Mister Rogers' house

Mister Rogers' House Inside

Mister Rogers' House Outside

Rogers Picasso

Mister Rogers inside and outside of his house, and on Pablo Picasso's television
Rap battle information
Appeared in Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers
Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso
Character(s) Mister Rogers
Mr. McFeely
Stephen Hawking
Release date September 14, 2011
Times appeared 2
Based on

Mister Rogers' House Inside Based On

Mister Rogers' House Outside Based On

Mister Rogers' house is where Mister Rogers rapped and where Mr. McFeely made a cameo appearance in Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers. It also briefly appeared in Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso on Pablo Picasso's television.

Information on the location

Mister Rogers' house was the setting of the PBS children's show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. During the title display at the very beginning of each episode, a model of the surrounding neighborhood is shown as it closes in on Mister Rogers' house, and afterwards, Mister Rogers enters his house while singing the introduction song. The Land of Make Believe is located inside his house.

Appearance in the rap battles

Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers:

This is the location where Mister Rogers rapped and where Mr. McFeely made his cameo appearance. He can be seen both inside and outside of his house throughout both of his verses. In the beginning of his first verse and sometime during Mr. T's first verse, Mister Rogers was seen changing his shoes. Mister Rogers can be seen outside of his house during his lines: "I'll be rocking sneakers till this battle's over," "on my penny loafers," "I pity your neck, Mr. Gold chains, you've got too many. The only gold I keep is on the shelf on my Emmys," and "when my plan comes together." He is also seen during Mr. T's second verse, dancing in front of his house. Mr. McFeely made his cameo appearance outside Mister Rogers' house as well.

Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso:

While the location itself did not directly appear in the battle, Mister Rogers was seen inside his house on Pablo Picasso's television during his second verse.


  • Stephen Hawking appears as a portrait in Mister Rogers' house by the window.
  • It is the fifth background to appear in more than one battle.


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