King Henry VIII vs Hillary Clinton

King Henry VIII vs Hillary Clinton

King Henry VIII vs Hillary Clinton is an unofficial installment of Epic Rap Battles of History that was planned early on in Season 2, but was scrapped mid-production. It would have featured the 16th century King of England, King Henry VIII, rapping against the former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. A 15-second clip of Clinton's scrapped verse was released on Deming's channel on October 3rd, 2014[1] and the full prerecording was released on the Epic Rap Battles of History Website on December 21st, 2017.[2]


Shay Carl as King Henry VIII

Susan Deming as Hillary Clinton

??? as Bill Clinton (speculated)


[Note: King Henry VIII is in orange, while Hillary Clinton is in dark red.]

King Henry VIII:

I'm Henry the Eighth, king of England, Ireland, and Wales!

You are a presidential candidate in a pantsuit who fails!

Girls don't belong in politics, too much stress!

You should stay at home and wash the stains out of another lady's dress!

I tend to have separation issues with women.

It's like their heads are the Pope, and their necks the Church of England!

Madam Secretary, hold my calls! I'm off for a walk

'Cause no one's beat you this bad since a swarthy man named Barack!

Hillary Clinton:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Let's just get down to it.

You done messed with the wrong Rodham. I'm about to Tudor and boot it!

You make more false accusations than Whitewater!

It's not your wives' fault your balls keep making daughters!

Your country's the size of Ohio; you couldn't even beat Spain!

I could defeat you with a grassroots email campaign!

I'd eat you alive, but I'd probably never finish!

You're so fat, your body could feed a whole freaking village!

King Henry VIII:

I'm big because I'm God's appointed vessel!

The only way you could beat me is if maybe we wrestled!

I mean, come on! Is it any wonder why you can't keep your man at home?

The only thing getting blown is Bill's saxophone!

Hillary Clinton:

You couldn't even handle the goods that I'm selling!

I'm more powerful than Oprah! And more handsome than Ellen!

Don't you interrupt me, you chauvinist prick!

You put the needs of your country behind the whims of your dick!

I'll banish you back to your own Tower of London, baby!

You can tell 'em Henry the Eighth got spanked by the First Lady!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Who won?

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  • Hillary Clinton's microphone had a sticker with "Nice Peter" written on it.
    • Her speech podium also had a logo with "Epic Rap Battles of History" written around it, parodying the United States' speech podium logo.


  • During the line, "Your country's the size of Ohio. You couldn't even beat Spain!", Clinton's fingers are partially cut off for several frames when her hands move.
    • Since the battle was unfinished, it is likely that this was not fixed due to it being scrapped.


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