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ERB S1-7 complete

The Epic Rap Battles of History series contains many different characters, whether they be real or fictional.

Below is the list of characters who have appeared in the official Epic Rap Battles of History series. This includes both main characters and cameos.

In some battles, the characters transform into different versions of themselves (examples: Gandalf, the Doctor, Goku), and sometimes they simply change outfits throughout (examples: Chuck Norris, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber).

Official characters[]


  1. John Lennon (Nice Peter)
  2. Bill O'Reilly (EpicLLOYD)
  3. Darth Vader (Nice Peter)
  4. Adolf Hitler (EpicLLOYD)
    • Adolf Hitler, in black-and-white
    • Adolf Hitler, in color
    • Adolf Hitler, frozen in carbonite
  5. Abe Lincoln (Nice Peter)
  6. Chuck Norris (EpicLLOYD)
    • Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger outfit
    • Chuck Norris, in martial arts outfit
  7. Sarah Palin (Lisa Donovan)
  8. Lady Gaga (Nice Peter)
    • Lady Gaga, in cook outfit
    • Lady Gaga, in gray outfit with long hair
    • Lady Gaga, in tea outfit
    • Lady Gaga, in monster outfit
    • Lady Gaga, in bikini mask outfit
    • Lady Gaga, in big, pointy, catlike outfit
  9. Kim Jong-il (Tim Chantarangsu)
  10. Hulk Hogan (Nice Peter)
  11. Macho Man Randy Savage (EpicLLOYD)
  12. Justin Bieber (Alex Farnham)
    • Justin Bieber, in little white "Usher" outfit
  13. Ludwig van Beethoven (Nice Peter)
  14. Albert Einstein (Zach Sherwin)
  15. Stephen Hawking (Nice Peter)
  16. Genghis Khan (EpicLLOYD)
  17. Easter Bunny (Nice Peter)
  18. Napoleon Bonaparte (EpicLLOYD)
    • Napoleon Bonaparte, in chef outfit
  19. Napoleon Dynamite (Nice Peter)
  20. Ben Franklin (EpicLLOYD)
  21. Billy Mays (Colin J. Sweeney)
  22. Vince Offer (Nice Peter)
  23. Gandalf the White (EpicLLOYD)
    • Gandalf the Grey
  24. Dumbledore (Nice Peter)
  25. Dr. Seuss (Mickey Meyer)
    • Dr. Seuss, without glasses
  26. William Shakespeare (George Watsky)
  27. The Cat in the Hat (Nice Peter)
  28. Thing 1 (EpicLLOYD)
  29. Thing 2 (EpicLLOYD)
  30. Mr. T (DeStorm Power)
  31. Mister Rogers (Nice Peter)
  32. Captain Kirk (EpicLLOYD)
  33. Christopher Columbus (Nice Peter)
  34. Nice Peter
    • Nice Peter, with guitar and sunglasses
    • Nice Peter, shaved and black shirt
    • Nice Peter, with EpicLLOYD's hat
    • Nice Peter, with enlarged hand
  35. EpicLLOYD
    • EpicLLOYD, in gym outfit
    • EpicLLOYD, in normal shirt and pants
    • EpicLLOYD, with sunglasses
    • EpicLLOYD, with enlarged head
  36. Master Chief (Nice Peter)
  37. Leonidas (Jesse Wellens)
    • Leonidas, with helmet
  38. Orville Wright (Link Neal)
    • Orville Wright, with goggles
  39. Wilbur Wright (Rhett McLaughlin)
    • Wilbur Wright, with goggles
    • Wilbur Wright, without shirt
  40. Mario (EpicLLOYD)
  41. Luigi (Nice Peter)
  42. Young Elvis Presley, in black-and-white (EpicLLOYD)
    • Adult Elvis Presley, in Las Vegas attire
  43. Young Michael Jackson (Bentley Green)
    • Adult Michael Jackson (Nice Peter)
  44. Cleopatra (Angela Trimbur)
  45. Marilyn Monroe (Kimmy Gatewood)
    • Marilyn Monroe, in color
  46. Bill Gates (EpicLLOYD)
  47. Steve Jobs (Nice Peter)
  48. HAL 9000 (Nice Peter)
  49. Frank Sinatra (EpicLLOYD)
  50. Freddie Mercury (Nice Peter)
    • Freddie Mercury, hued blue and green
  51. Mitt Romney (EpicLLOYD)
  52. Barack Obama (Alphacat)
  53. Doc Brown (Zach Sherwin)
  54. The Tenth Doctor (Nice Peter)
  55. The Fourth Doctor (George Watsky)
  56. Clint Eastwood (EpicLLOYD)
  57. Bruce Lee (Mike Diva)
  58. Sherlock Holmes (Zach Sherwin)
  59. Dr. Watson (Kyle Mooney)
  60. Batman (Nice Peter)
  61. Robin (EpicLLOYD)
  62. Moses (Snoop Dogg)
  63. Santa Claus (Nice Peter)
  64. Christmas Elves (EpicLLOYD)
  65. Adam (EpicLLOYD)
  66. Eve (Jenna Marbles)
  67. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Jordan Peele)
  68. Gandhi (Keegan-Michael Key)
  69. Thomas Edison (EpicLLOYD)
  70. Nikola Tesla (Dante Cimadamore)
  71. Babe Ruth (EpicLLOYD)
    • Babe Ruth, in sepia version
    • Babe Ruth, in color
  72. Lance Armstrong (Nice Peter)
    • Lance Armstrong, in suit jacket
    • Lance Armstrong, in yellow shirt and shorts
    • Lance Armstrong, with bike helmet and sunglasses
  73. Skrillex (EpicLLOYD)
    • Skrillex, as "scary monster" version
  74. Mozart (Nice Peter)
  75. Rasputin (Nice Peter)
  76. Joseph Stalin (EpicLLOYD)
  77. Vladimir Lenin (Nice Peter)
    • Vladimir Lenin, in red-and-white
    • Vladimir Lenin, in color
  78. Mikhail Gorbachev (EpicLLOYD)
  79. Vladimir Putin (Nice Peter)
  80. Boba Fett (Atul Singh/Brian Neunhoffer)
  81. Al Capone (EpicLLOYD)
  82. Blackbeard (Nice Peter)
