR opponenets has-beens, not you has-been,

Get thicker glasses, you NEVER have-been,

Never champion, barely admin

Gonna reach for the belt Pops? Wait you never had it 💀

You made it past Round 1, I'm just amazed you haven't DQ'd

You beat Leah, but I beat the Joe schmoes you leave over, soooo are we cool?

He's a grown guy over here crying that he had to fight his opponent

But I-I-I thought he …

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Meatholl Meatholl 9 June



Beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NruegceUs6M&ab_channel=H1TMANBeats

Wrote this in half an hour don't @ me

I heard you bitching on the low, low, lopez

I heard you wishing for a blow, no, lopez

I heard you, I heard you

Who the fuck is this guy always begging for Meat

Aren’t you in a tourney? Why are you pestering me?

Go battle him, stop fucking dragging your feet bitch

Nobody knows your opponent cause he’s embarrassed to be it

Challenging me? This robot is fucking shit up

Compliments to your Cables but I’m pulling your plug

Just a grotesque golem, a hopeless showman

posting a diss track just in the hopes I won’t ghost ‘em (again)

Well you got my attention. Your tourney? Postpone it

Y’all taking too long, screw it, I’ll be your opponent

“You’ve lo…

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 9 June


rolls up sleeves* now you've done it mister

you're in for it BIG time

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWjOTzUSk_g this here is the beat right here this is


Its Lopez, yes and I'm coming for the kill

I'll leave a dutchman turnt like a windmill

I guess you're a sloth because you're SLOOOWWWWWWWWWWW

Or maybe because you look like the one from ice age bro 😂

You're Biden? Hmmm I call Red Cap!

because the other guy prolonged the voting period in fact (politics rap!)

Obamabot will leave the whole crowd impressed

Aw Yes.

Damn, need another year to practice? Need to keep legacy intact!

as a welcome mat for champs, Homeowner can't own Flats?

I recanted your manifesto because that shit was trash and embarrassing

So perhaps after this, I'll revamp it to the…

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 9 June

Is everyone doing alright?

Hey there. How is everyone doing so far? Also, is everyone doing okay? I never want anyone to be harmed or hurt.

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 4 June

How's everyone spending summer?

Hey there....how's everyone spending summer this year?

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Cherrae Witch Cherrae Witch 24 May

I Fixed Donald Trump vs Ebenezer Scrooge

Out of all of the ERB's, perhaps one of the most weirdly aged and outdated is their take on A Christmas Carol; Trump vs. Scrooge. And with it being over ten years old I think it's high time someone gives it a more modern and timeless readjustment. A battle that everyone can look at no matter the time and think highly of.

Dinkley Trump:

WAKE UP SCOOB! I'm about to say Jinkies and fuck you up!

You're a Lonely Bonely little Mystery Inc Pup!

I'm like the paint on the Mystery Van, you're the gas pump!

I can't see without my glasses, but I'll still make you jump!

You remind me of my dates with Johnny Bravo, don't crossover with me,

Keep your antics with Shaggy away from me, don't split up with me.

I don't eat snacks, I don't smoke packs, I ruin mysterie…

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Bobdave Bobdave 21 May

Villain Arc vs My Lost Stylus

other name jokes for miley cyrus include "Kilometre-y Cyrus" and ":) Cyrus (Smiley Cyrus)"

Galactic Boss Cyrus:

Lemme guess, you're a capricorn

Well you can stand and uh get some apricorns

Cause I'm all Kurt, I got all day

To make Pokéballs with apricorns, yay!

You died a Virgo girl who you think you messing with

It's Miley Cyrus I put a virus on your nintendo switch

I'm getting cooked in the replies, turn my twitter notifs off

You're getting praised for posting thighs, turn your twitter dms off

Had a sniff? It's my armpit. When i grab the mic I kILL YOu

You could say this rap is like my Ultra Instinct cause im goku

Joni Mitchell:

Lord forgive me for the thighs I tweet

I know the voices of the incels tell me post some fuckin cheeks

But I'm about to start…

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MattSayYay MattSayYay 20 May

Weiss Schnee vs Lagoras

Weiss Schnee vs Lagoras is the 3rd installment of Matt's Fantasy Rap Battles. It features ice huntress from RWBY, Weiss Schnee, rapping against freezing monster from Ultraman Max, Lagoras.

