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Donald Trump:

It's the DJT, gettin' it on,

(Donald Trump has often included his middle initial (J.) in his full name, and so the initials DJT are recognizable as referring to him. This also works as a play on words in which Trump calls himself a DJ (Disc Jockey).)

The Teflon Don on the White House lawn!

(Teflon is the brand name of a chemical coating known as polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE. It creates a non-reactive, nonstick surface and is best known for its use in cookware. A don is one name for the leader of a Mafia gang. "Teflon Don" was the nickname of American gangster, John Gotti, which he acquired after three high-profile trials in the 1980s resulted in his acquittal. The American media dubbed him "The Teflon Don," because none of the charges levied against him "stuck." Due to his own ability to withstand scandal, political or otherwise, Donald Trump has also been referred to as "Teflon Don," thus making him the Teflon Don of the White House, where the President resides.)

Against wimps like you, I'll win a third term.

(On many occasions, Trump has spoken about remaining in office beyond the two-term limit for presidents, once saying during a rally, "If you want to really make them crazy, you would scream for 12 more years," a reference to the common refrain of "four more years" for popular sitting presidents. It is often suggested that Trump would try to run for a third term. This could also be a reference on this being Trump’s third battle.)

Your campaign's like your family: crash and burn!

(Biden's first wife Neilia Hunter and their daughter Naomi were killed in a car accident in 1972. Their sons, Joseph R. "Beau" Biden III and Robert H. "Hunter" Biden, were also critically injured but survived. Trump states that Biden's presidential campaign will crash and burn just like his family did. Trump has been known to make many personal attacks on his rival's family.)

Think looting and violence will keep the MAGA movement quiet?

(While most of the protests during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 were peaceful, a few protests turned into large riots and the looting of small businesses in cities such as Minneapolis. Trump claims these violent actions are at attempt to silence his own movement, characterized by his campaign slogan "Make America Great Again," or MAGA.)

(Ha!) Resist me? That's a riot.

(Anti-Trump activists have often been referred as "the Resistance" against his administration and ideology. They often use the word "Resist" as one of their many slogans on posters, demonstration signs and even as a hashtag on social media, as well as "Resist Trump". Trump laughs at this and calls it a "riot." This is a double meaning, as to call something "a riot" is to say it is hilarious, often in a diminishing way, but also because Trump has been accused of referring to any protests or resistance against him as rioting.)

Why don't you step behind the gym? I'll be standing by,

(During a campaign rally in Pennsylvania for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden said that he wishes he and Donald Trump were in high school and he could take Trump behind the gym, a reference to where students stereotypically fight to resolve their differences. "Standing by" could also be a reference to Trump's words in the first 2020 presidential debate, during which he told the far-right organization the Proud Boys to "stand back, and stand by," which drew heavy criticism for seeming to be military orders rather than a condemnation.)

We'll see how tough you are against the 45! (Uh!)

(Trump is the 45th President. The .45 caliber pistol is often referred to just by its caliber, thus making both Trump and the pistol "the 45." Donald Trump once infamously stated that he could "stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody" without losing voters.)

I'll shoot a hole through your whole party,

(Carrying over the gun wordplay from the previous line, Trump states he plans to defeat Biden and the entire Democratic Party in the 2020 election.)

Bigger than the one I blew through Qasem Soleimani, (Uh!)

(On January 3, 2020, Iranian general and powerful figure Qasem Soleimani was assassinated by a US drone strike authorized by Donald Trump. He claimed that Soleimani was plotting "imminent and sinister attacks" on Americans. These actions were widely condemned by the Democratic Party and resulted in protests against the further heightening of tensions in the Middle East. A few days after the drone strike, the Iranian military launched missiles at an American base in Iraq, though no lives were lost. Donald Trump actually had bragged about killing Soleimani like he does here.)

Then I go and bone on Melania!

(Trump says that following his defeat of Biden, he will go and have sexual intercourse with his wife, Melania Trump.)

I'm gonna smash you, Joe, like China!

