Hippocrates Cameo
Cameo information
Birth name Hippocrates of Kos
Nickname(s) The Great Hippocrates
Father of Medicine
Born c. 460 BC
Kos, Greece
Died c. 380 BC
Larissa, Greece
Physical description
Hair Gray
Eyes N/A
Appearance information
Appeared in Season 3 ERB News

The health insurance thingy in America.
— Hippocrates

Hippocrates made a cameo appearance in the Season 3 ERB News video, along with Zach Galifianakis. He was voiced by Nice Peter.

Information on the cameo

Hippocrates of Kos, whose name is translated from Greek 'Ιπποκρατης Hippokratēs, was an Ancient Greek physician born around 460 BC. He was supposedly the ancestor of Heracles and was, according to Aristotle, labeled Hippocrates the Great for his service to medicine. He also founded and inspired the entire school of medicine, which, initially formed from his apprentices, was an official school of medicine that set the standards for treatment for a few generations.

Hippocrates' school was different than modern standards in medicine, focusing on using thorough observations to arrive at a prognosis, rather than making diagnoses and administering direct, invasive treatment, since the effects of drugs were unknown at that time. Hippocrates advised using drugs only when a physician had proved existence of certain diseases in patients in order to avoid causing additional harm from improper and incorrect treatment, a major contributor to medical accidents before his time. He was also a pioneer in the practice of medical ethics.

Although most people think that he coined the Hippocratic Oath, a "prime directive" to "first do no harm" to patients, he just inspired it. The oath itself was actually constituted by his followers. The Hippocratic Oath is still used by doctors and physicians to this day.


  • Regarding future ERB participants, Nice Peter has mentioned that "Hippocrates would be cool."[1]
    • In Peter's blog post, Hippocrates is also mentioned as an example of characters "that anyone can understand why they are important, whether or not they know going into it what they are all about."[2]
    • On October 9th, 2018, Peter also responded to Dr. Strange vs Hippocrates with "Daaayum" on a Reddit post.[3]


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