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  • I live in Wachowland
  • I was born on July 25
  • My occupation is Stomping midget asses
  • I am Human
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  • Please support #FreeCelicious

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  • Are you able to use me in a parody rap battle?

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  • What was your reply to the "stop making spam edits/categories" thread left on my wall?

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  • Where can I contact you, dude? Been trying to get hold of you for ages.

    I've got an idea and I want to share it with you. <3

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  • As I am bored, and I’m gunna start doing WachMojos on TWD Wiki probably, and this one doesn’t warrant a full WachMojo. Let’s discuss proabably one of the bigges events that will take place in Season 9.

    The Alpha executions.

    In the comics this is probably one of the biggest and most shocking scenes to take place killing off 2 major characters and another few other supporting characters. So the big question is who will take those fates in the TV series? The likes of Olivia, Carson, and Erin are already dead. Now of course we can’t predict everyone as some of the deaths consisted of characters introduced after the war, but I have 7 people whom I believe will be taking these fates.

    Ezekiel - Sadly as much as I love King Ezekiel, he will be taking the same death. It brings a lot to the scene and is still one of the biggest deaths in the comics. Not much more to say.

    Tara - yeah, I believe Tara’s story has finished, and I think she will be taking Rositas death as the second main character to be killed in this event. I think Rosita has more to add as I don’t think her and Eugene will be a thing in the comics.

    Scott - kinda taking Carson’s place as the recognizable pre-war character, Scott still being alive is already amazing (Think he should have died instead of Tobin but whatever) but I think he will bite the dust with this scene.

    Nabila - easily taking Olivia’s death. Kinda the pacifist person who won’t really add much from now on.

    Tanya - Tanya is much more noticeable than Amber in the TV series, so I believe she will take Ambers comic death, I was going to say Frankie but I’m not sure. If Frankie gets with Eugene however (which was kinda hinted at) I’m changing this to Frankie.

    Barbra - a whatever nothing Character to kill

    Rachel - I was going to put Henry as a replacement for Josh’ death cause I definitely think they’re still killing a child just like the comics, but due to Ezekiel dying I think killing Henry is almost killing the last notable Kingdom original other than Jerry (who I think will take over Williams role as de-facto leader) and Dianne (he’s more noticeable than Dianne these days) would be Kingdom overkill, especially since they already lost their entire army.

    Then 3 other new nobodies. Idek if Magna will be a thing in the show for Luke to have a TV death.

    That’s it for me. Twas bored, tell me what y’all think :)

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  • You want an invite to the ERB Wiki Wrestling Discord? Just lemme know and I'll chuck ya an invite. :)

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  • Yesterday's Raw was hype af. Wrestlemania is on the way and I'm recording my current thoughts right here about what I think matches will be and how they will go.

    Roman vs Lesnar - bleh who cares, Roman wins his Universal title. Hopefully Joe can come in soon and take it.

    AJ Styles vs Nakamura - Love Nakamura, but Styles is gunna retain in the best match of the century. Nakamura can possibly feud for U.S Title after this.

    Miz vs Balor vs Rollins - at first I thought it'd be Rollins to make him a Grand Slam Champion, but since they just did that with Randy Orton, I think it will be Balor. Miz has no chance due to his baby on the way.

    Cena vs Undertaker - hype af match, hopefully it delivers. Taker wins and he and Cena do some good guy stuff and Taker retires by like giving his hat to John or something. Idk this would be better if Cena was undefeated at Mania.

    Sheamus and Cesaro vs Braun Strowman - holy fuck do I want Braun to become the first ever Solo Tag Team Champion, but the problem in that is the long run, cause you'll have tag teams looking weak as fuck if they lose to one guy. Before the match Stephanie will come out saying she found Braun a partner by herself, who will be Elias. Elias won't do anything in the match however and Strowman will destroy Sheamus and Cesaro. As time goes on they'll do a Kane/Bryan thing where they learn to get along better. I expect this reign to last 250+ days.

    Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle vs HHH and Stephanie - lol Ronda isn't losing her debut match. Fun fact if/when HHH does indeed lose, he will have the more loses at Wrestlemania than any other wrestler.

