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|hair = Brown
|hair = Brown
|eyes = Blue
|eyes = Blue
|image2 = [[File:220px-Marlon Brando - The Wild One.jpg|300px]]
|image2 = [[File:Marlon Brando Based On.jpeg|300px]]
|ERBnumber = [[Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe]]
|ERBnumber = [[Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe]]
|VerseAppeared = [[Marilyn Monroe]]'s second verse}}
|VerseAppeared = [[Marilyn Monroe]]'s second verse}}

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Marlon Brando
Lloyd Ahlquist as Marlon Brando
EpicLLOYD as Marlon Brando
Cameo information
Birth name Marlon Brando, Jr.
Born April 3, 1924
Omaha, Nebraska
Died July 1, 2004 (aged 80)
Westwood, Los Angeles, California
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Based on
Marlon Brando Based On
Appearance information
Appeared in Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe
During Marilyn Monroe's second verse

Marlon Brando made a cameo appearance alongside John F. Kennedy in Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe. He was portrayed by EpicLLOYD

Information on the cameo

Marlon Brando was an American screen and stage actor. He had a significant impact on film acting and is considered one of the most important actors in American cinema. He portrayed Vito Corleone, the crime boss of the Corleone family in 1972's The Godfather; Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, an army officer and the main antagonist in 1979's Apocalypse Now; and Superman's father, Jor-El, in 1978's Superman. He also was an activist and supported many issues. Brando died in 2004 in California due to respiratory failure at the age of 80.

Appearance in the rap battle

In the rap battle, Marlon Brando appeared alongside John F. Kennedy while Marilyn Monroe said the line, "But you're forgetting the others: Marlon Brando and the Kennedys, while you fucked your own brothers!"


  • In the Behind the Scenes video, Nice Peter said that he was originally going to play Brando, but the ERB crew and himself realized that he doesn't look a thing like Marlon Brando, leading him to play JFK while Brando would be portrayed by Lloyd instead.
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