Michelle Glavan
Michelle Glavan.png
Actor information
Full name Michelle Glavan
Born January 12
Portland, Oregon
YouTube Channel MichelleGlavan
Physical description
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Appearance information
Appeared in Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc
As Miley Cyrus

Michelle Glavan portrayed Miley Cyrus in Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc.

Information on the actress

Michelle Glavan was born on January 12, in Portland, Oregon. She is an entertainer and YouTube personality. She currently studies improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater and writes/produces comedy sketches and music videos for her YouTube channel during her spare time. Glavan has made cameo appearances in such television shows as Workaholics and Community. Her website can be found here.


Season 3:


  • Prior to the rap battle, Glavan portrayed Miley Cyrus in a parody of one of her songs "We Can't Stop".[1]



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