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Season 7
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Henry Ford vs Karl Marx
Battle information
Release date December 1, 2023
Number 87
Views 6M
Length 3:13
Previous Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones
Next Godzilla vs King Kong
Beat Information
Beat(s) Custom produced
BPM 98
Beat producer(s) Nice Peter
Other information
Actors Nice Peter
Rappers Henry Ford in battleKarl Marx in battle
Location(s) Ford Piquette Avenue Plant
An Industrial plant
A forest

Henry Ford vs Karl Marx is the eighty-seventh episode of Epic Rap Battles of History and the fifth episode of Season 7. It features the founder of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, rapping against the author of The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx. It was released on December 1st, 2023.


Nice Peter as Henry Ford

EpicLLOYD as Karl Marx


Henry Ford:

Mr. Motor City meets the menace in red!

My lines are a production; your lines are bread!

Disassembling timepieces is how I got my start!

Now watch me tear your ideology apart!

You scream, "Unite the workers! Free the class slaves!"

"...Lose your chains, trade 'em in for mass graves!"

Mao and Stalin: wow! Appalling mounds of body bags!

When a world leader likes you, that's a red flag!

I produced with my two hands! You're a destitute tramp

Scheming to trade bootstraps in for food stamps!

Any Prussian trying to seize my private property

Will catch a torque wrench to his private parts properly!

Who takes advice from a broke slob? It's laughable!

I wouldn't wipe my tailpipe with your Das Krapital!

If you'd saved a penny for each daughter you named Jenny,

You might notta needed to bury quite so many!

Karl Marx:

Who's that proud Young Hegelian, heavy drinking, card-carrying,

Future thinking, Lincoln letter inking proletarian?

It's Karl Marx! Prepare to be rhyme stomped!

I'm dropping you like Hitler dropped your name in Mein Kampf!

My concepts didn't cause mass graves, greed did!

You'd get that from books, but you didn't read shit!

Your self-made man story's dung from a Taurus!

Your daddy's two hands gave you a free farm and forest!

You were the first of six kids till the seventh killed your mother!

Maybe that's why you spied on your workers like Big Brother!

Your Model T-total lack of style is killing me!

We can't take shit from you according to ability!

Do what your first car can't and back up!

Beating me is like your city in Brazil: nuts!

Henry Ford:

Whew! Don't step that close without some beard shampoo, son!

You lived in Cologne — looked like you coulda used some!

I drip with style like a dipstick drips oil!

You look as sick as your chronic dick boils!

I'm mass-producing abuse on a utopian hobo!

I'm throwing you for loops like the F in my logo!

I gave men work! You brought nothing but harm!

Take your bourgeois pigshit back to Animal Farm!

Karl Marx:

Yeesh! Your factory conditions were bleak!

Crammed with machines, cranking out four severed fingers a week!

You controlled what employees could think, drink, and eat,

And when they marched for better wages, shot them dead in the street!

In truth, what you produced were alienated working men

Who would clock into Detroit and lose themselves like Eminem,

And now your Great Lakes state ain't exactly a great sight! (Uh!)

You were worse for Michigan than Flint's water pipes!

Henry Ford:

Uh! Your gripes about oppression don't leave me impressed!

You're not hot, Karl. That's just shit on your chest!

For a man who's state-less, you got an awful lot to say!

I'll pay you "Five Dollars a Day" to go away!

Your buddy Engels bankrolled you with his textile mills!

I guess the capitalists are cool when they're paying your bills!

You're a hypocrite; a nitwitted schlub with substance issues!

Step off your soapbox! Take the soap with you!

Karl Marx:

Look, dummy. Sharing money is the communist vision!

Engels' bank was the crank that got the revolution spinning!

We gave everything to see the common people advance!

I'm so down with the cause, I even pawned my own pants!

You grew so out of touch, you sabotaged your only kid!

Edsel's stomach cancer showed more love than you did!

So congrats! Your legacy is in ashes,

Remembered as the fascist-sympathizing cause of climate change and car crashes!

From your newspaper to your Nazi factory 'cross the pond,

Frankly, Hank, it's clear Auschwitz side you were on!

This battle's been a blowout like that hemorrhage in your head!

I'll leave a Ford as expected: found on road, dead!



  • This is the only battle to be released in 2023.
  • After the battle, multiple teasers are shown, including:
    • Footage of Godzilla walking through a city
    • Multiple backgrounds for Tom Cruise and Evel Knievel
    • A shot of a meteorite crashing into Earth, possibly alluding to War of the Worlds, which starred Cruise.
    • Ideas for Tom Cruise vs Evel Knievel are also shown on a whiteboard in the battle's behind the scenes.



  • This is the first battle in Season 7 in which both rappers are non-fictional and deceased.
    • The historicity of Ragnar Lodbrok is disputed. If he did exist, then this is the second battle in which both rappers are non-fictional and deceased.
  • This battle was released on December 1st, a date shared with Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter.


  • During the line "Do what your first car can't and back up!", "back up" appears incorrectly as "backup" in the subtitles.

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