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Richard the Lionheart
Richard the Lionheart Title Card.png
Nice Peter as Richard the Lionheart
Character information
Birth name Richard I
Nickname(s) Richard the Lionheart
Richard Oc-e-Non
Born September 8, 1157
Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England
Died April 6, 1199 (aged 41)
Châlus, Duchy of Aquitaine
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Based on
Richard the Lionheart Based On.jpg
Rap battle information
Appeared in Ragnar Lodbrok vs Richard The Lionheart
Vs Ragnar Lodbrok
Release date June 14, 2021
Official vote(s) 33.7% (ERB’s Twitter poll)
Location(s) Château Gaillard
I'm scared of no foe! I'm backed by the Trinity!
— Richard the Lionheart

Richard the Lionheart battled Ragnar Lodbrok in Ragnar Lodbrok vs Richard The Lionheart. He was portrayed by Nice Peter.

Information on the rapper

Richard the Lionheart (coronated as Richard I) was a crusader who was involved in the Conquest of Cyprus. He was King of England for a decade from 1189 to 1199. His reputation as a military leader earned him the nicknames of Richard the Lionheart and Richard Oc-e-Non. He also ruled as Duke of Normandy, Aquitaine and Gascony, Lord of Cyprus, and Count of Poitiers, Anjou, Maine, and Nantes, and was overlord of Brittany at various times during the same period. He was the third of five sons of King Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine and seemed unlikely to become king, but all his brothers except the youngest, John, died before their father.

He was born in England, where he spent his childhood; before becoming king, however, he lived most of his adult life in the Duchy of Aquitaine, in the southwest of France. Following his accession, he spent very little time, perhaps as little as six months, in England. Most of his life as king was spent on Crusade, in captivity, or actively defending his lands in France. Rather than regarding his kingdom as a responsibility requiring his presence as ruler, he has been perceived as preferring to use it merely as a source of revenue to support his armies. Nevertheless, he was seen as a pious hero by his subjects. He remains one of the few kings of England remembered more commonly by his epithet than his regnal number, and is an enduring iconic figure both in England and in France.


Verse 1:

I'm Richard I, from the Third Crusade!

That only leaves room for you in second place!

The chivalrous swinger of the sword and mace,

And I'll kill you when I spit like a pit full of snakes!

I'm the number one Dick rising up to make you feel small!

My battering ram slams through your shield wall!

I'll announce at the next of your things

That I'm chomping through your family like boneless wings!

Of course you got avenged by a kid with no bones!

Your own story ended worse than Game of Thrones!

Your son killed your ex; your ex killed your wife.

I'm the Lion King, man, but that's a messed up circle of life!

Half-assed head tats can't be condoned!

It's like you raided the face of Post Malone!

I'm scared of no foe! I'm backed by the Trinity!

I'll conquer you on my day off like you were Sicily!

Verse 2:

Sail back north with your barbarian goons

Because I'm tearing down your legacy, leaving it in runes!

Your real self next to your legend disappoints!

I see you shaking in your shaggy little pants like "Zoinks!" (Ha!)

Who invented the royal me? We!

Who's the predominantly fictional MC? Thee!

You're a wannabe, mon ami! Kneel down and honor me!

Richard coming through in the end like Sean Connery!

The double-coronated blood and gore gourmet;

You might have the axe, but I make a body spray!

Lionheart's the sobriquet, but I strike like a cobra!

If I wanted to fight loser Vikings, I'd go to Minnesota!


  • Richard the Lionheart was confirmed via three separate posts on various ERB social media pages on June 7th, 2021. Three separate images were posted on the official ERB Twitter page,[1] on the community section on the ERB YouTube channel,[2] and on the official ERB Instagram page.[3]
  • He is the first English monarch to officially rap.
    • There have been at least two previous attempts to include one in an ERB. The first was King Henry VIII, whose battle with Hillary Clinton was scrapped after filming. Later, Miley Cyrus was planned to battle "the Queen of England" (presumably the current monarch, Elizabeth II), before eventually rapping against Joan of Arc.
  • He is the seventh rapper to hold a title of "the [blank]," after Jack the Ripper, Ivan the Terrible, Alexander the Great, Frederick the Great, Catherine the Great, and Vlad the Impaler.
    • If the cameo of Pompey the Great is included, he is the eighth person with such a title to appear in a battle.
  • Both he and his opponent Ragnar Lodbrok appear as characters in the mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, which sponsored their battle.