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Actor information
Full name Terry Im
Nickname(s) KRNFX
Born May 13, 1989 (age 31)
Toronto, Canada
YouTube Channel KRNFX
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Appearance information
Appeared in Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters
Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers
As Grant Imahara
Lao Tzu

KRNFX (pronounced "Korean Effects") portrayed Grant Imahara as part of the Mythbusters in Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters and Lao Tzu as a part of the Eastern Philosophers in Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers.

Information on the actor

Terry Im, more commonly known by his stage name, KRNFX, was born on May 13th, 1989, in Toronto, Canada. He is a beatboxer and singer. In his field, he is often regarded as one of the most respected and successful figures of this generation, having won numerous competitions. He was also a finalist on the first season of Canada's Got Talent. His website can be found here.


Season 4:


  • KRNFX is the third guest overall to rap as two different characters in the same season, after Zach Sherwin and Ray William Johnson.
  • So far, he has only appeared in team battles.
  • He helped with the writing of Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers.
  • As featured in one of EpicLLOYD's livestreams,[1] KRNFX has recorded a beatboxing remix of every first verse of Lloyd's characters in Season 1.


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