Character information
Full name Charles Lee Ray
Nickname(s) Chucky
The Chuck
The Lakeshore Strangler
First appearance November 9, 1988
Child's Play
Born January 24, 1950
Hackensack, New Jersey
Died November 9, 1988 (aged 38, later reincarnated as Chucky)
Chicago, Illnois
Physical description
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Based on
Chucky Based On
Rap battle information
Appeared in Michael J. Fox vs Chucky
Vs Michael J. Fox
Release date March 14, 2010
Official vote(s) N/A
Location(s) N/A

Let me start to cut and suture!
— Chucky

Chucky battled Michael J. Fox in Michael J. Fox vs Chucky. He was voiced by EpicLLOYD.

Information on the rapper

Chucky is the main antagonist in the Child's Play horror movie franchise. He is a doll possessed by serial killer and voodoo practitioner Charles Lee Ray, who transferred his soul into the doll before dying.

Throughout the first three films of the series, Chucky looks like an everyday child's doll, but with the fourth film came his famous scars and stitches, as well as a bloody eye. In each of the films, Chucky tries to return back to human form and kills all the people in his way during his quest.



Yo, Chucky here.

Verse 1:

Yo, mention my face, man.

I'm getting dirty 'cause you make me.

Don't make me talk about how you're old and shaky.

Man, I know that is how you are I please.

Gotta dis you for your Parkinson's disease.

I think that's what you have.

Baby, now you look old, a long neck like a giraffe.

Let me start to cut and suture.

I'm gonna kill you, bring you Back to the Future.


  • Unofficially, he is the second rapper in the Epic Rap Battles of History series, after Michael J. Fox.
  • Chucky is unofficially the first:
    • fictional character to rap in an ERB.
    • rapper portrayed by EpicLLOYD.
    • fictional character portrayed by Lloyd.
  • He, GLaDOS, and Michael J. Fox are the only three rappers that haven't appeared in an official ERB.
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