• Alanomaly

    This has easily been the most taxing (hehe taxes political joke) battle in terms of trying to keep it un-biased. I don't consider Hamilton a saint or anything but it was fairly difficult to not just make him win. The more I read about Jackson the more he just seemed like a piece of shit. That made it "easy" to write Hamilton's disses against him. I put easy in quotations because writing Hamilton in a way that is meant to mimic the motifs of the musical was pretty difficult.

    For the twenty-fifth Alanomaly Rap Battle, we have the founder of the US financial system and New York post, Alexander Hamilton, battling the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson.

    The guy who made the banks vs the guy who hated the banks. The ten dollar …

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  • Beerman8299

    Hey everyone!  It has been a few weeks since I've posted anything as I have been very busy with a lot of things.  But now, I have a brand new battle here for you.  Enjoy!



    BRING ME THANOS! Because Mao Zedong is in town.
    Communist savior of the Chinese people helping them up off the ground.
    Your head's a big purple grape, with a ballsack for a chin
    You look like Tinky-Winky had his parents been kin.
    C'mon Barney, clean up the mess you made, do your fair share.
    Why do I get the feeling that you're going to hit me with a Care Bear stare?
    You got nothing on me, I'm like Tienanmen Square.
    You're as smooth as a baby's bottom cause you got no hair.
    Use that Time stone and go back to Titan in your Thanoscopter.
    You're fighting a lot of powerful supe…

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  • NovaBomb123

    Hello Everyone! I feel like it's warranted that I explain the lyrics to all my rap battles (More are on their way), so, here's episode 1's rap meanings

    TIM BURTON - Oh, Hello Michael, welcome to your worst Nightmare, but there is no Elm Street. [Tim Burton gives Michael Bay a standard greeting before saying that this battle is his worst nightmare, followed by mentioning Elm Street, a reference to Michael Bay’s studio ‘Platinum Dunes’ making the Nightmare on Elm Street remake]

    Really, you think you have the guts to defeat me? [Tim questions Bay in confusion if Bay actually has the ‘guts’ or ‘balls’ to defeat him]

    This will be Pearl Harbor all over again. [Tim tells Bay it will be ‘Pearl Harbor’ all over again, Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Jap…

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  • JKGame

    Oh hi there. Welcome to a brand new installment of Epic Rap Battles of this Universe.

    I now finally have a good looking logo for both this series and MLRB thanks to Captain Warrior. Check out his covers. They're very well made!

    If you're wondering about My Little Rap Battles, I'm still working on them.

    This matchup actually stemmed from me wanting to make a battle with a matchup that only had names as the connection between the two rappers. I was going through a whole bunch of possible ideas. Fire Emblem characters popped up a lot. However, this idea appeared into my head after searching through characters with the same names and I liked it a lot! I'm not as big of a Danganronpa fan as some of the other users on this wiki (Honestly, I'm surpr…

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  • MC Fawful

    Two battles, again.

    May 19, 2019 by MC Fawful

    Yeah, I know this is posted at 10:30 at night, but I don't care (just listening to some fanmade rap battles while driving home from some random stuff.) But, two battles are coming out soon:

    Tenya Iida VS Andross

    Hint for battle 2: The baller that everyone loves versus the one that everyone hates.

    See you next time for Andross VS Tenya Iida!

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  • MC Fawful

    I have an idea for a bonus battle of Nintendo VS Anything!

    Introducing, 12 of Nintendo's Greatest All-Stars, the Super Smash Bros. They will be facing anime's favorite superheroes, My Hero Academia! The idea came to me when I tried to explain what Nintendo VS Anything was to my sister the other day. She said maybe I could do Nintendo VS Cuphead, but I said that's not how it works. But it led me to making this battle. And there's a lot of characters on it, so isn't now every one here? Anyways, in a minute I'm getting to the characters, but thank you so much for all the help you guys have given me, from ideas to characters and support, I'm inspired to make my own battles like this one! Anyways, to the matchups!

    This will be done in a similar f…

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  • Alexschmidt711

    Hey. I have no relation to the rap battle community (which, given the amount of drama it seems to cultivate, might be for the best). However, I liked watching other people pick apart other’s rap battles. So here’s my own review of J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin, by Epic Rap Battles… of Extreme.

