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Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands Cameo.png
Nice Peter as Edward Scissorhands
Cameo information
Birth name Edward
Nickname(s) Edward Scissorhands
First appearance December 7, 1990
Edward Scissorhands
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Based on
Edward Scissorhands Based On.jpg
Appearance information
Appeared in Freddy Krueger vs Wolverine
During Wolverine's first verse
Location(s) A night forest

Edward Scissorhands made a cameo appearance in Freddy Krueger vs Wolverine. He was portrayed by Nice Peter.

Information on the cameo

Edward Scissorhands is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the film Edward Scissorhands. He was portrayed by Johnny Depp.

He was created by an eccentric inventor. The inventor dies before he is able to complete Edward, leaving him with scissors instead of hands. Several years later, Edward is befriended by Kim Briggs (portrayed by Winona Ryder) and introduced to the outside world. He is shortly thereafter employed as a gardener, then a hair stylist so that his talent with the blades is put on display. But when these are exploited for less-than-honorable purposes and Edward’s actions are ultimately misconstrued, he is ostracized and returns to isolation. Over the course of the story, however, Briggs develops romantic love for Edward and acts in his defense on multiple occasions. Seeing Briggs abused by her boyfriend, Edward battles and kills him. What becomes of Edward after this incident is never explained, though Kim, now an elderly woman, is able to recount her time with him.

Appearance in the rap battle

Scissorhands appeared in Wolverine's first verse, during the line "You’ll only ever be half of Edward Scissorhands!"


  • Scissorhands is the first cameo portrayed by Nice Peter that is not a reused footage of any former rappers since the rebel soldiers in Deadpool vs Boba Fett.
  • He was originally intended to appear as a third party rapper, but the idea was scrapped due to lack of material.