Garden of Eden

Garden of EdenAdam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden Adam SideAdam in the Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden Eve SideEve in the Garden of Eden

Rap battle information
Appeared in Adam vs Eve
Character(s) Adam
Release date February 11, 2013
Times appeared 1
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Garden of Eden Based On

The Garden of Eden is where both Adam and Eve rapped and where Steve made his cameo appearance in Adam vs Eve.

Information on the location

The Garden of Eden is the opulent garden, chronicled most significantly in chapters 2-4 of the Book of Genesis. It is often described as being a luxurious landscape with blossoming trees that man was free to eat from with the exception being the tree of knowledge of good and evil (the fruit of which are often depicted as apples). After Eve ate the forbidden fruit of this tree following temptation by the evil serpent, God expelled them from the paradise.

Most scholars agree that the Garden of Eden was located in the Middle East, as the Genesis account describes it as being in the vicinity of the River Euphrates. However, Mormon doctrine places the garden in the middle of the United States, in what is now Kansas City, Missouri.

Appearance in the rap battle

This is the location where both Adam and Eve rapped. Steve also made his cameo appearance here when Eve said, "I work, while you and your boyfriend, Steve, drink and play sports in a fantasy league!" Eve's side of the garden was full of live plants while Adam's side of the garden was full of dead plants. In Biblical sense, this is because Eve is the mother of all things living.


  • This is the fifth location to be shared by all rappers during the battle.
    • This is the only one that is shared throughout the entire video.

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