Character information
Nickname(s) Yahweh
The Father
The Creator
The Lord
Born N/A
Died N/A
Physical description
Hair Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Based on
God Based On
Rap battle information
Appeared in Adam vs Eve (scrapped)
Vs Adam (scrapped)
Eve (scrapped)
You both need each other, but you need some other things, too.
— God

God was set to appear as a third-party rapper in Adam vs Eve before being scrapped, as confirmed by the Epic Rap Battles of History Twitter and Facebook page.

Information on the rapper

In the Abrahamic faiths, God, otherwise known as Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim, or Deus (among countless other names), is considered the supreme being over the whole of natural creation: the universe with all its stars and bodies, including the Earth and all flora and fauna within it. In all accounts, He created the universe in six days, including all living things, the most important of whom were Adam and Eve, the first humans. He is the Father, Master, and Lord of all.

In Judaism, God is the Creator of heavens and earth, the Father of all living things, and the giver of the law via the prophet Moses. He is said to have chosen Israel as a special nation through whom he would bless all the families of the world.

In Christianity, God further holds the honor of being the Father of Jesus Christ, the Servant-Messiah who died for the sins of humanity and therefore extended God's promises of salvation to all mankind.

In Islam, God is referred to as "Allah" (literally “the god”). He is said to have made a final revelation to the prophet Muhammad in order to restore Islam, the faith of His earlier prophets. It is said that Muhammad transcribed this in the Qur'an.

The most famous and popular concept of God's appearance as an imposing, bearded elder can most directly be attributed to Michelangelo and his fresco, The Creation of Adam (seen in the infobox to the right).

Scrapped lyrics

You both need each other, but you need some other things, too,

'Cause only one whole plus one whole can possibly equal two.

So work on yourself and inspire, homie, don't tell her what to do,

'Cause your little penis can't imagine what her vagina is prepared to do.

When she pushes out a tiny little version of your whiny ass,

You're gonna feel pretty stupid about the fight you had about the trash!


  • It is unknown who would have portrayed or voiced God. However, according to EpicLLOYD, Peter's cameo as Steve was never meant to be in the battle, making it plausible that this was Peter's original role in it.
  • God has been mentioned by a number of characters.
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