Spock Cameo.png
Omar Gharaibeh as Spock
Cameo information
Birth name Spock
First appearance September 8, 1966
Star Trek: The Original Series
Born 2230
Shi'Kahr, Vulcan
2285 (Rebirth)[1]
Genesis Planet
Died 2285 (reborn same year)
aboard USS Enterprise
2387 (presumed missing)[2]
Vulcan Star System (prime universe)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Based on
Spock Based On.png
Appearance information
Appeared in Christopher Columbus vs Captain Kirk
During Christopher Columbus' first verse
Captain Kirk's second verse
Location(s) A shore
The USS Enterprise

Spock made a cameo appearance in Christopher Columbus vs Captain Kirk. He was portrayed by Omar Gharaibeh.

Information on the cameo

Spock (full name unpronounceable in human language) is one of the main characters from the Star Trek franchise. Spock is half-human and half-Vulcan, which is an important element in many of his appearances. He serves aboard the USS Enterprise as a science officer and first officer under command of Captain James T. Kirk, and later serves as the commanding officer. He mainly acts to offer the captain a logical perspective on problems and crises. During the run of the original series, Spock quickly gained much popularity and numerous positive reviews, becoming a fan-favorite character. He was portrayed by the late Leonard Nimoy in the original series and in the first six Star Trek movies and is portrayed by both Nimoy (as Spock Prime) and Zachary Quinto in the rebooted film series.

Appearance in the rap battle

In the rap battle, he appeared when Columbus said the line, "I've got a neck chop for Spock; I'll put my sword through Sulu!" while Columbus neck-chopped Spock. He also appeared later inside the USS Enterprise when Kirk called him during the line, "Mr. Spock, beam me back to 1492 so I can beat this man like it's my job," then appeared again nodding after the next line, "We'll see how Isabella likes my captain's log."


  • Spock is the fourth cameo to have his own location, after The A-Team.
  • He battled Yoda in an improv battle during ERB's concert at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in 2017.[3]
  • Spock is the first fictional character whose original actor has died after appearing in ERB, as Leonard Nimoy passed in February 2015.


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