(During his presidency, Trump has had major conflicts with China and its president (and Communist Party general secretary), Xi Jinping. In addition to setting tariffs on the trade of goods from China, this includes the US-China Trade War since 2018, which resulted into the signing of a first-phase trade agreement, with which the Trump administration claims victory over China. China is also believed responsible for withholding key information regarding the SARS-CoV 2 virus that originated in Wuhan and has killed millions globally since its discovery. The Trump administration has also been sanctioning Chinese companies and political individuals for numerous reasons. This could also likely refer to porcelain or fine china being ceramic material that can easily be smashed. This could also be a reference to Biden allegedly having ties with the Chinese government and using his Vice President status for his own business in China. Trump also has a unique way of pronouncing China, sounding similar to 'gina', as in the word 'vagina', and 'smash' is a slang word that means to have sex. Thus, Trump uses play-on words when he says he's going to smash Biden like China.)

I've got all the best cognition, with all the top grammar,

(Joe Biden suffered two brain aneurysms in 1988 which required surgery. During the 2020 election cycle, he also was accused of exhibiting symptoms of dementia, a claim which has been championed by his detractors and refuted by his supporters. Trump has a tendency to boast about himself and his attributes. In a Fox News interview, he boasted on how well he did on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test. Trump brags here by saying his mental acuity is superior to Biden's, as well as his grammar.)

I'm not a little girl's shoulders, so you can't touch this, MC Stammer!

(Joe Biden has come under scrutiny for his manner around children, including physical contact with them such as stroking their faces or hair and placing his hands on their shoulders for prolonged periods of time. These incidents have led some to accuse Biden of being a pedophile. Trump says that unlike these children, Biden won't be able to touch his presidential seat. He also references the song "U Can't Touch This" and its artist, MC Hammer, by calling Biden "MC Stammer," in reference to Biden's noted stutter.)

You're a disaster, inciting hysteria!

(Trump claims that Biden is a disaster who stirs up uncontrollable outbursts of emotions such as fear or humour.)

You say I'm selling hate in America, you're selling hatin' America!

(Trump says that although Biden claims he is stirring up hate in his presidency, Biden is stirring up Hating America. Some Republicans often label their opponents as Anti-American.)

Like with Hillary, the people aren't swayed!

(Trump says that just like when Hillary Clinton tried to take him down in 2016, the American people will ignore Biden and still vote Trump.)

You're just Barack's shadow, and I don't really like the shade!

(Prior to becoming the 2020 Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden was most famous as the former Vice President of Barack Obama, Trump's immediate predecessor. Trump claims that Biden is not as widely renowned as Obama, and that his campaign is merely a weak imitation, or "shadow," of Obama's own. The second half of the line can be considered a reference to Trump's frequently mocked tan, which would suggest he does not spend much time in the shade. Trump is well known for being the recipient of large amounts of backlash, or being "thrown shade"; he is stating he does not like to be disrespected, especially by those from Obama's campaign. Alternatively, Trump (who is often accused of racism) is indirectly commenting on Obama's race, referring to his shade of skin.)

Joe Biden:

The pain of losing loved ones is something I have seen,

(As mentioned above, Biden's first wife and daughter were killed in a car crash in 1972; while his eldest son, Beau, passed away due to brain cancer in 2015. So, Biden says he knows the pain of losing loved ones.)

So I know how you must have felt when they killed Jeffrey Epstein! (Ooh!)

(Jeffrey Epstein was a businessman who was outed as a child sex offender/trafficker. Epstein has connections with many high-profile individuals including Trump, former President Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew. Biden is referencing the incidents when Donald Trump and Epstein were seen together, such as in 2002, when Trump referred to him as a "terrific guy" who "likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side," a comment that appears in a different light after Epstein's outing as a pedophile. Epstein gained international notoriety after his arrest in 2019 on federal charges of sex trafficking, and his subsequent death in prison. While officially ruled a suicide, the mysterious circumstances surrounding his guards finding him dead in his jail cell have caused a great deal of public skepticism about the cause of death, which resulted in the popular phrase and Internet meme, "Epstein didn't kill himself." This conspiracy theory is acknowledged in the battle by Biden's choice of words, which also states that he was killed. Biden sarcastically sympathizes with Trump, comparing his own tragic family history to the presumed feelings of loss that Trump has about Epstein.)

Rap lyrics just ain't for you!

(Biden says that rapping isn't one of Trump's strengths.)

You should stick to love letters for Kim Jong-un!

