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H. M. Murdock
H. M. Murdock Cameo.png
EpicLLOYD as H. M. Murdock
Cameo information
Birth name H. M. Murdock
Nickname(s) Howling Mad
First appearance 1983
The A-Team
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Based on
H. M. Murdock Based On.png
Appearance information
Appeared in Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers
During Mr. T's second verse
Location(s) The A-Team title sequence

H. M. Murdock made a cameo appearance in Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers. He was portrayed by EpicLLOYD.

Information on the cameo

Captain H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock is a character played by Dwight Schultz from the 1980s action-adventure series The A-Team. He is one of the members of the titular group, the A-Team, along with John "Hannibal" Smith, B. A. Baracus, and Templeton "Face" Peck. He is a pilot and can make almost anything fly. He is officially declared insane (although sometimes he just acts crazier than he actually is) and has broken out of many psychiatric hospitals several times.

Appearance in the rap battle

Murdock appeared in front of a rocky hillside while Mr. T said the line, "I'll get Hannibal, Murdock, and Face to stomp you out!" They were shown in quick shots as he said their names.


  • Murdock is the only one of the three listed to not be referred to by his nickname.
  • While the caption misspelled his name as "Murdoch", the on-screen text that accompanied his cameo spelled it correctly as "Murdock".
    • His name was also misspelled as "Murdoch" in the description.