A screenshot of the website's front page, as of June 23, 2020.

The Epic Rap Battles of History website is the official website for the Epic Rap Battles of History series. It was first advertised during the behind the scenes video for Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe by ERB crew member Jon Na.

The website includes the ability to view every ERB that has been released (in addition to news videos, content released on the ERB2 Channel, exclusive behind the scenes videos, and content released by Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD on their respective YouTube channels), a forums section, contact information, social media browsing, and an official shop that sells ERB-related merchandise. In December 2017, the site has released the demo of eight battles, including the scrapped battle King Henry VIII vs Hillary Clinton, and two beatbox mashup of rappers portrayed by Lloyd in Season 1.[1]


  • Napoleon vs Napoleon is missing from the homepage, but it is still available for viewing.
  • The URL of the site was formerly epicrapbattlesofhistory.com, but it was later changed to erbofhistory.com.



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