  • 1 Lyrics
    • 1.1 Weiss:
    • 1.2 Lagoras:
    • 1.3 Weiss:
    • 1.4 Lagoras:

Aren’t you a little obscure to be in a rap battle?

Even your franchise barely thinks you a cash cattle!

Mirror, tell me who's the most forgotten of them all

All I see is an overpriced Spark Doll!

I’ve faced my mom, dad, sis, and bro

Your only notable feat is taking out Kaito!

I don’t need to be an heiress to take you down

I have the best friends and family in town!

I spit cold, flames, wind, and gravity if I must

I’ll do you like Ruby, go bite the Dust!

Take this info from Beacon

An MC Hammerhead coming from Ryugen

It destro…

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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 19 May

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump 2

  • 1 Donald Trump:
  • 2 Joe Biden:
  • 3 Donald Trump:
  • 4 Joe Biden:

It's the DJT, doin' your mom

The teflon Don with the big fat schlong

Against wimps like you I'd win a third term

did your grandma write your lines? cos all i heard were flatlines

you think pooping and crying will keep the maga movement quiet?

heh, resist me? *teleports behind you*

Why don't you step behind Jim I'll be blowing guys

I bet you didn't know that I was secretly bi

I'll shoot rope into your hole (sorry.)

Then I'll crash your game of mario party

Then I go and bone on Melania

I'm gonna smash you Joe, like Melania ;)

The next joke was written by the worlds greatest rapper

I'm not a little girls shoulders so you can't touch this MC Stammer

im epic rap battles of historier

They say you look like Capt…

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Segamad66 Segamad66 12 May

EPIC RAP BATTLES No.159: J. Edgar Hoover vs Nick Fury

It's rap battle time!

Here we go!






J. Edgar Hoover

The names J. Edgar Hoover but you can call me John in this little debate.

I don't need your fingerprints Nick, because you have already met your fate.

Let me tell you directly, how this director looks for justice in the world.

I’m the giant, the FBI needed, you are just a leader for superhero nerds.

I rebuilt the FBI from the ground up, while serving 8 presidents in total.

Nick, you took some cheap infinity formula and now you are immortal.

But I’m howling at your commandos. I would suggest quit pretending to be a pirate with that eyepatch.

It must be code red for you in the war emergency room, since this is your first real scare in this rap …

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I love rap battles.

Hey there...Club-Dreamiverse here. I'd like to tell you something: Epic Rap Battles of History was my introduction to rap battles in 2017.....to this day, I leave comments on people's rap battles on YouTube complimenting their every rap battle role and detailing information about upcoming media of the franchises that the opponents are in and other media. My search for rap battles also extended to those of SoundCloud's. If it weren't for ERB....I would not have been listening to rap battles.

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Mortal5075 Mortal5075 8 May

The Chess Royale - Shitpost Manifestation Battles

Hiiiiii :3

Hewwwoooooooo >:3

Hope you have a good daaaaaaay ;)

Your day should be going FABULOUS

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Segamad66 Segamad66 2 May

EPIC RAP BATTLES No.158: Aang vs Dmitri Mendeleev

Surprise rap battle!

Here we go!







Let me just glide right through as I’m the last airbender, that’s Avatar Aang to you,

Known as the youngest airbender master in history. It’s a bit more advanced than kung fu.

I’m not looking for an all-star brawl, but if you want to battle I got Appa and Momo on my side.

I even got my best friend Katara, who, once I confessed my crush, she eventually became my bride.

So when this avatar is on the mic, I attack harder than the fire nation.

Just look up at my massive statue on my island ‘cause I’m a true inspiration.

