• Awesomesix

    In this Season 6 installment of Epic Rap Battles of History, the fantastic, titillating saga of Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler continues where the last one left off. Instrumental:

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  • Kiet Do 04

    Welcome to my "creative" output. Gonna be making a couple battles here and there so let's see how this goes. Without furthur ado....






    Carol Danvers on the mic, here to drop some bars.

    Your Power Suit won't help when my disses come in hard.

    The best combat I've seen from you is against a Pikachu

    And your enemies are just Dark Barney and an evil clone of you.

    I'm a symbol for women, a beacon flying around.

    Whilst your franchise is waiting to be buried in the ground.

    Alright Ms. Marvel, just calm down for a minute There's a bounty for your head and I'm here to claim it.

    Been pushing for feminism since 1994. 2019, you broke in and knocked down the door.

    Dash of Nova plus some of that Wo…

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  • Star wars fan331

    Epic rap battles of randomness Charlie magne vs Harley Quinn begin!

    verse 1

    charlie: hello Harley I'm the princess of hell a place we're you don't want to be in.

    you will feel so swell at my hotel because my service is so neat that it will make you stop beating up Batman.

    idk how long you've known joker but we don't know either why so you mean man I'm nice.

    im just someone you wanna meet so I'll give you a seat at the happy hotel.

    harley Quinn: oh hi there I'm here to tell you I don't want to be in a hotel made by the princess of hell.

    your dad is the king of hell thats not well and inside of every demon is not a rainbow it's fire.

    im sorry did I ruin that song well I'm not apologizing because this bitch just dissed you.

    i must be hearing things be…

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  • JKGame

    Hello, and welcome to a new installment of Weeb Shit vs Anythi-

    Wait, what do you mean this isn't Weeb Shit vs Anything?

    Yeah, I did suggest this matchup for that series quite a while ago, but recently I just couldn't resist making it a reality. Sorry for technically stealing from your series now, T.

    Fun fact: these two properties actually got a cross-promotion recently for the release of Zombieland Double Tap in Japan. I was thinking of making this battle in time for that movie, but at the time, I didn't realize that it was already out. Oops.

    I also kept switching between Columbus and Tallahassee, but in the end, I settled with the latter.

    Enough talk, let's get into the battle!

    "Zombie hunter and partner of Columbus from the 2009 movie Zombieland…

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  • ZIAO1990

    Satsuki Kiryuin

    December 8, 2019 by ZIAO1990
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  • ZIAO1990

    Megami Saikou

    December 8, 2019 by ZIAO1990

    Megami Saikou will battle Chessman in T&M Rap Battles. He will be portrayed by Sweet Gum.

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  • ZIAO1990

    Megami Saikou vs Chessman

    December 8, 2019 by ZIAO1990
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  • Joshuakrasinski

    JOSH'S EPIC RAP BATTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!


    the king of atlantis is gonna send to a watery grave,

    cause this is one day you can't save,

    your movies are getting worser as the film series goes on,

    even aqualad could beat you in a marathon,

    i would spit a diss about your third movie but it never saw the light,

    you beat hades heh i beat namor in a death battle fight,

    i had a sucessful movie i turned into a badass,

    i'm a pimp on the mic while you fall flat,

    you were never cool at all your powers are lame,

    i like the spongebob version of you better your just bland and plain,

    you were cool in your movie but you started out poor but you only had a cameo in batman vs superman,

    i make you commit suicide more harder then the s…

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  • BanJorn2020


    December 6, 2019 by BanJorn2020

    We need to ban Jorn the troll. We will NEVEr forget the fifth of november! 

    1. FreeCelicious
    1. WelcomeBuunificant
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  • Star wars fan331

    Zim vs dib

    December 6, 2019 by Star wars fan331

    Epic rap battles of randomness Zim vs dib begin!

    verse 1

    zim: greetings Human I'm Zim your enemy and now I'm here to create a memey destruction on earth 

    I left my planet irk to invade your planet because the almighty tallest couldn't say it because it's unknown.

    i can't believe I had to pretend to be a Human worm baby just to take the swarm shaming of you trying to expose me.

    you can't unsee what's going on because your dads an alien hunter oh great he's gonna expose me too.

