Overlook Hotel

Overlook Hotel

Overlook Hotel Tricycle Shot

Stanley Kubrick at the Overlook Hotel
Rap battle information
Appeared in Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock
Character(s) Stanley Kubrick
Release date December 15, 2014
Times appeared 1
Based on

Overlook Hotel Based On

Overlook Hotel Tricycle Shot Based On

The Overlook Hotel is where Stanley Kubrick briefly appeared in Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock.

Information on the location

The Overlook Hotel is the main setting of the Stephen King novel The Shining, as well as its several movie adaptations. It is considered to be the true antagonist of the film.

The Overlook Hotel was built on a Native American burial ground between 1907-1909. It was believed to be cursed and had a violent history involving mass murder. The secluded nature of the hotel coupled with these beliefs made it somewhat infamous in-story; but Jack Torrance was not put off by what he considered mere ghost stories and decided to head to the Overlook Hotel regardless as a refuge. However, the stories were far from fiction, and soon, Jack found himself going slowly insane, with the Overlook Hotel manifesting various illusions including ghostly residents only Jack could see.

Appearance in the rap battle

Stanley Kubrick can first be seen riding the infamous bike from The Shining here during the pauses in Quentin Tarantino's lines, "Scripts that I write ain't the…cleanest, (Fuck!) but when I grip mics I'm the…meanest. (Dick!) Quentin Tarantino is a…genius." This is mimicking scenes from the movie where Danny Torrance rides a tricycle through halls of the Overlook Hotel.[1]

Seconds later, right before Kubrick's verse, there are a few brief frames with two twin versions of him holding hands. This is mimicking the Grady twins shot in the movie.[2]


  • This is the first location to be shot without the use of a screen backdrop at any point, as the scene where Kubrick is seen riding down the hallway is shot in an actual hallway in the Maker Studios building.
  • This is the second hotel or motel to be shown in a battle, after the Bates Motel.



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