I’m spitting lyrical fire on the mic, so run away Dmitri before I eat you like a dumpling.

Your father is more blind than my friend Toph. I gues…

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Segamad66 Segamad66 26 April

EPIC RAP BATTLES No.157: Simon Bolivar vs Nelson Mandela

Who likes rap battles!

Here we go!






Simon Bolivar

The name Simon Bolivar and I’m about to give you the grand tour.

I’m about to show you around Colombia but I don’t need a chauffeur.

Let me enlighten you to my philosophy that I manifest is essential.

My message was heard all across the globe because I’m influential.

You’re messing with the original American liberator, you begged the king for 5 grand.

I plowed the sea, while for 20 years in South Africa, photos of you were banned.

I’m a hero in South America, you faced high treason against the South African state.

Despite coming from a wealthy background, I ended slavery ‘cause I’m a political heavyweight.

You began in the left hand house bu…

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my erbs: moistcritikal vs pewdiepie






  • 1 charlie
  • 2 felix
  • 3 charlie
  • 4 felix
  • 5 mr. beast
  • 6 matpat
  • 7 felix
  • 8 matpat
  • 9 charlie
  • 10 matpat
  • 11 ishowspeed
  • 12 smosh
  • 13 dream
  • 14 felix
  • 15 charlie
  • 16 mark
  • 17 jawad
  • 18 felix
  • 19 jawad
  • 20 charlie
  • 21 jawad
  • 22 jimmy
  • 23 javad
  • 24 matpat
  • 25 javad
  • 26 speed
  • 27 javad
  • 28 smosh
  • 29 javad
  • 30 dream
  • 31 javad
  • 32 dream
  • 33 javad

ok first things first why are you even here?

i'm a symbol of modern youtube, your a symbol of blear-

-raps, seriously bro

nobody cared about you since 5 years ago

i make content everyone likes, most people dont care

about your shitty videos that dont have any flare

my videos take time, you make content farm slop

theres a reason i have more subs, your built like a pork chop

you look like keanu if he was homeless

will i win, answer: YES

when i see …

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Gabriel789000 Gabriel789000 23 April

I let AI write a rap battle between Zorro and Robin Hood cuz it's basically taking over

Website used: https://boredhumans.com/battles.php

Ladies and gentlemen, gather round for the ultimate rap battle showdown! In one corner, we have the masked marvel known for his sword skills and swashbuckling style - Zorro! And in the other corner, the master of the bow and arrow, the prince of thieves - Robin Hood! Let the rap battle begin!


I'm the master of disguise, the bandit with the slickest moves

I steal from the corrupt, give back to the people, make the bad guys lose

You may have a bow, but you can't touch my swordplay

I'll leave you in the dust, while I ride off into the fray

Robin Hood:

You think you're so slick with your fancy sword skills

But those Zorro marks on your clothes, man, that just kills

You steal from the rich, but I s…

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MattSayYay MattSayYay 22 April

Kyojuro Rengoku vs Pyrrha Nikos

Kyojuro Rengoku vs Pyrrha Nikos is the 2nd installment of Matt's Fantasy Rap Battles. It features Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, rapping against famed huntress of RWBY, Pyrrha Nikos.

  • 1 Lyrics
    • 1.1 Rengoku:
    • 1.2 Pyrrha:
    • 1.3 Rengoku:
    • 1.4 Pyrrha:

First, this Pumpkin Pete’s, let’s have a bite!

Bleh! This is terrible, seems you were right!

Anyway, is this even a fight, even you know how this ends!

Me making burns even your crush can’t mend!

Oh wait, you never saw that, my bad!

Because spoiler alert, you were dead!

I know that you don’t do well with fire

So fighting the Flame Hashira, your situation’s dire!

You heard that right, I literally spit flames!

To burn down that statue giving fans heart strains!

So step on the Mugen Train, we deal with this like MUGEN!