    Dib: ok Zim you are worse than the sims no one gives a damn if your human with a skin condition.

    i know your an alien because your sick in the head but everyone knows the truth that you don't have a condition the only condition you have is lying you lier.

    verse 2

    zim: you dar…

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  • Amontgomery1432

    Hello! It is I, your resident fucking loser shitposter, Amont, coming at you with an actual serious blog for once. Who knew that I was capable of that lmao. But yeah, uh. This isn't an easy blog to make, but I am officially announcing my semi-retirement from the Wiki. I've been on here doing shit and making friends for five years, five incredibly well-spent years, and that is finally coming to a close. I'm not gone for good, of course, nobody ever really is. I'll still pop in every once and a while with a comment here and there, but this is one of the last blogs I'll be posting before I hop off of here and focus on other shit. Like I said, I'm not leaving for good. You can catch me writing for GridLine Rap Battles, Jake's music series, the …

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  • Star wars fan331

    Epic rap battles of randomness Aphmau vs iHascupquake Begin!

    verse 1

    Aphmau: hello Jess here to take the mic of this person who's Minecraft animations were made by a future YouTuber.

    im taking The Whole my street crew to know what your about I'm gonna know why you made Jaiden animations popular.

    Uh oh I accidentally gave reactors a copyright strike when they saw angels fall finale.

    becuase finally it took a few people to know the song becuase it's probably popular and shitty oops excuse my bad languages 

    iHascupquake: oh boy this roleplayer isn't good she just makes bad series and horrible gacha reactions.

    because unlike you I'm not a roleplayer because i gotcha where I want you and you can say oh dear.

    i love the fact I don't roleplay and I'm ver…

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  • Wachowman

    Wachow: oof this...this took a while.

    Cyan: we got it going tho so it’s all good. Gabe also made an amazing cover.

    Wachow: and we now have enough suggestion to last a few battles.

    Cyan: yeah, man that guy just got back and you’re putting him in Joker vs Pennywise?

    Wachow: shshshsh.

    Cyan: anyways let’s hit it, we’re giving ourselves a small break after this cause December can be stressful.

    Wachow: you’re telling me, Hope y’all enjoy.






    Imagine you left and no one cares where your account went,

    Just like all of your blogs that are filled with Announcements.

    All your useless raps, like you’re writing a novel,

    I’ll kick the F out of you, MC Awful!

    My favorite beat is how I’m beating you right now!

    I …

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  • Segamad66

    Welcome back to The Masked Rapper. The final set of results are in, lets take a look:

    Owl: 2

    Raccoon: 2

    Oh no a tie, what does that mean? Well I'm gonna judge on who delivered their lyrics the earlier as this battle was delayed several times. Across to my sources Owl delivered their lyrics 3 weeks before Raccoon. That means the Owl wins and but that means we have to unmask second place first, which means it's unmasking time!

    Yes it was Joe all along. Joe has won the golden mask and is crowned champion. Well done to him.

    Well that brings season to a close and what an amazing season it has been. Stay tuned for season 2 which will be hosted by Mortal in the new year.

    That is all.

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  • Nachowman is back again in the ring

    It is time to take action. Celicious doesn't deserve to be banned for a joke Barreh. Tell us about what you and Jorn did man. Why do you lie so much. JORN WAS BEHIND CELICIOUS LOOK AT THEM BARZ! What a troll. He deserves to be banned forever the troll. Cockbitch. 

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  • Star wars fan331

    Epic rap battles of randomness Freddy fazbear vs Tinky winky begin!

    Verse 1

    freddy fazbear: are you ready Tinky winky because I hope you are ready for Freddy.

    keep walking in the Forrest at daytime and turn into a hulk like creature in the nighttime.

    i have fan games of other characters you just have games that are spin offs even Sean and santi know that

    your fandom is a bunch of 12 year olds who say ok and the n word to many times and make fun of the discord server owner for liking a character.

    so be like Leyam and scram.

    tinky winky: please don't steal my custards because that might be the last thing you will do to have it taste like mustard.

    so you think my fandom is bad yours turned into nsfw monsters.

    at least taste has a point in this im  not…

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  • Gliscor Fan

    It's about that time of year, isn't it? It's been a long while, so here's a matchup I've been planning on doing since I "rebooted" this series, it just so happens to coincide with ERB's timing so I'd say it's a perfect time to actually do it. I wanted to experiment a bit with something as well, you'll see what down the line.