  83. Miley Cyrus (Michelle Glavan)
    • Miley Cyrus, with teddy bear
  84. Joan of Arc (Jessi Smiles)
  85. Pablo Picasso (EpicLLOYD)
    • Pablo Picasso, without shirt
  86. Bob Ross (Nice Peter)
    • Bob Ross, with painting attire
  87. Muhammad Ali (Jordan Peele)
    • Muhammad Ali, with boxing attire
  88. Michael Jordan (Keegan-Michael Key)
  89. Ebenezer Scrooge (Zach Sherwin)
  90. Donald Trump (Nice Peter)
    • Donald Trump (EpicLLOYD)
  91. J. P. Morgan (EpicLLOYD)
  92. Kanye West (DeStorm Power)
  93. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Nice Peter)
  94. Rick Grimes (Nice Peter)
  95. Walter White (EpicLLOYD)
    • Walter White, as Heisenberg, with fedora
    • Walter White, without pants
  96. Superman (EpicLLOYD)
    • Superman, disguised as Clark Kent
  97. Goku (Ray William Johnson)
    • Super Saiyan Goku
  98. Edgar Allan Poe (George Watsky)
  99. Stephen King (Zach Sherwin)
  100. Isaac Newton ("Weird Al" Yankovic)
  101. Bill Nye (Nice Peter)
    • Bill Nye, with goggles and gloves
  102. Neil deGrasse Tyson (Chali 2na)
  103. George Washington (Nice Peter)
  104. William Wallace (EpicLLOYD)
  105. Leonardo da Vinci (Link Neal)
  106. Raphael Sanzio da Urbino (Anthony Padilla)
  107. Donatello Bardi (Rhett McLaughlin)
  108. Michelangelo Buonarroti (Ian Hecox)
  109. Leonardo (Turtle) (EpicLLOYD)
  110. Raphael (Turtle) (EpicLLOYD)
  111. Donatello (Turtle) (EpicLLOYD)
  112. Michelangelo (Turtle) (EpicLLOYD)
  113. Jamie Hyneman (Nice Peter)
    • Jamie Hyneman, with goggles
  114. Adam Savage (EpicLLOYD)
    • Adam Savage, with ear muffs
  115. Egon Spengler (Zach Sherwin)
    • Egon Spengler, in the commercial
    • Egon Spengler, with Proton Pack
  116. Peter Venkman (Chris Gorbos)
    • Peter Venkman, in the commercial
    • Peter Venkman, with Proton Pack
  117. Ray Stantz (Mark Douglas)
    • Ray Stantz, in the commercial
    • Ray Stantz, with Proton Pack
  118. Winston Zeddemore (Walter Downing)
    • Winston Zeddemore, with Proton Pack
  119. Tory Belleci (Chris Alvarado)
  120. Grant Imahara (KRNFX)
  121. Kari Byron (Mary Doodles)
  122. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Taylor Cu)
  123. Romeo Montague (Nice Peter)
  124. Juliet Capulet (Grace Helbig)
  125. Clyde Barrow (EpicLLOYD)
    • Clyde Barrow, without hat
  126. Bonnie Parker (Hannah Hart)
  127. Zeus (Lego Minifigures)
  128. Thor (Lego Minifigures)
    • Thor, with boxing gloves
    • Thor, as Marvel version
  129. Jack the Ripper (Dan Bull)
    • Jack the Ripper, without cape
  130. Hannibal Lecter (EpicLLOYD)
    • Hannibal Lecter, in straitjacket, with muzzle
    • Hannibal Lecter, in Baltimore suit
    • Hannibal Lecter, in white t-shirt, with bloody mouth
  131. Ellen DeGeneres (Lauren Flans)
    • Ellen DeGeneres, with mittens
  132. Oprah Winfrey (Nikki Jenkins)
  133. Steven Spielberg (Nice Peter)
  134. Alfred Hitchcock (EpicLLOYD)
  135. Quentin Tarantino (Wax)
    • Quentin Tarantino, as Jimmie Dimmick
  136. Stanley Kubrick (Ruggles Outbound)
  137. Michael Bay (Nice Peter)
  138. Meriwether Lewis (Link Neal)
  139. William Clark (Rhett McLaughlin)
  140. Bill S. Preston (EpicLLOYD)
  141. Ted "Theodore" Logan (Nice Peter)
  142. Harry Houdini (EpicLLOYD)
    • Harry Houdini, in chains
    • Harry Houdini, as black-and-white version
    • Harry Houdini, in straitjacket
  143. David Copperfield (Nice Peter)
  144. RoboCop (Nice Peter)
  145. The Terminator (EpicLLOYD)
    • The Terminator, with cybernetic arm
    • The Terminator, with scar
    • The Terminator, with sunglasses
    • The Terminator, in the outro (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  146. Socrates (EpicLLOYD)
  147. Nietzsche (Nice Peter)
    • Nietzsche, without suit
  148. Voltaire (Zach Sherwin)
  149. Confucius (MC Jin)
  150. Lao Tzu (KRNFX)
  151. Sun Tzu (Timothy DeLaGehtto)
  152. Julius Caesar (Nice Peter)
  153. Shaka Zulu (DeStorm Power)
  154. Stan Lee (EpicLLOYD)
    • Stan Lee, as "Super MC"
    • Stan Lee, as Muppet version
  155. Jim Henson (Nice Peter)
  156. Kermit the Frog (Nice Peter)
  157. Walt Disney (Zach Sherwin)
  158. Deadpool (Robert Hoffman)
  159. George R. R. Martin (EpicLLOYD)
  160. J. R. R. Tolkien (Nice Peter)
    • J. R. R. Tolkien, with helmet, rifle, and satchel
  161. Gordon Ramsay (EpicLLOYD)
    • Gordon Ramsay, in Street Noodler outfit
    • Gordon Ramsay, in Quiche Rescue outfit
  162. Julia Child (Mamrie Hart)
  163. Thomas Jefferson (Nice Peter)
    • Thomas Jefferson, in blue colonial outfit
    • Thomas Jefferson, in without colonial suit
  164. Frederick Douglass (J. B. Smoove)
    • Frederick Douglass, as black-and-white version
  165. James Bond, as Daniel Craig version (Ben Atha)
    • James Bond, as Daniel Craig version, in tuxedo suspenders