The only …

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MattSayYay MattSayYay 20 April

Blake Belladonna vs Mikasa Ackerman

Blake Belladonna vs Mikasa Ackerman is the first installment of Matt's Fantasy Rap Battles. It features Faunus huntress of RWBY, Blake Belladonna, rapping against Scout and Titan slayer, Mikasa Ackerman.

  • 1 Lyrics
    • 1.1 Blake:
    • 1.2 Mikasa:
    • 1.3 Blake:
    • 1.4 Mikasa:
    • 1.5 Negative Blake:
    • 1.6 Mikasa:

Mikasa thinks she can invade mi casa to be a pain?

I’ll burn her out like she was just another Albain!

I’ve seen your little story, you just do your gross thing

While I'm dealing with the White Fang like I'm Martin Luther King!

Don’t call me disappointing, I’ve seen chapter 139

Your fans screamed louder than how you guys read your lines!

You came back looking like a man, like, why?

And here I thought I’d be mistaken for a guy.

I can hear a criticism miles away calling

But I’ve fla…

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Segamad66 Segamad66 8 April

EPIC RAP BATTLES No.156: Betty White vs Bettie Page

Time for a new rap battle.

Here we go!






Betty White

It’s the beautiful first lady of television up against the page 3 model, who thinks she is bold.

You’re messing with the golden girl who's young at heart cause it’s only my age that is old.

Guess I got a date with the dark angel before she sees the light.

I’m the leading lady of game shows, more loved than the price is right.

During the war, I stepped up and started delivering supplies all around Hollywood Hills.

But is Playmate of the month something to be proud of Bettie? You only did that to pay the bills.

I had so many self titled shows that I’m living my best life. I even had the world’s greatest spouse.

You were ultimately placed in an o…

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Doctordoombestboy Doctordoombestboy 3 April

Bowser vs Ken. Devious Rap Battles of Popular Culture.

oscar? i barely know 'er!

Welcome back to Devious Rap Battles of Popular Culture! Today we have a real roughhouser for you, as two men who simp for girls in pink duke it out! It's Bowser vs Ken!

Now, this idea just sort of randomly came to me but I kinda like it. Bowser is a character I wanted to write a battle for and Ken is too. Bowser is really scarce on rap battles and I don't really know if I like any. And most Barbie battles are featuring Barbie herself and I haven't found any for Ken.

So I figured, why not have them fight each other? It'll be fun! They're both characters with super fun personalities and I thought they would bounce off each other really well.

I also think this is one of my zanier battles.. which you'll definitely see her…

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 3 April

R.L. Stine vs The Crypt Keeper - h




beatus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS6Ikw4xeW0


  • 1 The Crypt Keeper:
  • 2 R.L. Stine:
  • 3 Crypt Keeper:
  • 4 R.L. Stine:
  • 5 Crypt Keeper:
  • 6 R.L. Stine:

The Master of Scary-moanies will massacre this musick-cull!

Come to slit a freakstyle, writing Li-torture so beautiful!

Opposite of haunted masks, your face would put off any dude

When I say "boils and ghoul" I'm referring to you!

I saw your photo and thought they used a cursed camera

I was mis-slayken, you just look like a walking cadaver!

Oh the eeriest page of your books was easily the blurb!

You tried to go Bananas, but couldn't ap-peel to teenagers!

So split! I pushed the ghoulpost for the screamwriters' part!

Monster Blood? B Positive, maybe fifth time's the harm!

Seems Rot Surlyng here lost his spirit and …

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 3 April

Michelle Obama Lunches vs MREs

hi Redinosaur/dylan here:

i wrote this in 2 hours because i realized its the fool's day and i haven't written something in a bit and i thought it'd be funny

hopefully i'll put out something else for when i returned from the shadow realm

shoutout to Obamabot for letting my series grace his account for the time being.

anyway let's get the show on the road

  • 1 MREs:
  • 2 Michelle Obama Lunches:
  • 3 MREs:
  • 4 Michelle Obama Lunches:

Call this Menu 2 because this Beef will be Shredded

I'm packing 1300 calories you just throw kids lettuce

Department of Defense but I don't need any from this dick

You'll be served on styrofoam, broken up in microplastics

It's the MRE MC, bringing Flameless Heat since '93

The only fire you bring is from minimum wage employees

Who try to cook …

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Amontgomery1432 Amontgomery1432 1 April

Jar Jar Binks vs Hifumi Yamada - Exceptional Hip Hop Altercations Involving Pop Culture

Welcome to the most serious rap battle ever written.

