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EpicLLOYD as Pleistarchus
Cameo information
Birth name Pleistarchus
Nickname(s) Plistarch
Six Year Old Son (as credited in the video)
Born Unknown (possibly around 500 BCE-488 BCE)
Sparta, Greece
Died 458 BCE
Sparta, Greece
Physical description
Hair Gold
Eyes Black
Based on
Pleistarchus Based On.png
Appearance information
Appeared in Master Chief vs Leonidas
During Leonidas' second verse
Location(s) Thermopylae Pass

Pleistarchus, credited as Six Year Old Son in the video description, made a cameo appearance in Master Chief vs Leonidas. He was portrayed by EpicLLOYD.

Information on the cameo

Pleistarchus, (written as Πλεισταρχος Pleistarkhos in Ancient Greek), was the son of King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo, who were uncle and niece. He was the 18th King of Sparta from 480 B.C. until his death in 458 B.C.

Appearance in the rap battle

In the rap battle, Pleistarchus appeared when Leonidas said the line, "I've had better battles with my six-year-old son!", hitting his head in a fit of rage, and he appears again later when Leonidas said the line, "But you're too much of a bitch to show your face!", flexing his muscles.


  • He is the first child to appear in a rap battle.
    • He is the first child to be portrayed by an adult.
  • This version of Pleistarchus has the appearance of a toddler, whereas even the fictional Pleistarchus is between six and ten years old.