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Season 7
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Godzilla vs King Kong
Godzilla vs King Kong
Battle information
Release date February 23, 2024
Number 88
Views 4M
Length 3:56
Previous Henry Ford vs Karl Marx
Next Epic Rap Battles of History 89
Beat Information
Beat(s) Kaiju Attack
BPM 90.5
Beat producer(s) Allrounda, Freshy Kanal, ERB
Other information
Actors EpicLLOYD
Nice Peter
Rappers Godzilla in battleKing Kong in battle
Cameos Mothra
Location(s) Tokyo, Japan
Skull Island
Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier
Pacific Ocean
Summit of Mount Fuji

Godzilla vs King Kong is the eighty-eighth episode of Epic Rap Battles of History, and the sixth episode of Season 7. It features the Japanese kaiju, Godzilla, rapping against the giant American gorilla, King Kong. It was released on February 23rd, 2024.


Nice Peter as Godzilla

EpicLLOYD as King Kong

Mothra, Rodan, and Mechagodzilla (animations, cameos)



From the depths of the sea, it's the King of the Monsters!

I'll chew you up, dawg. This Kong's getting conquered!

I roll with Rodan, Mothra, and the homies!

For a social primate, you sure seem lonely!

Your only friend is a damsel in distress

Who cringes while you sniff on her ripped-off dress!

You're a simp-anzee, I'm a lizard of thunder!

When I'm "crushing on a girl", it means the foot she comes under!

You're pathetic with the humans, enduring their abuse,

Getting chained up and roofied on some goofy berry juice!

I eat up a whole city like some Tokyoplait!

You get spoon-fed hot lead like, "Here comes the airplane!"

How did dropping off the Empire feel?

You're like Jussie Smollett, 'cept this beatdown is real!

I got this battle covered like a bento lid!

I'll make an ass out of you like Nintendo did!

King Kong:

(Oh!) The only game I play is Rampage, Lizzie (Oh!)

It's beauty kills this beast and you just ain't pretty! (Oh!)

No way your ass-brain is hanging with these monkey bars!

You ain't got punchlines, you barely even got arms!

You came off the bench for Frankenstein first time we made a movie,

And I dunked on you like Barkley at the base of Mount Fuji!

Face facts, Cankles; you can't fill seats yourself,

So they bring the mammal in to nurse your films back to health!

Don't you quote Snoop to me, I'm as old as death row!

Repping RKO, and we don't love them ToHo's!

The Eighth Wonder of the World, and the word when I rhyme!

If you think your mind can compete with mine, here's your sign!

Just like your bad English captions, your words don't match your actions. (Oh oh!)

You aren't even the bombest monster from the sea, G! What's Kraken? (Uh!)

So stay in your land of the rising cold fish and rice!

Come to New York and King Kong will bing bong fuck your life!


You must be from Hollow Earth, all your threats are empty!

I can blow you out with one breath — don't tempt me,

Monkey, that was some shit you just threw!

Worst Kaiju comeback since Pacific Rim 2! (Ooh!)

This is kids' stuff, send in Minilla!

You couldn't measure up to the Shin of Godzilla!

Stick to tongue wrestling T. rexes and sea snakes!

You're such a joke, Jack Black's in your remake!

King Kong:

Titan your fish lips around Tenacious Deez!

You ain't a Rap God-zilla. More like prey to me!

In Japan, you were a metaphor for nuclear war,

But in Hollywood they left your balls on the cutting room floor!

And then the '90s didn't make you any cooler.

What kind of bumpy chump gets punked by Ferris Bueller?

So go ahead and glow blue, Imma make you code blue!

I'm an Oxygen Destroyer, and now you're O-2!


Oh, you shouldn't try to talk about the atom

With the beast The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms couldn't fathom!

You could come at me with Iron Man and Thor, I'll still destroy ya!

I'm Bigger than Bridges and I'm slinging digits in triplets like Ghidorah!

My voice cuts deep like I'm rubbing on a double bass!

I spit the verse to turn Skull Island into Pompeii!

Serving up some animated rabbit fur flambé!

It's the saddest death of a gorilla since Harambe!

Damn, I despise you; you make weak tokusatsu,

Soft like some tofu; that's a Kaiju haiku!

Monkey-see me outdo you like I did to Mechani-Kong.

Fuck you and the balloons you rode in on!