Okay nah, you see what day it is lol. I had this idea and thought it would be funny, and then I thought it would be even funnier if I took it completely seriously, and now we're here. It's time for a battle of the underdogs, it's two hated characters from very vocal fandoms going head to head to see which one is the lesser of two evils. In this corner, we got Hifumi Yamada from hit video game Danganronpa. And, in the other corner, we got Jar Jar Binks from hit movie Star Wars. Arguably the most important characters from their respective franchises, the building blocks upon which the rest of the universe is structured. Or something idk

So, right off the back, I would like to give a shout out …

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 1 April

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone!

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Doctordoombestboy Doctordoombestboy 31 March

Gustave vs Jack the Ripper. Devious Rap Battles of Popular Culture.

Welcome back to Devious Rap Battles of Popular Culture, the only rap battle series on this wiki where you'll see this matchup! Today it's our first battle with real life contestants, and also our first battle with updated visuals! Finally we have title cards! That oughta set us above some folks...

Anyway, today we have a matchup between two serial killers that were never caught, with the Unique Twist™ being that one is a crocodile. It's Jack the Ripper vs Gustave the crocodile! Jack has a well of rap battles that I could take inspiration from, mostly ERB, but Gustave has absolutely nothing which I find weird cause it's such a fascinating story.

Basically Gustave is this Nile crocodile that is way too big for a member of his species and so in…

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 30 March

Someone in my family died.

Guys....I want to tell you this: my grandma and my late father's mother had died. First, my Grandpa who was my then-living father's father in 2015, then my mother's mother and my grandma in 2020, then my Grandpa who was my mother's father in the last day of 2021, then my own father in 2022 and this year....my father's mother this year tonight. It can be tragic to lose family members.

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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 24 March

I Fixed King Kong vs Godzilla

you know what time it is .


from the A to the C its the king playing Conker

I'll suck you off dawg, this kongs playing Conker

I roll with Rodan, Mothra and the homies

You think I'm scared? here's two words for you; blow me

Your only friend is your mom, I bet

Who cringes while you touch yourself in bed

YOU'RE A CRINGEPANZEE I'm a wizard with cancer

When I'm crushing on a girl, its personality I'm after!

You're pathetic with the humans, enduring their abuse

getting sucked off and coomin' in their brand new shoes

I eat up a whole city like its burger king

a medium whopper meal with onion rings!

how did dropping off the empire feel?

while you're screaming like an autistic demon playing happy wheels

i got this battle covered like a brother from anothe…

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Doctordoombestboy Doctordoombestboy 24 March

Donkey Kong vs King Kong. Devious Rap Battles of Popular Culture.

Ooh banana.

We're back with another installment of DRBOPC! This time we have a powerful punch-out pertaining to the most prolific and prideful primates in all of fiction, Donkey Kong vs King Kong!

Godzilla vs King Kong came out very recently and it was good but it focused on many of the modern iterations of Kong like the Monsterverse and 2005 film. I wanted to go deeper and make a battle that referred more to the 1933 Kong even though I used a '67 render in the thumbnail.

There is a shocking amount of rap battles for Kong out there but barely any where he's not against Godzilla. It's crazy. On the other side we have Donkey Kong, someone who doesn't get near enough the shine he deserves in rap battles. DK's best battle I think is him vs Overwat…

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Amontgomery1432 Amontgomery1432 23 March

Smosh vs Tears for Fears - Rap Battles Of

Firstly I wanna say fuck Smosh for the way they make their thumbnails, it made it impossible to get a good crop of Tim to put in the infobox lol. Did my best!!