    Epic Rap Battles of Extreme

    J. R. R. Tolkien

    Having it in black and white makes sense, given that Tolkien lived during the early 20th century, at least. But of course, they have a kid playing him. This is par for the course in fanmade ERBs, and at least Zack looks a little bit like a younger Tolkien, but his camera and green-screen are pretty bad as well. And why is he grasping at the camera?

    vs George R. R. Martin

    Is that supposed to be George …

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  • Skelly042


    I'm going to review every Epic Rap Battle of History in chornological order!

    Starting off we have


    The very first battle, the one that started it all, and oh is it the first battle all right. You can tell that this was their first attempt at it, and while it wasn't bad it wasn't really all that great. The camera felt way too close to Peter, and the line delivery was kinda weird at some points. But the editing is very good, with John Lennon entering Bill O'Reily's stage and the news border as well.


    Now this battle was rather hard to pick a winner, as neither combatant was obviously better. If I had to choose, it would probably be Bill O'Reily, as he had more disses pertaining to John Len…

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  • Darkchocolate108

    I couldn't figure out how else to ask this so I decided to make a blog post. The wiki won't let me reply to/edit my comment, does anyone know what happened or how I can solve it? I'm pretty sure I'm not blocked or anything.

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  • JKGame

    Ok, I can explain.

    I was just thinking of random matchups and then boom, this idea popped into my head.

    The idea was just way too silly and hilarious for me to pass up and I just had to create this.

    Since this is a bonus battle with a rather silly matchup, I'm not really taking this one as seriously as a lot of my other battles. It's also a lot shorter, too. Like, Season 1 of ERB short.

    So what's the connection between these characters? Simple. It's literally a guy who's always making traps vs a girl who's always falling into traps. That's the big connection.

    Hope you enjoy this battle while I'm still working on My Little Rap Battles as well as finishing up my freshman year in a few weeks or so.

    Oh yeah, and here's the beat. Guess what kind of b…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Josh's Rap Battles Remakes: Donkey Kong vs. Gorilla Grodd

    Another remake of one of Josh's battles. And I'm about to bring my inner B-Lo and SethIsMe again.

    "Nintendo antagonist/protagonist and titular character of the 1981 arcade game and his own franchise, Donkey Kong, squares off against DC super-villain Gorilla Grodd, to see who's the better simian: the heroic, brawny ape or the evil, intelligent ape."

    Donkey Kong

    Heyo! Look down below! It's DK Island's best here to spar

    Against a sub-par villain of a simian whose plan wouldn't get far

    You're messing with teenagers while I made waves in the US

    And paved the way for one of Nintendo and gaming's best

    Claiming you're intelligent when all of your plans led you to defeat?

    Not surprising the son of a …

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  • Redinosaur

    Here's the battle between the greatest youtubers (video sharing website creators) ever. Hope they won't, uh, DESTROY themselves with facts lol


    Nice Peter as James Charles

    Zach Sherwin as ProJared

    EpicLLOYD as James Charles (Thanos) (Voice)

    Lump as Shane Dawson's Cat (Actor)

    Dante Cimadamore as Shane Dawson's Cat (Voice)

    PewDiePie as James Charles (Thanos) (Shane Dawson)

    DeStorm Power as Etika

    James Charles gets up from his makeup chair and combs his hair before walking up to ProJared.

    ProJared finishes eating a KFC meal and then rubs the excess on his pants.

    He flaps down his boner and stares at James Charles menacingly

    He sets down a laptop which he was busy using watching Dragon Maid Big Boobs Compilation 1080p HD

    The fight begins.

    [Note: James C…

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Got any rap battle suggestions that you'd like me to make? Can I at least contribute to help any users on this Wiki with their rap battles?

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  • Skelly042

    Favorite Battle?

    May 15, 2019 by Skelly042

    Wondering what some of the more popular battles are. Mine personally is Alexander The Great VS Ivan The Terrible, love just everything about it. The Philosopher's battle is also really good.

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  • Avatar XIII

    Wow, 30 battles in. Depending on how the rest of this series pans out, this means that I'm either halfway done, or 60% done with it all. Crazy how fast time is passing with this. Obligatory thanks to all who continue to support the project as always.

