Epic Rap Battles of History
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First released February 12th, 2013
Latest release August 10th, 2013
Number of episodes 5 (official)
Genre Comedy

The ERB en Español channel is an ERB channel which features the rap battles with Spanish subtitles, but in English audio. The channel was created on January 7th, 2013. The first ERB episode with Spanish subtitles was Adam vs Eve, which was released February 12th, 2013. The channel has subtitled every rap battle that followed from that point on until Mozart vs Skrillex. It is possible that the channel will discontinue making these videos, as the ERB2 Channel uploaded translated versions of previous battles that can be translated through the closed captions, including Spanish among many others.


  • The Spanish version of Babe Ruth vs Lance Armstrong shows Babe Ruth in color during Lance Armstrong's verse.
  • This is the first official ERB channel which features ERBs subtitled with another language.
    • ERB2 has "translated" videos, which have no captions underneath the video by default, so you can translate them into several other languages.


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