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Ragnar Lodbrok vs Richard The Lionheart is the eighty-third installment of Epic Rap Battles of History. As of now, it is currently unknown if this is considered the start of Season 7 or another bonus battle. It features legendary Viking hero, Ragnar Lodbrok, rapping against the crusader king of England, Richard the Lionheart. It was released on June 14th, 2021.


Nice Peter as Richard the Lionheart

EpicLLOYD as Ragnar Lodbrok


Richard the Lionheart:

I'm Richard I, from the Third Crusade!

That only leaves room for you in second place!

The chivalrous swinger of the sword and mace

And I'll kill you when I spit like a pit full of snakes!

I'm the number one Dick rising up to make you feel small,

My battering ram slams through your shield wall!

I'll announce at the next of your Things

That I'm chomping through your family like boneless wings!

Of course you got avenged by a kid with no bones,

Your own story ended worse than Game of Thrones!

Your son killed your ex, your ex killed your wife,

I'm the Lion King, man, but that's a messed up circle of life!

Half-assed head tats can't be condoned!

It's like you raided the face of Post Malone!

I'm scared of no foe, I'm backed by the Trinity,

I'll conquer you on my day off like you were Sicily!

Ragnar Lodbrok:

Threatening to conquer Ragnar is bold,

For a king who got whacked by a ten year old!

I'll sacrifice you to Odin while drinking horns of mead!

Good thing you hold a Red Cross 'cause that's who you're going to need!

You built your army by raising English taxes!

I raise my army taxing English asses with my axes!

And who are you to talk about the circle of life?

Your old lady can't feel the love on any night! (Haha!)

Your only son was illegitimate, you heired on the side.

I'll twist your spine like the end of the Plantagenet line!

I'm just a warrior, I'm not a linguist...

But I think the King of England should probably speak English! (Ha!)

You took Acre and Jaffa like a piece of cake,

But never attacked Jerusalem, for Christ's sake!

You saw the Holy Land but couldn't go all the way!

We should call it the Crusade of Richard the First Base!

Richard the Lionheart:

Sail back north with your barbarian goons

Because I'm tearing down your legacy: leaving it in runes!

Your real self next to your legend disappoints!

I see you shaking in your shaggy little pants like "Zoinks!" (Ha!)

Who invented the royal me? We!

Who's the predominantly fictional MC? Thee!

You're a wannabe, mon ami, kneel down and honor me.

Richard coming through in the end like Sean Connery!

The double-coronated blood and gore gourmet;

You might have the axe, but I make a body spray!

Lionheart's the sobriquet but I strike like a cobra!

If I wanted to fight loser Vikings, I'd go to Minnesota!

Ragnar Lodbrok:

You want to fight me?! Take off the tin shirt!

I'll be waiting in my birthday suit, going berserk!

Ding Dang Dong, morning bells warn about me at the break of dawn.

And I'm putting you to sleep like your brother John!

Leaving monks in chunks on Northumbrian lawns

'Cause I'm the Allfather's spawn!

You couldn't even beat a Salad in a fight! (Uh!)

You're as soft as Monty Python knights! (Ya!)

You went from chainmail to chained up in jail

Til Mommy drained England to pay for your bail!

But no King's Ransom will save you from these bars, son.

I'm eating you alive like the gangrene you died from!



  • This battle was written in conjunction with members of the ERB Patreon. Patrons in the "Writer" and "Director" tiers on Discord were able to submit lines for the rappers, which were then incorporated into the battle.
  • This battle was sponsored by the mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms, which features both rappers as characters in the game.
  • Assuming this is the premiere for Season 7, this is the first season premiere where both rappers are deceased historical figures.
    • Likewise, assuming this is a bonus battle, this is the first bonus battle to feature historical figures.


  • The battle was first announced at the start of filming on May 15th, 2021[1], with the characters revealed in separate social media posts.[2][3]


  • The word "the" in the title is capitalized, which is inconsistent with other entries in the series such as Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible or Vlad the Impaler vs Count Dracula that all have a lowercase T in "the".
    • This error is not present in the Spotify or Apple Music releases, however.
  • The D in "Lodbrok" on Ragnar's title card has jagged edges on the bottom of the curve.
  • At 0:56, the word "king" should be uncapitalized as it is being used as a noun and not a title.
  • At 1:33, the word "north" is capitalized.
  • The sky abruptly changes from blue to purple at 1:37.
  • At 1:38, the lighting on the charging Richard is wrong, due to him entering Scandinavia, it should use the lighting that Ragnar has.


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