    • James Bond, as Daniel Craig version, in suit and tie
    • James Bond, as Daniel Craig version, in swimming trunks
  166. Austin Powers (Nice Peter)
    • Austin Powers, in underwear
  167. James Bond, as Sean Connery version (EpicLLOYD)
    • James Bond, as Sean Connery version, in diving suit with a seagull-disguised snorkel helmet
    • James Bond, as Sean Connery version, in white suit
    • James Bond, as Sean Connery version, in playsuit
  168. Bruce Banner (EpicLLOYD)
  169. Bruce Jenner (Nice Peter)
  170. Ivan the Terrible (Nice Peter)
  171. Alexander the Great (Zach Sherwin)
  172. Frederick the Great (EpicLLOYD)
  173. Catherine the Great (Meghan Tonjes)
  174. Hillary Clinton (Kimmy Gatewood)
    • Hillary Clinton, with a Make Donald Drumpf Again cap
  175. Ash Ketchum (Brian Walters)
  176. Charles Darwin (Nice Peter)
  177. Wonder Woman (Lilly Singh)
    • Wonder Woman, without tiara and cape
  178. Stevie Wonder (T-Pain)
  179. Tony Hawk (Nice Peter)
    • Tony Hawk, in plaid shirt and pants
    • Tony Hawk, in skating gear
    • Tony Hawk, in skating gear, black-and-white
  180. Wayne Gretzky (Zach Sherwin)
    • Wayne Gretzky, with helmet
  181. Theodore Roosevelt (EpicLLOYD)
    • Theodore Roosevelt, without suit
    • Theodore Roosevelt, in black-and-white
  182. Winston Churchill (Dan Bull)
    • Winston Churchill, in lighter brown suit
    • Winston Churchill, in dark brown suit
    • Winston Churchill, without suit
    • Winston Churchill, in black-and-white
  183. Elon Musk (EpicLLOYD)
    • Elon Musk, in black suit
    • Elon Musk, in white suit
    • Elon Musk, in leather jacket
    • Elon Musk, with goggles
    • Elon Musk, in black T-shirt
    • Elon Musk, in purple shirt
    • Elon Musk in gray suit and purple shirt
  184. Mark Zuckerberg (Nice Peter)
    • Mark Zuckerberg, in casual attire
    • Mark Zuckerberg, with Oculus Rift
  185. Freddy Krueger (Wax)
    • Freddy Krueger, with hat
    • Freddy Krueger, without hat
    • Freddy Krueger, with magnet as arms
  186. Wolverine (EpicLLOYD)
    • Wolverine, in his comic appearance
    • Wolverine, in his film appearance
  187. Che Guevara (Robert Rico)
    • Che Guevara, in black-and-white
    • Che Guevara, hued in red
  188. Guy Fawkes (Nice Peter)
  189. Burger King (EpicLLOYD)
  190. Ronald McDonald (Nice Peter)
  191. Wendy (MC Goldiloxx)
  192. George Carlin (Nice Peter)
    • George Carlin, in black-and-white
  193. Richard Pryor (Zeale)
    • Richard Pryor, hued pink and light blue
  194. Bill Cosby (Gary Anthony Williams)
  195. Joan Rivers (Jackie Tohn)
  196. Robin Williams (EpicLLOYD)
    • Robin Williams, as a genie
  197. Jacques Cousteau (Nice Peter)
    • Jacques Cousteau, in a scuba wetsuit
  198. Steve Irwin (EpicLLOYD)
  199. Mother Teresa (Cara Francis)
  200. Sigmund Freud (Nice Peter)
    • Sigmund Freud, in vest, without jacket
    • Sigmund Freud, in vest, without jacket, with hat
  201. Vlad the Impaler (EpicLLOYD)
  202. Count Dracula, as Christopher Lee version (Nice Peter)
    • Count Dracula, shapeshifted into mist
    • Count Dracula, as he appeared in Castlevania
  203. The Joker (Nice Peter)
    • The Joker, hued in green
  204. Pennywise (EpicLLOYD)
    • Pennywise, in deadlights form
    • Pennywise, in spider form
  205. Thanos (EpicLLOYD)
  206. J. Robert Oppenheimer (Nice Peter)
  207. Joe Biden (Nice Peter)
    • Joe Biden, in shades
    • Joe Biden, in shades and face mask
    • Joe Biden with a fly on his head
  208. Luke Skywalker (Lego Minifigures)
    • Luke Skywalker, as a Force Ghost
    • Luke Skywalker, in Dagobah outfit
    • Luke Skywalker, in Hoth outfit
    • Luke Skywalker, in X-Wing pilot outfit
    • Luke Skywalker, in Jedi outfit
    • Luke Skywalker, in Endor armor
  209. Harry Potter (Lego Minifigures)
    • Harry Potter, in Prisoner of Azkaban
    • Harry Potter, in Quidditch outfit
  210. Richard the Lionheart (Nice Peter)
  211. Ragnar Lodbrok (EpicLLOYD)
    • Ragnar Lodbrok, in "birthday suit"
  212. Jeff Bezos (EpicLLOYD)
    • Jeff Bezos, in space outfit
    • Jeff Bezos, in black vest with sunglasses
    • Jeff Bezos, in black vest without sunglasses
  213. Mansa Musa (Scru Face Jean)
  214. John Wick (Zach Sherwin)
  215. John McClane (EpicLLOYD)
  216. John Rambo (Nice Peter)
    • John Rambo, hiding in mud
  217. Indiana Jones (Nice Peter)
    • Indiana Jones, in open-buttoned shirt and no coat
  218. Lara Croft (Croix Provence)
    • Lara Croft, in original outfit
    • Lara Croft, in reboot outfit
    • Lara Croft, in wetsuit
  219. Karl Marx (EpicLLOYD)
    • Karl Marx, in black-and-white
  220. Henry Ford (Nice Peter)
    • Henry Ford, with a boater hat
  221. Godzilla (Nice Peter)
  222. King Kong (EpicLLOYD)
  223. Tom Cruise (TBA)
  224. Evel Knievel (TBA)