    For this matchup, I figured I'd change it up a bit. Neither of these characters are known on a first-name basis, one of which is because he has no name, the other of which (while he does have an official name) has custom names. Thief vs Criminal, Persona vs DC, Joker vs Joker. Who will come out on top?




    The Joker:

    Clown prince of Crime on the mic, that's why I call the shots

    And if…

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  • Star wars fan331

    Epic rap battles of randomness Bijuu mike vs Laurenzside begin!

    verse 1 

    Bijuu mike:hello my scrubs welcome to a video that is slightly different against this purple haired YouTuber who's crap I can't take.

    you used to do Yandere simulator now you sometimes do it which isn't very greater now it's gacha and sometimes yandere simulator.

    My scrubs should we defeat Lauren in this battle? Yeah figure that out on your own.

    Laurenzside: hello again mike to do this stupid rivalry is just one big joke and I can't even diss you without making a joke about your pink hair.

    it made you look like a girl which it didn't no one said it did so why bother? after I'm done with this battle I will delete you like Sayori.

    verse 2

    Bijuu mike: um where are your past vid…

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  • Segamad66

    Here we go! Sorry about the super long delay someone was sucking big dick. But now we are at the final of the competition and the stakes are raised to the highest of levels. Last time we lost The Hyena, but who will win the golden mask?

    This week's theme is: EXPRESS YOURSELF

    So lets see those performances!

    The Raccoon: (Beat at 0:23|

    Looks like Owl's the speedy Hare in our little race to finish lines,

    But don't sleep on a Tortoise-paced ace, place first at the finish line!

    After my last drop out, couldn't cop out with a finals no-show sequel!

    Like this series, I'll slow burn ya, the tourney pro's flow's unequalled!

    Don't eat pig but go Bon-ham on beats, a drummer comes out swingin'!

    Thunder down under tears…

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  • JohnGon77

    What's up, it's me Spencer Shay

    The best sitcom brother of my day

    Oh look, it's Marion Moseby

    The grumpy hotel manager who dislikes running in his lobby

    You best go back to your cruise ship and be a swabby

    Now let me begin to show you the PRNDL

    First i'll park into your hotel

    and then I'll reverse over Esteban

    and unlike the Swiss i ain't neutral

    and then I'll hit a new low by driving over Arwin

    Now, give me my medal because this is a certified win.

    Please, Mr. Shay, relax and i'll turn on the radio

    Would you like AM or FM?

    If you choose AM i'll kick your ass

    If you choose FM i'll set you on fire like your sculptures

    There'll be no rapping in my lobby

    Because all the people who go against me leave the hotel throbbing

    and when i'm done with you, your sister…

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  • Star wars fan331

    Epic rap battles of randomness katara vs Jenny wakeman Begin!

    verse 1 

    katara: hello robot I'm katara and yes I'm a water bender but this time there no need to return you to sender.

    your just a teenage robot built in a lab that wouldn't make you mad because if I were to beat you then you would be sad.

    you have 8 other sisters but they only appear once I have a brother and he goes with me on my adventures.

    when your too busy saving the world from evil I'm busy saving the world from evil fire nation.

    jenny: hello katana whoops that's not your I meant katara you kissed a 110 year old that looks like he's 12.

    thats messed up you shouldn't have done that because you should have fessed up to sokka that you didn't mean to do that. 

    sure my siblings appea…

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  • Drat7

    who won. YA ha Ha!


    Hi Everybody! ​​​Potato In The House!

    I Know Everything About Bible Studies

    I Attend Bible Studies Every Sunday At 3 PM

    Tomato? More like CringeNado.

    You Are Like A Tornado Because You (yeah!)

    Killed my Mom In The Summer Of 1972 (yeah!)

    Tomato, You Will Surely See

    My Rhymes That Will Make History!


    Hello! Tis me, Tomato!

    You are like a Stupid O!

    You don't know the first thing about Bible Studies.

    That is because You Are Dummy!

    Go away, you are not like, cool.

    I am going to turn you into gruel

    Potato, you are potato (pronounced po tah to)

    because you are empresario


    Hey Whats Up guys? Its me Potato agai…

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  • Drat7

    who won


    Shut up stupid head, you're gonna get owned!

