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Lump Cameo.png
Bob the dog as Lump
Cameo information
Birth name Lump
Born 1956
Stuttgart, Germany
Died March 29, 1973 (aged 16-17)
Physical description
Hair Brown and black fur
Eyes Black
Based on
Lump Based On.png
Appearance information
Appeared in Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso
During Pablo Picasso's first verse
Location(s) Pablo Picasso's studio

Lump made a cameo appearance in Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso. He was portrayed by Bob the dog.

Information on the cameo

Lump was a Dachshund who was born in Stuttgart, Germany, and named after the German word for rascal. Lump was acquired by David Douglas Duncan, an American photographer. He was purchased at the age of three months from a German family in order to act as a companion for Duncan's Afghan Hound, Kubla.

Lump first met Pablo Picasso on April 19th, 1957, at La Californie, Picasso's hillside mansion in Cannes. His owner, David Douglas Duncan, had photographed Picasso for the first time during the previous year. On this occasion he chose to bring along Lump, as the Dachshund didn't get along with his other dog. While having lunch with his future wife Jacqueline Roque and Duncan, Picasso painted a portrait of Lump on his own dinner plate. With the work dated and inscribed to Lump, he handed the plate to Duncan as a gift. The dog felt immediately at home and stayed with Picasso for the next six years at La Californie.

In 1964, during a visit with Picasso, Duncan was informed that Lump was not well. The dog was suffering from a spinal condition leaving him without the use of his back legs and was being looked after by a local vet in Cannes. Duncan visited the vet and was notified that the condition could not be cured. Duncan sought a second opinion and taking back the dog, he drove it to Stuttgart, Germany, where he found a vet who was willing to treat Lump. The treatment took several months, but Lump would go on to live for another ten years, albeit walking as Duncan would describe "a bit like a drunken sailor". Lump died ten days before Picasso, on March 29th, 1973.

Appearance in the rap battle

He appeared in Pablo Picasso's arms at the end of his first verse after he said the line, "I could make better art with my wiener, Lump!"


  • Lump is second real-life animal to appear in a rap battle, the other being Cleopatra's asp. The rest of the animals were either images, clips, animated, or props.
    • He is the first non-human animal cameo to be recognized by name.
  • According to the behind the scenes video of this battle, the camera was originally going to pan down to Lump while Pablo Picasso said his line, but they couldn't get Bob to sit still while filming him.