  1. Stormtroopers (Morgan Christensen)
  2. John McCain (EpicLLOYD)
  3. Johann Sebastian Bach (EpicLLOYD)
  4. Carl Sagan (EpicLLOYD)
  5. Jesus Christ (Kurt Schmidt)
  6. A man named Jesus (Aaron Zaragoza)
  7. Jesus Quintana (Dante Cimadamore)
  8. Genghis Khan's descendants, from New York (Jon Na)
  9. Genghis Khan's descendants, from Japan (Jon Na)
  10. George Washington
    • George Washington, in regular 18th century outfit (Pat McIntyre)
    • George Washington, in 18th century soldier outfit (Nice Peter)
  11. Gilderoy Lockhart (Pat McIntyre)
    • Gilderoy Lockhart, with pink scarf
  12. John "Hannibal" Smith (EpicLLOYD)
  13. H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock (EpicLLOYD)
  14. Templeton "Face" Peck (EpicLLOYD)
  15. Mr. McFeely (EpicLLOYD)
  16. Spock (Omar Gharaibeh)
  17. Hikaru Sulu (Jon Na)
  18. Hot Alien (Mary Doodles)
  19. Macho Man Randy Savage (EpicLLOYD)
  20. Chuck Norris (EpicLLOYD)
    • Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger outfit
    • Chuck Norris, in martial arts outfit
  21. Genghis Khan (EpicLLOYD)
  22. Gandalf the Grey (EpicLLOYD)
  23. Napoleon Bonaparte (EpicLLOYD)
  24. Adolf Hitler (EpicLLOYD)
  25. Thing 1 & 2 (EpicLLOYD)
  26. John Lennon (Nice Peter)
  27. Cat in the Hat (Nice Peter)
  28. Stephen Hawking (Nice Peter)
  29. Hulk Hogan (Nice Peter)
  30. Abe Lincoln (Nice Peter)
  31. Bill O'Reilly (EpicLLOYD)
  32. Ludwig van Beethoven (Nice Peter)
  33. KassemG
    • Kassem G, in regluar t-shirt and pants
    • KassemG, in ugly hag suit and fedora
  34. Mario (EpicLLOYD)
  35. Luigi (Nice Peter)
  36. King Henry VIII (Shay Carl)
  37. Master Chief (Nice Peter)
  38. Spartans (Dante Cimadamore and Gabe Michael)
  39. Queen Gorgo (Jeana Smith)
  40. Pleistarchus (EpicLLOYD)
  41. Princess Peach (Ceciley Jenkins)
  42. Jermaine Jackson (Bentley Green)
  43. Tito Jackson (Bentley Green)
  44. Marlon Jackson (Bentley Green)
  45. Jackie Jackson (Bentley Green)
  46. Tootie Ramsey (Bentley Green)
  47. Marlon Brando (EpicLLOYD)
  48. John F. Kennedy (Nice Peter)
  49. Sammy Davis, Jr. (Tay Zonday)
  50. Dalek (Matt Sherin)
  51. Marty McFly (EpicLLOYD)
  52. Mustached Cowboys (Nice Peter)
  53. Moses' Honeys (Elena Diaz and Monica Weitzel)
  54. Steve (Nice Peter)
  55. Indian Independence March Extras (Dante Cimadamore, Atul Singh, Jose Molina, Rafael Serrano, Abisai Flores, and Brian Fisher)
  56. White Preacher in Indian Independence March (Nice Peter)
  57. Civil Rights March Extras (Nikki Jenkins, Davina Friedlander, Ifechukwude Nwadiwe, Rique Castilloveitia, Nic Parris, Clarence L. Gaines IV, and Donnie McMillin)
  58. White Preacher in Civil Rights March (EpicLLOYD)
  59. Mikhail Baryshnikov (PewDiePie)
  60. Leonidas (Jesse Wellens)
  61. The Fourth Doctor (George Watsky)
  62. Sarlacc
  63. Lando Calrissian (KassemG)
  64. Edward Kenway (Xin Wuku)
  65. Gangsters (Shaun Lewin, Yev Belilovskiy, and Dante Cimadamore)
  66. Pirates (Bryce Wissel, Shaun Lewin, and Donnie Davis)
  67. Miley Stewart (Nice Peter)
  68. Lilly Truscott (EpicLLOYD)
  69. Mister Rogers (Nice Peter)
  70. Billy Mays (Colin J. Sweeney)
  71. Ignorance and Want (Kai and Naya Berman)
  72. Walkers (Neil Blan, Ray Timmons, Amy Bury, and Tom Walsh)
  73. Jimmy Olsen (Nice Peter)
  74. Krillin (Nice Peter)
  75. Americans (Jack Zullo, Mike Elder, and Jeff MacKinnon)
  76. Scotsmen (Reynaldo Garnica, Seth Brown, and Joey Greer)
  77. Janine Melnitz (Dodger)
  78. Loki (EpicLLOYD)
  79. Odin (Lego Minifigures)
  80. Brokkr (Lego Minifigures)
  81. Medusa (Lego Minifigures)
  82. Dane Cook (Lego Minifigures)
  83. Minotaur (Lego Minifigures)
  84. Poseidon (Lego Minifigures)
  85. Frost Giant (Lego Minifigures)
  86. Natalie Portman (Lego Minifigures)
  87. Athena (Lego Minifigures)
  88. Ares (Lego Minifigures)
  89. Dionysus (Lego Minifigures)
  90. Hades (Lego Minifigures)
  91. Aphrodite (Lego Minifigures)
  92. Vikings (Lego Minifigures)
  93. Barney Matthews (David Thornhill Jr.)
  94. Stedman Graham (Atul Singh)
  95. Dr. Phil (EpicLLOYD)
  96. Sacagawea (Michelle Maloney)
  97. Rufus (Sam Macaroni)
  98. Socrates (EpicLLOYD)
  99. Billy the Kid (Nice Peter)
  100. Joan of Arc (Jessi Smiles)
  101. Bess Houdini (Josie Ahlquist)
  102. Police Officer (Tony Clark)
  103. Criss Angel (Dante Cimadamore)
  104. Chloe Gosselin (Lauren Francesca)
  105. ED-209
  106. Zulu Warriors (Klarity)
  107. Roman Soldiers (EpicLLOYD)
  108. Animators (Mary Doodles)
  109. Street Toughs (EpicLLOYD, Dante Cimadamore, Forrest Whaley, and Edward Vilderman)
  110. Rebel Soldiers (Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD)
  111. The Eye of Sauron
  112. Hodor (Ricky Mammone)
  113. Jon Snow (Rudy Fermin)
  114. Mikey Walsh (EpicLLOYD)
  115. Daenerys Targaryen (Ceciley Jenkins)
  116. Human Warrior (Joey Greer)
  117. Orc (Joey Greer)
  118. High Elves (Sulai Lopez and Shaun Lewin)
  119. Jimmy Page (Dante Cimadamore)
  120. John Paul Jones (Dante Cimadamore)
  121. John Bonham (Dante Cimadamore)
  122. Gordon Ramsay's Production Team (Michelle Maloney, Layne Pavoggi, Yev Belilovsky, Ceciley Jenkins, and Jay Houn)
  123. Blue Team (Dante Cimadamore, Mike Betette, Sulai Lopez, and Felicia Folkes)
  124. Marilyn Monroe (Kimmy Gatewood)