    So this was one of my most requested battles (as you will see in the endslate) and I had a blast with this one. It's weird that Sonic characters are becoming recurrent in this series lol. While doing my usual research for this, I figured out that this was supposedly a popular death battle request as well, but it was supposedly a crapshoot or something. I dunno, we are no strangers to weird suggestions.

    Anyways, in this battle we pit Harley Quinn against Amy Rose, in a battle to determine who wie…

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  • Dgun5121

    am i too late for this

    Gimme an idea, and I'll make a cover art or thumbnail of it.

    • Also I can make title cards, You decide cards, and custom logos. Just message me via the Message Wall .

    Send me a custom logo or cover template if you have one.

    the size is 1920x1920 or 1280x1280.

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  • MC Fawful

    "How sad, they made a Teletubby scarier than you..."

    Yes, but I'm not ripping off that line in this battle. You'll see why. 

    Welcome back to Nintendo VS Anything! It has been a bit of time, but I'm back! Today's battle features League of Villains member from My Hero Academia with a weird obssesion for blood, Himiko Toga! She will be facing one of Mario and Luigi's most powerful foes, along with being a powerful fear for me once, Cackletta! Let's start it!

    Beat: Creepy (it's the third one down:


    Nintendo VS Anything!

    Himiko Toga!





    Himiko Toga: 

    So when I’m facing queasy female Marx, I’m supposed to be afraid?

    Miss, I’ve got 2003 reasons to put you…

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  • MetalFire

    5 Years On Here

    May 12, 2019 by MetalFire

    So yesterday was my 5 year anniversary on here. I'm 20 years old and I've spent 1/4th of my life on here, I honestly can't believe it. In retrospective, as silly as this sounds, joining this wiki has been pretty beneficial to my life. I feel like I got to improve on some of my social skills through being part of an online community. I also got to improve on my skills as a writer early on by writing battles on here and helping people with theirs. I think it just felt great to be around people who actually shared common interests with me. It isn't just ERB either, plenty of other stuff as well. The wiki gives me this sort of homely feel to it, so thats why I've been happy that activity has resurfaced and that I've been more active in the Dis…

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  • JKGame

    Hello everyone.

    Welcome back to another new installment of My Little Rap Battles.

    I'm honestly agitated because my computer started acting up and it resetted, erasing my progress. So I had to start all over.

    Let's just get this thing started. This may not be as good as the previous one, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

    Cover made once again by the one and only Leandro.

    "MLP's infamous salespony brothers, Flim and Flam, and everyone's favorite infomercial guy, Billy Mays, battle each other to see who's the better salesman known to attract people with their convincing speeches about their products. Who will prevail, scammers or the honest salesman?"

    (Flim is in red, Flam is in yellow, and when both are rapping together, it's in bold.)


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  • Wachowman

    ‘’(Wachowman is seen rising from a grave)’’

    Wachow: ahhhh man, oh parodies are back? Dammit, thought last season was my last, ah well lemme just call up Grav.

    ‘’(Wachow calls Grav but he doesn’t pick up)’’

    Wachow: huh, ok guess Grav won’t be my about going back to my roots...

    ‘’(Wachow calls Trixter but she doesn’t pick up)’’

    Wachow: :/

    ‘’(Wachow then gets a call from an unknown number)’’

    Wachow: *answers phone* Yo.

    ???: sup Wach.

    Wachow: who is this?

    ???: your favorite color.

    Wachow: idk Cyan I gue-waaaaait a minute.

    ‘’(Cyan then fucking bursts through the phone)’’

    Cyan: then I shall be your new Co!

    Wachow: huh, ok then, here’s the W2, you start now.

    Cyan: awesome, lets do this.








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  • MC Fawful

    Anyways, here's a hint for the next battle, which is definitely my most detailed cover-art so far.

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    make way everybody lego movie stars in the house,

    coming in with percisson stealthy as a mouse, you best make way for us two both our movies made mad cash,

    you best get out of here and make a mad dash, you humor is crude a absolutely obscene, and your bender friend is absolutely mean,

    your show got cancelled twice so your gonna bleed,

    i'll pop both your heads off then blast you away,

    i will dance the hustle then make you pay,

    sure our show got cancelled twice but we had a crossover with the simpsons,

    we're fired up like pistons,

    i'm tough to the bone your bum joke was crass,

    let's hear an opinon from bender

    bit my shiny metal ass,

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  • MC Fawful

    Is this better?

