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Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Title Card.png
Dante Cimadamore as Nikola Tesla
Character information
Birth name Nikola Tesla
Nickname(s) The Sorcerer of Serbia
The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century
The Father of Electricity
The Forgotten Genius
The Wizard with Lightning in His Hands
Master of Lightning
Born July 10, 1856
Smiljan, Croatia
Died January 7, 1943 (aged 86)
New York City, New York
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Based on
Nikola Tesla Based On.png
Rap battle information
Appeared in Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison
Vs Thomas Edison
Release date March 11, 2013
Official vote(s) 89% (Old poll from ERB Website)
Location(s) Wardenclyffe Tower
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I see a universe of infinite energy!
— Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla battled Thomas Edison in Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. He was portrayed by Dante Cimadamore and voiced by both him and Nice Peter.

Information on the rapper

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10th, 1856. He was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system as opposed to Edison's direct current (DC) system. Tesla started working in the telephony and electrical fields before emigrating to the United States in 1884 to work for Thomas Edison. He soon struck out on his own with financial backers, setting up laboratories/companies to develop a range of electrical devices.

Tesla's achievements and his abilities as a showman demonstrating his seemingly miraculous inventions made him world-famous. Although he made a great deal of money from his patents, he spent a lot on numerous experiments over the years. Tesla gained a reputation in popular culture as the archetypal "mad scientist". He died in debt on January 7th, 1943 in his hotel.


Verse 1:

I see a universe of infinite energy,

But no potential for threat from this enemy,

So you can call me Tesla, Nikola, impeccably dressed!

Giving lessons in electrical nemesis; this will be on the test,

So confess to your thefts and let the whole world know

What the Serbian did for the Wizard of Menlo!

History is getting rewritten, and I have reddit.

Your best invention was a way to steal credit!

Verse 2:

You fool! You think that you can touch me with this?

You couldn't handle my gifts with your greedy little mind.

What's inside mine was ahead of its own time.

You did not steal from me; you stole me from mankind!

It's a wireless transmission of truth,

And it's a shocking real story of a banker and you,

And if the people knew you stopped me from making power free,

They would curse the con Edison with every utility!


  • Nice Peter responded to a tweet that asked if Dante Cimadamore would portray Tesla, saying, "Who else would be the face of Tesla? ;)".
  • Dante portrayed Tesla in one of his videos, "NIKOLA TESLA: TOTAL BADASS".[1] He still did not make a vocal appearance of Tesla in this video either, as that video had no real audio.
  • Tesla is the first person to be voiced by two people (Dante and Peter).
    • He is also the second to be voiced by someone besides his actor.
    • He was later portrayed by Peter at a party held at Elon Musk's house.