Greg Owens
Greg Owens
Actor information
Full name Gregory Scott Owens
Nickname(s) Greg
Soulheir the Manchild (formerly)
Physical description
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Gray
Appearance information
Appeared in Behind the Scenes
As A writer

Gregory Scott "Greg" Owens, commonly known by his stage name Manchild, is an Atlanta-based freelance writer, rapper, and former member of the Epic Rap Battles of History crew. He worked as a writer for five episodes during Season 1 and Season 2, from Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare to Hitler vs Vader 2. Owens has released a number of albums, including Backbreakanomics, Move Merchants, and Manchild Zone. He is also known for his work on You Don't Know Jack!: Mock 2. His website can be found here.

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