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Ice hockey rink
Ice Hockey Rink.png
Wayne Gretzky in an ice hockey rink
Rap battle information
Appeared in Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky
Character(s) Wayne Gretzky
Bobby Orr
Tony Hawk
Release date December 12, 2016
Times appeared 1
Based on
Ice Hockey Rink Based On.jpg

An ice hockey rink is where Wayne Gretzky rapped in Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky. It is also where Bobby Orr and Tony Hawk made an appearance.

Information on the location

An ice hockey rink is an ice rink that is specifically designed for ice hockey games to be played upon.

Appearance in the rap battle

This is where Gretzky rapped throughout the battle. Bobby Orr made two appearances here after the lines, "So let me smooth it out like I'm a damn Zamboni!" and "You've been going downhill since Pro Skater 3!" Tony Hawk appeared here during the line, "Then you got out-spun by a 12-year-old kid!"


  • During the line, "And my hot wife, the only woman in the world for Wayne!", the screen in the background flashed a heart twice.