    Im so liquid I will make you drowned

    they call me condiment you need to ketchup

    chup chup chup you are not grown up

    people put me on hot dogs and sandwich too

    people only eat you to need to go poo

    diarrhea Aaaaa oo No no no no no

    1 2 Jeffrey time mustard wins bro!


    Hey there mustard that made me say Dude!

    because i don't subscribe to your attitude

    go on the platter your gonna get cooked

    sorry but my hotel is fully booked

    oh now now dont cry idiot

    your facing the fruit of the west

    my colour is supreme you are hated by bob ross

    because i am healthy vitamin c is the boss

    Honey Mustard:

    Buzz Buzz…

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  • Celicious

    My next target?

    November 29, 2019 by Celicious

    Someone wanna battle me now the Celicious-Mortal beef is over? 

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  • Star wars fan331

    Tom vs Tord

    November 29, 2019 by Star wars fan331

    Epic rap battles of randomness Tom vs Tord begin!

    Tom:hi commie it's your old "freind" Tom I'm here to diss you because get your act together don't mind me I'm just gonna make a joke and smile 

    even though I don't have eyes I can still see your tricks and I'm more sure that will be more of that where it came from

    i will leave you leaving like you did in 2008 because this is one fight you won't get out of with your guns.

    tord: ok no eyes my turn and you diss me with that word and you don't have to do it like that and even though I read your verse it's not well read I'm fine your not ok your just a no eyed bum.

    and I'm in the big city instead of that small town and our AUs of edds show still bad

    tom:you think I care about your departure you almos…

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  • Mr. Weenie12

    Join the Weenie Clan!

    November 29, 2019 by Mr. Weenie12

    Are you a Weenie in hiding? Tired of living in fear and shame. Then come out and join the Weenie Clan today!

    Embrace the Weenie inside!

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  • Markus R B D

    Monika vs RED

    November 29, 2019 by Markus R B D

    Monika from the dating/horror game Doki Doki Literature takes on RED from the NES Godzilla Creepypasta.

    The both know it's all a game, they both pay attention to you. Just different kinds of attention.

    Epic Rap Battles of Anything!





    Welcome to the club, I hope your verses are sharp,

    Though you look like you need bed rest, don’t push yourself too far,

    I have seen many heartbreaks, been through many hard days,

    But seeing your scarred face makes my happiness part ways,

    All I seek from my player is romance and laughter,

    Your playstyle consists of chaos and disaster,

    The act is up, RED! This will be your final chapter,

    I’m at my Zenith now, I’m the one in control, I’m the master!

    If you think you can…

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  • JKGame

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Remember those two battles that I said could happen after the previous one? Well, just kidding! Those will happen later.

    So I was recently trying to find opponents for Neptune, and I was getting extremely close to putting her up against Wreck-It Ralph despite them having little-to-no connection. But I went on to do this instead mainly because it had a better connection. Plus, it was still a funny matchup, which I wanted to have with Neptune.

    Let's get into the battle now.

    "Ditzy CPU of Planeptune and the representation of the Sega Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia, Neptune, and famed martial artist and avid spokesperson of the Sega Saturn, Segata Sanshiro, battle each other to see who's better at representing a …

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  • Celicious

    The neverending ERB game

    November 28, 2019 by Celicious

    New game

    I drop lines from a random ERB. Next user 'continues' it by continuing the rhymes, but to change the structure he can only use the 'second' and 'third' lines in a four bar structure. No repeats allowed. Here we go. I will add all verses over time, just comment what you want.



    'I am Adolf Hitler: Commander of the Third Reich!

    Little known fact: also dope on the mic!

    You are Vader, with your little boots and cape,


    You look like someone spilled lasagna on your face!

    But you're worth a lot me if I bring you back dead.'



    Man, it looks like Chewbacca wipes his ass on your head! 

    I'm the next Michael Jackson! You smell like Betty White!

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  • Star wars fan331

    Epic rap battles of randomness auronplay vs Bokkun-rlt begin!

    Auronplay: hola chicos y chicas soy auronplay today im gonna speak english because the rap battle wont be that way. Your videos are just slendytubbies curiosities and your friend is someone who makes roblox games. You wont get 1k subs because i beat you to it.

    Bokkun-rlt: are you challenging me 2 Spanish YouTubers rapping against each other. I would rather nerd out than watch your videos. Por favor dont make this a bad fight because i will win and you will lose.

