Dr. Seuss' storybook

Dr. Seuss' Storybook Field

Dr. Seuss' Storybook Boat

Dr. Seuss' Storybook Cemetery

Dr. Seuss' Storybook Classroom

Dr. Seuss' Storybook Cage

Dr. Seuss, the Cat in the Hat, and Things 1 & 2 in various parts of Dr. Seuss' storybook
Rap battle information
Appeared in Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare
Character(s) Dr. Seuss
The Cat in the Hat
Things 1 & 2
Release date August 17, 2011
Times appeared 1
Based on

Dr. Seuss' Storybook Field Based On

Dr. Seuss' Storybook Boat Based On

Dr. Seuss' Storybook Cemetery Based On

Dr. Seuss' Storybook Classroom Based On

Dr. Seuss' Storybook Cage Based On

Dr. Seuss' storybook is where the Cat in the Hat and Things 1 & 2 rapped in Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare. It is also where Dr. Seuss appeared alongside them.

Information on the location

Dr. Seuss' storybook spans a variety of areas, such as a field, a boat, a cemetery, and a classroom. The areas are based on the art from Dr. Seuss' colorful books in real life. The Truffula Trees that are seen come from The Lorax, and the hills come from Seuss' final published book, Oh, The Places You'll Go!.

Appearance in the rap battle

At the beginning of his first verse, Dr. Seuss moved from his plain red background to his storybook, where he drew the Cat in the Hat to rap for him. Later on, during his second verse, Seuss could be seen drawing Things 1 & 2's cage, in which the characters then came out to rap as well. The field, the boat and the cemetery are directly based on settings found in Dr. Seuss' books. 

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