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Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg is the seventy-first installment of Epic Rap Battles of History and the unofficial premiere of Season 6. It features the founder and CEO of Tesla, Inc. and SpaceX, Elon Musk, rapping against the creator of the social media network Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. It was released on December 7th, 2018.



Nice Peter as Mark Zuckerberg

EpicLLOYD as Elon Musk


EpicLLOYD as Dianne Feinstein and Jean-Luc Picard


[Note: Elon Musk is in brown, Mark Zuckerberg is in blue, Dianne Feinstein is in pink, and Jean-Luc Picard is in red.]

Elon Musk:

Call me Musk. (Uh!) I'm here to help. (Yeah!)

Flush a Zucker-turd for humanity's health!

I'm making brilliant innovations in a race against the Dark Ages!

You provide a place to discover your aunt's…kinda racist!

Got called to Senate, data hack.

You acted so robotic Star Trek's like, "We need Lieutenant Data back!"

I'm Tony Stark with a James Bond sprinkle tossed in,

And I've been flossin' since you double-crossed the Winklevoss twins!

Mark Zuckerberg:

Data was a lieutenant commander, to start,

But I wouldn't expect you to understand an org chart.

See, here's mine: I'm at the top (top), boss (boss),

And I'm spitting fire like I'm hot (hot) sauce (sauce)!

You can't sneak up on Zuck; I don't even fucking blink!


I've been looking up your family; it gets dark, my god!

Couldn't clean your daddy's laundry with Apar-Tide-pods!

Watch me, Oculus, Instagram, WhatsApp. Post!

I'm cleaning up like a Wet-nap. Boast!

I drive around in a hatchback. Beep beep!

I'll end your story like Snapchat. Ghost!

Elon, you're nothing but an attention-seeking outcast,

And your star is faded like you on a podcast!

Elon Musk:

Dope smoking with Joe Rogan don't slow-motion my pace, man!

When I'm conquering MySpace, it's actual space, man!

I got a loan from the White House, boom! Sent that shit straight to the Moon!

Now I'm taking mankind to Mars, but for your kind, man, I ain't got room!

Your platform only launches depression!

Who put the elf with no friends in charge of human connection?

(Hey!) You claim to be some kind of saint, but you ain't!

Why don't you Lean In and FaceMash my musky Dutch taint!

I'm destined to rep Earth; you sold us out for some net worth!

Your site's got so many Russian bots, they should call it the Social Nyet-work!

Mark Zuckerberg:

Ooo, bots! I know A.I. gets you tweeting.

I read your feed while eating toast from robot Morgan Freeman.

You need to start sleeping; we can all see you're tired.

You're about to be CE-Oh shit, he got fired!

(Ooh!) You got all these companies, but they're incomplete!

I've got one, and I fold money: income, pleat!

Set your self-driving truck to haul your ass home

'Cause this battle's like PayPal: you got owned!

Scrapped lyrics

Elon Musk:

Call me Musk 'cause I reek of wealth!





  • This is the first battle released by ERB since leaving Maker Studios (now Disney Digital).
  • As heard in the behind the scenes, a different beat was used when recording and writing before switching to the current one.


  • During Musk's line, "Call me Musk. (Uh!) I'm here to help. (Yeah!)", and between the lines "Why don't you Lean In and FaceMash my musky Dutch taint!" and "I'm destined to rep Earth; you sold us out for some net worth!", he holds the Not-a-Flamethrower, a device invented by one of Musk's companies, The Boring Company.


  • Mark Zuckerberg's desk is positioned so that he would be facing backwards while he is in the Philip A. Hart Senate Office Building.
  • At 0:28, the word 'you' is missing from the subtitles.
  • At 0:46 on the org chart, the name Sheryl Sanders is listed. However, the correct name of Facebook's COO is actually Sheryl Sandberg.
  • At 0:59, Zuckerberg's laptop screen turns black abruptly.
  • At 1:50, Musk's phone camera is keyed out with the green screen.
  • In the karaoke version of the video, the source file for the screenshot for the suggestion, PewDiePie vs T-Series, is missing, making it a red box with multilingual translations of "media offline".

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