    Auronplay: what was that am i hurt? No im not because im winning and your not.

    Scaw: yo por favor stop well this is a rap battle and just like lily allen your words dont translate and dont stay in touch. Bokkun-rlt:yeah what…

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  • Daizo55





    Light Yagami:
    Looking through where your quoted, failure’s connoted.
    Your true cause? Undevoted, but your name? Dully noted.
    Skilled in mathematics but can’t solve your own disjunction.
    77, locked up, with no sense for how boundaries function.
    Can’t win this confrontation, your only decent bars are in a cell.
    Neatly mail you a defeat, I’m known for dispatching Ls.
    Don’t try and spit sick to me, lest you break out in hives.
    Any bonds you had were severed down to every last tie!

    Ted Kaczynski
    Those lines were true to your name, you’re hitting me with floaty stuff.
    Forwent working electricity, but I’ll have no problem lighting you up.
    Bet your scheme on an idle idol, who’s busy playing taper.
    Meanwhile, you’re on your sub-…

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  • Mr. Swell Guy

    I was happy when the Joker was revealed for ERB, becuase it meant gamer representation, however the battle didn't tackle the issue of opression as well as Douglass vs Jefferson, or Banner vs Jenner.

    So I fixed it


    In my first appearance the Chad was supposed to slay me

    But I'm not a gamer because have no life, I just choose to have many!

    I'm the Clown Prince of Rhyme Minister, here to suck Veronica's toes

    Stephen King isn't a gamer, I bet he doesn't like Doritos!

    ...It's like cocaine, wait, thats not what I said

    I bet you don't even know which chipmunk gets the best head!

    They all float, says the quote, but your films they don't float

    And as far as Mr. King goes, he's cold, get him a coat! (hahaha!)

    I bet the Justice League all prefer to watch …

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  • Zeph3456

    Steve Harvey vs Pennywise

    November 28, 2019 by Zeph3456

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the fourteenth episode of Awful Rap Battles of Pop Culture and the sixth episode of Season 2. Today, we have TV host, Steve Harvey battling demonic clown, Pennywise.

    Oofie as Steve Harvey and Pennywise

    I am Steve Harvey and I am here to say,

    Pennywise the Dancing Cunt is indeed gay.

    He’s just some stupid lights with a small cock.

    Oh wait, never mind, he doesn’t even have one.

    He’s so feminine that he sounds like a ninja.

    He has no soul because he is a stupid ginger.

    I rather face Tim Curry than facing Skarsgård,

    You’re far away from famous, just like Skarsgård.

    It’s black vs white, and I don’t want to be racist,

    But you losing me is obvious in any kinda races.

    Pennywise? More like Pennydumb you bastard,

    So try to catch up…

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  • Celicious

    I am looking for a challange, a rapper worth my time

    I'm a savage, a lyrical mastermind

    A master of words, my angles hurt

    Poetic master of the universe

    Improving my skills is essential to me

    See the potential growing in me

    Feel the power, save the hour

    Be prepared, coward, or get devoured.

    Mortal, you're a bitch you bitch

    Now face a god, have you had enough? 

    I send you through a portal to the  edges of the universe

    I crush your soul and begin my second verse

    Feel the hurt, the pain, spit and swallow

    All the hot bars I drop while you hang on a gallow

    You bitch, now face the music bitch get wrecked

    Get used to the bars I spit in your neck

    Man man man, what you're doing dawg

    While you're picking like a chicking I'm diving like a hawk

    I killed u, with verses h…

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  • Mortal5075

    I am sorry this all happened but now the voting time is upon you.

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  • Beerman8299

    Greetings heroes!  Honestly, I wasn't expecting to release another battle between Halloween and Christmas, but whenever ERB releases a new battle, I get the urge to write. Not only that, but this battle was started over two years ago and was roughly half done when I took a break from it.  With that being said, you may notice a difference in some of the lines in each verse and how tame or lackluster they are compared to others, but I think they pulled through well enough.  So, here we have the first emperor of the Roman Empire, Augustus, versus Spanish conquistador and explorer, Hernán Cortés.

    Here's the beat.  I tried to get all of the lyrics to match the rhythm, but not all of them did.  Sorry bout that.  The battle starts at 1:09.


