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Dalek Cameo.png
Matt Sherin as a Dalek
Cameo information
Birth name Dalek
First appearance December 21, 1963
Doctor Who
Physical description
Hair None
Eyes Unknown (mutants)
Based on
Dalek Based On.png
Appearance information
Appeared in Doc Brown vs Doctor Who
During Doc Brown's first verse
Location(s) Hill Valley

— Dalek

A Dalek made a cameo appearance in Doc Brown vs Doctor Who. It was voiced by Dante Cimadamore and portrayed by Matt Sherin.

Information on the cameo

Daleks are a hostile and ruthless alien race in the famous science-fiction TV show Doctor Who. They were originally Kaled mutants from the planet Skaro, who, after a debilitating nuclear war, were encased in armor and named "Daleks" by the evil scientist Davros.

They are the Doctor's greatest enemies, as they are mortal enemies of the Time Lord race and fought them during the Time War leading up to planet Gallifrey's initial destruction. The Doctor and the Daleks share a mutual fear towards one another, and they refer to him as "The Oncoming Storm" on a number of occasions. Within their arsenal of weapons are a devastating ray gun capable of instantly killing anybody it shoots, along with a suction device which can suffocate victims and drain their life force. Also, as a last resort technique, a Dalek may violently self-destruct using the balls on its armor known as Dalekanium. Despite their weight, Daleks are capable of flight. Even a single Dalek can potentially pose a threat, as they can wreak chaos extremely quickly and with no mercy or compassion when in great numbers and/or their space armada.

Dalek mutants are rarely seen without their characteristic armor, and are squidlike beings capable of reintegration when dissected. While seemingly vulnerable in this state, they are capable of attaching to any living host and taking full command of it, including expressing their forced, high-pitched speech through it.

Appearance in the rap battle

A Dalek appeared during Doc Brown's first verse after he told the Doctor to "Dalek my balls!" Brown then commanded the Dalek via remote control as it stated its catchphrase, "EXTERMINATE!", finishing his rhyme. It then shot a laser at the Tenth Doctor, killing him and causing him to regenerate into the Fourth Doctor.


  • The Dalek is the third cameo to have a speaking role, after KassemG and a Stormtrooper.
    • He is the first cameo to fill in a rhyme for a rapper.
  • He is the second completely non–humanoid character to make an appearance, after HAL 9000.
  • This Dalek was used by Bart Baker in his "Scream & Shout" parody.[1]