Isaac Newton's garden
Isaac Newton's Garden
Rap battle information
Appeared in Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye
Character(s) Isaac Newton
Release date June 16, 2014
Times appeared 1
Based on
Isaac Newton's Garden Based On

Isaac Newton's garden is where Isaac Newton rapped in Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye.

Information on the location

As the name implies, Newton's garden was a piece of land owned by Sir Isaac Newton. It is most notably known for being the location where the famous "apple incident" was said to have taken place.

Appearance in the rap battle

This is the location where Sir Isaac Newton rapped. Newton's chalkboard could also be seen here during his second verse. Upon writing his equation on the board, it morphed into Neil deGrasse Tyson, cueing his verse.


  • On the ground, there is a peach meant to look similar to an apple. This references the way Newton discovered gravity.
    • This makes it the second time an apple in the background has been changed into another fruit, after the Macworld Expo.


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