    What did I tell you? You should've seen my News post before this! Anyways, this matchup comes from the fact that I had heard a few months ago about this theory on the Kirby Wiki that the character Zan Partizanne had tried to kill herself. (Do the research yourself, I think it's something with her pause screen descriptions.)

    Anyways, this is a battle me and a friend wrote a few months ago. Zan Partizanne, the eldest of The Three Mage Sisters and the one with the seemingly darkest backstory, battles Sayori, that one girl from DDLC that's all the buzz most of the time. Anyways, let's go!

    Beat: The Return (


    Nintendo VS Anything!



    Zan Partizanne!



    Sayori: What the h…

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  • MC Fawful

    Anyways, JKGame has given me a great suggestion for a battle that I will surely get to! And, Sayori vs Zan Partizanne is another battle that I will post later today! So, here are my battles I have ready and are planning to bring to you guys!

    Petey Piranha vs Cagney Carnation

    Sayori vs Zan Partizanne

    Tsuyu Asui vs Greninja

    Himiko Toga vs Cackletta

    Pikachu vs Denki Kaminari

    Fawful vs Monika

    And the upcoming one and second one this month is...

    Bender from Futurama up against Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story’s Junker!

    Bye, and see you soon!

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  • Segamad66

    Time for another battle!

    Here we go!






    Usain Bolt

    It's me Usain Bolt, who is as fast as the Flash,

    Won't pause for a second, or I'll suffer whiplash.

    They call me the Lightning Bolt, while you're the Flying Fish.

    Ears as wide as a stingray and a penis the size of a goldfish.

    I completed the 100 metre sprint in 9 seconds, on land.

    I'm still shocked you passed your driving test without a beer on-hand.

    If you wanna be as healthy as me, you'll eat chicken nuggets for food.

    Have you seen yourself in the mirror Mike? 'Cause you're one ugly dude.

    Michael Phelps

    The name's Michael Phelps and I'm about to make a splash.

    You spend all year training, just for a quick snappy dash.

    Got 28 Olympic medals to my …

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  • MC Fawful

    Ok, so here's the battle only I've been waiting for: Antasma, the bat king and main antagonist of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, up against Freddy Krueger, the main antagonist of the A Nightmare on Elm Street series. Who will win the battle of nightmare villains? You decide! 

    Beat: Smoke and Mirrors by 2Deep (


    Nintendo VS Anything!



    Freddy Krueger!


    (0:14) Krueger: Sizing up a bratty enemy, you’re sizing up some odium!

    Keep Somnomming on my raps as I take the winning Pi’llodium!

    And what are you gonna do to me? Stab me with a stylus?

    You won’t see your loss when you’re X’d out and left totally eyeless!

    While you’re Torkdrifting out and forgotten, my fame’s getting Massif!…

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  • JKGame

    Hey there.

    The next My Little Rap Battles installment should come out around the weekends, so stay tuned for that.

    Here's the cover for it, beautifully done by the one and only Leandro.

    I also have some stuff planned for Epic Rap Battles of the Universe, with even more Fire Emblem battles along the way, Louis Zamperini vs Sonic the Hedgehog, and Guy Fawkes vs The Helpful Fox Senko-san. (I know how weird the last one sounds.)

    I'm not here just for that, though. That would render this post pointless. Instead, I have a request for anyone reading this, though it is pretty much spoiling how the mid-season finale of MLRB will go, so spoilers.

    I have mentioned before that for the mid-season finale for My Little Rap Battles, Cozy Glow will be one of the…

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  • MC Fawful


    May 8, 2019 by MC Fawful

    The next battle is Antasma vs Freddy Krueger. It will release later this month, with Tsuyu Asui vs Greninja out on June 13th. See you then

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  • SuperCazio

    Tremor Guevara, quiet Congo carrier,

    Evaluate nursery nurses in the 1960s!

    Rebel bombing of heavy metals,

    My party and I are a group of murderers! (Wow!)

    My steel mill is famous all over the world.

    You are the third best book known as Alan Moore!

    All the children said, "We will be like a car!"

    Asthma, but I will not breathe. (The danger of suffocation!)

    You are trying to resist James in front of you.

    This is the tip of the next scene: Try again!

