Hot Alien
Hot Alien Cameo.png
Mary Doodles as a hot alien
Cameo information
Birth name Unknown
Physical description
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Based on
Hot Alien Based On.png
Appearance information
Appeared in Christopher Columbus vs Captain Kirk
During Captain Kirk's second verse
Location(s) Vulcan's Forge

hot alien made a cameo appearance in Christopher Columbus vs Captain Kirk. She was portrayed by Mary Doodles.

Information on the cameo

The hot alien is a random alien who represents numerous alien women that Captain Kirk seduced throughout the science-fiction film/television series Star Trek. She has a form of headgear on top of her head and wears a dress. She also seems to reside in Vulcan's Forge.

Appearance in the rap battle

She appeared in Captain Kirk's second verse during the lines, "I'll double-fist punch you, you slave-making bitch! Now…take your genocidal ass off of my bridge," while Kirk double-fist punched her. Kirk also made out with her, then resumed punching her.


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