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EpicLLOYD as Santa Claus' Christmas elves
Character information
Full name Varies (team rappers)
First appearance Folklore origins
Physical description
Hair Varies (team rappers)
Eyes Varies (team rappers)
Based on
Christmas Elves Based On
Rap battle information
Appeared in Moses vs Santa Claus
Vs Moses
Release date December 10, 2012
Official vote(s) 26% (Old poll from ERB Website)
Location(s) The North Pole

We're magical workers, man! We hang with reindeers!
— Christmas elves

Three Christmas elves assisted Santa Claus during his second verse against Moses in Moses vs Santa Claus. They were all portrayed by EpicLLOYD.

Information on the rappers

Christmas elves are little mythical creatures who work for Santa Claus and make the toys in their workshop for him to deliver to all the good little children. They are also sometimes portrayed as having other chores like feeding the reindeer. These elves typically represent joy and Christmas cheer.


[Note: The Christmas elves are in tan, while Santa Claus is in regular text.]

Verse 2:

We ain't slaves! All that sand turned your brain to mush!

I think you need to stop smoking all that burning bush.

Yeah, we're magical workers, man! We hang with reindeers!

Yo, here's a GPS! Who gets lost for 40 years?

You're a glorified secretary, so write this down!

Begat deez nutz! Santa Claus is coming to town!


  • A Christmas elf was also portrayed by EpicLLOYD in Nice Peter's music video "Santa is a Gangsta".[1]
  • The elves and Santa Claus are the first group of four to rap in a battle.
  • The elves are the first rappers to not be based on a specific character or person, but instead based on a non-specific character type.
  • As shown in the Behind the Scenes video for the battle, Lloyd had to wear shoes on his knees and kneel down in order to properly portray them.



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