Cemetery Mr. T vs Mr. RogersMr. T in a cemetery

Dr. Seuss' Storybook CemeteryThe Cat in the Hat in a cemetery

Cemetery Billy Mays vs Ben FranklinBilly Mays' grave in a cemetery

Rap battle information
Appeared in Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin
Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare
Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers
Character(s) Vince Offer
George Washington
Ben Franklin
The Cat in the Hat
Mr. T
Release date June 23, 2011
August 17, 2011
September 14, 2011
Times appeared 3
Based on
Cemetery Based On

A cemetery is where Vince Offer rapped in Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin after Billy Mays died. Cemeteries also briefly appeared in Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare and Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers.

Information on the location

Cemeteries, or graveyards, are areas to bury the remains of the dead. Cemeteries are popular among horror fiction stories and movies, particularly in zombie-themed scenarios.

Appearance in the rap battle

Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin:

This is the location where Vince Offer rapped after he took over for Billy Mays, and where George Washington made his cameo appearances. Ben Franklin also appeared during the line "It's bad enough I gotta see you every time I tip a stripper!".

Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare:

It was briefly seen in Dr. Seuss' storybook during the Cat in the Hat's line, "You bore people to death!"

Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers:

This is where Mr. T briefly appeared during the line, "I will Mr. T bag you in the closest cemetery!"


  • Despite having three appearances so far, this location has only appeared during Season 1.
  • The graves are marked differently in each of its appearances.
    • In Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin, the grave reads, "R.I.P Billy Mays. 1958–2009. 'Lord of the Pitch'."
    • In Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare, it reads, "Here lies your readership."
    • In Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers, it doesn't say anything.
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