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Ming Tea
Ming Tea Cameo.png
Sulai Lopez (go-go dancer), Dante Cimadamore (Stixman), Samantha Kellie (Shagwell), and Nice Peter (Powers) as Ming Tea
Cameo information
Birth name Sir Augustine Danger Powers, KBE
Gillian Shagwell
Sid Belvedere
Manny Stixman
Trevor Aigburth
Nickname(s) Ming Tea
Go Go Dancers (as credited in the video)
1960s Dante Cimadamore (Dante's credit in the video)
First appearance May 2, 1997
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Physical description
Hair Brown (Powers and Shagwell)
Black (Stixman)
Blonde (go-go dancer)
Eyes Brown (Powers)
Black (Shagwell and Stixman)
Blue (go-go dancer)
Based on
Ming Tea Based On.png
Appearance information
Appeared in James Bond vs Austin Powers
During Austin Powers' first verse
Location(s) Austin Powers' jumbo jet (Powers, go-go dancer, and Shagwell)
Psychedelic flower patterns (Powers)
A psychedelic transition stage
A dance club (Powers, go-go dancer, and Shagwell)
Blofeld's volcano lair (Powers)

Ming Tea, credited as Go Go Dancers in the video description, consisting of Gillian Shagwell, Manny Stixman, and the go-go dancer, made a group cameo appearance in James Bond vs Austin Powers. They were portrayed by Dante Cimadamore, Sulai Lopez, and Samantha Kellie. Fellow band member Austin Powers, who was portrayed by Nice Peter, rapped beside them in his first verse.

Information on the cameo

Ming Tea is a fictional band from the Austin Powers film franchise. They appear in the psychedelic transition stages throughout the movies, dancing and playing music with Austin Powers. The group is comprised of Powers, Gillian Shagwell, Sid Belvedere, Manny Stixman, and Trevor Aigburth, as well as a go-go dancer.

The band was formed by Austin Powers' actor, Mike Myers, along with Matthew Sweet (as Trevor Aigburth) and Susanna Hoffs (as Gillian Shagwell), following Myers' Saturday Night Live career in the early 1990s. The members all adopted 1960s personas and performed under pseudonyms, with Myers creating the character of Austin Powers. Myers' then-wife Robin Ruzan encouraged him to write a film based on the character, leading to Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, which was directed by Hoffs' husband Jay Roach.

Appearance in the rap battle

Ming Tea appeared throughout Austin Powers' first verse. They could be seen dancing, playing music, and messing around with Powers, similar to the way they did in his movies.


  • Ming Tea are the third band to make a cameo appearance, after the Jackson Five and Led Zeppelin.
    • They are the first fictional band.
    • They are the first band where members are portrayed by different people.