  125. Babe Ruth (EpicLLOYD)
  126. Ben Franklin (EpicLLOYD)
  127. Barack Obama (Alphacat)
  128. Thomas Edison (EpicLLOYD)
  129. Clint Eastwood (EpicLLOYD)
  130. Elvis Presley (EpicLLOYD)
  131. Manny Stixman (Dante Cimadamore)
  132. Gillian Shagwell (Samantha Kellie)
  133. Go-Go Dancer (Sulai Lopez)
  134. Rasputin (Nice Peter)
  135. Joseph Stalin (EpicLLOYD)
  136. Vladimir Lenin (Nice Peter)
  137. Mikhail Gorbachev (EpicLLOYD)
  138. Vladimir Putin (Nice Peter)
  139. Pompey the Great (Mike Bettete)
  140. Catherine the Great's Backup Dancers (Illjaz Jusufi and Burim Jusufi)
  141. Secret Service Agent (Josh Best)
  142. Jessie (Mary Doodles)
  143. James (Dante Cimadamore)
  144. Ash Williams (EpicLLOYD)
  145. The March of Progress (Dante Cimadamore)
  146. Batman (Nice Peter)
  147. Yolanda Simmons (Lilly Singh)
  148. Melody McCulley (Lilly Singh)
  149. Karen Millard Morris (Lilly Singh)
  150. Paramjeet Singh (Lilly Singh)
  151. Tomeeka Robyn Bracy (Lilly Singh)
  152. Aisha Morris (Lilly Singh)
  153. Keita Morris (Lilly Singh)
  154. Mumtaz Morris (Lilly Singh)
  155. Sophia Morris (Lilly Singh)
  156. Kwame Morris (Lilly Singh)
  157. Kailand Morris (Lilly Singh)
  158. Mandla Kadjay Carl Stevland Morris (Lilly Singh)
  159. Zaiah Morris (Lilly Singh)
  160. Nia Morris (Lilly Singh)
  161. Bobby Orr (EpicLLOYD)
  162. Thomas Jefferson (Nice Peter)
  163. John Schrank (Javi Sánchez-Blanco)
  164. Jose "Choco" Reynoso
  165. Jon Na
  166. Josh Best
  167. Ryan Moulton
  168. Javi Sánchez-Blanco
  169. Andrew Sherman
  170. Atul Singh
  171. Matthew Schlissel
  172. Shaun Lewin
  173. Brittany White
  174. Ashlyn McIntyre
  175. Morgan Christensen
  176. Sulai Lopez
  177. Dante Cimadamore
  178. Kyle Herman
  179. Harry Houdini (EpicLLOYD)
  180. Dianne Feinstein (EpicLLOYD)
  181. Jean-Luc Picard (EpicLLOYD)
  182. Jason Voorhees (Atul Singh)
  183. Edward Scissorhands (Nice Peter)
  184. J. P. Morgan (EpicLLOYD)
  185. Abandoned Kid (Atul Singh)
  186. R. M. Renfield (Morgan Christensen)
  187. Justice League (EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter and Lilly Singh)
  188. Russian Hackers (Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD)
  189. Porpentina Goldstein (Lego Minifigures)
  190. Ron Weasley (Lego Minifigures)
  191. Hermione Granger (Lego Minifigures)
  192. Dean Thomas (Lego Minifigures)
  193. Luna Lovegood (Lego Minifigures)
    • Luna Lovegood, in her causal clothes and goggles
  194. Draco Malfoy (Lego Minifigures)
    • Draco Malfoy, in his Seeker outfit
  195. Remus Lupin (Lego Minifigures)
  196. The Trolley witch (Lego Minifigures)
  197. Alastor Moody (Lego Minifigures)
  198. Lucius Malfoy (Lego Minifigures)
  199. Owen and Beru Lars (Lego Minifigures)
    • Owen and Beru Lars, dead
  200. Rubeus Hagrid (Lego Minifigures)
  201. Neville Longbottom (Lego Minifigures)
  202. Cho Chang (Lego Minifigures)
  203. Snoke (Lego Minifigures)
  204. Darth Vader (Lego Minifigures)
  205. Conan Antonio Motti (Lego Minifigures)
  206. Ginny Weasley (Lego Minifigures)
  207. Severus Snape (Lego Minifigures)
  208. Molly Weasley (Lego Minifigures)
  209. Dusty Bin (Lego Minifigures)
  210. Tusken Raiders (Lego Minifigures)
  211. gonk droid (Lego Minifigures)
  212. Han Solo (Lego Minifigures)
  213. Chewbacca (Lego Minifigures)
  214. Leia Organa (Lego Minifigures)
    • Slave Leia Organa
    • Leia Organa, in her Endor celebration outfit
  215. R5-D4 (Lego Minifigures)
  216. WED-15-ST68 (Lego Minifigures)
  217. Jawas (Lego Minifigures)
  218. R1-G4 (Lego Minifigures)
  219. Vernon Dursley (Lego Minifigures)
  220. Petunia Dursley (Lego Minifigures)
  221. Dudley Dursley (Lego Minifigures)
  222. R2-D2 (Lego Minifigures)
  223. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Lego Minifigures)
  224. Dumbledore (Lego Minifigures)
  225. Yoda (Lego Minifigures)
    • Yoda, as a Force ghost
  226. Dementors (Lego Minifigures)
  227. Sirius Black (Lego Minifigures)
  228. Bith (Lego Minifigures)
  229. Death Eaters (Lego Minifigures)
    • Dummy Death Eater
  230. Jar Jar Binks (Lego Minifigures)
  231. J. K. Rowling (Lego Minifigures)
  232. J. J. Abrams (Lego Minifigures)
  233. Sith trooper (Lego Minifigures)
  234. Stormtroopers (Lego Minifigures)
  235. Emperor Palpatine (Lego Minifigures)
  236. C1-10P (Lego Minifigures)
  237. Lucian Bole (Lego Minifigures)
  238. Dobby (Lego Minifigures)
  239. Sybill Trelawney (Lego Minifigures)
  240. Minerva McGonagall (Lego Minifigures)
  241. C-3PO (Lego Minifigures)
  242. Fred and George Weasley (Lego Minifigures)
  243. Newt Scamander (Lego Minifigures)
  244. Jacob Kowalski (Lego Minifigures)
  245. Griphook (Lego Minifigures)
  246. Lord Voldemort (Lego Minifigures)
  247. Fenrir Greyback (Lego Minifigures)
  248. Wicket W. Warrick (Lego Minifigures)
  249. Logray (Lego Minifigures)
  250. Teebo (Lego Minifigures)
  251. Chief Chirpa (Lego Minifigures)
  252. Selena Gomez (Lego Minifigures)
  253. Lando Calrissian (Lego Minifigures)
  254. Bellatrix Lestrange (Lego Minifigures)
  255. Amazon workers (Atul Singh and Nice Peter)
  256. Captain Kirk (EpicLLOYD)
  257. Amazon Alexa
  258. Sam Trautman (Josh Best)
  259. Swordsman (Atul Singh)