(In 2017, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un had a feud because Donald Trump, fearing that Kim Jong-un was testing out more missiles, stated "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. He has been very threatening ... and as I said they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before.", Kim then responded by calling Trump a frightening dog, exarcerbating the tension between the two. This feud lasted until 2018, when Trump met Kim in Singapore, becoming the first U.S. President to establish diplomacy with North Korea. Afterwards, their relationship improved to the point that at one rally, Donald Trump claimed "He wrote me beautiful letters, and they're great letters. We fell in love."  Biden has criticized Trump on the campaign trail for this quote.)

You're a wrestling heel! Nothing 'bout you is real!

(Among his many exploits over the years, Donald Trump has famously appeared in several professional wrestling skits, which both Biden and Trump's previous opponent Hillary Clinton have commented on. In wrestling terminology, a "heel" is a wrestler who portrays a villainous character that opposes the "face," or heroic character. Thus, Biden is using Trump's wrestling appearances to compare the election to a wrestling matchup, where he is the "face" and Trump is the "heel." He also references the scripted nature of professional wrestling, and calls Trump himself a fraud. Biden mentioning wrestling right after mentioning Kim Jong-un might be a callback to Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il, where Kim's father, Kim Jong-il, rapped against two professional wrestlers, Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage.)

Bitch, you didn't even really write The Art of the Deal!

(Trump: The Art of the Deal (more commonly known as just The Art of the Deal) was a book credited to Donald Trump and journalist Tony Schwartz, which offered business advice and helped Trump become a household name in the United States. However, it was later revealed by Schwartz and the book's publisher, Howard Kaminsky, that Trump in fact had no role in writing the book, with Schwartz going as far as saying it should be "recategorized as fiction". Continuing from the last line, in which he called Trump fake, Biden points out that the very thing that led to Trump's fame was something he did not do himself, despite appearances.)

But you tapped into the rage of Red Mad Hatters!

(Trump supporters often wear red hats with the slogan, "Make America Great Again," for which they are also called MAGA hats. The Mad Hatter is an eccentric character that wears a big hat from the Lewis Carroll story, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Trump often stirs up his fans and Biden says Trump works up a rage from his supporters which he likens to the Mad Hatter because of their crazy antics and red hats. Biden also taps into the stereotype that Trump supporters are angry white males)

Well lemme tell you, Trump, all lies matter! (Uh!)

(The phrase "All Lives Matter" has often been used as a rebuttal to the "Black Lives Matter" movement by its detractors, many of which are Trump supporters. Biden instead tells Trump that "all lies matter", implying that Trump often lies and that his lies will cost him the election. Biden continues his verse by debunking many of what he sees as Trump's lies.)

I don't wanna defund no police, I picked a DA for my VP!

(Trump accused Biden in their first debate of intending to defund the police in response to the police brutality towards African-Americans. Biden denied these accusations, stating he did not want to defund the police. Biden selected Kamala Harris to be his running mate. Harris previously worked as a District Attorney which is a profession in law enforcement like the police. Biden further denies he wants to defund the police as he selected a District Attorney (DA) to be his Vice President (VP).

I'm not a communist, I'm not a socialist, I'm just an old-ass man with some decency!

(Trump has also often accused Biden of being a communist and socialist, which are hard left-wing stances in politics. Biden, who throughout his career has most often been identified as a moderate, denies these accusations, saying that his policies are not radical, but simply basic decency, implying that Trump lacks even that. Biden calling himself an "old-ass man" is fitting, since he is the second-oldest person to ever run for president, at 78 years old.)

Donald Trump:


(Trump interrupts Biden to deny what he is saying. This is likely a reference to his conduct during the first presidential debate, where he interrupted Biden numerous times.)

Joe Biden:

No matter what you try to say, global warming ain't canceled!

(Trump has made many controversial statements about global warming and anthropogenic climate change, even once calling it a "hoax". Trump has a somewhat active Twitter presence, and Twitter is well known in meme culture for "cancelling" figures.)

You pulled out of Paris, should've pulled out of Stormy Daniels!

(Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement meant for climate change. Stormy Daniels is a porn star that Trump had an affair with who later sued him. To 'pull out' is also a sexual innuendo in that Trump should have pulled his penis out of Stormy Daniels and avoided having sex with her while he was already married instead of pulling out of the Paris Agreement)

I ain't sleepy, I'm tired

(Trump has given Biden the insulting nickname of Sleepy Joe. Joe Biden states he is not a lethargic geriatric like Trump slanders him to be and follows up in the next line.)

