Star Destroyer
Star Destroyer
Boba Fett on a Star Destroyer
Rap battle information
Appeared in Deadpool vs Boba Fett
Character(s) Boba Fett
Rebel soldiers
Release date December 16, 2015
Times appeared 1
Based on
Star Destoryer Based On

A Star Destroyer is where Boba Fett rapped in Deadpool vs Boba Fett. It is also where the Rebel soldiers made their cameo appearance.

Information on the location

Star Destroyers are capital ships in the Star Wars universe. The Imperial-class Star Destroyer is "the signature vessel of the Imperial fleet" in numerous published works including film, television, novels, comics, and video games. Each can be deployed individually as both a forward operating base and as mobile weapon systems platform responsible for safeguarding multiple planets, trade routes and systems, and carried enough firepower to subdue an entire planetary system or annihilate a small rebel fleet. Besides the ubiquitous Imperial-class, there are another numerous other classes of Star Destroyers sharing the basic "triangular" hull; the successful v-shaped designs are explained in Star Wars Legends as originating from Sith influence, and have been adapted by numerous factions for a wide variety of applications.

Appearance in the rap battle

This is the location where Boba Fett rapped. A group of Rebel soldiers also appeared here during Boba Fett's fourth verse, where they were blown up by the missile on his back. In the background, Pong could be seen playing on a blue screen throughout the battle.


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