Minor appearances[]

  1. Nazi Rage Baby
  2. Person who attacks Chuck Norris (arm only)
  3. Ninjas who attack Chuck Norris
  4. Yorick's skull
  5. Audience in the Macworld Expo
  6. Person who throws microphone towards Freddie Mercury (arm only)
  7. Person who carries the TARDIS (hand only)
  8. People who speak during the Tenth Doctor's interlude (offscreen)
  9. Ronald Reagan (arm only)
  10. Ronald McDonald (arm only) (Atul Singh)
  11. Carl Grimes (offscreen)
  12. Erasmo of Narni, "Gattamelata" (statue)
  13. Vitruvian man (drawing)
  14. Person/People who shoots Bonnie & Clyde (offscreen)
  15. Women with the Minotaur and Poseidon
  16. People in the bar
  17. Greek people
  18. The ghost at the end of Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter
  19. People who throw Bill & Ted their guitars (offscreen)
  20. Audience in New York City
  21. Spider-Man in the comic book store
  22. Female silhouettes in the James Bond title sequences
  23. Person who shakes the cup of martinis next to James Bond (hands only)
  24. People who chant at the beginning of Frederick the Great's verse (offscreen)
  25. People who cheer in the later half of Donald Trump's verse and in the outro of Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton (offscreen)
  26. A Rough Rider soldier's silhouette
  27. Silhouettes of World War II paratroopers
  28. Viewer of Nice Peter vs EpicLLOYD in Nice Peter vs EpicLLOYD 2 (offscreen)
  29. Jarvis, the robot Morgan Freeman (animated drawing)
  30. Two Barbies (Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il re-edit only)
  31. Audience in the sports ring (Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il re-edit only)
  32. A poor person in Heaven (foot only) (EpicLLOYD)
  33. Hogwarts students and staff
  34. People at Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina
  35. Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum, and Cedric Diggory on the cover of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  36. Star Wars fans at the front of a movie theater
  37. Dump truck driver
  38. People on Diagon Alley
  39. Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, and Josie Ahlquist on the cover of the magazine

