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Timothy DeLaGhetto as Kim Jong-il
Character information
Birth name Yuri Irsenovich Kim
Nickname(s) Kim Jong-il (김정일)
Sun of the Communist Future
Shining Star of Paektu Mountain
Great Leader
Guiding Sun Ray
Dear Leader
Born February 16, 1941
Vyatskoye, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union (Soviet records)
February 16, 1942
Baekdu Mountain, Japanese Korea (North Korean biography)
Died December 17, 2011 (aged 70)
Pyongyang, North Korea
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Based on
Kim Jong-il Based On
Rap battle information
Appeared in Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il
Vs Hulk Hogan
Macho Man Randy Savage
Release date February 2, 2011 (original)
April 27, 2019 (re-edit, deleted)
May 25, 2019 (re-edit, re-uploaded)
Official vote(s) 30% (Old poll from ERB Website)
Location(s) Original:
Red Communist star
Stylized North Korean flag
The Kim Il-sung Square
The name's Kim Jong. I got a license to IL!
— Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-il battled Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage in Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il. He was portrayed by Timothy DeLaGhetto.

Information on the rapper

Kim Jong-il (birthname: Yuri Irsenovich Kim in Soviet records) was born on February 16, 1941, in Vyatskoye, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. He began his rise to power after his father, Kim Il-sung, passed away in 1994, and was granted complete control of the country, as well as the position of chairman of the National Defense Commission, which is declared as the highest office of the state. He was the Supreme Leader of North Korea from 1994 to 2011. During his reign as leader of North Korea, he greatly limited the rights of his country, and he built greater tension between South Korea and the United States of America. Kim Jong-il's third son, Kim Jong-un, was promoted to a senior position in the ruling Workers' Party, and succeeded Kim Jong-il following his death on December 17, 2011.


I was born Yuri Irsenovich Kim and I was the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. I was the best, just ask anyone in North Korea, but nobody else. Everyone in North Korea thinks of me and my daddy as Gods and not just because we force them to in school! I was the coolest leader in the world. You could tell by my bouffant hairdo and women's sunglasses. I did not like people making fun of me, like those South Park douchebags! I tried very hard to have their movie banned because I was WONDERFUL! Nobody is allowed to think anything else! That's why I imprisoned American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling. Only people who think I am great are allowed in my country! I also kept my country on a closed cyber network. No outside internet for North Korea! We don't need outside knowledge of people saying I'm not handsome and smart and sexy! Recently, I died of a heart attack, or as the North Koreans said, I died of overwork dedicating my life to the people. Now, my son, Kim Jong-un, will rule North Korea with an iron fist and the people will be happy about it. HAPPY, you hear me?! Because we have no problems! What famine? Twenty-two million people didn't die from famine! One or two meals a day is plenty! We don't need outside help! We're perfect! Everyone here is perfect! That's all you need to know!


Verse 1:

The name's Kim Jong. I got a license to IL!

Make you swallow my rhymes like a steroids pill!

Your body looks like a spray tan banana,

With a walrus mustache and a wack bandana!

I'm coming at you like the Asian Rick Flair!

Bitch, I'll suplex you by your friggin' dick hair!

Your whole fam's a bunch of Barbies, dude!

You want beef? Eat this Korean BBQ!

Verse 2:

Beijing is in China, you blond asshole!

I'm a god among men; you're a suburban commando!

North Korea, bitch! Let me give you a tour!

By the way, your wife says my dick is bigger than yours!


  • Kim is the second dictator to appear in a battle, after Adolf Hitler.
  • When he fires the bazooka at Hulk Hogan, a picture of his own head in inverted colors is seen in the explosion.
  • His lyrics were written by his actor, Timothy DeLaGhetto.
  • He is the second rapper to pass away after the battle they were in was released, after Macho Man Randy Savage.


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