King Kong:

Anyways, that was more disappointing than your anime!

Like '98, it's just another egg you laid

You ugly Mothra-fucker!

Still don't know how you got pregnant, your whole suit's a big rubber!

Got no fear of Gojira, I ain't hearing no Monster-verse!

You're the only Honda vehicle that don't retain no worth!

There'll be no victory dance, your G-Fans will leave upset

'Cause if you dropkick at me, I'll shove a tree down your neck!

I'm the Apex great ape, great with the ape ax.

Like All Monsters Attack, your raps are recycled crap!

This alpha gorilla won't be bringing no silverback!

'Cause just like Bryan Cranston, you been dead since the first act!



  • This is the first battle of Season 7 to not share its release date with a previous battle.
  • This is the first battle to have lyrics not spoken but still written in the subtitles.
    • This is because King Kong signs the words "here's your sign" during his first verse. Because of this, it's also the first battle to use sign language as part of its lyrics. Previous rappers such as Master Chief and J. R. R. Tolkien used sign language to only signify letters.
  • Based on rapping time (3:10), this is the second longest 1v1 battle, only behind Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker.
  • This is the first battle since Mario Bros vs Wright Bros to not have the "Epic Rap Battles of History" closer be in front of a plain black background during the outro.
  • A week after its release, the thumbnail for the video was updated, making this the eighth battle to have its thumbnail changed.
    • It is also the second battle in a row to use Youtube's "Test and Compare" feature, allowing 3 simultaneous thumbnails within one day; following the previous battle.
    • One of the alternate thumbnails was originally used by Freshy Kanal, one of the featured writers, for his own cover of the battle.
  • Godzilla and King Kong's title cards have no shading behind their text. This is due to the text being inserted into Unreal Engine itself, instead of the text being inserted into footage via After Effects.


  • The confrontation between Godzilla and King Kong at the Summit of Mount Fuji borrows several elements of their fight in the original 1962 movie:
    • Kong is brought to the location by a fleet of helicopters and balloons.
    • King Kong hurls a rock, for Godzilla to ricochet the rock back at him by whipping his tail.
    • The lyric, "shove a tree down your neck", accompanied by the visual of Kong picking up a tree, are references to the infamous scene where he chokes Godzilla with a tree.
    • Godzilla retaliates by firing atomic breath, setting the area ablaze in an identical manner to the original scene.


  • This battle took at least two years to create, as indicated by Godzilla's teaser in Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones.
    • The reason for the long production time was because of the full body motion capture animation process. The battle occupied so much time to produce that it resulted in a slowed down production for other battles in the series, such as Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones and Henry Ford vs Karl Marx, which were the only battles of their respective years.
  • This is the third animated battle after Zeus vs Thor and Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker. It is the first to not be stop motion animated, the first to not utilize Lego, and the first to have the animation be produced by ERB themselves.
  • This is the first battle since Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr. to release in February.
  • This is the fourth battle to not have its release be accompanied by a "Behind the Scenes" video. Its Behind the Scenes video was released on March 24, 2024, around a month after the original battle's release. This was because the ERB team felt like they needed a lot of time to document the entire production process.



  • In the description for the battle, King Kong's name was misspelt as "Kong Kong" at the time of release. In the video's vidIQ video tags, one of the tags makes this misspelling too.
  • Due to them being animated characters produced via motion capture, various parts of Godzilla and King Kong are seen clipping into each other throughout the video.
    • Both rappers also end up clipping through objects in the environment. Of particular note are Godzilla clipping through a building with his arm in his second verse and through a school of fish in his third verse, and King Kong's feet sometimes clipping into the ground.
  • Despite the Japanese origins of Godzilla, the use of Chinese characters on the neon signs and the high-rise residential urban look of Tokyo, Japan more closely resembles urban Chinese cities like Chongqing and Hong Kong.
    • However, in Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), the climatic battle between the two characters took place in Hong Kong, which could explain the mixture of details and influences.
  • During the line "I'm an Oxygen Destroyer, and now you're O-2!", "Oxygen Destroyer" is uncapitalized in the subtitles.
  • During the line "Damn I despise you, you make weak tokusatsu", the first "you" is written in the subtitles despite not actually being said.
  • During the line "Like '98, it's just another egg you laid", there is no apostrophe before "98".
  • Minor sound mixing issues could be heard during the battle.

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