Aaaaaaaanyways, hello PALS and FRIENDS and ENEMIES (tag yourself in the comments), welcome to an episode of Epic Rap Battles Where I Use a Character Before an Already Established YouTube Series Does Just So I Can Wrongfully Claim Plagiarism After Their Battle Comes Out. This matchup is a silly one, admittedly, but I think it is also fun and fresh and also fuck you I do what I WANT!!!! I've had three days off of work recently and this is that third day, gotta go in at fucking 4 am tomorrow morning so I better post this quick lol (i wrote this paragraph on March 21st at about 11 pm lol) …

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Wachowman Wachowman 21 March

Parody 119. Wachow vs Paddy 2 (Godzilla vs King Kong)

Roar or something idk. It’s cool this one didn’t take a year like the last one, tryna get these all done before I realise I have better things to do. But at least today there’s a special occasion, it’s Baron Trumps birthday! Hope I’m not missing anything.

This is my first time making a sequel battle to a tourney battle and the cool part is this one has me in it! Wachowman is back to right the wrongs of the users who didn’t vote for him against the dreaded PaddyAnarchy, and also giving Paddy himself a much needed upgraded installation in my series.

As always thank you to my hunky co ABunchOfTimeToMakeLines and to Gabe for the top tier cover.

Have it thee.

  • 1 BATTLE
  • 2 Paddy
  • 3 Wachow
  • 4 Paddy
  • 5 Wachow
  • 6 Paddy
  • 7 Wachow





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Mr. Swell Guy Mr. Swell Guy 20 March

Creeper vs Doom-Shroom - rap battles of hi im paddy i wrote this on a train

ok hi i was on a train from sheffield to lincoln and about halfway into the 90 minute ride i wanted to see if i could write a battle in the remaining time. i didnt but then i took another ride right after and i did it!! i wanted characters i know very well but dont have loads to them really so i just got a bit 'tistic with it and did some uhh minecraft and plant zombles and yea here it is. almost no real research and anything just went off in the notes app and then got home and had a computer and was like hm i need a cover art and i made one and found a beat and all that junk so yea in terms of active writing this is maybe an hours work so it might be a bit shit but i tried and i had fun :D

===There's a Creeper on your lawn, leavin' you dea…

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 20 March

The Headless Horseman vs The Flying Dutchman - EEEEEEEEVIL RAP BATTLES 😈

{{ERB |name = Dutchman vs Horseman |image = |releasedate = 2024 |previous = Pied Piper vs Nosferatu |beat =

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Amontgomery1432 Amontgomery1432 17 March

Squidward's Suicide vs Shia LaBeouf - Rap Epic Battles of Epic Rap of Battles

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 16 March

The Pied Piper vs Nosferatu


its people who can control rats and they're from German origin

beat: https://youtu.be/7hZ_LFMn5Oo?si=zFVrzsdrB6WAtQ8q

  • 1 Pied Piper:
  • 2 Count Orlok:
  • 3 Pied Piper:
  • 4 Count Orlok:
  • 5 Pied Piper:
  • 6 Count Orlok:

Who's that vainful and raging pain in your right incisor

Who saved his mayor's place from the plague of rife micers?

Title's mine! Nobody's playing the Pied Piper

Fighting blights who were slain in flames by sunrise's curse

Ain't your heart but I sure staked the right vitals

But you can bite me in the place the sun nein shines tho!

Drinking must be difficult with a face so blood-curdling

Set for town and your nose arrived a week early!

Yeah you're emptying vessels, by killing sea shipmen

And you can read these disses if you wanna see-sickness!