    There is a magnet in your neighbor's cooler.

    Your head is in the position of the London Bridge!

    You have a job, girl: make friends!

    I insist on being as safe as your bar: Go!

    You must have Anonymous, Epic Fell Cow.

    Let's see if this battle is like squatting and diving in another battle.

    As always, it must be very …

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  • Reignic4

    Blue Curtain Battles of History

    It's been four years since the last installment of this shitty web-series on this shitty fanbase called the Epic Rap Battles of History Wikia. Four fucking years. An entire generation of snot-nosed, pizza-faced kids have been able to completely finish high school (or drop out in disgrace) since the last time I've written a god forsaken rap battle. Please fucking end me, why am I even doing this?

    For those of you don't remember me (rememeber remember the reignic of terror), my name is Reignic. I hate rap with a passion but am good when it comes to history. I am sexually attracted to eyebrows, so I feel obligated to publish this great piece of ass work that is the rap battle between pop sensation and mid-00s white gi…

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  • Amontgomery1432

    Hello, I initially wasn't planning on bringing this series back, but the warm reception to my previous blog put a spark of creativity back into my heart. I had lost the drive to keep this series going, but then I stole this idea from UBERocity had this idea. Fun isn't something one considers when balancing their schedule, but this does put a smile on my face. Also, I saw that Thanos has his own official page now, which...Seriously? They're using Thanos? Against who? Emperor Palpatine? Oh, well. I wanted to get my own Thanos battle out there so that you all can eventually hit me with "Wow, this isn't as good as ERB" when that one drops. It is inevitable. In the long-awaited fifth episode of Amont's Epic Rap Battles, Monika the main antagonis…

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  • Beerman8299


    May 6, 2019 by Beerman8299

    If you haven't seen it already, check out my newest battle Columbo vs. Magnum P.I.!  Yesterday, I had posted a rap battle between The Addams Family and The Munsters.  After some expected feedback, I decided to remove the battle because of how terrible it was.  I then replaced it with the new battle.

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  • Icey778

    This is gonna have major spoilers for both Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Mirai Nikki. If you haven't completed part 5 JoJo then I suggest you stop reading same with Nikki. I had trouble writing in character for Yuno sorry if she's not Yuno sounding like. As for the boss he was sorta hard to write for too mainly because the words he uses when he speaks. Stupro is pronounced stew-proh by the way. I also had trouble on some of the bars in the third verses and it took a while to figure it out. Not to mention I scrapped and changed lyrics. I kept some scrapped for you that I'll show at the end.



    I'm not even a god and I'm designed to be divine

    I'm what fate defines as an evil mastermind

    While you’re trying too hard to get a date wit…

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  • Joeaikman

    Welcome, welcome, welcome one and all to an incredibly festive (sort of) rap battle by me, Josef Aikman. I realise that this is coming too late for both Christmas and the Premiere of Season 8 of Game of Thrones, but I'm a lazy fuck so deal with it. This has actually been written since before the premiere but I just didn't publish rip. That means that this battle doesn't contain spoilers for the final season of GoT (who would have thought that Hodor came back to life to murder Cersei?), though it does have spoilers from Seasons 1 through 7. You have been warned. Remember, the Night is Dark and full of Spoilers.

    So in this battle we have one cold motherfucker, the Night King, an icy necromancer with immense power, going up a jolly bowl of jel…

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    GORILLA GRODD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    it's the king of kongo bongo here for rap battle song,

    hang on little buddy this won't be long,

    gave mario his start on the nes,

    your a sub par villain at best,

    i rather face but dragon beat josh to it,

    your not that smart just admit,

    bananas are my fuel but i won't need to beat your ass,

    when it comes to the villain race you'd come last,

    i'm a genius kong best not get me mad,

    beat you up well i'll be glad,

    bust not give me sass,

    cause your fan's are too busy looking at tiny kong's ass,

    your girlfriend's over sexualized she looks like a hoebag mixed with a slut,

    plus chunky kong has got a big gut,

    your getting stale with each game you gonna cry need a hanky,

    no wonder you grandpare…

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  • JKGame

    Hello everyone.

    First, Guy Fawkes vs Che Guevara was an amazing battle. A bit lacking in the visuals department, but the lyrics were well-written and the beat was really catchy!

    Anyway, here we now have Spike in a battle.

