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Donnie McMillin
Donnie McMillin.png
Actor information
Full name Donnie McMillin
Born June 21
Ponca City, Oklahoma
YouTube Channel Donnie McMillin
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Appearance information
Appeared in Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr.
As A Civil Rights March Extra

Donnie McMillin portrayed a Civil Rights March Extra in Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr.

Information on the actor

Donnie McMillin was born on June 21st in Ponca City, Oklahoma. He is a director, producer, co-founder of media company Robot Underdog, and lead assistant editor at O'Malley Productions. McMillin worked for Maker Studios (now Disney Digital) for two years and collaborated with various YouTube celebrities such as Timothy DeLaGhetto, Toby Turner, and Andy Milonakis, as well as some musicians such as Snoop Dogg. Furthermore, he has worked on the short films "Pills" and "Mockingjay: Burn".


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