I'll burn you …

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Obamabot 3000 Obamabot 3000 11 March

sonic.EXE vs RED

This is the one with the creepypastas.

red sprites by cosbydaf

sonic sprites from sonic (the game)

I should pre-empt this by saying I got a bit overzealous and uploaded a screencap of a very infamous threat Red says in NES Godzilla. Out of context in the upload log I imagine it looked really bad so it got deleted and I really don't want to see what happens if I try to upload it again. I really did have it coming tbh. if you've read the original story you can probably infer what the quote was when you read the lyric

lemon bitchmade

\ without further ado here's further ado vs further ad


beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KivWoMfwTWE

  • 1 Sonic.EXE
  • 2 RED:
  • 3 Sonic.EXE
  • 4 Quiz Level:
  • 5 RED:
  • 6 Sonic.EXE
  • 7 RED:


It seems a new toy has entered my land, Tom


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Doctordoombestboy Doctordoombestboy 10 March

Zeus vs Ra. Devious Rap Battles of Popular Culture.

Welcome to the world premiere of Devious Rap Battles of Popular Culture! I don't know if anyone remembers Sans vs Wario and Walter White vs Patrick Bateman, but if you do just consider them prototypes. I'm still quite proud of Sans vs Wario but would rather not speak on the latter of the two. But I digress, because today we have Zeus vs Ra, a battle between chief gods of ancient mythologies! ERB did a pretty good take on Zeus before but I just wanted to have my own take on it, and I don't think they've touched on Egyptian mythology at all in the past. Discord Rap Battles, however, had a pretty good take on Ra, which I took a bit of inspiration from.

It was pretty easy finding this matchup, it's a common comparison made. The god of the sky ve…

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Amontgomery1432 Amontgomery1432 9 March

Pac-Man vs Evil Otto - Video Game Rap Battles of Creepypasta

Penn & Teller's Shithead Basketball is real.

Bro an Amber Alert has gone off like seven times in the past two days, who's fucking kid keeps getting captured? Anyway HI HELLO welcome to a new installment of Whatever The Fuck This Is!! I have a million tabs open as is the usual when I post on here, that's just how it goes. Today's episode is a fun one. It was also kinda difficult to write because of just how little material one of these guys has to work with, but I saw that as a challenge and I happily accepted :) It is the battle of arcade games where you're in a maze: Pac-Man, from the hit video game Pac-Man, vs Evil Otto, the antagonist of Berzerk and its sequel Frenzy. Nobody ever mentions Frenzy when they write Evil Otto battles, which is odd…

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Segamad66 Segamad66 1 March

EPIC RAP BATTLES No.155: Remy vs Stuart Little

Here we go again!

Here we go!






Stuart Little

It’s the main mouse of the Little clan, hailing from the novel that was written by E.B. White.

Welcome to my New York City Remy, where you know this rodent is always right.

So I’m off on another adventure, let me hop in my toy car and drive around the big city.

Where you can meet the family and even my on and off friend, Snowbell the kitty.

Even if it is overprotective at times, at least my family cares about me, Remy.

You’re more of a meme than your musical, now that was a bad idea from Gen Z.

I may be the littlest scoutmaster but I’m a lyrical beast on the microphone.

I’m off on another amazing journey so you should return to the sewers, your home.



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Joshualexander Joshualexander 28 February

Captain Underpants vs Dog Man






Your such a dick, Bark Knight!

(He was calling him that for Dog Man's usual failures.)

Rats! I don't think if this is crazy, man what is that?

(Rats! Is the cachphrase of Petey whenever he gets arrested)

Bruh, you might show, the power of the Waistband Warrior!

(He was showing himself as invincible)

How many people you could arrest?

(He was telling Dog Man how many people you could arrest)

Because your records are like waistbanding and you never want to say it?

(He is telling Dog Man his records are fake)

Petey the Cat aint' givin' a f**k about you

(Petey the Cat wins sometimes)

But I don't care who is the greatest!

Something is going to fake up!

Don't listen to the World's Fabulous Bark…

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 26 February

Is everyone still alright?

Is everyone still alright? I fear storms in my area could be arriving tomorrow. I hope those storms don't impact everyone. I don't want anyone hurt nor harmed.

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