    Spike had a lot of opponents planned for him and then scrapped due to me not really liking them in the end. Ridley from Metroid, Emmet from The Lego Movie, etc.

    Finally, I thought of this and realized just how similar they are. I could've released this for Season 3, but hey, Persona 5 is getting some big attention lately with its representation in Smash and the new games based on it coming out like Persona 5 S and Persona 5: The Royal. I may as well release it now.

    Also, this won't be the only Persona 5 battle I will make. Jok…

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  • Amontgomery1432

    Hey, it's Amont. I'm not dead, surprisingly. I wish I was, but that's besides the point. I know it's been a while since my last upload, but I couldn't bring myself to just stay inactive without at least explaining where I went. It certainly goes without saying, at this point, that I'm not the most consistant user in the world. I've proven that over and over again during my time here. Saying "I'm sorry" doesn't even begin to make it up to the people I've let down, so I'll spare you the trouble of a sob story. I feel the need to explain my absense, give a few announcements, and hopefully make people feel better about me just fuckin dropping off the face of the Earth. I'm sure only, like, three people remember me at this point, so I'm probabl…

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  • Beerman8299





    Here's the beat I chose for this.  The battle starts at 0:40.  I chose this one because it reminds me of the Magnum P.I. theme song.  So if you have never heard that, I suggest listening to it before listening to this beat so you get a better sense as to why I chose.

    Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar.
    You can't win just by relying on your car.
    That red wedge is just a chariot for your mustache.
    I'm a Pinball Wizard and my raps are witchcraft.
    You ain't half as powerful as the real .44 Magnum
    Are your Vietnam flashbacks causing you to spasm?
    You're a rip-off of 5-O and a Rockford Files wannabe.
    And your reboot threatens your friendship with Higgins, Wright, and T.C.
    The only good thing about your show is the theme song.…

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  • MC Fawful

    Hello! I am back! Okay, so! Nintendo vs Anything is on the way, with the first battle coming later this month. Here are some of my hints for the future.

    (16 inches of cr*p mixed with garbage)

    (Mask off and the blade's on)

    (Breaking the fourth Engrish, I don't know. These are off the top of my head!)

    (Anime anthropomorphic frogs)

    (Ball brawlers)

    (Sweet Dream Stones...)


    All that and more coming soon! Be sure to suggest your ideas down below, and try to guess the matchups, too! Thanks!

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  • TCalderon

    Guys, I think I have a new favorite matchup. So, I meant for this to be the penultimate battle of season one (simply because of how ambitious this ended up being), but after binging some of Season Three of My Hero, playing Spider-Man on PS4, rewatching Into the Spider-Verse, and watching Avengers: Endgame in theaters (twice)... I guess you could say I got into a "superhero mood", and decided to get this out of my system sooner rather than later. And not gonna lie, I'm really proud of how this turned out. These two characters and their subsequent franchises mean a lot to me, and I wanted to do them justice. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing for it! :) Izuku Midoriya, the powerful yet dorky student at U.A. High School…

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  • MC Fawful

    Haven’t been doing much on here. School and after school stuff is getting pretty big, and I’m trying to stay here more often. And also, you guys can suggest battles for Nintendo vs Anything, as they are not coming out on a set schedule, but rather when I have the time to release them. I have hints for the upcoming one, since no one read my last blog post. Once again, one line per character. These are just flowtest lines or something. Let’s see if JKGame can guess it again... “You were betrayed by Godzilla on shrooms!” “You got beat by a Panthers reject!”

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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    are the two worst TV writers of all time. that is all.

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    it's jiffpom internet legend stepping to the mic.

    let me tell you stright boobear this isn't your night,

    nobody remembers you anymore they all belong to me,

    i'm gonna bite your ass to ensure my victory,

    claw scratch bite and punch just like a barbaloot,

    your gonna be forgotten sooon your gonna get the boot,

    i've already won this battle don't bother trying to rhyme and attack,

    cause compared to me your as ugly as a cat,

    i'm the world's cutest dog for a reason i got millions of views,

    you got no game against me so what are you gonna do?,

    people love me i make they're hearts melt,

    while they rather turn you into a fur pelt,

    i'm cute your ugly that's not opinion it's fact,

    your raps are wack i'm the lead…

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  • Avatar XIII

    Hello denizens of ERB. Didn't realize I've been gone for so long lol. Sorry about that. Well, I hate leaving things unfinished, so I'm back to get Season 3 polished off and completed. It seems I'm part of the 2019 renaissance of fanmade series. I do have a few quick shoutouts to give for my revival. One, TK. Really appreciate your support. That comment on Raven vs Poe was a surprising amount of inspiration to finish. Two, Stoff. Your suggestion was the first to break my funk, and you've provided plenty of great ones throughout the series. Much love. And last but not least, everyone who actually pays attention to this series. Tanks a bunch.

