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HMS Beagle
HMS Beagle.png
Charles Darwin in front of the HMS Beagle
Rap battle information
Appeared in Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin
Character(s) Charles Darwin
Ash Williams
Release date November 14, 2016
Times appeared 1
Based on
HMS Beagle Based On.png

The HMS Beagle is where Charles Darwin rapped in Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin. It is also where Team Rocket and Ash Williams made a brief cameo appearance.

Information on the location

The HMS Beagle was a Cherokee-class 10-gun brig-sloop of the Royal Navy. The vessel was launched on May 11th, 1820, from the Woolwich Dockyard on the River Thames. In July of the same year, she took part in a fleet review celebrating the coronation of King George IV of the United Kingdom, and for that occasion is said to have been the first ship to sail completely under the old London Bridge. She was then adapted as a survey barque and took part in three survey expeditions. On the second voyage, a young naturalist named Charles Darwin was on board; the pivotal role this voyage played in forming his scientific theories made the HMS Beagle one of the most renowned ships in history.

Appearance in the rap battle

Darwin could be seen rapping in front of the HMS Beagle during his verses. Jessie and James of Team Rocket were also shown blasting past the vessel at the beginning of Darwin's first verse after being electrocuted by a Pikachu. Ash Williams briefly appeared here as well when Darwin said the line, "The real Ash packs a much bigger BOOMSTICK!"