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Season 2
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Mozart vs Skrillex
Mozart vs Skrillex
Battle information
Release date April 8, 2013
Number 32
Views 107M
Length 2:09
Previous Babe Ruth vs Lance Armstrong
Next Rasputin vs Stalin (Season 2 finale)
Beat Information
Beat(s) Mozart vs Skrillex
BPM 84
Beat producer(s) Jesse Cale
Other information
Actors Nice Peter
Rappers Skrillex In BattleMozart In Battle
Location(s) A techno stage

Mozart vs Skrillex is the thirty-second installment of Epic Rap Battles of History and the seventeenth episode of Season 2. It features classical composer, Mozart, rapping against electronic musician, Skrillex. It was released on April 8th, 2013.


Nice Peter as Mozart

EpicLLOYD as Skrillex



My name is Skrillex, man! Welcome to the Devil's Den!

I'm a scary monster stomping this sprite in frilly pants!

You're a weirdo, Wolfie! You're into powdered wigs and poop,

And your cousin blew notes on your little Magic Flute!

Your daddy issues make the Jackson Five look like The Family Circus!

You might have been a genius, but you died baroque and worthless!

I'm rich, acclaimed, and famous! I'm on playlists! I'm the A-List!

You're the lamest! Kiss my ass, A-A-A-A-Amadeus!


Was that a verse, or did you just get the hiccups?

I'm a prodigy, Sonny, and I'm about to smack a bitch up!

My music is two hundred years old, and it's still excellent!

In two more months, the world will forget about your Skrill-excrement!

I can't believe the way you dress when you dubstep out of the house!

You're like an emo Steve Urkel, and you (ooh!) reek of dead mouse!

I am the world's greatest composer! No one knows what you are,

Except a lonely little troll who knows how to press a space bar!


I attack! You decay! Can't sustain my releases!

Sidechain, Wolfgang! Bangarang you to pieces!

I'm a self-made man. You're a slave to your papa!

I'm a r-r-rock star, mix you with the bass and drop ya!

Global! My strobes glow like Chernobyl!

Kids explode and get mobile! No one even knows you!

I make the whole world move! You play community theater!

I gained your same fame from home on a blown out speaker!


Oh yes, I've heard that EP, and see, I've transcribed it here.

Tell me, what comes after the sixty-eighth measure of diarrhea?

And what kind of drugs does it take to enjoy this? I've no idea!

I've seen more complexity in a couch from IKEA!

You go piano to fortississimo!

That means soft to very, very loud, 'cause I'm guessing that you didn't know!

Why don't you put down your Cubase and pick up a real bow?

I rocked harder than you when I was five years old!

Scrapped lyrics


Was that a verse, or just a series of hiccups?

Why don't you step aside and let a prodigy smack a bitch up?!

You better run as fast as you can, 'cause you're a flash in the pan,

And pretty soon all your fans will drag your tracks to the trash cans!

I am a great composer, no one knows what you are!

Something about hitting a dead mouse on a space bar!

Your obnoxious, preposterous songs sound like dog shit.

I was supporting my parents with music before you even knew you were adopted!


You claimed your skill with ages, years of practice, kid, obtained it,

But I gained your same fame with broken speakers in my basement.

Face it dude, you're a weirdo, with your powdered wigs and poop

Plus you let your cousin blow notes on your Magic Flute!

You spent most of your life baroque




  • The connection of this battle is similar to that of Justin Bieber vs Beethoven, as both feature a famous classical composer against a popular modern artist.
  • This battle was featured in an episode of Teens React by TheFineBros.[1]
    • It is one of eight battles to be featured in a React video by TheFineBros.
  • This battle was featured as a question on Jeopardy!.
    • This question would later be posted on Instagram as a tribute to the passing of host Alex Trebek.[2]
  • This is the only battle that was not from Season 3 to be used for a YouTube Spot Commercial.
  • The real Skrillex joined a live performance of this song at the YouTube Comedy Week event.[3]
  • On August 21st, 2015, a televised version of this song was performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden; however, the YouTube video has since been set to private viewing only.
  • On August 22nd, 2016, "Season 5.5 is coming. Thank you for your patience. It's gonna be special," was written in the description of the video.
    • The quote was then changed, albeit very slightly, to, "Season 5.5 is upon us. Thank you for your patience. It's gonna be special," before the release of Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton.
  • This is the first battle to also be an Epic Rap Battles Parodies battle, with ERBP's battle releasing 3 months and 3 days before ERB's battle.
    • A comment presumably from this battle saying "Erbp did it first" was featured in James Bond vs Austin Powers, another battle that was released after ERBP's version.


  • The logo on Skrillex's laptop is the ERB logo torn up.


  • This is the first battle:
  • This is the second battle to have a beat specifically made by Jesse Cale, after Master Chief vs Leonidas.
  • Originally, Nice Peter was going to portray Skrillex, while an unknown guest rapper would have portrayed Mozart. It was eventually decided that "Lloyd would be much better at the look."[4] The unknown guest rapper(s) were later confirmed in the ERB Patreon to have been either André 3000 or Robert Downey Jr.


  • During the line, "And your cousin blew notes on your little Magic Flute!", "Magic Flute" is not capitalized in the subtitles.
  • During the line, "I am the world's greatest composer! No one knows who you are," half of Mozart's body is briefly seen in Skrillex's backdrop.
  • During the line, "I'm a self-made man. You're a slave to your papa.", "self-made" is unhyphenated in the subtitles.
  • During the line, "I gained your same fame from home on a blown out speaker!", Skrillex's left hand briefly cuts into Mozart's backdrop.
  • During the line, "And what kind of drugs does it take to enjoy this?", Mozart's right hand is briefly seen and gets cut off on the left side.
  • The time-lapse sequence near the beginning of the behind the scenes video is from the production of Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison.

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