Of you, Donald Trump. You're fired!

(Biden wants the Trump administration to cease and uses his infamous catchphrase from The Apprentice, "You're fired.", against him.)

Donald Trump:

​​​​​The only thing getting fired on my watch is tear gas from law enforcement.

(In response to the protests from Black Lives Matter groups, Trump ordered law enforcement to fire tear gas on the protesters, including at peaceful protestors at the White House.)

I'll keep America great, you'll unleash Antifa and keep America like Portland! (Sad!)

(Trump adopted the phrase "Keep America Great" as his campaign slogan in 2020. The website that was promoting the phrase actually had been bought by Biden, and was transformed into something against Trump in August 2020. Antifa is an anti-fascist action and left-wing political movement in the United States, who Biden allegedly called "Courageous Americans". Trump also references riots in Portland, Oregon that began when a black man was suffocated by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota; at one point during the summer, protests were so far out-of-hand that Trump sent in a secret police detachment, to which city leaders and residents vehemently objected. Trump then followed up the incident with unmarked forces sent to other primarily Democratic-run cities, though it is not clear whether these forces made any progress in quelling what Trump saw as anti-American. Whether he had proper authority to do so is an issue still debated. Portland is also stereotyped as the "home of Antifa" in online right-wing communities.)

Ain't nothing gonna beat me! No person, woman, man, camera, TV!

("Person, woman, man, camera, TV" is a phrase Trump used several times when describing the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test for detecting cognitive impairment in a Fox News interview with Marc Siegel on July 22, 2020. At the time Trump began accusing Biden of exhibiting dementia, Trump's own mental health was called into question, and he revealed that he took the assessment sometime in 2018. Trump has often been mocked for his repetition of the phrase, and for his claims about how difficult the test was for him. Under the context of this line, however, it may also allude to a number of Trump's fierce squabbles, especially those against Hillary Clinton, his 2016 opponent for presidency, and various cable news networks (i.e. camera, TV news institutions). Trump uses this phrase to say no one and nothing is going to beat him.)

Meh, they impeached me, I still walked out of DC looking peachy!

(Trump was impeached in December 2019 on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of justice for his role in an appropriations scandal involving Ukrainian officials. However, on February 5th 2020, Trump was acquitted of both charges. Trump says that despite his impeachment, he still walked out of it looking and feeling very satisfactory as in the end, the trial was in favor of him.)

You got the sloppy, Joe, but no beef!

(This is a play on words for sloppy joes, a sandwich usually consisting of beef/pork, onions and sauce, as Trump points out that Biden is sloppy, however has no beef or guts to go up against Trump. Trump could also be stating that Biden does not have the capacity to actually "beef" with him, or put up a substantial fight when against him.)

The only white privilege I see are those teeth!

(According to critical race theory, white privilege is the societal privilege that benefits white people over non-white people in some societies, particularly if they are otherwise under the same social, political, or economic circumstances. Trump, as President, signed an executive order banning federal contractors from applying critical race theory in their diversity training programmes. One of Biden's distinctive facial characteristics are very white teeth, occasionally speculated to be dental veneers. Trump, not believing in critical race theory, is saying that the only white privilege he sees is Biden's privilege of being able to supposedly afford cosmetic dental operations.)

Maybe teach your son a thing or two about life,

(Trump says Biden should teach his son about how life really works, as explained in the next line. This could also be a play on "pro-life", a term referring to people who oppose abortion, as Trump is known for his anti-abortion views and was the first president to attend the annual March for Life, while Biden is a supporter of women's reproductive rights.)

Like there's no hunting season for your dead brother's wife!

(Hunting season is a reference to Biden's son, Hunter Biden. After the passing of Beau Biden in 2015, Hunter began dating his brother's widow Hallie Biden in 2016. They broke up in 2018.)

You and your mask and your Knight Rider shades

(Knight Rider was a famous TV show starring David Hasselhoff where he wore his iconic aviator sunglasses. On top of wearing the same types of glasses, Trump made comments about Biden wearing a mask all the time during the first debate, with his supporters being critical of wearing a mask at all, being called "Anti-Maskers".)

Are getting revoked like you're Roe vs Wade!

(Roe v. Wade is a famous landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court protecting a pregnant woman's liberty to choose an abortion without strict government restriction. Trump has publicly opposed the precedent and has issued laws that have a harsh stance against abortion, intending to nominate like-minded justices to overturn the ruling in the future.)

