George Carlin
George Carlin Title Card
Nice Peter as George Carlin
Character information
Birth name George Denis Patrick Carlin
Nickname(s) Georgie Porgie
Curious George
Born May 12, 1937
Manhattan, New York
Died June 22, 2008 (aged 71)
Santa Monica, California
Physical description
Hair Gray (formerly brown)
Eyes Blue
Based on
George Carlin Based On
Rap battle information
Appeared in George Carlin vs Richard Pryor
Vs Richard Pryor
Bill Cosby
Joan Rivers
Robin Williams
Release date July 13, 2019
Official vote(s) 7% (ERB Patreon poll)
Location(s) The Life Is Worth Losing stage
The Cosby Show title sequence
A comedy light stage
Shapes representing Robin Williams' films
A brick wall stand-up comedy stage (teaser)
I'm dope at spitting bars and getting crowds hardy harring!
— George Carlin

George Carlin battled Richard Pryor, preceding Bill Cosby, Joan Rivers, and Robin Williams in George Carlin vs Richard Pryor. He was portrayed by Nice Peter.

Information on the rapper

George Denis Patrick Carlin was born on May 12th, 1937, in Manhattan, New York. He was a stand-up comic, actor, and author. He became known for his black comedy and reflections on politics, the English language, psychology, religion, and various taboo subjects. One of his most famous routines, a monologue titled "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television", was central to the FCC v. Pacifica Foundation U.S. Supreme Court case that helped define the extent to which the federal government could regulate speech on broadcast television and radio in the United States.

Carlin had also appeared in several films, known for such movie roles as Rufus from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Fillmore from Cars along with his television role as the voice of the narrator/Mr. Conductor for the Thomas the Tank Engine series.

His final HBO special, It's Bad for Ya, was filmed less than four months before he passed away from cardiac arrest. He was later posthumously awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. He was also ranked second in two lists of best comedians each by Comedy Central and the Rolling Stone magazine.


Here we go, it's George Carlin. I'm a mad dog snarling.

I was born in the Bronx and brought up in Harlem.

I'm dope at spitting bars and getting crowds hardy harring,

While you're the least threatening black dude since Carlton!

Now, there's seven words you can't say on a TV set,

But this is the pissing fucking cunting Internet

And my cocksucking motherfucking bits are the tits!

Non-stopping brain droppings like my wit’s got the shits!

So call this Pryor-rhea: I doo doo on you constantly!

No pauses in my punchlines, no commas in my comedy!

You'll be down for the count when this counter-culture counterman

Serves you with a stand-uppercut you can't counter, damn!

I'm Wilder than Gene when I'm killing a beat!

You're steady taking second place, now that's a Silver Streak!




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