    Without further ado, tis Batgirl vs Kim Possible in a bout of redheaded, teenage girls that double as …

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  • Beerman8299

    After this battle is the Season 2 finale!  I have plenty of rap battle matchups set for future seasons, but I don't have very many or very good lyrics for them.  So, after the finale, I will post a list of matchups that I have and you guys can help me write the lyrics!  This battle is probably one of my best, so here we go.




    Pennywise (1990) - 

    Boo!  Hiya Joker!
    Or should I call you a midnight toker?
    You're about to lose that smile on your face.
    When you're removed from best movie villain and I take your place.
    Not everybody floats when they fall in a vat of chemicals.
    That makes you the only person that I wouldn't consider edible.
    C'mon bucko, let's get nuts.
    I guess I also wouldn't eat you since you ain't got t…

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  • Alexschmidt711

    Here's another battle I've written parts of into the Discord.  (Rather fortunately as I lost a lot of the text.) It's the battle of the Buckeye State brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright vs Jake and Logan Paul!

    (No color means both are rapping)

    Yo who is this? Yeah, what are those?

    You're the most miserable excuse for a pair of bros!

    You're gonna be defenseless when we step in the ring

    Beating brothers senseless? Yeah that's kind of our thing

    Whatcha gonna do in your little airplane?

    I'mma chug right past in my I-don't-care train

    Yo brothers, you may have got a lot done in your lives

    But you never did a girl and you never had no wives!

    Look at our suscribers now, see we are on fire now

    Forget the state quarters, yeah we repping Ohio now!

    And you haven't …

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  • Beerman8299

    This has been one of the most requested battles for ERB to do.  But since they haven't done it yet, I decided to make one myself.





    Amelia Earhart -

    I'm channeling this radio, so call me A.M. Earhart.  I know you won't forget me.

    I'm dropping rap bombs from my Model 10 Lockheed.

    I want you to remember this tiny little tidbit:

    I was the first female pilot to fly solo 'cross the Atlantic.

    Now that I've done it, we can call it equal rights.

    And I'm starting equal fights

    By circumnavigating this assbite.

    You've got more dirt on your life than you've got at your gravesite.

    I'm throwing a National Women's Party, and I'm sorry you're not invited.

    After this battle's over, it'll be the last time YOU'VE been sighted.


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  • MC Fawful

    Prince Dreambert: But then, just as we were about to lock him away, Antasma shattered the Dark Stone! ???: Very funny story, but that’s not even close to the level of a Nightmare! Prince Dreambert: Huh?! *slash* Antasma: So, we meet for the first time, Mr. Springwood Slasher!...

    I hope you guys liked my style of hinting at my next battle with a story! The battle comes out next month, with several battles being pushed back due to vacation plans. See you then!

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  • JKGame

    JK here once again with another battle. After this one though, my rap battle upload schedule is gonna go back to how it usually is with a battle being released at least every week, more likely two. Since I had a lot more free time this week, I decided to do what I did back in my early days when I uploaded battles in the summer and release them more frequently.

    Originally I had Shovel Knight against Shining Armor after it was suggested to me and the matchup itself was going to show up in Season 3, but since I am still very much into the Fire Emblem series, I just had to do this. Hope you enjoy this!

    "Husband of Princess Cadance and Twilight's sister, Shining Armor, and the main lord in Fire Emblem Awakening, Chrom, battle each other to see who…

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  • Awesome Betterhero

    In the fourth Awesome Rap Battle, Walt Disney-created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit battles against Super Mario RPG's Geno.

    Who won? You decide!

    AWESOME RAP BATTLES........yeah.

    hint for next battle: Fruity burst of flavor to bust open this beaver of a bunny

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