There's no Blue Wave, forget it, not coming!

(Trump aims to win re-election for a second term, thus denying the possibility of a blue Democratic wave.)

It's like I tell criminals, Joe: stop running!

(Recently there has been awareness spread around African-American criminals being killed by the police. Trump says they should stop running from the police to avoid that just like Biden should stop his run for presidency.)

Joe Biden:

Was Breonna Taylor running, hmmm? You dog-whistling fool,

(Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old black Kentucky nurse who was fatally shot when police burst into her apartment on a "no-knock" warrant as part of an investigation into a drug-dealing operation. She was only sleeping when it happened and was stationary in her home, which is the opposite of what Donald Trump suggests they cease. Dog-whistling is the use of coded language in political messaging without being obvious about it.)

I think your daddy would finally be proud of you: he was a racist asshole, too!

(Biden says that Trump's father, Fred Trump, would be proud of his son's racist attitude. Fred has a long history of discrimination towards African-Americans regarding housing, including being sued in 1973 for systematically discriminating against black people in housing rentals, and also being detained at a Ku Klux Klan rally.)

Russian hackers:

Что ты сделал?

(One of the hackers was surprised by them appearing on the screen, asking the other hacker "What did you do?".)

Joe Biden:

What's this malarkey?

(This is a reference to the fact Biden has a particular fondness for using the word "malarkey", which means nonsense and is otherwise a replacement for more obscene language.)

Russian hackers:

Ох ебать!

(The hacker responded by panicking and shouting "Oh, fuck!" as they disconnect with the battle.)

Joe Biden:

Keep at it and you'll end up in jail, hoss!

(Biden responds to the Russians interfering with the battle by saying that if Trump continues the way he is going, he will end up getting arrested.)

I'll take you down like I'm you, and you're a mailbox!

(Donald Trump has heavily criticized mail-in voting as he believes they could have a negative effect on election results, which more states were heavily recommending citizens to do due to the coronavirus pandemic. In August 2020, he admitted to blocking federal funding to the U.S. Postal Service to discourage more mail-in ballots. The Postal Service was also removing underutilized mail drop boxes as of the date indicated, prompting public outcry and a subsequent Congressional inquiry as to whether Trump directed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to remove the mailboxes. Though the cutbacks at USPS were already in progress, DeJoy later committed to halt the takedown of postal equipment until after the election.)

From all your wives to the SATs,

(Donald Trump has been married three times. The Scholastic Assessment Tests (SATs) are used to measure children's educational achievement and readiness for post-secondary schooling. Trump's niece, Mary Trump, revealed in her book, Too Much and Never Enough, that Trump's sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, claimed that Donald had paid someone to take his SATs for him instead.)

Everything you ever did, you just had to cheat!

(Trump has allegedly cheated on his wives in the past and Biden mentions this in conjunction with the accusations that Trump cheated on his SATs. Biden says that Trump has done nothing but cheat and that is his only way of winning the election.)

'Cause you're too insecure to even look like a loser!

(Biden claims Trump's narcissistic attitudes actually masks his insecurity.)

You're the worst damn Republican since Herbert Hoover!

(The stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression began during the Hoover administration, which sullied his reputation to the point where shanty towns for the homeless were named Hooverville after his failure to handle the Great Depression. Biden claims Trump is even worse than him and implies like Hoover in 1932, he'll lose re-election. This is also a play on words referencing the Hoover Dam.)

But you scooped up a sycophantic, homophobe Hoosier,

(For his presidency, Donald Trump has chosen former Indiana governor Mike Pence as his Vice President; people born and raised or living in Indiana (as Pence was) are often called Hoosiers, though the exact origins of this nickname are not known. Pence has been known for advocating anti-LGBTQ laws such as shock-therapy, alongside many people believing Pence decided to be VP as an easier way to become President rather than admiring Trump, such as people speculating him writing an anonymous New York Times Op-Ed against Trump due to several uses of Lodestar, a word Pence frequently uses. Pence has been accused of being extremely loyal to Trump. Also, during this line, a fly landed on Biden's head, referencing the fly that was on Pence's head during the Vice-Presidential Debate.)

And became the Constitution's domestic abuser!