Animal appearances[]

  1. Sarah Palin's moose
  2. Napoleon Bonaparte's horse
  3. Napoleon Dynamite's liger
  4. Tina the Llama (with Napoleon Dynamite's head)
  5. Fawkes the Phoenix
  6. KassemG's flying wolf
  7. Cleopatra's asp (Goldie)
  8. Abe Lincoln's bald eagle (Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD)
  9. Baker Street horses
  10. Moses' doves
  11. The Serpent of Eden
  12. Thomas Edison's dog
  13. Rancor
  14. Crows in Château de Chinon
  15. Pablo Picasso's dog, Lump (Bob the dog)
  16. Crows in the Atlanta Outskirts
  17. Edgar Allan Poe's bats
  18. Cattle on the Isle of Skye
  19. Animals on the roofs of neighboring buildings of the Shandor Building
  20. Birds in Asgard
  21. Athena's Pegasus
  22. Dog on Thor's Viking Ship
  23. Polar bear in Valhalla
  24. Cerberus in the Underworld
  25. T-Rex in Jurassic Park
  26. Michael Bay's eagle
  27. Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea's fish
  28. Eagle by the Mississippi River
  29. American Black Bear by the Mississippi River (Mike Betette)
  30. Dove in the David Copperfield vs Harry Houdini outro
  31. Pebbles
  32. Ivan the Terrible's horse gift
  33. Charles Darwin's tortoise
  34. Charizard
  35. Butterfree
  36. Alolan Exeggutor
  37. Pikachu
  38. Magikarp
  39. Lapras
  40. Bat in Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder
  41. A Rough Rider soldier's horse as a silhouette in Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill
  42. Walrus dressed as Hulk Hogan (Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il re-edit only)
  43. Steve Irwin's snake
  44. Wallaby in the outback
  45. Crocodile in the outback
  46. Python in the outback
  47. Count Dracula as a bat
  48. Phoenix
  49. Fly on Joe Biden's head
  50. Dewback
  51. Hedwig
  52. Peter Pettigrew
  53. A dead Tauntaun
  54. Owl on Platform 9¾
  55. Womp rat
  56. Dewback
  57. Norbert
  58. The Monster Book of Monsters
  59. Bantha
  60. Mandrake
  61. Birds flying near Hogwarts Castle
  62. Flies in Dagobah
  63. Harry Potter's stag Patronus
  64. Wampa
  65. Hungarian Horntail
  66. Buckbeak
  67. Crookshanks
  68. Niffler
  69. Pickett
  70. Porg
  71. Mansa Musa's camel
  72. Rodan
  73. Mothra
  74. Mechagodzilla

Unofficial characters[]

Flash in the Pan Hip Hop Conflicts of Nowadays[]

  1. PewDiePie (EpicLLOYD)
  2. T-Series (Nice Peter)
  3. Ronald McDonald (Nice Peter)
  4. The Burger King (EpicLLOYD)
  5. Larry Bird (EpicLLOYD)
  6. Big Bird (Nice Peter)

Speculated characters[]

  1. Manfred von Richthofen (Red Baron)
  2. Simo Häyhä (White Death)

Scrapped characters[]

  1. iPhone
  2. Blackberry
  3. Osama bin Laden
  4. Neil Armstrong
  5. King Henry VIII (Shay Carl)
  6. Hillary Clinton (Susan Deming)
  7. An executioner
  8. Bill Clinton (EpicLLOYD)
  9. Betty White
  10. Bettie Page
  11. Rocky Balboa
  12. God
  13. Dr. Phil
  14. Tupac Shakur
  15. Johann Sebastian Bach
  16. Lucky the Leprechaun
  17. Cap'n Crunch
  18. Jack Sparrow
  19. The Queen of England
  20. Salvador Dalí
  21. General Custer
  22. Crazy Horse
  23. Tim Burton
  24. Jean-Philippe Susilovic
  25. Mel Gibson
  26. Charlie Sheen
  27. Alexander Graham Bell
  28. Ali G
  29. Borat
  30. Brüno
  31. Bernie Sanders
  32. Ronald Reagan
  33. Erwin Rommel
  34. Kratos
  35. Mike Pence
  36. Kamala Harris
  37. Nathan Drake

