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Harry Potter

A Lego Minifigure as Harry Potter
Character information
Full name Harry James Potter
Nickname(s) The Boy Who Lived
The Chosen One
First appearance June 26, 1997
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Born July 20, 1980
Godric's Hollow, West Country, England, Great Britain
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Green (Blue in films)
Based on
Rap battle information
Appeared in Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker
Vs Luke Skywalker
Release date December 5, 2020
Official vote(s) TBA
Location(s) Platform 9¾
4 Privet Drive
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
The Echo Base
A movie theater
Docking Bay 94
Diagon Alley

I'm the boy who lived - best seller without equal!
— Harry Potter

Harry Potter battled Luke Skywalker in Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker. He was portrayed by a Lego Minifigure and voiced by Boyinaband.

Information on the rapper

Harry Potter is a fictional character and the titular protagonist in J. K. Rowling's series of novels. The majority of the books' plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Harry, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard. Thus, he attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to practice magic under the guidance of the kindly headmaster Albus Dumbledore and other school professors along with his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Harry also discovers that he is already famous throughout the novel's magical community, and that his fate is tied with that of Lord Voldemort – the internationally feared Dark Wizard and murderer of his parents, Lily and James – after surviving the attack that killed them. The film and book series revolve around Harry's struggle to adapt to the wizarding world and defeat Voldemort.


[Note: Harry Potter is in red, while Ron, Fred and George Weasley is in regular text.]

Verse 1:

Accio mic! Let me fire up the wand.

Like Hermione and Ron I'm about to get it on!

'Cause my mouth spits hot like Incendio flames!

You're Lukewarm like some Tauntaun remains!

Even the mad eye of my man Alastor Moody

Could see your franchise only has two decent movies.

Search your feelings: do you sense déjà vu?

You're gettin' smoked like your Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru!

Your acting is flat and your raps are 2D too!

Bugger off to the afterlife where you're fat and see-through!

You're the biggest letdown in your series since Snoke

It makes sense your father's Vader; all you do is choke!

You country bumpkin, you must be dumb!

Who farms moisture on a desert planet with two suns?

Let me stick my plans in your Dusty Bin droid.

I'll leave you like a Horcrux: split up and destroyed!

Verse 2:

The death of my mother saved the wizarding race,

Your mum died of heartache when she saw your face!

You swamp school dropout! You're too whiney to rhyme.

At least when I Slytherin a sister, she isn't mine! (ooh!)

I'm the boy who lived, a bestseller without equal!

I'll split you like your fanbase's feelings 'bout the prequels!

The sequels brought you back to meet your demise.

I'd say you were brilliant, but I must not tell lies!

I left J.K. straight Rowling in cash!

You let J.J. compact your character to trash!

So go on, try and force more of your disses.

You're like a Stormtrooper: 'cause all your shit misses!

Verse 3:

Have you heard rap before? That was not dope at all!

Maybe have Goldieballs show you the protocol!

But I bet you're just distracted, you got a lot on your plate.

On one hand the rebellion, on the other hand- oh wait...

I roll deep and the Weasleys got my back!

This muggle sucks more hole than the bloody Sarlacc!

We'll rough you up good if you try to step to Harry, mate!

You're the least intimidating twin since Mary-Kate!

I flow like butterbeer on Diagon streets!

You can find me getting fantastic on these beats!

It's over Luke! I got the high ground advantage!

I'll close it like a map: Mischief Managed!