(The reason for Trump's impeachment was him allegedly breaking the Constitution by claiming he could do anything and get away with it. A domestic abuser is someone who abuses their own family. As a private citizen, Trump was actually accused of domestic abuse towards his wives. Biden compares that to Trump abusing his rights.)

200,000 deaths lying at your door,

(The U.S. had suffered over 200,000 deaths at the time of the battle due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with figures still climbing; and Biden attributes this to Trump's poor management of the crisis.)

And you think they're suckers like McCain and the Marine Corps!

(Trump came under heavy scrutiny in September 2020 when reports came that he canceled a trip to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery because he did not find it important to honor the dead, calling the deceased soldiers "losers" and "suckers". However, multiple individuals have disputed against said allegations, and claimed the real reason behind the cancellation was due to rain, and that those allegations were allegedly plot to smear the President.[1] Trump also had a rocky relationship with U.S. Senator and former Presidential nominee John McCain, who despite having opposing politics, was a close friend of Biden. When describing McCain's time as a war prisoner of the Vietnnam War, Trump infamously uttered, "I like people who weren’t captured." Biden claims that Trump downplaying the threats of the virus and how it has affected the population is similar to what he supposedly said about the deceased soldiers and McCain.)

Sometimes I can't tell for which side you're rootin'!!

(Biden says that sometimes he doesn't know what Trump is actually fighting for, as both Democrats and Republicans have criticized Trump.)

When we go high, you go down on Putin! (Uh!)

(Former First Lady, Michelle Obama's famous phrase — "When they go low, we go high" — has become something of a slogan for exercising restraint in the face of frustration. Biden using a Michelle Obama phrase, could be a reference to when Melania Trump gave a speech that was very similar to the one by Michelle Obama in 2008. This resulted in a large controversy because of how similar the two speeches were. Biden using a Michelle Obama phrase in this occasion could be a jab at the whole Trump administration. Trump has consistently expressed a personal affinity for his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, since taking office. In one particular instance, Trump said he believed Putin that Russia didn't intervene in the 2016 election while American intelligences say they did.)

Truth is, you're scared to lose!

(Biden claims that he thinks Trump is actually just scared of losing to him.)

You got nothing in the banks 'cept IOUs!

(For Trump, the German bank company, Deutsche Bank, fueled numerous risky loans and allowed him to continue expanding his business empire after a number of major bankruptcies. The New York Times also published an article based on tax-return data they received which reveals that Trump avoided paying taxes for years due to the massive amounts of debt accumulated for his company. Trump's disputed this, but he still has yet to reveal his tax returns to the public despite promising to do so before he was elected president. Biden says that all Trump's money in the bank is actually made up of IOUs, an informal document acknowledging debt.)

Y-y-y-y-you whine about ballots like a bitch,

(Biden has often been mocked for his stammer. Biden mocks Trump's statements about the ballots being rigged while providing no evidence. Trump is also known for his constant whining and complaining on Twitter, many times in all caps.)

But the only thing that's rigged is taxes for the rich!

(Trump's tax cuts helped the rich pay less than the working class for the first time. Biden also intended to increase taxes for higher income citizens when he becomes president. It could also be a reference to Trump's penultimate line in Clinton vs. Trump- "Cause this whole system's rigged and we all know the riggers/ For the last eight years this country's been run by -")

Look, you're a freeloader, change your name to Tramp!

(Biden says Trump takes advantage of people's generosity but gives nothing back in return. Biden thus makes a pun on Trump's name and calls him a tramp, a homeless person who wanders from place to place, as many are often freeloaders.)

My campaign's ramping up, you can't get down a ramp!

(Biden claims that his campaign is on the rise while referencing Trump walking slowly down a ramp off the stage addressing graduating cadets at West Point on June 13th, which resulted in many people mocking him for simply struggling to go down a ramp.)

I'm pulling away faster than your wife's hand!

(There have been filmed instances where Trump's wife, Melania Trump, has pushed his hand away whenever he reached to hold her hand while they were walking together, suggesting that even Trump's own wife despises him.)

For the love of democracy, will you shut up, man?

(In the midst of this election's first presidential debate, which quickly became infamous for Trump's many interruptions, Biden stopped a Trump rebuttal by saying "Will you shut up, man!" This became an oft-quoted line in the days following, with Biden's campaign capitalizing on its success by incorporating the slogan into merchandise.)


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