    Cedrick Alexander will beat Mustafa/Gulak/who-cares for the Cruiserweight Championship. He's the only one that can revive the title rn.

    Bluegon Brothers will crush New Day and Usos. This match will prob be less than 7 minutes to have more time on matches like Styles vs Nakamura. New Day will take the pin. Brothers and Usos will feud for a while. This reign im predicting will last a long time, maybe until War Machine is even called up (and thats a long fucking time)

    Charolette vs Asuka - thankfully Asuka will take that title off Charolette. Carmella cashes in ending Asuka streak. She'll win the rematch along the line too cause it'll be triple threat Charolette vs Asuka vs Carmella and she'll find something to take advantage of.

    Randy vs Roode vs Mahal - you bet this'll be a triple threat. Mahal is probably winning since Randy only won for the Grand Slam and a Roode was given a title too early. Hopefully he can feud with someone like Zayn/Owens/Ambrose after the next Superstar Shakeup.

    Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens (and whatever Shane will do) - idk. This feud is definitely getting a match. I just don't want Shane to wrestle again cause 1) he'll lose and that'll be 3 in a row at WM. 2) Zayn vs Owens is money. If it is Zayn vs Owens I think Owens would win but I'd prefer Zayn.

    Alexa vs Nia Jax - Nia Jax in one of the shorter matches. Nothing more, Bliss is washed out as Champion for now.

    Andre The Giant Battle Royal - idfk, I feel it'll be some NXT Callup or something.

    Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal - Bayley will eliminate Sasha in the middle of the match. Final two will be Bayley and (placeholder irrelevant woman like Becky or Ruby, and I'm a fan of both of them) and Sasha will come back out and help eliminate Bayley, starting a feud there.

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    • Andre the Giant Battle Royal - fun match, nothing too spectacular but I enjoyed the Mojo-Ryder skit, Ryder performed that very well. Ending was good, hope to see more Wyatt-Hardy team up. 7/10

      Alexander vs Mustafa - Kickass match, would have preferred Mustafa but it’s ok. Guys beat the hell out of themselves. 8.5/10

      Women’s Battle Royal - pretty slow and not too many good moments tbh. Expected more like how the Women’s Royal Rumble was amazing. Naomi was an ok winner but they shoulda ended it with Bayley. 4/10

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    • Balor vs Miz vs Rollins - great match, woulda liked Balor more but Grand Slam Rollins baby! 8.5/10

      Asuka vs Charolette - man, it was an amazing match, but Asuka didn’t win and Carmella didn’t cash in. 7/10

      Mahal vs Orton vs Roode vs Rusev - it was a good match but...why did Rusev not win, there was no real story here. Jinder will just be the basic “I’m foreign and I have the U.S belt” guy. 5/10

      Rousey and Kurt vs HHH and Stephanie - Ronda just proved herself worthy of WWE. What an amazing match with a great story. Was a tad slow in the start though. 8/10

      Bludgeon Brothers vs Usos vs New Day - I called this on the dot and I’m happy with it. Personally would’ve made Brothers even more destructive. 8.5/10

      Undertaker vs Cena - huge props to Cena, hope this is Takers retirement match. The storytelling itself gets a good 10/10 cause I can’t actually rate that match lol.

      Bryan and Shane vs Owens and Zayn - good match, although I didn’t really care for it. All guys are solid workers and an u predictable finish. But due to lack of caring really, 6.5/10

      Jax vs Bliss - mmmmmmm, 9/10

      Styles vs Nakamura - I must say, not as great as it could’ve been, but great storytelling and great Nakamura heel turn. 8/10

      Strowman and FUCKING NICOLAS THE TEN YEAR OLD vs The Bar - I have never laughed so hard from confusion. This is exactly what Strowman should be like. Nicolas probably won’t last long. Match wasn’t spectacular but it’s only up from here. 8/10

      Roman vs Lesnar - WOAH. WHAT. I THOUGHT THE REST OF WM WAS UNOREDICTABLE BUT...WOAH. This was a great beat down match, the blood was great, if people didn’t hate Reigns and Lesnar they’d actually enjoy this match. 9/10

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  • When you can

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  • Coming soon :) (Sorry Neo, you got cut out a little bit)

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