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  • Agentluke0322

    After a somewhat long wait, it's time to begin the Rapper for A Day Tournament!

    This will be the first 2 battles, each with 8 lines each.

    If it's a battle you want, I'm pleased to oblige, Gary.

    I'll beat this Bird harder than the one named Larry.

    You've lived your life in the cold; you've no chance against my hot burns.

    Step up to me, and I'll tip you like an iceberg.

    Who's been kicking since the '60s and is still on the air?

    This bird here, who's got the raps to cause a scare.

    Prepare to be shut down, just like your website.

    My fowl raps will bring this nerd's end tonight.

    Guess I should've not expected this guy yo get violent.

    Your raps failed harder than Club Penguin Island.

    My Tri-umph is certain, so it's best you surrender.

    You judge me by my size…

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  • Star wars fan331

    Lucy loud vs gwen

    November 27, 2019 by Star wars fan331

    Epic rap battled of randomness

    Lucy loud vs gwen begin!

    Lucy:oh look a non goth is here you will be broken like when trent kissed heather. And you wont be liking me when i pull the strings quite clever.

    Gwen:ok you whiny grey goth prepare to be defeated by the one and only i came out 9 years before you so what i cant see your eyes. And your not looking good oh please your being a pain in the ass like heather.

    Lucy:so what at least my creators departure did not stop me your now a muppet babies parody on cartoon network and ours is good.

    Gaz:hold on im the original 2003 baby i came before you two so quit while you can. And you both cant express anything else but sadness.

    Who won? Whos next? You decide.

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  • Mr. Weenie12

    I'm Mr. Weenie!

    November 27, 2019 by Mr. Weenie12

    I'm Mr. Weenie! I run the Weenie Clan! I like being a weenie! Weenie and proud!

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  • UnstableIsotope42

    Finally! The mid-season finale is ready and out!... After a 60-day hiatus. Oops.

    In reality, I just kind of found it a bit hard to write for these two. There's so much area to cover with either that it was hard to pin point what exactly to diss each other on. Honestly, there's probably enough material to make a sequel to this. Maybe in a future season? Who knows.

    For the next battle, I hope to trim down the wait time as the current trends right now show that the next one's gonna be in 2020 at this rate. I hope to get it out before New Year's, and to kick off another great 6 battles! Also, please leave any and all suggestions (within reason, of course) for future battles below! I'm always surprised by the creativity behind some of these match…

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    if i'm lying i'm crying but you three are done.

    your series is being miled by the ton.

    kachow! classic story of why not to be selfish.

    but when stephen left you should've just quit.

    i'm love the ladies and i got one to own.

    so let's let sally take a chance to pwn.

    this gal's got spunk but your just annoying.

    patrick so's dumb and it's cleary showing.

    you got no right to be besting me,

    your got so many movies and spinoffs from what i see.

    i'll haul you to texas and turn you three to scrap,

    and your money i don't give a cow crap.

    you ugly barnacles are milked more then us it's true.

    you are milked should've stopped at movie number 2.

    you beat chick hi…

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  • TCalderon

    So, I know it's been... a whole twenty six days since I've uploaded anything here. Some life stuff got in the way, and I haven't really found a lot of time or motivation to write rap battles. But, The Joker vs Pennywise was really freakin' good and made me wanna get back in the groove of things! So, I decided to finish up this battle that I nearly scrapped. It's not my best work, but hopefully you guys enjoy it! Hopefully the next battle I write will be something I can be truly proud of again. I got a few ideas I've been meaning to cook up.

    Any, enough of the emo shit.

    Neo, the chosen one from The Matrix, and Monika, the president of Doki Doki Literature club! These two battle it out to see which fake reality is truly superior!


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  • Segamad66


    Here we go!







    Stomping up buildings, shouting out "What's up Tokyo?"

    The big green dinosaur is rolling in, it's Godzilla, yo!

    The king of the monsters about to rex this TV tyrannosaurus.

    School kids are more likely to learn more from a thesaurus.

    I'm eating up planets while fighting off Mothra and Gigan.

    You show kids your big surprise, turns out it was a backyard gang bang.

    Running out of friends Barney? Selena Gomez is no longer a believer.

    Even your actor has had enough of you and is now a sexual healer.


    MC Barney on the mic, the dinosaur of hip-hip.

