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Season 6
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Donald Trump vs Joe Biden
Donald Trump vs Joe Biden
Battle information
Release date October 24, 2020
Number 81
Views 31M
Length 3:49
Previous Thanos vs J. Robert Oppenheimer
Next Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker (Season 6 finale)
Beat Information
Beat(s) Paranoid
BPM 111
Beat producer(s) Hollywood Legend Productions
Other information
Actors Nice Peter
Rappers Joe Biden In BattleDonald Trump In Battle 3
Cameos Russian hackers
Vladimir Putin
Location(s) A Russian computer room

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden is the eighty-first installment of Epic Rap Battles of History and the tenth episode of Season 6. It features American business magnate and 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, rapping against former U.S. Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. It was released on October 24th, 2020.

This battle is a spiritual sequel to both Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney and Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton, as it is the third U.S. election-themed battle.



EpicLLOYD as Donald Trump

Nice Peter as Joe Biden


Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD as Russian hackers


[Note: Donald Trump is in red, Joe Biden is in blue, and the Russian hackers are in gray]

Donald Trump:

It's the DJT, gettin' it on!

The Teflon Don on the White House lawn!

Against wimps like you, I'll win a third term.

Your campaign's like your family: crash and burn!

Think looting and violence will keep the MAGA movement quiet?

Ha! Resist me? That's a riot.

Why don't you step behind the gym? I'll be standing by.

We'll see how tough you are against the 45! (Uh!)

I'll shoot a hole through your whole party,

Bigger than the one I blew through Qasem Soleimani, (Ugh!)

Then I go and bone on Melania! (Ugh!)

I'm gonna smash you, Joe, like China!

I've got all the best cognition, with all the top grammar.

I'm not a little girl's shoulders, so you can't touch this, MC Stammer!

You're a disaster, inciting hysteria!

You say I'm selling hate in America; you're selling hatin' America!

Like with Hillary, the people aren't swayed!

You're just Barack's shadow, and I don't really like the shade!

Joe Biden:

The pain of losing loved ones is something I have seen,

So I know how you must have felt when they killed Jeffrey Epstein!

(Ooh!) Rap lyrics just ain't for you!

You should stick to love letters for Kim Jong-un!

You're a wrestling heel! Nothing 'bout you is real!

Bitch, you didn't even really write The Art of the Deal!

But you tapped into the rage of Red Mad Hatters!

Well, let me tell you, Trump, all lies matter!

(Ugh!) I don't want to defund no police! I picked a DA for my VP!

I'm not a communist; I'm not a socialist! I'm just an old-ass man with some decency! Wrong!

No matter what you try to say, global warming ain't canceled!

You pulled out of Paris, should've pulled out of Stormy Daniels!

I ain't sleepy; I'm tired

Of you, Donald Trump. You're fired!

Donald Trump:

The only thing getting fired on my watch is tear gas from law enforcement.

I'll keep America great! You'll unleash Antifa and keep America like Portland! Sad!

Ain't nothing gonna beat me! No person, woman, man, camera, TV!

Meh! They impeached me. I still walked out of DC looking peachy!

You got the sloppy, Joe, but no beef!

The only white privilege I see are those teeth!

Maybe teach your son a thing or two about life,

Like there's no hunting season for your dead brother's wife!

You and your mask and your Knight Rider shades

Are getting revoked like you're Roe versus Wade!

There's no Blue Wave! Forget it, not coming!

It's like I tell criminals, Joe: stop running!

Joe Biden:

Was Breonna Taylor running? Hmm? You dog-whistling fool!

I think your daddy would finally be proud of you: he was a racist asshole, too!

Что ты сделал? What's this malarkey? Ох ебать!

Keep at it and you'll end up in jail, hoss!

I'll take you down like I'm you, and you're a mailbox!

From all your wives to the SATs,

Everything you ever did, you just had to cheat!

'Cause you're too insecure to even look like a loser!

You're the worst damn Republican since Herbert Hoover!

But you scooped up a sycophantic, homophobe Hoosier,

And became the Constitution's domestic abuser!

200,000 deaths lying at your door!

You think they're suckers like McCain and the Marine Corps!

Sometimes I can't tell for which side you're rootin'!

When we go high, you go down on Putin!

(Ugh!) Truth is, you're scared to lose!

You got nothing in the banks 'cept IOUs!

Y-y-y-y-you whine about ballots like a bitch,

But the only thing that's rigged is taxes for the rich!

Look, you're a freeloader! Change your name to Tramp!

My campaign's ramping up; you can't get down a ramp!

I'm pulling away faster than your wife's hand!

For the love of democracy, will you shut up, man?





  • This battle was announced by ERB as a result of their collaboration with HeadCount, a non-profit organization which works with musicians to promote participation in democracy in the United States[1].
  • This battle was written in conjunction with members of the ERB Patreon. Patrons in the "Writer" and "Director" tiers on Discord were able to submit lines for the rappers, which were then incorporated into the battle.
    • During this writing process, several variations of the previous election battle format were considered. Before settling on the simple 1 vs 1 of the final product, one such variation involved Mike Pence (Trump's Vice President) and Kamala Harris (Biden's candidate for Vice President) backing up Trump and Biden respectively, with the battle ending on former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders flying in on pigeons (as opposed to Abe Lincoln's traditional Bald Eagle) as a third-party rapper. However, this idea was scrapped to avoid overcomplicating the battle, especially in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
  • Two demos of the battle can be accessed on the ERB Patreon.[2][3]



  • In the banner, Trump is wearing a gas mask, referencing his COVID-19 infection.
  • Biden's title card has him wearing a mask and squeezing a bottle of hand sanitizer, a reference to the COVID-19 pandemic present during the months leading up to the battle.
  • Donald Trump interrupting the announcer, as well as interjecting during Biden's first verse may be a reference to his conduct during the first presidential debate where he would interrupt Biden numerous times.
  • During the line "But you scooped up a sycophantic, homophobe Hoosier," a fly appears on Biden's hair, referencing the moment where a fly landed on Mike Pence's head during the 2020 Vice Presidential debate.


  • A single red frame briefly appears at the beginning of the video.
  • Trump's title card has no shadow behind the text.
  • At 0:22, Trump is placed slightly higher than he should be, showing blank space below the camera's view of Trump.
    • In the same shot, part of Trump's shirt is keyed out.
  • The subtitles for the line "Then I go and bone on Melania!" include an additional "I" before bone, when none is said by Trump.
  • The subtitles for the line "Should've pulled out of Stormy Daniels!" say "Should of pulled out of Stormy Daniels!"
  • At 1:30, the Biden that slides to the left stops before going completely off screen, and simply disappears after a second.
  • At 1:38, when Trump lifts up his arms and pulls his suit jacket away, the sides of his torso are partially keyed out.
  • The subtitles for the line "And you think they're suckers like McCain" do not include the "and" at the start of the line.
  • At 2:47, the Biden on the right has no transition, and simply appears suddenly.


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