Cedar Hill
Cedar Hill
Rap battle information
Appeared in Frederick Douglass vs Thomas Jefferson
Character(s) Frederick Douglass
Release date May 30, 2016
Times appeared 1
Based on
Cedar Hill Based On

Cedar Hill is where Frederick Douglass rapped in Frederick Douglass vs Thomas Jefferson.

Information on the location

Cedar Hill is located in southeast Washington, D.C., and is where Frederick Douglass lived for most of his adult life. In 1988, the house and estate surrounding it was turned into a national historic site, which also consists of a visitor center.

Appearance in the rap battle

This is where Frederick Douglass rapped from the line, "A brainy mother fucker here to diss you!", to the line, "Heads for racist, tails for a slave plantation!" He then reappeared here during the line, "I'd never work for your ass, but I'll kick it for free!", and from the line, "Check my photos; now, that's real muggin'!", to the end of his second verse.


  • In the sky, a star can be seen which looks similar to Polaris, which may be a reference to Douglass' newspaper, The North Star.
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