    I'm about to teach you friendship, while I'm shagging Baby Bop.

    I'm the PBS favourite, been around since 1992.

    You been rebooted so…

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  • Zeph3456

    Ash Ketchum vs Shakespeare

    November 25, 2019 by Zeph3456

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the thirteenth episode of Awful Rap Battles of Pop Culture and the fifth episode of Season 2. Today, we have Pokemon trainer, Ash Ketchum, against famous poet, William Shakespeare.

    Oofie as Ash Ketchum and William Shakespeare

    I am the very best while you are a lesbian,

    You have a tiny cock and you are a lesbian.

    I’m a prodigy in Pallet Town, you have a tiny dick.

    It takes more than a generation to see Darwin in your bed.

    I’ll circumcise you and then impale your throat with your own dick,

    So just leave this fucking battle, you stupid poet prick.

    Ass Ketchup, shall I cum to destroy hundr’d of your friends?

    You are such a bad person, thy should get your brain checked!

    I gotta catch ‘em all, and you will be one of mine.

    I wi…

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    it's dexter morgan here to tear your apart your a prostitute killer while i kill bad men,

    you aren't escaping this time jack your in the lion's den,

    my show was a hit i will slice your throat it will be a real bugger,

    i will appear in front of you like suprise mother fucker,

    i've been on the police force due to my knowledge,

    while you couldn't even graduate out of college,

    nobody knows where you were how do we know you exsist,

    nobody knows where you went your next on my list,

    oy jack the ripper on the mic better make way,

    cause i can beat this fictinonal serial killer any day,

    i got the pimping suit and the brittish swagger,

    i'm also the best dance i got the…

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  • Star wars fan331

    epic rap battles of randomness 

    Lisa loud vs Sheldon cooper begin!


    bazinga I got a 4 year old scientist that's too young for someone to be smart

    im so smart I went to college at 11 and what do you have college at 2 you nerd

    sure it took me a season to get married to Amy but is it gonna take you an episode to miss your family


    yeah sure you don't know how smart I Am compared to you I'm so smart my room is a lab

    your mother is a Christian and needs to lay down the Bible now I'm the 10th child to 2 parents that had a baby every year for the oldest kids

    laugh all ya want at my age cause I'm spitting up the rhymes like my west coast rap


    that's good but your to young to listen to that and this rap is more dull than my series finale  …

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  • Star wars fan331

    should this be a good idea if so I'm gonna do it with cartoon characters,Youtubers,tv shows,discord users and other things what would you name it? Also give me ideas for the first battle

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  • Celicious

    Mortal Diss I  

    Mortal Diss II - 'Neck-spitting motherfucker'

    Celicious vs Mortal the bitch rap battle

    Mortal Diss III - Freestyle

    Mortal Diss IV - Mortal the Punk

    A respond, what a mess you’ve made

    I’ll slap my balls across your chin to shut your face

    You’re a punk, a loser, a bitch bro

    You only got a stomp where you once got a dick bro

    I let the monkeys loose, they are free to choose

    Will they bite you in the nuts, or eat your ass as food

    Mortal be on the loose, running for safety

    He hears the dogs closing in, as they keep chasin’

    He has nowhere to go, Celicious sees him through the scope

    One shot one kill, from your neck through your throat

    When you’re kneeling down, Ill take you with me

    Stab you with a dirty needle now you have HIV

    Put you in a cage, …

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    it's william wallace here to spit a scottish style diss,

    i deafeated a father of rushmore your next on my list,

    your show can't stay fresh it's being milked more then spongebob,

    why can't you just retire from your janitorial duties and get a real job,

    i got mad sideburns you got axed three times,

    but not even that can save you from my rhymes,

    i got my sword in hand and i'll cut your head,

    i'll kill off all your voice cast and your show will finally be dead,

    go back to the grave wallace or i will cut off your dick again,

    i wrestled with a wolf and i will do it again,

    my show is in it's prime we got plenty of stories to tell,

    while braveheart is your legacy i dine in hel…

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    Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcook 

    Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters

    Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter

    Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers

    Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted

    Shaka Zulu vs Julius Ceasar

    Jim Henson vs Stan Lee

    Zeus vs Thor

    Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde

    Robocop vs Terminator

    David Copperfield vs Harry Houdini

    Oprah Winfrey vs Ellen DeGeneres

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