Characters from unofficial battles[]

  • In the unofficial Michael J. Fox vs Chucky, Peter and Lloyd impersonated Michael J. Fox and Chucky.
  • There was another unofficial ERB where Peter impersonates GLaDOS, battling Sherlock Holmes.[6]
  • There was also a rap battle by Peter and Lloyd in the film, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, where a dolphin named Bubbles rapped against a seagull.
  • There was another unofficial ERB where Peter portrayed James Bond and Lloyd portrayed Austin Powers.
  • There was an unofficial ERB at the Chicago concert of the ERB 2015 Tour where Peter portrayed Salvador Dalí and Lloyd portrayed Kurt Cobain.
  • There was an unofficial ERB at the NYC concert of the ERB 2015 Tour where Peter portrayed Drake and Lloyd portrayed Bob Marley.
  • There was an unofficial ERB at the Manchester concert of the ERB 2015 Tour where Peter portrayed James Bond and Lloyd portrayed Jason Bourne.
  • There were two unofficial ERBs at the Glasgow concert of the ERB 2015 Tour where Peter portrayed Nicola Sturgeon and Rick Astley, and Lloyd portrayed Elizabeth II and John Cena.
  • There was an unofficial ERB at the Michigan concert of the ERB 2015 Tour where Peter portrayed Betty White and Lloyd portrayed Jar Jar Binks.
  • There was an unofficial ERB at the London concert of the ERB 2015 Tour where Peter portrayed Leonardo DiCaprio and Lloyd portrayed Eminem.
  • There was an unofficial ERB at the Liverpool concert of the ERB 2015 Tour where Peter portrayed Charles Darwin and Lloyd portrayed Jesus Christ.
  • There were two unofficial ERBs at the Outside Lands 2017 concert where Peter portrayed Yoda and Rick Sanchez and Lloyd portrayed Spock and the Joker.
  • There was an unofficial ERB at the SF Sketchfest 2018 concert where Peter portrayed Andrew Jackson and Lloyd portrayed O. J. Simpson.
  • There were four unofficial ERBs at the TooManyGames 2019 concert where Peter portrayed Thanos, Carrot Top, Ozzy Osbourne, and Jon Snow and Lloyd portrayed Tony Stark, Archer, Gene Simmons, and Conan O'Brien.
  1. Michael J. Fox (Nice Peter) (Although he himself doesn't appear, his character from the Back to the Future trilogy, Marty McFly, appears in Doc Brown vs Doctor Who)
  2. Chucky (EpicLLOYD)
  3. Sherlock Holmes (EpicLLOYD) (although he did appear officially in Batman vs Sherlock Holmes, he was portrayed by Zach Sherwin instead)
  4. GLaDOS (Nice Peter)
  5. Bubbles (Matt Berry)
  6. Seagull (EpicLLOYD)
  7. Back-up seagulls (Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, and Paul Tibbitt)
  8. Painty the Pirate (Nice Peter)
  9. SpongeBob SquarePants
  10. James Bond (Nice Peter)
  11. Austin Powers (EpicLLOYD)
  12. Kurt Cobain (EpicLLOYD)
  13. Salvador Dalí (Nice Peter)
  14. Bob Marley (EpicLLOYD)
  15. Drake (Nice Peter)
  16. Jason Bourne (EpicLLOYD)
  17. Nicola Sturgeon (Nice Peter)
  18. Elizabeth II (EpicLLOYD)
  19. Rick Astley (Nice Peter)
  20. John Cena (EpicLLOYD)
  21. Jar Jar Binks (EpicLLOYD)
  22. Betty White (Nice Peter)
  23. Leonardo DiCaprio (Nice Peter)
  24. Eminem (EpicLLOYD)
  25. Charles Darwin (Nice Peter)
  26. Jesus Christ (EpicLLOYD)
  27. Yoda (Nice Peter)
  28. Spock (EpicLLOYD)
  29. Rick Sanchez (Nice Peter)
  30. The Joker (EpicLLOYD)
  31. Andrew Jackson (Nice Peter)
  32. O. J. Simpson (EpicLLOYD)
  33. Thanos (Nice Peter)
  34. Tony Stark (EpicLLOYD)
  35. Carrot Top (Nice Peter)
  36. Archer (EpicLLOYD)
  37. Ozzy Osbourne (Nice Peter)
  38. Gene Simmons (EpicLLOYD)
  39. Jon Snow (Nice Peter)
  40. Conan O'Brien (EpicLLOYD)

ERB News (hosts and special guests)[]

  1. Hulk Hogan
  2. Macho Man Randy Savage
  3. Nice Peter
  4. Ben Franklin
  5. Charles Darwin
  6. Leonardo da Vinci (unofficial)
  7. The real Hulk Hogan (special guest/unofficial)
  8. André the Giant (cameo/unofficial)
  9. Theodore Roosevelt
  10. Isaac Newton
  11. Danny Trejo (special guest)
  12. Adam Smith
  13. Vladimir Putin (cameo)
  14. Hippocrates (cameo)
  15. Zach Galifianakis (cameo)
  16. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  17. Eleanor Roosevelt (cameo)
  18. Edith Roosevelt (cameo)
  19. Charles Babbage